Thursday, 22 May 2008


You can bet your bottom dollar this Deputy Sean Power will be running for Senator before long. It appears He has been doing all Frank Walkers dirty work. His prioritys are so misguided and in line with Walker and the council of ministers agenda, he is almost guarenteed a senatorial position.

Instead of asking stupid questions like how much does this cost? how much does that cost? why did Lenny Harper say this? why did Lenny Harper say that?. Shouldn't he be showing support for these alleged abused children and their families? Shouldn't he be getting behind the police investigation, rather than trying to discredit it at any given opportunity?

There is very little doubt some horrific atrocity's have occured at HDLG. There is very strong evidence to suggest a child/children have met an untimely and very suspicious death, possibly tortured to death.

Why doesn't Deputy Sean Power ask questions like, "what can we as states members do to support Lenny Harper, his investigation and the survivors of abuse?" "Why is there baths filled with lime?" "why are our council of ministers being so tight lipped"? Why does the Balliff hijack a liberation day to slag off the media and prioritise it over paying homage to the alleged victims"? "Why have our council of ministers never offered anything like a way of an apology to the alleged victims?"

I have never met or had any dealings with Deputy Sean Power. From what I have seen and heard of him in our local media, he is a very misguided individual, his morals appear to be that low they could crawl under a snakes belly wearing a top hat.

We live on an island which is most probably one of the most financially rich in the world, but is morally and ethically bankrupt. Deputy Power should start to learn that paying a few shillings for police overtime, subsidising an enquiry that might bring some tormented, physically, sexually and emotionally abused children, now adults some much needed justice and closure really isn't that much of an issue. The issue is this kind of abuse allegedly went on. It was allowed to go on, and due to the way our current goverment is structured would still be allowed to go on and possibly is.

How can Deputy Sean Power attempt to put a monetry price on that?
If he has got one speck of decency or morality about him he would now be offering Lenny Harper a public and unequivocal apology, that goes for Ben Shenton too. All they have done is to serve to hinder and discredit the police investigation with what appears to be without any regard to the alleged victims.

Friday, 9 May 2008

balanced media?

Along with educating myself in local politics, it has become more apparant that this has to include our local media.
The Balliff using his liberation day speech to slag off outside media is just dispicable and deplorable. For a number of reasons, he has been allegedly very much implicated in the cover up of child abuse, he silenced Senator Syvret when he used his Christmas speech to pay homage to victims.Not only does channel television broadcast this pile of propaganda bullsh-t but they do it without broadcasting any type of alternative view point.

If Gordon Brown had commited such a heinus act, the first thing any real journalist would have done would be to interview people like david cameron to get their reaction. Journalism, to the best of my knowledge is about being fair and balanced. If the National media had broadcast the Balliffs shite, in the interest of fairness and balance they would have broadcast an alternative view point.

Their is no shortage of people with an alternative view point, Stuart Syvret, Simon Bellwood time4change/reform to name but a few. Channel television appear absolutely shameless in their biased and ill-researched protection of the oligarchy.

I have now just watched the bbc spotlight and guess what? they broadcast the balliff slagging off the media and didn't broadcast anything alternative. I've not listened to channel 103 or read the rag, but feel I would be deluding myself if I thought they were going to be any different.

We do not, and never have had, any real "journalism in this island, we are given one side of the story with no questions asked. Shouldn't there have been questions from the "journalists asking "is it appropriate for the Balliff to be using the liberation day speech to slag off journalists"?
Another very interesting observation I made was on both the ctv and bbc broadcast they never showed the reaction from the crowd after the speech. Could it be that the reaction was less than warm and not show the Balliff in the positive shining beacon of light they want us to believe he is?

It is my belief, his speech is just another nail in his coffin. Come on Rob Shipley, Chris Bright, allan Watts, Glen Rankine WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEEE!!!! You have been exposed WOLDWIDE you are not fooling anybody try practicing some real journalism and gain some credibility, it's you people that are making this island a joke. Their are people out there that think we believe what you tell us, that makes us look as daft as you!!

Monday, 5 May 2008

Below is a press release from Time For Change/Reform

Please spare an hour of your time to show our goverment what you think of them and their GST.

Time For Change/Reform appear to be the only people actively trying to bring about change and reform to the current GST PARTY that are currently running our island (into the ground).

As things stand it looks like I will be voting for their candidates at the next elections. If you are unhappy with the present regime and don't vote then you only have yourself to blame. Something needs to be done about our "half wits and gangsters" and it needs to be done at the ballot box.

Our "island of secrets", our "culture of concealment" has gone on for too long and must be bought into the 21st century. The millionaires club who run our island are self serving nest featherers and can be stopped by people simply going to the ballot box.

Please show your is your democratic right!

Official Time4Change/Reform Press Release
Time4change/Reform have organised a demonstration to 'welcome' the arrival of GST to Jersey, this coming Tuesday, and are asking islanders to attend to show the States of Jersey how they feel about this tax. They are also calling on the Chief Architect of GST, Terry Le Sueur, and his 29 supporters in the States to attend and listen to what the people have to say.
Lieve Hodgetts, a spokeswoman for the group said, "We live in a democracy, albeit an imperfect one, so it is important that the 30 members of the 'GST Party' are reminded that they have brought in this pernicious tax against the will of the vast majority of people.
The rally will start with the names of the 30 members of the 'GST party' being read out loud, and flyers will be handed out of all the guilty politicians. There will be a proposal for the zero rating fof GST and failing that for exemptions to be put on foodstuffs, childrens' clothes and school books. We also hope to put an end to the myth that there are no viable alternatives to GST, and will be proposing a whole series of viable, fairer alternatives."
The rally which will take place from 12:30 - 1:30pm on Tuesday 6th May in the Royal Square, is expected to attract many workers in St Helier over the lunchtime period.