Friday, 9 May 2008

balanced media?

Along with educating myself in local politics, it has become more apparant that this has to include our local media.
The Balliff using his liberation day speech to slag off outside media is just dispicable and deplorable. For a number of reasons, he has been allegedly very much implicated in the cover up of child abuse, he silenced Senator Syvret when he used his Christmas speech to pay homage to victims.Not only does channel television broadcast this pile of propaganda bullsh-t but they do it without broadcasting any type of alternative view point.

If Gordon Brown had commited such a heinus act, the first thing any real journalist would have done would be to interview people like david cameron to get their reaction. Journalism, to the best of my knowledge is about being fair and balanced. If the National media had broadcast the Balliffs shite, in the interest of fairness and balance they would have broadcast an alternative view point.

Their is no shortage of people with an alternative view point, Stuart Syvret, Simon Bellwood time4change/reform to name but a few. Channel television appear absolutely shameless in their biased and ill-researched protection of the oligarchy.

I have now just watched the bbc spotlight and guess what? they broadcast the balliff slagging off the media and didn't broadcast anything alternative. I've not listened to channel 103 or read the rag, but feel I would be deluding myself if I thought they were going to be any different.

We do not, and never have had, any real "journalism in this island, we are given one side of the story with no questions asked. Shouldn't there have been questions from the "journalists asking "is it appropriate for the Balliff to be using the liberation day speech to slag off journalists"?
Another very interesting observation I made was on both the ctv and bbc broadcast they never showed the reaction from the crowd after the speech. Could it be that the reaction was less than warm and not show the Balliff in the positive shining beacon of light they want us to believe he is?

It is my belief, his speech is just another nail in his coffin. Come on Rob Shipley, Chris Bright, allan Watts, Glen Rankine WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEEE!!!! You have been exposed WOLDWIDE you are not fooling anybody try practicing some real journalism and gain some credibility, it's you people that are making this island a joke. Their are people out there that think we believe what you tell us, that makes us look as daft as you!!


  1. Lucky for all of us the internet is new medium for gaining the facts and opinions of our fellow man. The States know this and it was one of the reasons why JT was not sold off.

    Today's events were truly appalling and from where i was standing in the crowd, people were less than impressed by the bailiff's speech. His days are numbered. Together with the rest of the cretins.

    Who knows, maybe one day Jersey will be free of the horrific regime
    that occupies us at present.

  2. Take Our Island Back9 May 2008 at 22:30

    Take about Liberation Day .!!Who knows we might even have two days a year in which to celebrate our Liberation from occupying forces.
    The first from the Germans,and the second from the Neo-Cons that presently occupy us.
    Time for people to take back OUR Government,OUR Civil servants,and OUR Parish Halls.They work supposely for us, and not other way around.
    How underhanded can you get to turn a Liberation Day celebration,into a political speech.Correct me if I'm wrong,but is the Baliff suppose to be a non-tical animal .A civic leader.This this time his crass comments have gone way beyond his remit

  3. There is now a video response from Stuart Syvret on the BBC website.

    Mind you, you have to dig down to get it! It has not the prominence that the Baillif's speech has.

  4. Thanks Tony.

    To my knowledge the item never made it to the television. I think this is the local BBC'S idea of "fairness and balance" put something on the internet, to keep the blog people happy but don't show it to those who have no internet access, like the older generation who are avid establishment voters.

  5. Actually the interview with Senator Syvret was done straight after the Bailiff's speech by the BBC CI TV team.

    I grabbed it off the video server and put it on the site because I felt that if I was putting the Bailiff and Senator Walker's speech on it needed balance.

    tonyb - the article you've linked to is general Liberation Day roundup where the Bailiff's speech is one part of it - I've put the video links to the speech and Senator Syvrets response next to each other in the middle of the page.

    I'm not sure why the interview didn't go out on TV - I think it might have been down to time pressures - I'll have to check.

    The website is a separate broadcast medium to the radio and TV outputs with its own production team (well two of us anyway).

  6. Ryan thank you for that.

    I believe you to be a very rare breed in local media. You appear to be balanced with your finger on the pulse.

    Although I must say the "time constraint" sketch doesn't wash with me and I reckon it doesn't with you either but you are not in a position to say anything otherwise.

    I would love to say to you to keep up the good work. But I feel if you do, you might lose your job.

    You're ok in my book!!