Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A tribute to Haut De La Garenne Survivors

To all the victims of child abuse, past present and future your voice will be heard!!

I cannot begin to imagine the torture and torment you have been/are going through.

As this might be my last Blog I couldn't think of a better one to end on. I would like to thank ozzyuk1961 for uploading the video to youtube from where I got it.

Friday, 12 December 2008

The New Education Sport and Culture Minister.

Firstly I would like to thank Mr.Reed for taking the time out to answer my questions therefore engaging with the electorate and showing himself to be accessable. I am a little less impressed with his evasive answers this is more than likely just as much my fault as it is his.

I never think for a minute that one of our elected "representatives" will actually stop and talk to me especially on camera. So I have to think on my feet when they do! As I have always maintained I am not a journalist, I am a father who is worried for his children's safety at the hands of this government and am only having a go at journalism because I have become so disselusioned with what passes as "journalism" over here.

By contrast Mr.Reed was "interviewed" by our local BBC not seconds before he spoke with me on camera. It will be interesting to compare my "interview" with their's and see who asked Mr.Reed the questions the public might want asked. After all isn't that a "journalists" job?

I know I was going to have Senator Terry (GST28) LeMain as my next Blog subject but the film I have of him will take some editing which is a little beyond my capability at the minute but do hope to have a finished item by the middle of next week.

Once again I would like to thank Mr.Reed for giving me his time, as did Mr.Le Sueur who will both be going in my "hall of fame" I will also have a "hall of shame" which will consist of prominant figures who not only refuse to give me an interview but in some cases "leg it" more about that in a later post.

In order to gauge if I am starting to get things right in a "journalistic" sense please vote on my poll, if you prefer my interview with Mr.Reed or if you prefer the BBC'S.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Chief Minister Le Sueur

Yesterday we saw an election for a new chief minister. It was a very predicatble outcome and possibly for most, including myself, not a very welcome one! However one must give credit where credit is due.

Chief Minister Terry (GST28) Le Sueur has been on a bit of a platform of engaging with the public, listening to the public etc. And if I am to be honest I did not believe one word of it. As my regular reader(s) will be aware I have tried to engage with a number of our politicians on camera, none of which have been very accommodating. Indeed I tried to engage with Senator Terry (GST28) Le Main on camera yesterday and I will be posting that encounter as my next Blog.

As you will see, although my journalistic skills still may leave something to be desired, Chief Minister Terry (GST28) Le sueur engaged with me, entertained me, or humoured me. He didn't run away from me and answered my questions.

So like I have said "credit where credit is due" Let's hope other establishment figures will take a leaf out of his book and start to recognise citizen's media is here, it is growing, and is influential.

Respect to you Cheif Minister It's a good start.