Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A tribute to Haut De La Garenne Survivors

To all the victims of child abuse, past present and future your voice will be heard!!

I cannot begin to imagine the torture and torment you have been/are going through.

As this might be my last Blog I couldn't think of a better one to end on. I would like to thank ozzyuk1961 for uploading the video to youtube from where I got it.


  1. Great video.
    VFC- I'm saddened that you may be giving up your blog. Although there are loads of people like you who've been treated wrongly by the Jersey authorities, because you stand up against them for justice and rights, your really shine out and serve as a positive role model for others to do the same. I hope this isn't the end of your contributions on other blog sites too, nor your excellent interviewing and video skills.
    Good luck and Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope 2009 is good year for all of you.

  2. Please don't give up blogging for the children.

    They need people to be their voice.

    If they don't have us to fight for them, who can ensure they receive justice?

    Please keep going.

  3. If you give up, you will be a great loss to the start of change - does everyone want 'the jersey way' for their children. Doing something right can be extremely hard. I remember something we used to say as kids 'sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me'.

    I wish you and your family well and have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Hope that you dont give up.
    Your interviews are getting better each time, and you are brave enough to get right to them.

    Have a good Christmas break.
    Then maybe you will think differently.

    All The Best.

  5. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas

    Please don't give up your blog.


  6. Don't quit,ever!
    The people who hate what you do only care about covering up their tracks and money money money.

    If you speak truth they cannot touch you.

  7. From something i recently read 'he only bullies students more vulnerable than himself but this is not seen as a problem' (quoted by the school in black and white) - so for those children like your son - things need to change. I was totally disgusted by what I read, I see it as a very big problem actually. So what I am trying to say is don t ever give up and people can only intimidate someone when they let them!

    Have a wonderful christmas with your family.


  8. You and Stuart Simon & Lenny are the beacons for all victims not just on Jersey but from all over the world, They are calling in and offering support and kind words to add to your strength and keep you from falling to the oppression that has been around for as long as men.

    He will do all he can to corrupt or bewilder and even threaten. He will bring scorn upon you and ridicule, however we survivors and victims are growing in size and strength, Soon and sooner than they think it will pop and all the falsehoods will be shown for what they are.

    This system of things as we know it will end as it is inevitable and the time of judgement will be upon them and all the shouting and moaning and groaning will not stop what is going to happen and in the scheme of things those in Jersey don’t really matter much and should the noise get to loud emanating from Jersey and spilling its blood on the crown then They will be stopped

    All the best to you and all the victims and their friends and supporters.

    And burn in the hell of your own making to those who abused and are currently covering that abuse up, many people don’t really believe that the international reputation of Jersey will suffer and its simply that many of the higher ups in Jersey were actively involved in the abuses and the covering up of those abuses because they are shitting them selves and can smell disgrace and prison food.

  9. It is such a shame you have decided to give up blogging. I realise the responsibility, the reprecussions your site may have had for you and your family and of course they must come first. Your commitment to seeing justice for all in Jersey is to be admired.

    For people like yourself, Stuart, Simon etc., etc., it is very hard, sometimes you must feel you are shouting from the moutaintops and no=one is listening, believe me people are listening to what you have to say, Jersey is in a really bad way, what has been proved by yourself. Stuart, Simon etc., is that Jersey is led by so called Politicians who care only about themselves. Politicians who quite frankly in the real world would not be elected to a local town council let alone a Parish Council. Without the blogs from yourself and others the truth about your corrupt government which has lied, covered up etc., etc., to cover up senior civil servants et al from conviction from child abuse must be kept in the public domain. These people should be named and shamed if only that the electorate continue to become more aware that their hard earned taxes are being paid to child abusers.

    These politicians have shown Jersey to be morally bankrupt - no other Government would continue to employ the named and shamed unless they had been proven not guilty. This process has not been allowed to take place, instead they employed a morally bankrupt Policeman to do the dirty deed by naming Lenny Harper as the scape goat for the abusers of Jersey. How many others have been named and those names as yet not in the public domain.

    Sadly if people like yourself give up these politicians will have won. Once again it will be swept under the carpet.

    I realise that it is very very hard work, very stressful, very very hard on your family and I would like to thank you for your tenacity in exposing Politicians in their true light, exposing the lack of care for children in Jersey. Above all I wish you and your family every good wish for the new year. Hopefully 2009 may turn out to be the turning point for your little Island, who knows, Thankyou for your blogs, for all your hard work

  10. Giving up is the best thing you will ever do.

  11. Re: Giving up is the best thing you will ever do.

    There seems to be plenty of this rubbish around. Frightened people trying desperately to frighten others.

    Sadly nowadays the 'Jersey Way'.

  12. Talk about "out of the blue" ! Why would you stop, VFC ?


  14. Hi VFC,
    Thanks for using my video, as a former resident of hdlg it was difficult to put into words how I felt hence the vid.
    Sorry your giving up blogging, you will be missed by many.
    Good luck in 2009.

  15. come on vfc, you aint no quitter. please come back, we miss you. there will always be a space on my shortcut list for you.