Friday, 12 December 2008

The New Education Sport and Culture Minister.

Firstly I would like to thank Mr.Reed for taking the time out to answer my questions therefore engaging with the electorate and showing himself to be accessable. I am a little less impressed with his evasive answers this is more than likely just as much my fault as it is his.

I never think for a minute that one of our elected "representatives" will actually stop and talk to me especially on camera. So I have to think on my feet when they do! As I have always maintained I am not a journalist, I am a father who is worried for his children's safety at the hands of this government and am only having a go at journalism because I have become so disselusioned with what passes as "journalism" over here.

By contrast Mr.Reed was "interviewed" by our local BBC not seconds before he spoke with me on camera. It will be interesting to compare my "interview" with their's and see who asked Mr.Reed the questions the public might want asked. After all isn't that a "journalists" job?

I know I was going to have Senator Terry (GST28) LeMain as my next Blog subject but the film I have of him will take some editing which is a little beyond my capability at the minute but do hope to have a finished item by the middle of next week.

Once again I would like to thank Mr.Reed for giving me his time, as did Mr.Le Sueur who will both be going in my "hall of fame" I will also have a "hall of shame" which will consist of prominant figures who not only refuse to give me an interview but in some cases "leg it" more about that in a later post.

In order to gauge if I am starting to get things right in a "journalistic" sense please vote on my poll, if you prefer my interview with Mr.Reed or if you prefer the BBC'S.


  1. brilliant, well done!

  2. Poor Mr Reed. What an intellect to be running the education department. His civil servants will have to take the important decisons concerning the department, not that they will be too worried about that. What sort of deal was done by the inner cabal that they decided to let him run; are they really so short of talent - is Education such a poison chalice? Loyalty is the obvious criteria for appointment in this the best gentlemens club in Town.

    Having listened to Deputy Roy Le Herissier, I was impressed with his grasp of the issues and contradictions of the present education system. Alas, the GST Party voted the party line and voted for Reed and not Le Herissier, even though the latter made the better speech, had more insightful answers to questions and was the all round best candidate. Reed by contrast was slow and ponderous. Not being part of the ruling group Le Herissier was unacceptable to the brain dead Connetables and other voting fodder of the Establishment Party. Who says there is no party in the States. It was so evident today in decisions where clearly more competent candidates got heavily defeated because they were not the chosen candidate of the ruling group.

    So it will be steady as she goes - straight toward the sandbanks and another fatal grounding.

  3. Just watched the BBC attempt and it was to there usual standard which is a nice fluffy waste of time that won't upset the oligarchy. Keep up the good work VFC your journalism is what this island is crying out for.

  4. Do you know the most telling thing about today? The fact that the Connetable's were in the Royal court for the swearing in of the centeniers, came back into the states assembly and voted!! without listening to the speeches!!

    That tells the story of what is going on in our states!!!!

  5. Great start for education, he seems unable to string a sentence together, and just how many disclosure notices are there up at education as he said he would have to suspend all staff!

    Well done VFC

  6. Go for it Paxman, you have a real talent for this!

    Streets better than BBC Jersey or CITV - true investigative, probing journalism.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to your next scoop!

    As for Reed another thicko at Education almost makes Vibert sound like an intellectual

  7. Oneday has said exactly what i was going to say he would have to suspend the whole staff? there must be alot of suspects in his new ministry. Great work VFC you are putting our local media to shame or you are just proving what we have all been saying about them for years. Keep it up.

  8. Excellent work! this is exactly the kind of journalism needed to expose the shortcomings or our government. Giving the interviewee a chance to answer the question but also probing deeper and making sure they answer all your questions. well done!!

  9. Education!!! What that man?? He most likely can't even spell the word.

    and sound like an ill educated barrow chav of old.

    Jersey has a new news anchor well done your a star...

  10. VFC

    Well done and keep up the good work. The internet is our only outlet so we must use it to the max.

    Unite & Fight


  11. There was a certain amount of fumbling in that interview, but is his ineloquence as important as his unopposed re-election as Deputy and then landing a top department?


  12. In your interview - well done, by the way - Mr Reed stressed the principle of innnocence until proved guilty.

    Of course this is true, however, as you correctly implied in your questioning, there is also a NEUTRAL process of suspension while an allegation is investigated.

    This I believe to be the accepted good practice in the UK. Of course there is no requirement for Jersey practice to follow that of the UK, but I would suggest that if the Jersey authorities choose to differ on such a significant matter they should be called to justify why their approach is right for Jersey when it would not be considered right in the UK.

    Suspending someone `without prejudice' who is the subject of a police investigation, is intended to send out a message for public consumption that child protection is taken very seriously. Not doing so risks sending out a very different message.

  13. So How is it Chief Inspector Graham Power can be suspeneded and child abuse suspects can't be?

  14. you going tointerview stuart???

  15. Well done VFC this is what Jersey needs.. keep up the good work!

    You wait, THEY will in the near future be queuing up to speak to you and it will become more 'normal' to speak to 'alternative' journalists.

    Those who currently run away from you will be shamed into being accountable for their opinions and judgements and so will have to speak to you otherwise lose credibility.

    You have our support!

    JT alias Jersey Truth

  16. Why do you think you have the right to walk up to someone and shove a camera in their face without even introducing yourself. No wonder James Reed looked startled and didn't know what to say to you. Probably he was wondering who the hell you were. I don't think you should be allowed to go around stalking people as you do.

  17. To the anonymous poster who said or typed this
    "Why do you think you have the right to walk up to someone and shove a camera in their face without even introducing yourself"

    I'd like you to watch the video again and note that I did not go up to James Reed, he came over to me fully aware I was holding a camera. Where you got "shove a camera in their face" is a bit of a mystery.

    On the very first line I thanked Mr Reed for giving me his time for which I am most grateful. I am sorry the film or journalism does not meet you aproval but as I keep saying I am not a journalist I am a father who fears for his children at the hands of this government and am only asking questions our media won't.

  18. Last poll I saw it was 8 (19%) 33 (80%)So given its not the amount of people who vote and the overall percentage I would say that is still a good figure to be proud of 80% is cool.

    Place the person who told the owner of the statues all about the infamy they have attracted that’s a 100% good job well done on all counts

  19. on the CTV clip today you look like you're aiming a pistol at Terry, LOL

  20. I suggest you go to journalism school. You should get in, providing you have a degree, some published work, and some idea of the law. Oh sorry, it is clear you have none of these things.

  21. You have the same mentality as the pitchfork waving idiot who used to burn witches in the middle ages.

  22. That pitchfork wielding village witch hunter was every bit as conned by the church governments and the media then as they attempt to do today, only things have moved on and the village witch hunter is now a doctor, a plumber and a teacher and even lolly-pop ladies.

    Kind people who don't just jump on the passing wagon of disbelief just because it there

  23. James Reed only came over to you because you called him over. Still think you have no right tobe going around interviewing people as you do.

  24. Isn't it amazing that some people still think it is wrong to ask 'sensitive' or 'probing' questions of our elected representatives.

    What kind of attitude do these people have? "Leave them alone to get on with their work without interference." " You have no right....."

    It's just not cricket is it my little Vic College boys?


    VFC has every single right to ask questions and tape the situation whilst he's doing it.

    Keep up the good work VFC.

  25. Oooh Voice for Children,

    You seem to have some of the slimy Jersey media types reading your blog and feeling a bit defensive perhaps?

    Keep it up VFC you are much more of an investigative journo than they'll ever be!!!!

  26. Was that the real JTM?

  27. Dear VFC

    I have just read your comment on Stuart's blog. Please, please do not give up blogging in the new year!

    You are an integral part of the alternative media in Jersey and if you stop the vile rag and the establishment have won. Do not allow this to happen!

    I no longer buy the JEP, I go for my information about Jersey to Stuart's blog, your blog, Simon Bellwood's blog and planet Jersey. (I'm a bit cross that Vue des Isles doesn't allow me to see the comments without registering as I would also look at that if I could).

    You are so much better and have more journalistic integrity (not to mention humour)than BBC Jersey, JEP(otherwise known as Vile Rag or Jersey Establishment Party) or Rankine television.

    Please do not desert us!!!

  28. Shame Deputy Reed wasn't elected minister for home affairs.

    He would immediately reinstate Graham Power who certainly has not been proven guilty of anything.

    Can we have some joined-up-thinking please?

    As for journalism my long time heroine has been:

    Her close-to-the-action approach once caused her to be shot at by an "irate Libyan". The shot nicked her collar bone but she did not suffer permanent harm. Indeed, it was this approach that elicited the wry adage that "a good decision is getting on a plane at an airport where Kate Adie is getting off"

    VFC you already know that courage & truth always go hand in hand.

    Merry Christmas to you & your family (:p

  29. I have just watched Mr Reed's Q&A session. It was tripe uttered by a simpleton.

    Anyone working with or having responsibility for children is automatically suspended when allegations are made which require investigation by the authorities.

    Mr Reed suggests that such an individual would remain in post as suspending him/her would prejudice their case! I don't think I was hallucinating - let me check - no, that is definately what he suggested. Is this clot capable of doing up his shoe laces?

  30. Tom Perry.

    Our most senior and outspoken politician, Senator Stuart Syvret, has made allegations concerning the top Civil Servant in our Education Department Mario Lundy.

    I as a parent have been asking him (Mario Lundy) for a meeting. He has, through his secretary, repeadtedly refused this and totally ignored my e-mails to him.

    I was forced to "doorstep" him the other day, which can be viewed on my other Blogsite here

  31. oh neil that was pathetic if you want a really embarassing interview you should try tracy vallois she was on talkback recently and i dont think she would even understand the questions let alone give meaningful answers

  32. To the last commenter, are you sure it was Tracy Vallois?

  33. oh defo when asked what she was doing for the youth of the island we had silence, to the point were the interviewer had to ask if perhaps someone from the same party could ring up and help her answer the question,she sounded preety thick in general to me

  34. Are you sure you don't mean Debbie De Sousa?

  35. humblest apoligies to Tracy, you are quite right