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Trevor Pitman

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Child Abuse Inquiry.

Stuart Syvret.

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William Bailhache.

Child Abuse Inquiry.

Andrew Lewis

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Deputy Mike Higgins. Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry Witness.

Deputy MIKE HIGGINS was due to give evidence as a witness at today's public hearing for the Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry.

Unfortunately this didn't happen due to a submission by the Jersey Law Office Department (this morning) on behalf of the States Greffe. Deputy Higgins had intended on using a LEAKED TRANSCRIPT  of a States debate where it appears that disgraced former Home Affairs Minister ANDREW LEWIS  gave a different account of events that he gave to the Wiltshire Constabulary and the Napier Review concerning his sight (or not) of the Metropolitan Police Interim Report.

For a more in-depth look at the anomalies told by Deputy Andrew Lewis, in this regard, readers are encouraged to read HERE. 

The Law Office successfully argued that the States voted for this transcript to remain a secret and the only way to change that is for a proposition to be brought to the States to ask them to reverse that decision. So now Deputy Higgins has to lodge a proposition to that effect and indeed hope he wins it for it to be able to be used as evidence in the Child Abuse Inquiry.

This does seem a little strange as the States are in effect under investigation by this Inquiry, they are, for want of a better word, the "suspect." So the way that I see it is that the "suspect" is going to be asked (Mike Higgins' proposition) to hand over evidence that could potentially be incriminating. Will the States, or the "suspect" vote to hand over this evidence? We will of course be Blogging about this closer the time.

So Deputy Higgins' evidence will have to wait until late January 2016 after the outcome of the debate.

But here's a question that needs asking. The Child abuse Inquiry were made aware of the leaked, and original, Hansard some 17 months ago as it formed part of former Deputy Trevor Pitman's EVIDENCE. The Inquiry was further made aware of it some 14 months, or so, ago as it formed part of Rico Sorda's evidence. So why then did the Inquiry only get round to asking the States Greffe for the original copy nine days ago? It's known of this document, and its controversy for well over a year, why was it not asked for sooner?

Short post but worth a mention in a Blog of its own.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry Witness. (Trevor Pitman)

Trevor Pitman.

On Wednesday 18 November (day 109 of Inquiry) anti Child Abuse campaigner, and former Jersey politician, Trevor Pitman, gave his, much anticipated, evidence as a public witness to the on-going CHILD ABUSE INQUIRY.

Mr. Pitman's substantial statement, with some 20 plus supporting documents, was believed to be a damming, and scathing, indictment on Jersey authorities, not only in Child Protection failures, but in the corrupt and politicised "justice" system which, it is believed, is at the heart of the Child Abuse cover-ups.

In the video interview below Mr. Pitman talks of his shock after being asked by lawyers to the Inquiry to familiarise himself with a number of documents because he was to be asked questions on them. Only to discover that NO questions were asked on the documents he was provided. Why would the Inquiry Team apparently mislead, or waste a witness' time like this?

Francis Oldham QC.

The fact is that Mr. Pitman was questioned on very little else other than his time working as a professional Youth Worker. This is a little concerning when one considers that Mr. Pitman was giving evidence to the Inquiry as part of phase two which according to the Chair Francis Oldham QC:

“In October the Inquiry will begin hearings in relation to Phase 2. At that stage we will look at the decisions taken in relation to the timing of the police investigation and subsequent decisions to prosecute alleged abusers. Did those responsible for deciding which cases to prosecute take a professional approach? Was that process free from political or other interference at any level?"

It is difficult to reconcile how experiences of being a Youth Worker meets the criteria for phase two of the Inquiry. It's further concerning (as discussed in interview below) to discover that, according to Mr. Pitman, the Inquiry Team does not have possession of a number of crucial documents needed to understand "The Jersey Way" and the culture that allows Child Abuse(rs) to continue on the Island despite the Establishment cry "Lessons Have Been Learnt."

Graham Power QPM.

These documents include the six appendices to The Sharp Report, The Hansard of the In-Camera debate where former Home Affairs Minister Deputy Andrew Lewis revealed that he had (possibly illegally) suspended the then Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM where Mr. Lewis has some significant questions to answer. The third set of documents are a number of boxes of documents, where there is a paper trail, seem to have gone missing. It is unclear as to whether the Inquiry Team has made any attempt to obtain any of these sets of documents but it was made aware of their existence some 17 months ago.

Mr. Pitman's live evidence lasted approximately two hours which, as mentioned above, largely consisted of questions relating to his time as a Youth Worker. When Counsel to the Inquiry announced she had no further questions for Mr. Pitman there were audible gasps from a packed public gallery who were left wondering is the Inquiry just going through the motions by calling Anti Child Abuse Campaigners as witnesses? Why was Mr. Pitman not questioned according to the criteria of phase two? Is the Inquiry burying crucial evidence that could expose "The Jersey Way?"

As we have mentioned previously the Inquiry looks to have done some GOOD WORK in some areas and some NOT SO GOOD work in other areas. This latest episode unfortunately falls into the latter category.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Former SIO Mick Gradwell Re-Post.

In May 2014 we published the below post concerning disgraced former Senior Investigating Officer (Operation Rectangle) Mick Gradwell.

Today he gives evidence to the ongoing Child Abuse Committee Of Inquiry where it is hoped (although not anticipated) that he will be adequately questioned regarding his actions/inactions during his time, in Jersey, as Senior Investigating Officer.

Mr. Gradwell has opted NOT to return to Jersey to give his evidence and will be appearing via video link from the UK.

This, one could speculate, might be because he fears arrest for his alleged leaking of confidential information to an equally disgraced "journalist" David Rose as mentioned in the post below. Former Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has conceded that Gradwell would likely have faced disciplinary charges for his alleged leak(s)

It might be, in order to show face, that the Jersey Establishment, is willing to hang him out to dry and arrest him if he came to Jersey so he is playing it safe and staying put in mainland UK.

Begin Re-Post.

Mick Gradwell.

Now that the Committee of Inquiry into the decades of child abuse in Jersey is well underway and taking evidence from witnesses. Team Voice thought it would be a poignant time to reflect on the actions/behaviour of former Senior Investigating Officer Mick Gradwell.

Regular readers will be aware that Mr. Gradwell took command of the Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) after the retirement of former Deputy Chief Officer, and Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper. Mr. Gradwell, in an unprecedented move, went on to trash the original Investigation with the help of the local State Media and achieved little else other than to replace the mistrust of the police that Mr. Harper and his team had gained from Abuse Victims/Survivors.

It was Mr Gradwell who told us that the 65 children's teeth found up at Haut de la Garenne were left there for the tooth fairy despite some of the teeth NOT being shed naturally. It was also Mr. Gradwell who told us, in a PRESS RELEASE, that the cellars up at Haut de la Garenne were not cellars but along with former Deputy Bob Hill B.E.M Team Voice showed him to be less than genuine in a Blog Posting HERE.

It also became apparent that (during the LIVE Child Abuse Investigation which he was heading up) Mr. Gradwell was leaking confidential information to a "journalist" David Rose, who has a history of supporting convicted paedophiles, and had already written articles trashing the Child Abuse Investigation before Mr. Gradwell was in position as SIO.

The revelation of Mr Gradwell's unprofessional, and possibly illegal, leaking of information came about as a result of a Scrutiny Review held by former Deputy Trevor Pitman, former Deputy Daniel Wimberley and Deputy Roy Le Herissier. The resultant report to that review has been hailed as possibly the most defining report of its era. It can be read in its entirety HERE. The Report also exposed the local State Media for its disgraceful "JOURNALISM."

Extracts from the report and its transcripts are a damming indictment on the disgraced former SIO, Mr. Gradwell, to include;

From outside consultant Mike Kellett (25 year friend of Mick gradwell) giving evidence to Scrutiny Review.

"Some days after the article had appeared, I received a telephone call from Mr Gradwell in which he admitted that he had been responsible for the leak." (to sunday Mail "journalist" David Rose)

"I received two further telephone calls from Mr Gradwell on 26th June 2011 and 1st July 2011, concerning the establishment of this Sub Panel and he again acknowledged that he had been responsible." Lots more can be read HERE.

David Warcup.

From the same review evidence given by Acting Chief Police Officer David Warcup;

"Leaking of information to the media is something which can, as I say, seriously undermine criminal inquiries and the consequences could be quite serious. That is not serious to you or I or others, it is to the victims of crime who will not get justice through the courts."

Ian Le Marquand.

From the Minister for Home Affairs Senator Ian Le Marquand.

"The first I was aware of an issue in relation to D/Supt Mick Gradwell was when he went public just before he left the Island and that was the first time. I viewed this as merely a continuation of that, he had already gone public with his views to the local press, radio. It is my understanding from David Warcup that Mick Gradwell, although he was asked very strongly not to do anything before he went, and not just by David Warcup, but I understand even by the Attorney General of the day, again this is hearsay, this is obviously what I have been told, that he had already pre-recorded interviews before he had left. So that is the first that I was aware of an issue, and then of course my staff picked up the Mail article and they did some excellent detective work, emailing, and then sent to me the consequences of that, which clearly pointed to Mick Gradwell. I have to say, when the issue came up again, I had completely forgotten about this, I had just totally forgotten about it. I had to look back and find the emails and then say: “Oh yes, now I do recall it”, because it was not that significant to me once I knew it was Mick Gradwell."

It wasn't significant to Ian Le Marquand (Home Affairs Minister) that a Senior Investigating Officer could be leaking confidential information to a "journalist" during a LIVE police Investigation?

Mr. Gradwell, who told us he would take part in any Inquiry looking into Operation Rectangle DIDN'T take part in the Scrutiny Review and offered NO evidence/testimony to it. Not surprising when one considers there looks to be more than enough evidence contained in the Report to have him questioned as part of Operation Elveden.

Now one wonders if Mr. Gradwell will offer evidence to this latest  COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY chaired by Francis Oldham QC or will he be subpoenaed? How credible can his evidence be if he does turn up? Will he be arrested by Operation Elveden and unable to turn up?

Lenny Harper.

Former Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper, who DID give evidence to the Scrutiny Review has also given evidence to the ongoing Committee of Inquiry and it is believed he WILL be called to give evidence in the public hearings when they begin.

Mr. Harper, and former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM, have always made themselves available to any Inquiry, and indeed to the local State Media and Citizens Media to answer all and any questions put to them - the same cannot be said for Mr. Gradwell.

Mr. Gradwell has serious questions to answer and, in the opinion of Team Voice, should be compelled/subpoenaed to appear before this Committee of Inquiry and answer these questions in public.

As regular readers would expect Team Voice will be submitting a substantial amount of evidence to the COI and will keep readers updated.............. End Re-Post.

The original Posting of this article can be viewed HERE. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Bob Hill In "Critical Condition."

Below is a Press Release, which confirms the sad news, that former Deputy Bob Hill has suffered a severe brain haemorrhage and is being treated at Southampton Hospital in the UK.

Regular readers will be aware of Bob due to his tireless work on Human Rights Issues, campaigning for Abuse Victims and survivors, and also writes his own excellent BLOG.

We hope readers will show their support for Bob and his family.

“Former St. Martin Deputy and Human Rights Campaigner Bob Hill, suffered a severe brain hemorrhage on Thursday 12th November.

Bob was taken by Ambulance to the Jersey General Hospital where he remained overnight and was air lifted to Southampton on Friday and where he remains today in a critical condition.

Bob’s wife Ann Hill has said that “Bob is as strong willed and determined as anybody she has ever known, and that he will be drawing on every bit of this will and determination to pull through.”  

He is surrounded by family members at the Southampton Hospital where they say his care, and treatment, has been first class.

Bob’s family are naturally distraught and ask that those who pray to please spare a prayer, and for those who don’t, please cross your fingers, or spare a thought for him during this critical period.

The family would like to thank those who have sent their well wishes and their support over the last few days.”(END)

Our thoughts are with Bob and his family at this time and pray that he makes a speedy recovery.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Unhappy Anniversary. (7)

Former Police Chief 
Graham Power QPM.

Seven years ago, to the day, the then Chief Police Officer of Jersey, Graham Power QPM, was (possibly illegally) suspended from duty during the biggest Child Abuse Investigation Jersey has ever seen. (Operation Rectangle)

He was (possibly illegally) suspended by the then Home Affairs Minister, Deputy Andrew Lewis, in the only significant Ministerial Decision he made during his very short time as Home Affairs Minister. Deputy Lewis then retired from politics, for six years, only to be re-elected in 2014 as Deputy in St. Helier District ¾ under a banner of “honesty and integrity.”

When Deputy Andrew Lewis suspended Mr. Graham Power seven years ago he, and the Establishment, thought that they would achieve a quick kill, Mr. Power would walk away quietly. As mentioned in the Blog Posting of RICO SORDA “If you had said then that after 7 years of unceasing controversy they themselves would be called to give evidence under oath to attempt once again to justify their actions they would have laughed.” 

But last week they had to listen to two days of critical, and damming, evidence from the former Chief Police Officer and soon it will be their turn. Andrew Lewis, who has so far given a number of contradictory accounts of the (possibly illegal) suspension, will be called to give evidence under oath. 

Deputy Andrew Lewis.

Deputy Lewis’contradictory accounts include this account to the Island’s Parliament:

"I have read an alarming report from the Metropolitan Police which led me to this decision in the first place.” 

And this account from the Napier Review:

As previously has been noted, neither Mr Lewis nor Mr Ogley saw the Interim Report. Neither did they seek to see it.

Andrew Lewis further added (in the Island’s Parliament):

“If the preliminary report is that damning, Lord knows what the main report will reveal. So my successor will have an interesting time. The report that I was shown gave me no doubt at all.”

Yet according to the Metropolitan Police (OPERATION TUMA)

“The review does not criticise the investigation. The Review does not criticise any individual involved in Operation Rectangle.”

Remember Andrew, telling lies on oath is called perjury! Perjury is punishable by prison (if/when we ever get the Rule Of Law in Jersey). Granted, you or any other politician, can tell lies in the States Chamber with IMPUNITY  but which of your many versions of events will you be turning up with on the day? Better get it right this time or you may have more than a bit of bad press to worry about.

Mr. Power’s statement to the COI is believed to be considerably larger than his (94 page 62,000 word) statement to the Wiltshire Constabulary. His statement to Wilts is his interim defence case that has been leaked to all island State Media but despite reporting on the prosecution case against Mr. Power, his defense case has been buried by them including the BBC   

Former AG and now 
Bailiff William Bailhache.

Mr. Power’s statement to Wilts along with a large number of other documents has been submitted to the COI. It is now hoped that it, and other documents submitted to the COI will be published on its website thus making them public documents and giving the State Media one less excuse for burying them.

It is believed that a lot of what Mr. Power had to say to the COI (in his statement) is new but was not spoken about at the hearing when he was giving evidence. One presumes that’s because it was not contested (rather than any other sinister motive). They also seemed to use Mr. Power as an "expert witness" on the history of the police and government in Jersey. Indeed perhaps too much time was spent on this and not enough time spent on his (possibly illegal) suspension. There was very little mention, or questioning of, Mr. Power’s suspension during his Public Hearing, and to be frank it seemed that it was only mentioned by counsel as a token gesture. Perhaps when Mr. Power’s transcripts are available this will make for an interesting, and informative, Blog of it own?

Also one would have hoped that more would have been mentioned in the State Media of the new evidence relating to a possible "obstruction of justice" by the then Attorney General William Bailhache. Who already has some uncomfortable QUESTIONS TO ANSWER.    

Evidence was given in 2008 that Police Officers reported to Mr. Power that children had been abused after they had knowingly been put in a situation of risk by Children’s Services and that front line police staff thought that the neglect of duty by the Civil Servants concerned was so gross that it amounted to a crime under the Children’s Law. Mr. Power asked for an opinion from the AG on the law. He (Mr. Power) said in evidence that William Bailhache responded by saying that he would have a "quiet word" with the then Chief Executive Bill (Golden Handshake) Ogley (who is being called as a witness to the COI). 

Former Assistant Health Minister
Jimmy Perchard.

It is also believed that the COI was able to obtain evidence that supported what Mr. Power was saying. He said that he was "appalled" and that this was the sort of behaviour "which had got us into this mess in the first place." The allegations should have been dealt with openly and transparently, not brushed under the carpet (The Jersey Way.) It is unclear which case was being referred to but we are led to believe it might be the one, which ended up in a civil action against the States of Jersey after the catastrophic failings of BEN SHENTON ANDJIMMY PERCHARD. “Family X”

In conclusion: I repeat the call from Rico Sorda asking Andrew Lewis, when giving evidence to the COI, to finally “do the right thing.” Rid himself of this Albatross round his neck and put those who leant on him in the frame. This could be his final opportunity to put the record straight. Your choice Andrew, what do you want to be remembered for? The bloke who never had the gonads to do the right thing or the bloke who helped put the record straight and assisted in terminating the infamous “Jersey Way?” Will you emerge as the Hero or the Villain?

The six previous “Unhappy Anniversaries” can be viewed from Below.