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VFC Top Ten 2015.

Below are the top ten most hit VFC Blog Postings of 2015.


Trevor Pitman

Shona Pitman.

Mario Lundy.

Child Abuse Inquiry.

Stuart Syvret.

Ted Heath.

William Bailhache.

Child Abuse Inquiry.

Andrew Lewis

In first place. Complaint To PPC (2)

VFC readership continues to grow with in excess of 45,000 more hits this year than the last. Last year's hits were up by 30,000 to the previous year.

Thank you to all those who support the Blog and Merry Christmas.

RIP. Danny Jarman.

Team Voice.

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  1. Thanks for this VFC. What I think most telling is the difference to what is portrayed as 'top' stories by our disgraced MSM.

    You deal with events/issues which in their needing to be faced and dealt with goes to the heart of who we (Jersey's residents) are as people.

    Decent and caring or not. The msm's largely complete avoidance or misrepresenting of even the few parts they have covered show them to be of the 'not caring/decent' variety.

    But little changes. Look out for the usual 'old news' 'no one is interestef' trolling. Just keep in mind that when history is eventually written you and those who have fought for justice portrayed here WILL be not just absolved but recorded as those who stood tall and did what is right.

    Happy Christmas. Off to the pub now with friends for a pre-Crimbo bite to eat and drink. Taking care of course as to which pedestrian crossing I step out on!

  2. Hi Voice,
    I can only echo what the first commentator has said- indeed, the contrast between VFC news and MSM news is unbelievable. It just goes to show what a brainwashed society we live in and how controlling and frightened the establishment is. I don't expect to see much change with MSM reporting in the next year but I can live in hope. Perhaps we should become more agitated in our efforts next year to get the establishment to face facts and alter their distorted view of events. I regret I haven't been adding my own comments much in the last 12 months or so as personal problems have arisen but I hope to become more active again as these diminish. If people could only be more united on this- myself included, and not just leave it up to you, Rico, Stuart, Carrie etc. Danni's tragic treatment should not be allowed to fade- indeed it should be a catalyst for fundamental change.
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and sincere thanks for your ongoing efforts.

  3. Some great examples of reporting in your time honoured professional tradition. Let's hope the New Year brings happier, more positive times for all and all of your readers wishes come true. Me personally I am hoping to finally get a job. But thanks for helping fill the hours with so many great blogs. The service people like you and Rico provide is fantastic. All the best.

    1. Can I just echo the above sentiments one hundred per cent. This blog does a fantastic job. Best wishes for Christmas and 2016.

  4. thank you for all your hard work Neil, where would we be without you ? shining a light into the darkness. We must remember Danni by carrying on the fight .
    Best wishes to you and your family at Christmas

  5. Great to hear of your ever-rocketing level of hits Team Voice. While who reads the blogs is most important of all these figures expose the lie that posts such as these are of no interest to people or old news as the troll constructed nonsence it is.

    Have a great Xmas and all the best for the coming year. Look forward to more breaking news and well researched State cover ups. The blogs may not be as numerous just now but you are still showing the MSM "professionals" how it is done. Be proud.


    If you are able please try and persuade the likes of the Bald Truth and Jersey Way to make a comeback. They are sadly missed.

  6. Hope you get a break over the Christmas. You've more than earned it. Even if it does mean I'll miss the posts and comments for a few days.

    I know the time and effort that goes into your posts and, what is often forgotten, into moderating comments in the Jersey quagmire.

    There is a lot of criticism of the blogs out there, much of it, when brought to its logical conclusion, deriding the essential role of a free press in a democratic system.

    In the absence of an effective MSM, this is the role that you (and other bloggers) fulfil.

    I know that describing Jersey as a democracy might be pushing it, in the absence of separation of powers and a deficient media, but hopefully your contribution is one which will help to remedy these deficiencies in the longer run.

    Meanwhile, may the Force be with you (and yours).

  7. The Local BBC, ITV (and only local newspaper) the JEP, have proved to a lot of us watching, that they are not capable of true honest reporting. They have reiterated this and confirmed this by the way they are reporting the current COI. Keep up the good work VFC and others. And all the best.

  8. The force is growing as more people own computers and learn how to use them and tune in to social media. Is it more powerful than the professional island media like the JEP CTV and BBC ? At this time the answer is no, but even TV viewing habits are changing and so is news gathering by an increasingly hostile population that is suffering extra taxes and charges to fund an economically and socially incompetent island Government.

    In the wider world, TV is being forced to give way to youtube - films and news being received on hand held and other devices. Now the BBC even wants a share as they are losing TV audiences to the internet. It will be the same with news, lead by honest and well-run blogs that publish reports and Government documents that many professional paid media outlets, through being conflicted choose not to publish and leave an unbalanced vacuum.

    Jersey is seeing this vacum being filled already thanks to the quality blogs of VFC, Rico Sorda, The Bald Truth, Stuart Syvret, Tom Gruchy, Tony musings and Polo plus of course many more that care enough to put it up and out there on line including publishing reports that are secret but paid for by the people.

    Frank Walker and Terry Le Suer were smart enough to know the truth could not be contained due to the advancing internet and dropped out of main stream politics, and the incompetent and strange acting Jersey States Ministers are slowly getting the message and looking more out of their depth and isolated as the months go by.

    Well done VFC " et al " and keep it up, times are a changing all be it slowly.

    Hope you have a happy Xmas and healthy new year and that you take time off that you fully deserve.


  9. Just a few words to wish you and yours all the best for Christmas and lets hope a better new year for us all.keep up the brilliant work for 2016 as you have for this year.🍺

  10. VFC what plans do you have for 2016 and it being the final year of the Inquiry?

    1. Unfortunately it's not within the COI's power, or TOR's to restore good governance and the rule on the island. The corrupt, and politicised "justice" system will still remain. Cover-up, secrecy and corruption (The Jersey Way) will still remain. So will Team Voice.

    2. Part 1 - Reply to VFC re what the CoI’s Terms of Reference do – unavoidably – mean, in reality.

      VFC, you say: -

      "Unfortunately it's not within the COI's power, or ToR’s to restore good governance and the rule (of law) on the island. The corrupt, and politicised "justice" system will still remain. Cover-up, secrecy and corruption (The Jersey Way) will still remain. So will Team Voice."

      It always interests me to see views as to what - or what not - falls with the Terms of Reference of this “Committee of Inquiry” – the Jersey version of a “public inquiry”.

      I think it's a subject which everyone involved needs to apply some deeper thought to. And in that I include Eversheds, by no means least.

      We all know what the written ToRs are, so I need not repeat them here. It's an accurate and sufficient summation to say that the ToR's - the "purpose" - of this so-called "public-inquiry" - are/is to discover the truth concerning Jersey's decades of child-protection failures and child-abuse cover-ups - to uncover the evidenced whys and hows all of Jersey's public administration failed so disastrously and completely to protect children over so many decades - and to make clear, evidenced-based recommendations how the island's polity must change so as to not repeat the systematic and endemic failures in child-protection.

      Basically this "public-inquiry" has the task and purpose of investigating the system-failures which permitted and drove so much child-abuse - and to offer concrete solutions, the implementation of which would - as far as humanly possible - safe-guard children into the future. That is why the “public inquiry” is happening. That’s its reason for existing.

      But here is a key point I think people miss when considering the ToRs and purpose of this CoI: it doesn't "have the power" - to implement one, single, solitary change - not one step - not implement so much as one paragraph of legislation - towards protecting vulnerable children.

      So when people say "it's not within the CoI's power to restore good governance and the rule of law on the island" - yes - that is true. In exactly the same way - and for exactly the same reasons - it's "not within the CoI's powers to restore effective child-protection and halt the cover-up of child-abuse on the island".

      But - when you think about - that is to state the obvious. After all, in law the CoI is an investigative, quasi-judicial tribunal - not an 'executive' or ‘legislative’ body with powers to implement change.

      So what is my point, then?

      My point is that it is wholly wrong - a disastrous mistake - one which plays into the hands of Jersey's corrupt oligarchy and their protectors in London - to promulgate the view that this "public-inquiry" - this CoI - does not have the ToRs, purpose or power to examine the breakdown in good governance, collapse in the rule-of-law and systemic judicial corruption in Jersey.

      ……Continued in Part 2……

      Stuart Syvret

    3. …..Continued from Part 1….

      Part 2 - Reply to VFC re what the CoI’s Terms of Reference do – unavoidably – mean, in reality.

      Yes - of course the CoI - even if it worked - doesn't have "the power" to change and clean-up Jersey's rotted, overtly corrupt systems of governance; in just the same way it doesn't have "the power" to implement child-protection changes. But what the "public-inquiry" does have "the power" to do - what it is in fact obligated in law to do - is investigate every single factor behind Jersey's decades of child-protection failures and child-abuse cover-ups.

      And - unavoidably - UNAVOIDABLY - meeting its ToR's - carrying out its “legislative purpose" - properly exercising "the power" it DOES have - means investigating every single breakdown, failure, and act of corruption on the part of the governance-system, polity, policing, prosecution and judicial system of Jersey - where the acts and/or omissions of those systems have played a role in the child-protection failures/child-abuse cover-ups.

      If this CoI - this purported "public-inquiry" - does not thoroughly investigate those failures by those Jersey public-authorities to fulfil their proper functions and duties to safe-guard the island's children - then this CoI is failing to meet its ToRs. It would be failing to meet its legislative purpose.

      To say this CoI does not have the power to investigate breakdowns in good-governance, the collapse in the rule of law, and the judicial corruption in Jersey - when those factors are so plainly and on-the-evidence central to so much of the child-abuse and child-protection failure - is tantamount to saying “this ‘public-inquiry’ can't investigate Jersey's child-abuse scandal.”

      Jersey's child-abuse scandal IS the breakdown in the rule-of-law in Jersey - the breakdown in the rule-of-law in Jersey IS Jersey's child-abuse scandal.

      There is no separation between the two subjects.

      This is one subject.

      Jersey’s child-abuse scandal cannot – NOT EVEN FAINTLY – be properly, thoroughly and lawfully investigated UNLESS the breakdown in the rule of law, governance-failure and judicial corruption relevant to that child-abuse scandal is investigated.

      One CANNOT be done WITHOUT the other.

      This is a single, indivisible toxic phenomena.

      To think otherwise is to let off-the-hook those who would down-play and cover-up Jersey's failures to protect vulnerable children.

      Stuart Syvret

  11. Want to know what I think? I think this panel and these lawyers always knew the Jersey job was going to be just them putting their signatures on a final report which was going to be designed to avoid the real big problems, we know what I mean, and was going to be designed by London and spin doctors. I'm more getting the idea that Eversheds and the three monkeys thought this was going to be a bit of an easy number. They were just going to be there as 'frontage' if you know what I mean, but they were in the beginning ok with that because these kind of gigs usually work out ok in Britain. But since Mr Power was interviewed and they didn't give it anything like enough time or ask him a lot of the real serious questions, I think Eversheds and the rest stopped pretending. I think they can't end this gig soon enough. I think they're sh*tt*ing themselves. For me that came the truth with Trevor Pitman's interview, it was like they stopped even trying to kid anyone at that stage. If you don't believe me, they even took his statement off their website. The people running this inquiry can't hide that they'r on the brink of sh*tt*ng themselves as much as people in a shop with explosive diarrhoea, they having squeakybum time clutching their arse cheeks together, shuffling with their legs together and wishing for a big box of imodieum. They think 'were's the cheque, where's the cheque, where's the cheque, oh f*ck this is f*cking desperate, oh god I want to get out of here.' I think they could kid themselves at the beginning but now their pride has gone, they cant' even kid themselves any more and have stopped pretending to themselves let alone the public.

    1. Pitman's witness statement has STILL not been put back up on line? Frankly I can't but help feel your poster above is on with his or her assessment. Independant inquiries surely quite simply do not get run this way? I also wish, and I know someone expressed this before, that Trevor Pitman would come on here and explain what the claimed justifications are. Of course if he has just given exasperation I admit I could understand that too. How long can people keep showing trust and doing the right thing only to be betrayed? The Inquiry has shafted him I have little doubt and viewed in such light I begin to understand Stuart Syvret's reluctance.

  12. Just an observation,

    If the church going religious CM Ian Gorst and Senator Routier or for that matter any other Senator or executive Minister had any backbone, they would ask publicly, why was Pitmans statement removed ? Why was lawyers time not invested in Graham Power after submitting a very long statement ? Where was the Ex police chiefs work contract was stolen from his office safe after it was opened with either Warcup or Gradwell supervising ? The copy then when missing from te States human resources department. Is this being properly investigated by Chief Bowron ?

    Why - were two senior government civil servants ( who may be under investigation themselves and - or their departments - handling the feed of information to the CoI ? Why has a lot of the requested information and requested documents not been presented or been lost ?

    Any decent politician would be up in arms over the way this inquiry is proceeding, with deep questions appearing on a weekly basis ?

    Nothing but silence, a very loud silence.

  13. Annon @ 22:58:
    We do have decent politicians, like Deputy Higgins battling to get answers to the way the CoI is trying to/not, handle it. And we can see that CM Gorst is going along with their handling of it, by the tone of the written answer Gorst gave to Higgins, the other week:

    a) The full report contained 41 pages not including the appendix.
    b) One appendix was produced to the report. The title of the appendix is “The Attorney General’s Questions and My Answers” and it contains 2 pages.
    c) The main report was sent to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry on the 27th February 2014.
    d) The one appendix was also sent to the Inquiry on the 27th February 2014.
    The author of the report has been contacted and he has confirmed as follows: “I have looked out my printed copy of my report, which is labelled strictly confidential and numbered 19. It has 41 pages and one two-page appendix, containing the Attorney General's questions and my answers.”

    1. Voice, wasn't this issue, about the Sharp Report and the associated documents raised already in comments earlier? Wasn't it the consensus view that the questions should be placed again by someone like Deputy Higgins in the States, this time asking that can the Chief Minister confirm that 'six victim statements, three letters, and accompanying original police report have been provided to the COI?'

      Remember, there was some confusion over the use of the words '6 appendices' when, strictly speaking, what was meant was the '6 victim statements'. Whilst we all know what we mean, and yes, as Trevor Pitman said, they'er just trying to duck the issue, should we make absolutely certain that neither the States or the COI have any 'wriggle room', by making sure that Trevor has asked the COI to obtain the 6 statements, 3 letters and original police report, and make sure that the same question gets asked of the Chief Minister by Deputy Higgins?

      That way there's no hiding place.


    "William Bailhache speaks about reclaiming “The Jersey Way” as an expression of doing something well: “To me 'The Jersey Way' means doing something competently, with integrity, fairly and with compassion.”

    Yet in the same paper which reported the William Bailhache’s words, there was a witness statement to the care inquiry about someone who went to the police with a complaint of abuse, and discovered later that one of his original complaints had been lost but recorded, and the other did not even seem to have been recorded. He had also been told that the Attorney General would explain to him that the reasons why the case would not be prosecuted, and then was told the Attorney General didn’t have time to see him.

    There is not much in that account that displays competence, integrity, fairness or compassion. It does seem shabby. And it is not the only such case like that, of people treated badly.


  15. Today is the final day for members of the public to make a submission to the Jersey Child Abuse Inquiry.

    Submissions can be made HERE.

  16. Happy New Year Team Voice!