Friday, 1 January 2016

VFC All Time Top Ten.

Further to the Top Ten most hit Blog Postings of 2015. Below are the top ten most hit VFC Blog Postings of All Time.

Mario Lundy

Child Abuse Inquiry.

Ted Heath.

Ian Le Marquand.

In Seventh Place. No-Body-Remains.

William Bailhache.

Philip Bailhache.

Lenny Harper.

Child Abuse Inquiry.

Andrew Lewis.

In Second Place. Complaint To PPC (2)

Stuart Syvret.

Thank you again for supporting this Blog and Happy New Year to all our readers.


  1. Great to learn that Jersey's premier blog continues to grow in size and influence. A tribute to your quality of work. Just hope 2016 sees the return of our other high quality citizens media blogs to activity. Yes Trevor Bald Truth Pitman I am talking to you especially, and those blogs like Stuart's which seem to have all but stopped. We have the Care Inquiry it is true but we need to keep the pressure on. The more the messier for our Establishment cover up merchants and State Media tail waggers. Keep up the outstanding work and Happy New Year.

  2. I hope the child abuse Inquiry are noting these stories and how the likes of the BBC, ITV and Filthy Rag never report them? Evidence of the Jersey Way in its self.

  3. Have a great new year VFC.

  4. All big, important stories. But will we have a new post soon?

    1. Hope to have up, a very constitutionally important/revealing post by end of today possibly tomorrow.

    2. Is it the one about Philip Bailhache being set to 'retire' on 'health grounds: before he appears in front of the COI about his reign of judicial terror?

    3. That sounds very interesting VFC. Can you give us a clue?

      I can't help but point out the fact that you've done so many posts & and interviews over the years which remain of jaw-dropping constitutional significance, and which are shockingly revealing. Now, it's never been any kind of surprise that Jersey's gangsters strive to ignore that material and hoped (wrongly) that it would all just go away. But isn't the problem still today what it was 8 years ago, in that the Crown in London has been able to get away with ignoring the constitutional collapse in the rule of law in Jersey?

      Don't get me wrong, I'm a supporter, not trolling, & I'm sure your post will be good. But could you go on the record here and bet against me if I say the real powers that be will ignore it, like they've done with all the rest?

    4. They will continue to ignore this stuff for as long as they can and will no doubt ignore the next constitutional problem I'll be publishing tomorrow. But unless these "problems" are brought to the attention of others that will (if possible) only get worse.

      Hopefully by publishing what I do, exposing all this judicial/political corruption, it will help prevent it from getting much worse.

  5. Your problem in Jersey, and if only they knew it the problem for the Jersey Establishment and especially their protecting contacts in Whitehall, is 'class-war'. I've followed events in Jersey for some years now and my overriding sensation is one of amazement. It's always been that, amazement that your whole jurisdiction and Whitehall can have not only got into this extraordinary mess, but can have persisted for so long in amplifying their nightmare by thinking if they just kept doubling-down on their bet often enough they'd roll a winner. Gamblers have a word for the strategy, they call it a 'martingale' and it's the action of fools. The final explanation for the folly of your Establishment & their allies in London will be shown to have been nothing more exotic than simple, old-fashioned 'class-war', in the sense that the notion that mere plebs could withstand traditional force majeure, not only resist the will of established power, but out-think it and ultimately overcome it, was never taken into the calculations of these people. The very idea just 'did-not-compute'. And it almost certainly still doesn't. Witness the ludicrous 'doubling-down' embodied in a statutory 'public inquiry' imagining it could ignore key parts of its 'legislative purpose', and could agree to 'abdicate' a core evidence gathering function to key witness, conflicted civil servants. What the world sees embodied in this, and all the associated antecedent madness of your Establishment, is old-fashioned British class-war. Had any of the high-profile original Jersey whistle-blowers, politicians, or public-profile survivors been middle-class, with the typical associated networks, the doomed insanity of events re Jersey since the summer of 2007 would never have been embarked upon. The problem you face is that that intellectually crippling class-war remains, blinding almost certainly every relevant Establishment figure, including those in Whitehall. And those 'martingales' are easy to lay down on the casino table when the stake ins't yours, and there's no 'morale-hazard'on those making the gambles. The idiots you're contending with are going to carry on 'doubling-down' on their failed bets in the metastasising Jersey cover-up scandal until the system collides with reality.

  6. I can't be alone in recognising there have been a lot of really, really stupid bastards, men and women, in Jersey's public authorities who allowed themselves to get involved in all this corruption and who must surely deeply regret their choice to join in with and help child-abuse cover-up from back in 2007? It probably all seemed so piffling back then? An uppity pleb like Syvret and few of his underclass scum constituents on the one hand, vs. few guaranteed promotions, protected job for life amongst your fellow senior public sector employees, and inclusion in the round of Jersey Establishment dinner-parties as guests of people like Philip & William Bailhache & the Jersey Lieutenant Governors on the other hand? A simple and easy choice, it would have looked back then.

    Who would have imagined that, 8 years later, and mountains of corruption and perjury accumulating, here we are, with a load of current and former high-level Jersey public sector employees who's ability to stay out of jail is now dependent on, as the reader above says, forever more 'doubling-down' on the mad corruptions. A fool's bet that was always going to collide with reality.

    The only one of the willing and obedient shysters who had the smarts to see the gravity of what he'd been prevailed upon to get involved in, and to bail at a very early stage, with a vast golden-handshake to boot, was Bill Ogley. It's interesting that amongst the most senior of the fools who carried on being involved and still trapped into the doubling-down on the corruption are several women. It's a function of the inherent misogyny of the Jersey Establishment that most of the senior men involved have been allowed to retire or go early with a golden-handshake and an armour-plated, index-linked pension.

    Ogley, paid off, Pollard, paid off, Warcup, paid off, Gradwell, paid off, Skinner, paid off, Critch, paid off, etc.

    Not many of the original 2007 cover-uppers left, are there? It's going to be interesting how many more years the 'doubling-downs'can carry on for? Personally, I think the final 'martingale' was the plastic, make-believe public inquiry. I'm reinforced in that view by the UK existence of 'Operation Hydrant', and the reluctant Jersey counterpart, 'Operation Whistle'. I think the last 'doubling-down' on the bet on Jersey corruption was 'it'. It isn't possible any more. Now its 'time'.

  7. Forgive me if I am going off track but who in this current 2016 COM is answerable?
    Like your commentor above says, they have all gone, paid off, retired, ridden into the Sunset because 9 years in politics is a long time.
    In 2007 the face of the Government with Stuart Syvret was a tangent away from Ian Gorst's Chimpanzee Tea Party of today, so who is supposed to be answering these retro corruption claims of yesterday?

  8. Has the Jersey Evening Post decided to print the truth. Tonights comment section even mentions the weakness that is the Jersey judiciary. If this carries on it is going to be an interesting year, Fits in with the above observations of corruption of people in high places in this island.

    Emma - the stooge - Martin will not be a happy bunny tonight nor will the Attorney General or Bailiff and his bunch of half wits.

    January 5, 2016 3:31 pm

    This can only be for the good in bringing Jersey into line with established data protection standards talking of which when is there to be a re-trial as the last secret trial had two upstanding witnesses both of which had criminal convictions one for using the telephone ( communication laws broken ) to make death threats to the defendant's friends. He has repeated this criminal act at a later date to someone else. This was recorded and documented but further charges not brought.

    How can this person be considered a reliable witness by the data protection Commissioner Emma Martins who invited him to appear as a witness in the tax funded trial? Why all the secrecy ?

    This is exactly why the UK crown prosecution service revisited the fake sheikh fiasco court proceedings, to investigate uncertainty over his witness statements.

    Why is the Bailiff or Attorney General not ordering an open and transparent public re-trial, also removing the curtains ? Is it because they are concerned that to do so would result in high level people being placed on the stand as witnesses that may leave themselves open to public scrutiny and questioning with the threat of perjury inviting a jail sentence.

    It’s called justice and it’s about time it was addressed.

  9. Trevor's statement is back up on Jersey Inquiry site. Seems to be all there, including secret Hansard (via Rico's blog).

    Statement is dynamite and a comprehensive case for the prosecution, if anyone is prepared to follow it up.

    I have not yet had time to read it properly but comparison with the oral interrogation should show this up for a rushed botched job.


    1. The disparity between Pitman's huge statement and the one dimensional brevity of what was put to him publicly is mindboggling. Can any of us believe this Inquiry is anything but s going through the motions exercise now?

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