Monday, 27 August 2012

Stuart Syvret, The Rule of Law, and The BBC.

In part two of our in-depth and exclusive interview with Former Senator, and Health Minister, Stuart Syvret we discuss, very briefly, some contents contained in the 62,000 word document submitted by the Former Police Chief, Graham Power QPM, to the Wiltshire Constabulary as published by Mr. Syvret.

Mr. Power's submission to the Wiltshire Constabulary was published by Mr. Syvret after it became apparent that the BBC, who have been in possession of it for eleven months and five days, had no intention of publishing it. This, as regular readers will be aware, is despite the BBC, and all other island State Media publishing the prosecution case or parts of, against the former Police Chief. Mr. Power's submission to Wiltshire is viewed as his defence case, yet the BBC still won't publish it.

We discuss the implications of this apparent decision by the BBC and point out the documents that HAVE been leaked to Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) and NOT the BBC, CTV, or the JEP.

When was the last time, you the reader, can remember a leaked document that was given to, and reported by, the State Media? In the interview below, we name but a few, that have been leaked to Bloggers,  there are many more that could have been mentioned with yet still more to come. (we are told)

It is becoming more and more apparent that Jersey's mainstream media are not trusted and we believe with good reason. Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) have blown apart (to smithereens) the official version of events surrounding the Child Abuse atrocities and related matters. We have done this purely by asking questions. When have the BBC, or any of our State Media, seriously challenged or scrutinised ANYTHING churned out by the states Communications Unit? Could Decades of Child Abuse have been possible without the complicity of the mainstream media? What part, if any, have they (State Media) played over the decades in keeping the lid on controversial issues for our government? Why were the documents leaked to Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) and not leaked to Jersey's "accredited" media?

Part one of this interview can be viewed HERE.


  1. I had almost forgotten what a superb orator Stuart is, and as clinical as ever, great interview you guy's.

  2. You make it sound like Graham Power's opinion has some kind of stamp of authority over Jersey when he clearly does not have any such hold. This is why many people in the Media and the States do not understand why you keep on raking over this submission as if its something really special.

  3. The photograph accompanying this posting is so very apt. In particular the last sentence. "What I omit is often more significant that what I share." never a truer word spoken in this case.

  4. The BBC's Bermuda Triangle of news @ Jersey

    Speaking of Triangles there is a triangle of tragedy :

    There is the tragedy of generations (literally) of Jersey's most unfortunate children having their cries unheard -or even smothered by the "pillow rapist"

    There is the tragedy of good brave people like Police Chief Power and Ex-Health Minister Syvret and Simon Belwood and others being victimised for trying to stop the rot and highlight the mistakes of the present and past while the main abusers walk free

    There is the tragedy of the much loved and respected institution of the BBC getting dragged into this by it's rouge franchise operation in Jersey who shore up their friends in power.

    How about a "TV licence strike" to concentrate their minds and a few letters to BBC UK and their competitors to wake them up from their day dream ?

  5. “You make it sound like Graham Power's opinion has some kind of stamp”

    This has nothing to do with Graham Power’s “opinion” It has everything to do with documented “evidence.” It has everything to do with a supposed “accredited” media who are supposed to give equal coverage to both sides of a story.

    They (State Media) reported on the prosecution case against Mr. Power we are only asking the perfectly legitimate question as to why they will not add any balance and report on the defense case?

  6. I think its best for all this evidence to be taken to the UK courts and also this claim that the BBC will be taken down at the same time to be put into motion. However in the meantime I think I will watch Most Haunted on UK Living because something tells me its more believable.

  7. The jersey media have made their bed on these issues and must now lie in it. They can't change now. Rs

  8. I suspect another reason BBC Jersey cannot now provide *any* solid fact-based coverage of Graham Power and abuse investigation related topics, is that bringing the information to the wider public would require some explanation of why they, for years now, avoided coverage of the overwhelming evidence directly presented to them and of documentation simply available to them on the blogs.

    How could they even explain themselves at this point? They can't. They just really can't. The hole they dug is too deep for them to climb out of, but it is, and shall remain, permanently uncovered and exposed as a cesspit of their own making. For BBC, their complicity will be fully revealed, placing them front and center in the child abuse scandal.


  9. To the "not for publication" commenter.

    Thanks and sorted.

  10. I decided to stop paying the BBC tv licence fee after their scandalous Walker-Bailhache Party bias prior to the last election but it would be a shame if the heat were taken off the rest of state media; the JEP in particular.

    So why is Jersey the way it is - and how did we get here ?

    This would be a really good time to revisit a blog thread from back in 2008


    Decades of the Most Foul Child Abuse;
    Nearly all of it hidden;
    How did it Happen?
    “The Jersey Way”: “Measured”, “Respectable” and “civilised”.

    The past repeats itself - history is re-written - history repeats itself
    and in the words of the song "If you tolerate this your children will be next"

    I also plan to post a couple of the comments off that thread

    In short, the sheeple are like lambs to the slaughter
    - own the press
    - choose the government

    Hook, line & sinker - they even pay for the Worms !

  11. I'm grateful for the mention. To be pedantic, "If you tolerate this your children will be next", was taken as the song title by the Manic Street Preachers, from a famous slogan of the republicans during the Spanish civil war. The phrase appeared on posters showing a picture of a child killed by nationalist bombers.

    The original phrase and its context is even more relevant to Jersey's present situation than the song lyrics.

    Never underestimate the dangers of nationalism.


  12. "they even pay for the Worms !"

    50p a day for the JEP Soiled Rag and £150 a year for the local (fake) BBC licence

    Some of the fat worms are actually maggots.

  13. To Anon. who refused to renew your TV licence.

    I agree about BBC Jersey's blatent bias reporting during the last elections. Their refusal to present Graham Powers defence is EVEN WORSE. I'm seriously considering to stop paying my TV licence next year unless BBC Jersey is thoroughly overhauled. Personally I would like to see a mass boycott of Jersey households united in getting BBC Jersey cleaned up.

  14. Are any of you obliged to buy a TV License anyway?

    look at it this way....

    If your local milkman suddenly starts delivering to your door every day without an agreement of contract with yourself, DO YOU OWE HIM ANYTHING?

    NO!!! He has just assumed you will just start paying him....Same with the TV License, you are not obliged to purchase their product even if they give it to you.

  15. Mind you, I'd pay good money to have seen THIS

  16. If the truth is to come out and all these cover ups and secret machinations are to stop, we need more politicians who are of the people and for the people, not self serving and in the club. This is why l rReform is so important

    1. So true Monty everyone who cares about Jersey should vote option A "Chase Bailhache away" well done Voice your work is incredible so important when mainstream media are such cover up merchants

  17. Montfort.

    For the truth to come out we also need an independent mainstream media that will expose this government for what it is. We need a media that will challenge and scrutinise the Press Releases they are given by the State Communication Unit instead of just repeating them. We need a mainstream media that will champion the cause for Abuse Victims/Survivors and not the perpetrators.

    We need a mainstream media that won't bury a defence case after reporting on the prosecution case. We need a mainstream media that will ask the question as to how children in the "care" of the State could be abused for decades instead of asking how much the investigator of the Abuse spent on a prawn cocktail in a London Restaurant.

    Jersey, IMO, would never have got in the horrible mess that it is in if we had an independent and challenging media and very little will change until we do.

  18. Remember all the sensationalist headlines of Lenny Harper's expenditure by the State Media? Well watch THIS

  19. In nine months the discredited Wiltshire Constabulary managed to knock up a bill of over HALF A MILLION QUID and the State Media don't question it but the investigator who exposed the decades of Child Abuse gets dragged over the coals for not staying on a set menu?

    Wilshire expenses.

    January 2009 - October 2009

    Staff costs.............£200,700


    Hotel Accommodation ..£82,000

    Legal Fees...........£77,100


    Equipment Purchase..£15,200


    Other costs......£11,400


  20. Wow. Where did you get those numbers for Wiltshire?

  21. It is part of a written answer to a question from former Deputy Bob Hill, if memory serves correct. We have Blogged a number of times on the discredited Wiltshire Report and its expense but those particular figures (above comment) came from THIS Posting.

  22. It would be a powerful print out if the expense statement of Wiltshire was published along with all the assorted other costs of rubbishing the Harper and Power team's effort, and placed side-by-side with the menu from the Indian restaurant. What a great printed flyer that would be.

  23. As mentioned in a previous Blog. Lenny Harper's hospitality budget came to around £6,000 and as we all know the State Media dragged him over the coals for it.

    So the man who, with his team, that exposed Jersey's dirty secret gets hammered for a legitimate hospitality budget of 6 grand.

    The Wiltshire Constabulary who were conducting a disciplinary investigation, that went way over budget, missed just about every deadline that was set and didn't produce a single disciplinary charge can spend over Half a million quid, including £50,000 on "other costs" and "subsistence"

    Not forgetting that the Wiltshire investigation, into the investigation, took longer than the investigation and produced, in affect NOTHING.

    It was the Former Police Chief who summed it up, when he said.

    “Nobody with their name on the failed Wiltshire enquiry should have the nerve to criticise anyone else’s conduct of any enquiry ever.”

    HERE.......And the State Media don't want to know how much Wiltshire spent on a prawn cocktail......... just Lenny Harper.......The man that help expose the DECADES of Child Abuse on this island? Funny (not) that isn't it???????

  24. It is always amazing to examine the official State hypocrisy in hard numbers. The difference is starkly obvious to anyone who is open to the evidence.

  25. As an American who has relied on the BBC for news in nearly every part of the world I travel, I can assure you they do know what you are up against on Jersey. Don't think for a moment they are unaware of their own role in maintaining the status quo. I would hazard a guess that BBC's executives fully realize they will eventually be humiliated over this fiasco, and the reason their hands are tied is to be found within the City of London. Still, they should be very ashamed. Very ashamed.

  26. The BBC head offices should be very afraid. It is asking too much for them to feel shame. The Jersey BBC "journalism" has been shameless.

  27. Is it just me or have the JEP/Establishment plunged new depths in their despair?

    What with John Henwood, Pierre Horsfall, CONSTABLE Len Norman, Hugh Gill (Chef de Police of St Lawrence), Ed Le Quesne (Constable's Officer) all saying the Constables should not sit in the States - the Establishment are in dissarray! A desperate editorial. Read all about it
    Jersey Evening Propaganda

  28. We have to have independant investigators the Police, the judicary, Parliament are all compromised see JUSTICE DENIED: METROPOLITAN POLICE COVERED-UP VIP PAEDOPHILE RING...

  29. Exactly one month after the last-but-one comment, the Savile exposé aired on ITV and blew the lid wide open on the mind-boggling, widespread, systemic abuse of children all over the British Isles - and Jersey when Savile's links to HDLG surfaced. And your authorities still deny it? That may have worked in times past, but not today, not in the Age of Twitter. I suggest they check in and see the wealth of evidence amassed there and realise they are only denying the inevitable. Sooner or later...

    Meantime please keep tweeting your info and I will keep re-tweeting you - as always.

    Best regards from the UK.