Saturday, 31 December 2016

Lord Reginald's New Year's Message (2017)

Lord Reginald Hamilton Rawley Tooting-Jones III

In the interest of balance, VFC has invited Lord Reginald Hamilton Rawley Tooting-Jones III, (Jersey Conservative Party Chairman)
to deliver a special New Year's address.

As Party Chairman, he explains how it has actually been an excellent year for the Jersey government.  Despite a year filled with dozens of examples of incompetence, broken promises, U-turns, flip-flopping, giving the public's money to amateur con-men and giving away public land for the benefit of rich financiers, all against the public's wishes, not one of them has had to resign, let alone apologise. Like all good Jersey Tories, they remain arrogant and unaccountable, even in the face of numerous failures which would have seen governments elsewhere fall.

So, Lord Reg's message to you all is, don't worry your little heads about politics. Keep watching Strictly, X-Factor and the soaps. It could be worse: you could live in Albert Square.

On behalf of Lord Reg and Team Voice, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

VFC Top Ten 2016.

Below are the Top Ten most hit VFC Blog Postings of 2016.

Adrian Lynch.
In Tenth Place BODY FOUND.

In Ninth Place. Adrian Lynch NORTH COAST SEARCH.

In Eighth Place. Adrian Lynch UPDATE.

Deputy Andrew Lewis.

In Seventh Place. Andrew Lewis COI Transcripts PART THREE.

Lenny Harper.

In Sixth Place. Lenny Harper COI Witness PART TWO.

William Bailhache.

In Fifth Place. The Curious Incident of WILLIAM BAILHACHE........

Lieutenant Governor.

In Fourth Place. Jersey Lieutenant Governor CROWN INTERESTS.

In Third Place. Adrian Lynch Official Line QUESTIONED.

In Second Place. Adrian Lynch Investigation. Questions to the STATES OF JERSEY POLICE.

In First Place. Adrian Lynch's Last Reported KNOWN MOVEMENTS.

2017 should see the publication of the long awaited report from the Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry. A possible vote of censure tabled against at least one sitting States Member as a result of the report. VFC has a number of Blogs lined up for the beginning of 2017 including an announcement from prominent local lawyer and constitutional expert Philip Sinel and much more.

Team Voice would like to wish all our readers, old and new, a very Merry Christmas and thank you for your support and contributions to the Blogs/comment sections through the year(s). We will wish you a Happy New Year when we publish our "All Time Top Ten" most hit VFC Blog Postings. Stay tuned.....................

Top Ten 2015 can be viewed HERE.

Top Ten 2014 can be viewed HERE.

Top Ten 2013 can be viewed HERE.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Reform Jersey's Pint and Politics Evening. (The Donald Trump Effect)

Deputy Sam Mezec.

In part two of our in-depth and exclusive interview with Reform Jersey's Chairman, Deputy Sam Mezec, we discuss an up-coming event, at the Green Rooster Bar, organised by Reform Jersey in its second series of "A Pint and Politics."

The Pint and Politics is a new (and welcome) concept where ordinary Islanders are invited to discuss political topics/events in a sociable/relaxing atmosphere while enjoying a pint, or your drink of choice, and listen to some live music. Reform Jersey use this opportunity to hear grass root opinions from those who matter (the ordinary Islander) in order to help formulate its policies and submit questions in parliament in an attempt to hold the Executive to account. So it's not just an evening of listening to people sound off about politics, it's an opportunity to help shape the direction the Island is going in and having your voice heard.

This week's topic is "The Donald Trump Effect" and how should progressives respond? (to his election)

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is nothing if not controversial and has shook up the political world. He defied all the so-called "experts," pollsters and VFC argues he defied the Mainstream media. As discussed, in the interview below, it was near on impossible to view a mainstream news programme, during the election campaign, where Donald Trump wasn't being discredited or ridiculed. Some will argue this is simply because he gave them so much material it was impossible NOT to report it. Perhaps a fair enough argument but we argue that if the ordinary voter ONLY had mainstream television news to watch there wouldn't have been a hope in hell Donald Trump would have got elected.

This might demonstrate the decline in trust of mainstream media and a growth in the power of Citizens/Social Media where us unwashed plebs are now able to do our own research, make a more informed decision, and not be influenced by large corporations with vested interests? It could also be an overriding factor in why governments across the western world are legislating against people speaking their mind, or having an opinion, on the internet. Not least here in JERSEY.

Another point for discussion, in the interview below, (and for the Pint and Politics Night)? Donald Trump was elected despite never holding ANY political office previously against a woman (Hilary Clinton) who had devoted her entire adult life to politics. He didn't look or sound like a seasoned politician and perhaps this too played a major part in his election? People across the globe seem to be getting sick of the established order, the establishment as a whole, and possibly even politicians.

Is it time our politicians stopped acting and sounding like politicians? Is this the key to getting elected?

Adama Barrow.

Notwithstanding the election of Donald Trump, who is now one of the most powerful men in the world despite having NO political experience we see the same/similar pattern occurring in Gambia.

Gambian President-elect Adama Barrow is an Estate Agent and former security guard at an Argos store in the UK. He is only the third Gambian president to be elected since 1965 after over-throwing a president described as a "despot dictator" or Gambian's version of "The Establishment."

What lessons can be learnt in local politics from "The Trump Effect" and indeed the massive anti establishment movement sweeping across the western world? Did Trump win the election or did the establishment, and its media, lose it? Are the days of the Jersey Establishment coming to an end? Who/what will replace it if it does come to an end? Will it be better or worse than what we have now? Is the Jersey Establishment taking note of what's happening politically across the world and going to start changing its ways?

Why not pop down to the Green Rooster in Minden Place this Friday (9th) at 8:pm and share your thoughts with a political party who want to hear, and act on them?

Part one of our below interview can be viewed HERE.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Deputy's Video Goes Viral.

Deputy Sam Mezec

The States of Jersey (the Island's Parliament) has recently begun streaming its public sessions online which attracts somewhere in the region of around 300-400 viewers. This is a most welcome move towards openness and transparency which the States should be congratulated for but will it have the (unintentional) effect of placing more power in the hands of the silent majority and political dissenters, Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers and less power in the hands of the mainstream media?

In May this year we published a Blog Posting alerting readers to the latest attempt to shut down political dissent and to keep the power in the hands of the rich and powerful with its somewhat tame mainstream media. Could it be that the ruling elite became aware it might have created its own monster by opening up the island's parliament in this way?

Chairman of Jersey's only political party (Reform Jersey) Deputy Sam Mezec is a young, modern, forward thinking twenty-first century progressive politician who understands the potential power of Citizens Media and how to take advantage of it. He recently uploaded a short clip, to Facebook, of a speech he gave in the States which subsequently went viral. Receiving in excess of 90,000 views, more than 2,000 "likes" over 1,500 shares and 400 comments. For a Jersey politician this is unprecedented yet none of our local mainstream media has reported on it. The only mainstream media to have reported on this is from outside of Jersey in the Isle of Man which can be viewed HERE. The speech has also been uploaded to YouTube which can be viewed HERE. We will also embed it below our interview with Deputy Mezec at the bottom of this posting.

Deputy Mezec had previously agreed to an interview with VFC before his video was published or went viral. We were going to (and have) discussed Reform Jersey's next "Pint and Politics" evening but couldn't NOT report on this unprecedented event and ask questions like "how can the mainstream media expect to remain relative in the age of the internet while ignoring such significant public interest/political events?" Deputy Mezec describes (interview below) the power of Citizens Media as "revolutionary for democracy" and is rendering the mainstream "redundant."

We have decided to publish our interview in two parts and will publish part two, where we discuss the recent election of Donald Trump, the part played by mainstream media and much, much, more.

In the meantime we thank Deputy Mezec, not only for the exclusive interview, but for making Jersey politics available to all and showing there is an alternative, new breed, of politician in the States who do have the interest of ordinary Islanders at heart even if the mainstream media don't want the public to know this. He is still able to get his message out there on Citizens Media possibly even to a wider audience.

A question readers, and the mainstream media, should ask themselves is; "would the MSM have shown such little interest if the likes of Philip Bailhache/Ian Gorst had published a video that went viral?" Whose interests is the MSM serving on the Island?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Advocate Philip Sinel Interview.

Advocate Philip Sinel

With the recent revelation that the Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry announcing that it won't be publishing its report until the first quarter of 2017, and with the departure of the Lieutenant Governor VFC was keen to capture the thoughts and opinions of local prominent Lawyer, and constitutional expert, Advocate Philip Sinel who we have interviewed once before on similar matters which can be viewed HERE and HERE. Of particular interest and relates to this posting also is the submission Mr. Sinel made to the Carswell Review which we published HERE.

In our in-depth, and exclusive, interview (below) Advocate Sinel explains why he believes Jersey's constitutional arrangements are a barrier to the Child Abuse Inquiry's report to effect any change on the past and present regime run by "an oligarchy that will support itself and intimidate those who disagree with it." (Usually through its "Justice" System.) He goes on to tell us that he believes the Child Abuse inquiry's work has been and is "being undermined by the Attorney General's Office, the States of Jersey Police and the Data Protection Commission."

Lieutenant Governor

Unlike parts of the State Media Advocate Sinel is not fawning over the Office and departure of the Lieutenant Governor and we think it would be fair to say he (like many others) has very little confidence in the LG due to his dealings (or not) with him. Mr. Sinel tells us (interview below) that he has had to go over the head of the LG and contact HM Private Secretary Sir Christopher Geidt  who appears to be as unwilling to deal with "the Jersey problem" as the Queen's representative on the Island.

This is a compelling, insightful, and somewhat alarming interview from the perspective of a prominent Lawyer who has first hand experience of how the constitution and "justice" system operates in Jersey. Much more is discussed in the interview than has been highlighted here which makes for compulsive viewing.

Part two coming soon...................

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Child Abuse Inquiry Report Delayed.

The Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry has published a (very) short statement (below) declaring that its final report will NOT be published until the first quarter of 2017. This is despite an agreement with the Chief Minister/States that the report will be published before the end of December this year after the Inquiry was given extra funding.

We find this very short statement a little concerning, in that it offers NO explanation(s) as to why there is a delay. Haven't Survivors/Victims been through enough? Why publish a Press Release offering NO answers? Why not wait a little longer and publish a statement explaining the delay? Publishing such a vague  Press Release could/will invite speculation and conspiracy theory as to why there is the delay and further uncertainty for the Victims/Survivors.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst.

Will the Chief Minister publish a statement in response, if not, why not? As the COI will be taking up to three months longer than it was agreed in the States, are there any implications coming from this if so what are they?  Up toanother three months work might mean the COI will need more money to complete the report? It could just be down to other work commitments of the Panel (or something similar) causing the delay and won't need more money but a valid question nonetheless. Will the funds be available if needed?

Has the Law Offices Department, or Data Protection Office, leant on the Inquiry? Was the December deadline, set by the Chief Minister, an unrealistic target?

The delay could work in favour of Victims/Survivors and Anti Child Abuse Campaigners. It could mean the final report will be that much more comprehensive than originally anticipated. It (the report) won't/can't get buried as easily in January-March as it can over the Christmas period in December.

Press Release from COI:

"The Panel Independent Jersey Care Inquiry is progressing with the drafting of its report into the abuse of children in Jersey's care system over many years. It confirms that the report will be published during the first quarter of 2017 and not at the end of 2016 as previously published. Further information in respect of the publication will be provided in the New Year."(END)

We think it would be unfair to blame the COI for the delay without knowing the reasons for it and Team Voice have a certain amount of confidence in the panel and its final report. We do feel it is a little insensitive to Victims and Survivors to publish such a vague Press Release and hope the panel will (very soon) rectify this by explaining the reasons for the delay.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Unhappy Anniversary (8)

Graham Power QPM.

On November the 12th 2008 Jersey's (then) Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, was (possibly illegally) suspended from duty during the biggest Child abuse police Investigation (Operation Rectangle) the island has ever seen or is likely to see again and the original suspension smells just as much (if not more) today than it did back then.

The official version of events, concerning Mr. Power's suspension from duty, has not only been torn apart by Team Voice, but has now been discredited by evidence given to the Independent Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry. (COI) That evidence includes the evidence given by the then Home Affairs Minister, and now Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Deputy Andrew Lewis who originally suspended the former Police Chief.

Deputy Andrew Lewis.

We have Blogged extensively on the evidence given by Deputy Andrew Lewis to the COI and that is where one of (if not the biggest) smell comes from. Readers can view parts of the Deputy's evidence/transcripts HERE, HERE and HERE. Notwithstanding Team Voice attempted to (before he gave evidence to the COI) glean answers form Deputy Lewis concerning his apparent contradictory statements over his suspension of Mr. Power. We did this in an open letter HERE. He refused to answer our (legitimate/public interest) questions and the COI faired little better in gaining any coherent answers from him when he gave evidence to it.

Every year since the controversial suspension of the former Police Chief, Team Voice has published a Blog (links at bottom of post) marking the event because it is one of the most significant decisions/acts made during this ghastly/dark period in Jersey's history. Suspending a Chief of Police in such suspicious circumstances, while his force is investigating alleged "STATE SPONSORED PAEDOPHILIA" in State run "care" homes, and elsewhere on the island, has got to be unprecedented.

We must also recall that on the 12th November 2008 Mr. Power had just returned to the island after visiting a sick family member when he was called to a suspension meeting with (then Home Affairs Minister) Deputy Andrew Lewis and the then States of Jersey Chief Executive Officer Bill Ogley. Mr. Power was not told this was to be a suspension meeting, he was not offered any representation, he was not shown any evidence and he was not given time to prepare for a suspension meeting........ Because he wasn't told it was one.

Mr. Power, at the beginning of the meeting, was offered less than an hour to "consider his position." He declined the offer setting in motion a chain of events which has contributed to the setting up of the Jersey Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry.

This year's "Unhappy Anniversary" Blog is possibly the most poignant and well timed of them all. The COI could (should) be publishing its report, findings and recommendations within weeks. It has, according to it own timetable, until the end of December this year to do so.

Will the COI back the Jersey Establishment line or will any of the great and the good be shown to be guilty of abusing their positions to the detriment of Abuse Survivors/Victims and those who attempted to get them justice?

Victims/Survivors have been able to tell their story, and horrendous ordeals, to the COI. Those accused of the abuse, those accused of covering it up, witnesses and whistleblowers have given evidence to the COI. Within weeks, the COI being the "jury" should be publishing its eagerly awaited "verdict." We just wonder who will be considering their position when (if not before) the Inquiry's findings are published?

As far as the Team Voice jury is concerned (regarding the COI) It's still out. It has done some fantastic work in some areas and not so good in others. It's not been perfect but a "perfect" inquiry does not exist. We only need look at the UK CSA Inquiry (IICSA) to see what a shambles an inquiry of this nature can be. Jersey's COI, in comparison with the UK's, deserves an amount of credit.

Team Voice will deliver its verdict once the COI has published its report.

The seven previous “Unhappy Anniversaries” can be viewed from Below.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Christian May. The Inbetweener(s).

Christian May.

After viewing all election hustings so far during this Senatorial by election, I have noticed that Christian May could have, what looks to be, "involuntary arm movement." I have witnessed this (involuntary arm movement) before but couldn't think where.

Christian claims not to be a part of "The Establishment" and also claims he is not anti-establishment. So I thought; "what could he be?" Then it came to me................ Being a fan of the Inbetweeners TV programme, I realised that he's an Inbetweener, which also reminded me of where I had seen that involuntary arm movement before. It was on an episode of the Inbetweeners. (Series 3 episode 2)
In a very short (35 second) video clip (below) we have squeezed in four separate Hustings Meetings to demonstrate this.

The video below is published in the spirit of light-hearted fun in an attempt to inject a little humour into the political process/By-Election which can get quite ugly at times. In this regard we will NOT be publishing any negative comments against any of the candidates in this Blog Posting.

If you wish to leave a comment supporting your favoured candidate they are:

Alvin Aaron.

Guy De Faye.

Mike Dun.

Sarah Ferguson.

Nick Le Cornu.

Christian May.

Sam Mezec.

Stevie Ocean.

Mary O’Keeffe-Burgher.

Hugh Raymond.

John Young.

All candidates opening speeches (from St. Clement Hustings) can be viewed HERE. Not forgetting you can also vote for your preferred candidate on the poll situated at the left hand-side of this page.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Adrian Lynch. Team Voice Questions to Superintendent Stewart Gull. (Part 1)

Adrian Lynch.

Following the tragic discovery of Adrian Lynch's body Thursday 4th August in the Handois reservoir, Adrian's family, and the public, will consider Adrian being found and returned to his family as a blessing that many thought would never happen.

Adrian went missing on the 4/5th December 2015 after attending a work's party at the Merton Hotel. He remained missing for eight months until the discovery of his body on the 4th August 2016.

Adrian's funeral took place on Friday 19 August 2016 and a subsequent public memorial was held, on the same day, where, it is reported, more than three hundred islanders, family and friends, attended to pay their respects to Adrian. He is/was a very popular young man who clearly made a positive impact on many people's lives and will be sadly missed.

We, at Team Voice, and members of the public, are left with many un-answered questions and confusion. We are prepared to, and have, asked the questions (e-mail below) of the States of Jersey Police about the search and non discovery (for eight months) of Adrian in Handois Reservoir.

As is so often the case in Jersey, the official version of events don't appear to stack up under scrutiny, are contradictory, and, in places misleading.

Below is an e-mail sent from Team Voice to Superintendent Stewart Gull who appears to be "the face" of Operation Panama. It is unclear as to what has happened to the Senior Investigating Officer Lee Turner.

Detective Superintendent 
Stewart Gull.

E-mail to Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull.

"Dear Detective Superintendent.

Following the tragic discovery of the body of Adrian Lynch at the Handois Reservoir on Thursday August 4th 2016 we (Team Voice and Blog Readers) have a number of questions that would/could hopefully clear up a lot of confusion surrounding statements made by you in the local media, and possibly statements made by the local media themselves. 

For ease of reference we will number our questions in the hope you will answer them by their numerical order to avoid any more confusion?

1). You have, on a number of occasions in the local media, stated that Handois Reservoir is “incredibly deep.” Our research tells us that, at its deepest, it is 4 metres. Could you confirm our research is correct, and further, that you consider 4 metres of water to be “incredibly deep” in the context of a reservoir being searched with specialist sonar equipment and divers?

2). Experts from Humberside South Yorkshire Search and Rescue came to the Island to assist in the search of Adrian Lynch. They came with a very high tech sonar (Hammerhead Seaking) which they deployed in Handois Reservoir? 

(i) What was the maximum depth of the reservoir when they searched Handois?

(ii) How long did they spend searching Handois reservoir in total?

(iii) Did they record their Sonar Sweeps for future reference? 

(iv) Did they leave Handois reservoir categorically stating that it was clear? We ask this as Handois is a very small volume of water in which to search.

(v) Did Humberside inform you that Handois was NOT extensively searched?

(vi) Did Humberside police write a report on its search of Handois Reservoir?

(vii) If so, will it be published? If not why not?

(viii) If Humberside DIDN'T write a report, why not?

3). Due to the level of searching Handois reservoir was subjected to is it not reasonable to state that the evidence points to a high possibility that Mr Lynch might not have been in Handois Reservoir at the time of searching? This is also backed up by the pathologist report that appears on the States of Jersey Police Force.

4). If you are claiming that Mr Lynch WAS in Handois Reservoir from the night he went missing would you not agree that this is a gross failure of all agencies involved in searching this small area? 

(i) By not discovering Mr Lynch in such a small body of water a week after he went missing could/would have caused undue distress and suffering for the Lynch family? 

(ii) If Mr Lynch had been found back in December 2015 a more extensive post mortem could have been carried out and the cause of death ascertained?

(iii). Handois Reservoir was apparently a high priority search area?

(iv). Why wasn't Handois re-searched, when further searches of priority areas were carried out in July of this year?

(v) You have (on local "accredited" media) said Handois Reservoir had areas of "hostile terrain." Could you describe what you mean by "hostile terrain?"

5). Have you or will you offer an unreserved apology to the Lynch family?

(i) If not, why not?

6). You said on BBC Radio Jersey that Operation Panama had no budget. Is it usual police practice for such a large-scale investigation not to have an allocated budget?

On Friday 5th August 2016, an article written by Jack Maguire was published in the Jersey Evening Post. The article stated; 

"Handois Reservoir, which acts as a major water treatment works for the Island, is up to 30 metres deep (emphasis added) in places."

Jack Maguire has told Team Voice that he was quoting you when he wrote Handois was "30 metres deep in places." Interestingly he did NOT use quotation marks when allegedly quoting you on this sentence but did on other alleged quotes from you in his article.

7). Did you tell Jack Maguire that Handois Reservoir is "30 metres deep in places?"

(i) If so, why did you tell him that? As we know, at its deepest, Handois is only 4 metres deep.

When challenged by Team Voice regarding your alleged quote (30 metres deep) and the actual depth (4 metres) Mr. Maguire told us it must have been "a slip of the tongue" on your behalf and that you must have meant "30 feet."

(ii) Did you have a "slip of the tongue" and mean to say; "30 feet?"

(iii) If so, would you agree that 30 feet is more than twice the depth of Handois at its deepest and is misleading to the public?

Mr. Maguire has refused to correct this misleading information in his published JEP article telling Team Voice; "it will just confuse matters."

(iv) Did you read the article, and if so, have you asked Mr. Maguire to correct the misleading information? If not why not?

(v) Now that you are aware of the misleading article, will you be asking him to publish a correction, if not why not?

8). You have consistently repeated that the search for Adrian was "thorough and extensive." With hindsight do you believe Handois should have been drained and that; "thorough and extensive" could be perceived as misleading considering it wasn't drained?

(i) Why wasn't it drained?

(ii) How much would it have cost to drain the reservoir in comparison with the £14,000 paid to Humberside Police?

9). The pathologist has reportedly said that the remains of Adrian were consistent with a body that had been immersed in water for "several months." Exactly how many is "several?"

(i) Could Adrian's body have been in the reservoir for less than eight months?

10). Adrian was reportedly in possession of his house keys the night he went missing. Were they recovered with his body?

11) Can you categorically state there was no third party involvement in Adrian's disappearance and untimely death?

We strongly hope that you will answer the questions posed in this e-mail in order to prevent speculation and misreporting of the facts (as in the JEP)?

You will no doubt be aware, through social media, and comments left on "accredited" media sites that there is a fair amount of speculation and little trust/confidence in the way Operation Panama was handled. It is hoped you will answer our questions as full, frankly and honestly, as you can in an effort to curtail speculation/misreporting, and possibly most importantly restore some faith in the island's police force.

We will, in the interest of openness, and transparency, be publishing this e-mail on one of our Blogsites. Please be advised that your answers/reply will be considered for publication also.

We thank you for your time and look forward to you helping us keeping the record straight in this truly tragic turn of events.

N.McMurray/Rico Sorda."(END)

Team Voice DO have many other questions to put to the States of Jersey Police/DS Gull concerning Operation Panama and they will be published, or e-mailed to DS Gull, depending on what response we receive from these questions.

RIP Adrian Lynch.

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Video of Adrian Lynch's Last Reported KNOWN MOVEMENTS.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Jersey By Election 2016 (2) St. Clement Husting.

In part two of our by election series we offer video recordings of the candidates opening speeches (and in one case "closing" speech) at last nights hustings at St. Clement Parish Hall.

In part one of this series we conducted a poll where readers could vote for their preferred candidate. We started the poll before nomination night and before all candidates had declared so not all candidates were included in the poll. We have now started another poll (on the left hand side of the page) with all candidates included so why not give your preferred candidate a vote? Including Kim Jong-Un or none of the above?

The previous poll received in excess of 300 votes, the results of which can be seen below.

Candidates hustings speeches St Clement Parish Hall.

Sarah Ferguson.

Christian May.

Sam Mezec.

Alvin Aaron.

Guy De Faye.

John Young.

Stevie Ocean.

Mary O'Keeffe-Burgher.

Mike Dun.

Hugh Raymond.

Nick Le Cornu.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Body Found.

Below is a Press statement issued by the States of Jersey police this morning.

States Of Jersey Police PRESS RELEASE Thursday, 04 August 2016

"At 10:40 today police received a call from a worker at Handois Reservoir, St Lawrence who reported finding the remains of a body partly submerged in the water.

Given the proximity to the last known location of missing Islander Adrian Lynch, Adrian’s family have been updated as to the find but any formal identification is likely to take some time.

Police officers and Crime Scene Investigation are currently at the reservoir and we would request that persons do not attend at that location in order to enable the police to carry out their investigations.

We understand the public interest that this incident will create, but we would ask that islanders respect this request and the family’s privacy at this time.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available."(END)

Our thoughts are with the Lynch family and friends.

For related Blogs published by Team Voice on the disappearance/police investigation of Adrian Lynch please click on the labels at the bottom of the posting. Alternatively please click on the links below.

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Adrian Lynch UPDATE.


Video of Adrian Lynch's Last Reported KNOWN MOVEMENTS.

Adrian Lynch. North Coast SEARCH.

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Jersey by-election September 2016.

As most islanders will be aware there is a Senatorial (Island-Wide) by-election underway and a number of people have declared their candidacy already.

VFC has added a poll on the left-hand-side of the main page of this Blog in order to gauge readers views, or a kind of straw-poll if you like.

There are also a couple of rumoured candidates who we have added to the poll and will add further names as candidates declare.

If your favoured candidate is on the poll then give them a vote.

Nomination night is at the St Helier Town Hall at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 9 August 2016. The election, and votes will be counted on, Wednesday 7 September 2016.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Adrian Lynch Operation Panama......Case Closed?

DS. Stuart Gull.

In our PREVIOUS POSTING we published a short VIDEO of the five minute drive, to the North Coast, from the last reported alleged movements of missing 20 year old Adrian Lynch. We asked a number of questions concerning the search/investigation (or lack of) concerning Adrian's disappearance.

As a result (of our previous posting) VFC was contacted by local BBC Radio and asked to give an interview where some of our questions could be recorded and put to Senior Investigating Officer DCI Lee Turner. For whatever reason SIO/DCI Turner didn't show for his live interview the following day and Detective Supt Stuart Gull took his place a few days later. (today)

In our previous posting (link above) we wrote; "What exactly are the police doing now to find Adrian? From what we can see......Very little." After DS Gull's performance on the radio this morning (video below) it appears we were right, very little appears to be happening, in the search for this young man Adrian Lynch, who has now been missing for more than seven months.

A number of questions were put to DS Gull, on radio, this morning which he either ignored or pretended to answer them like the media savvy pro that he is. He filibustered his way through the entire interview offering nothing, or very little, in the way of substance. To this end we have offered our own little bits of text/captions through parts of the interview. (Below)

One would have hoped that DS Gull might have seized this opportunity to assure the public, Adrian's parents, family and friends, that the police will not rest until this young man is found and everything possible is being done to generate leads in order to solve this case. Unfortunately this didn't happen.

Adrian's father, and friends, will be out risking their own safety (and possibly lives) again tonight in their fourth expedition searching the North Coast for Adrian. They are having to do this because the police won't. The police won't go outside their own very small search area when, we argue, they should be throwing everything at this and searching the whole island. We're not in the Australian outback, we're a tiny island of 9 miles by 5. DS Gull has said (interview below) that money/budget isn't a factor in this case, so if that's true, start searching outside the tiny search area and put boots on the ground to generate leads.......Island wide.

Former DCO Lenny Harper.

Indeed, Not only did DS Gull say that budget isn't a factor, he said that the Investigation (Operation Panama) doesn't have a budget at all. This is very revealing considering former DCO Lenny Harper has been dragged through the coals for allegedly not having a budget for Operation Rectangle. (Child Abuse Inquiry) How can it be so wrong not to have a budget in one high profile case, yet it's ok in another?

A 20 year old young boy is missing, his parents/family need answers and closure and the public need to have trust and confidence in our police force.

As things stand it looks like if your child goes missing in Jersey the police will look for him/her in a tiny area for a couple/few weeks and then give up. This is NOT acceptable in an affluent modern day "democracy."

If Operation Panama is not closed, then it's doing a very good impression of it.

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Adrian Lynch UPDATE.


Video of Adrian Lynch's Last Reported KNOWN MOVEMENTS.

Adrian Lynch. North Coast SEARCH.

Credit BBC Radio Jersey recording.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Adrian Lynch. North Coast Search.

More than seven months have now past since 20 year old Adrian Lynch went missing after attending a works Christmas Party on 4 December 2015.

In our Previous Posting, in the Adrian Lynch series, we published a short VIDEO reconstructing Adrian's last reported movements according to the States of Jersey Police (SOJP). Despite the SOJP nor the mainstream media not sharing the video online it still attracted in excess of 3,700 Youtube views so thank you to all those who did share it. In that previous Blog Posting we told readers there could be theories other than the one(s) the SOJP is going with.

According to the SOJP'S timeline the last reported alleged movements of Adrian was at 2:15-2:30 am in Cooky's Farm as published HERE. Although it could be disputed that this was indeed Adrian as it was not a sighting. We start the video (below) from this location.

We're asking what if something untoward DID happen to Adrian in this vicinity? What if he was taken by car to the North Coast? How long would it take to drive to the North Coast? (Answer in video below)

Why won't the police search the North Coast? What exactly are the police doing now to find Adrian? From what we can see......Very little.

Which brings us onto the second half of the video (below). Earlier this week VFC joined a search party looking for Adrian on the North Coast. There were around half a dozen friends of the Lynch family, including his father Danny all geared up with protected clothing (due to the unforgiving terrain) with machetes/sickles and the like to make their way through the dense brambles/nettles. VFC was unable to take part in the search but did film parts of it.

The questions going through my mind were "why aren't the cops doing this?" "Why should it be left to well meaning friends/members of the public and Adrian's father to do it?" "Why can't the Honorary Police or the Territorial Army do it if the SOJP won't?"

What if one of the searchers discovered the body of Adrian? What if his own father did? Is he, or they, prepared for this? It's all well and good saying "leave it to the professionals" but the "professionals" are not searching for this young boy who is still missing.

After recent headlines in the MSM telling us that the SOJP, over the next three years, need to cut £5.1m from its budget, which reportedly would include the loss of thirty jobs including up to 13 frontline staff. Is it really the case that the SOJP can't afford to continue the search for Adrian? Is it that they can't afford to actually go out and find their own leads regarding Adrian's disappearance rather than waiting for something to land on their desk(s)?

Of course this is mostly assuming that Adrian is dead; but what if he is still alive, possibly being held against his will? Ok statistically that is unlikely but it is (one could argue) more likely than the statistics that suggest he might have died of hypothermia.

If it is the case that he is alive and waiting for the Cavalry to arrive then the sad news is, there is no Cavalry, or they can't afford to feed the horses. The SOJP MUST come out and inform the public that budget does NOT play a part in the investigation (or lack of) in finding Adrian Lynch. Every parent in Jersey must have the confidence and trust knowing that if anything remotely similar should happen to their child the SOJP has the money, resources, expertise and the willing to actively go out and find their child. I would be interested to learn if the Lynch family, or the General Public, do have that trust/confidence in the SOJP.

Back to the video below and the North Coast search.

These searches have been organised by the father of Adrian Lynch we say "these" searches because we are aware that this was the third one to take place in as many weeks. It has to be said that the dedication, and commitment, of those searching is incredible. These people know they are putting their health and safety at great risk yet they toil away for around three hours a session in the hope of bringing some closure to a family left in the most unimaginable limbo and turmoil. Should they have to be doing this? Certainly not, but who else will?

Adrian's father who has organised these searches, knows he is relying on a massive amount of good will from his friends, but how long can this good will last and what happens when it runs out, who can he, or the family, turn to then? We have demonstrated (links below) that his own Parish Constable, and Deputy, don't appear interested. Indeed NONE of the politicians look to have any interest in this sad case other than St. Helier No.3 Deputy Mike Higgins who, as far as we are aware, is the only politician to have been in contact with Adrian's father, and step mother, and the only politician to meet with them and ask questions in the States.

Seven months this young man, Adrian Lynch, has been missing, and instead of scaling back the manpower, resources and investigation shouldn't the SOJP be scaling them up? Would you expect them to if it was your child and is it simply the case that the SOJP simply can't afford to find Adrian?

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Adrian Lynch UPDATE.


Video of Adrian Lynch's Last Reported KNOWN MOVEMENTS.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Public Meeting Against the Cuts.

Reform Jersey Chairman Deputy Sam Mezec.

After the publication of the Council Of Minister's latest draft of its MEDIUM TERM FINANCIAL PLAN (MTFP) which has its very own WEBSITE. Jersey's only political party REFORM JERSEY issued a Press Release (below) calling on Islanders to attend a public meeting in order to voice their concerns against the government cuts.

Reform Jersey calls on public to attend meeting to voice concerns on government cuts

Date:- Wednesday 06/07/16
Time:- 7.30pm
Location:- Town Hall

Following the publication of the Council of Minister’s Medium Term Financial Plan Addition, Reform Jersey has called a public meeting for Islanders to share their concerns at government cutbacks and stealth taxes.

“The government has announced its intention to continue on with austerity policies, including breaking their election promises to keep taxes low. To add insult to injury, after cutting support for pensioners and disabled people by £10m last year, they are now introducing a new Health Tax which they are exempting high earners from the full effects of” – Party chairman Deputy Sam Mézec.

“Concerns are also being raised to us by people who work in education and healthcare who are not convinced that the government is providing the real investment into these departments that they claim they are doing.”

“We want to hear from Islanders who are worried about the prospect of cuts to public services, cuts to their jobs and rising tax bills at a time where many people are already struggling. We should be aiming to replicate the successful Save People’s Park campaign to force government ministers to think again.”

The meeting will begin at the Town Hall at 7:30pm on Wednesday 6th July. Representatives from education and healthcare workers will be on the platform. (END)

VFC interviewed party Chairman DEPUTY SAM MEZEC (below) in order to try and make a little sense out of the governments austerity measures, or the MTFP, and what it would mean to ordinary islanders. What it does look to mean, in certain areas, is that the government now appears to be targeting Middle Jersey with the poorest, and richest, in society being protected.

We hope the short interview below will be informative to readers and with the MTFP document being 200 pages in length obviously we could not discuss its entirety.

It will be discussed in greater detail at the up-coming Public Meeting on Wednesday 6 July 7:30pm St. Helier Town Hall.

Reform Jersey plan to submit a number of amendments to the MTFP and want to hear from islanders who would like to contribute to those amendments.

If you want your voice heard, and for "people power" to make a difference in shaping the future direction of this government, and Island, then be at the Public Meeting this Wednesday.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Russell Labey Speech. P.19/2016

On 28 May we published THIS BLOG warning readers of the latest tool being used by the former Attorney General (Tim Le Cocq) and the government to silence political dissent, and those of us exposing the Jersey Child Abuse cover-up among much more alleged corruption perpetrated by powerful people who enjoy complete impunity on the island.

It came in the form of a proposition (P.19/2016) brought by the Chief Minister but presented by Senator Philip Ozouf. Who had this to say concerning the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris; "all communities from around the world needed to stand in solidarity with our French cousins to condemn what as an unacceptable infringement on the ability for freedom of expression and speech." Of course offending Muslims is one thing but "offending" people in Jersey is a lot more serious than that!

As we correctly predicted the proposition was adopted in the region of forty votes in favour - five against. The votes can be viewed HERE, HERE and HERE.

Deputy Russell Labey.

During the debate, where those who are in favour of free speech clearly won the argument, but lost the vote, some very poignant and informative speeches were made against the proposition, not least by St Helier (District NO.1) Deputy Russell Labey. (video below)

The Deputy warned of possible "sinister consequences to free speech" "Sleepwalking into dodgy legislation." He pointed out that it is legislation that people might expect to find in "totalitarian states like North Korea." 

He went on to explain how Bloggers gained the trust and confidence of whistle-blowers who leaked public interest documents to us. The Mainstream media (MSM) were not trusted and were believed to have "gone native" with the Jersey establishment. The Deputy mentions, in his speech below, the leaking to Bloggers of the BARTON REPORT.

The Barton Report was a disciplinary investigation against the three cops accused of illegally bugging a car used by member(s) of the Curtis Warren gang. The investigation was instigated by the Law Officers Department (LOD).

It was leaked to Bloggers because it was believed the MSM would bury it which demonstrates the trust and confidence that Bloggers have gained from whistle blowers.

The Barton Report shows that it is the Law Officers themselves who have questions to answer, and despite instigating the investigation, the Law Officers did/would not fully co-operate with it.

The link also contains further links that are of huge public interest, including, "Operation Invicta" which is the criminal Investigation against the cops. Again the cops were exonerated but left question marks over the LOD.

Of course the Barton Report is not the only document/information leaked to Bloggers over the years as regular readers will be aware. We will look to publish a few of those documents over the next couple of days in the comment section of this posting.
In the meantime, credit to Deputy Labey, and others, for seeing what this latest piece of legislation is, and for having the courage to speak up about it. Speaking up/out, as a result of this legislation will soon be a thing of the past in Jersey.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Francis Oldham QC. Closing Statement.

Francis Oldham QC.

Today saw the final Public Hearing of Jersey's Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry with Counsel to the Inquiry delivering its final submission to the Panel. The submission, and transcript, should be available on the Inquiry's website soon.

Today's submission from Counsel addressed a number of issues including the correction of the Law Offices' Department assertion where, in its submission it was claimed, that former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper offered no evidence of corruption. Counsel to Inquiry read out a list of evidence (as contained in Mr. Harper's own evidence) to back up Mr. Harper's claims.

Counsel to Inquiry went on to suggest the Panel might want to question the honesty of former Home Affairs Minister, and current Deputy, ANDREW LEWIS who has given a number of different accounts to different bodies which, on the face of it, can't all be true.

Perhaps one of the biggest stings (for the Establishment) was the closing statement made by the Chair Francis Oldham QC. The Chief Minister's Department, States of Jersey Police and the Law Offices' Department have all asked for a dialogue with the Inquiry before the publication of its final report. I believe the three parties (who are in effect under investigation by the Inquiry) want sight of the panel's final report 28 days before it is made public.

This twenty eight day window could (to those of us skeptics) give the Law Offices' Department/police/Chief Ministers Department the opportunity to launch legal proceedings/injunctions on the panel, or its report. Which could mean that it never sees the light of day, or at least would have been redacted the living daylights out of after going through the Law Office washing machine a few times a-la Napier/Wiltshire.

Thankfully Francis Oldham QC (below) sought to enforce the independence of the Inquiry/Panel and rebuff that/those requests and, it appears will not be having any dialogue with these Interested Parties. She will NOT be giving them the report 28 days before publication. She will NOT be sending out any Maxwellisation or Scott Letters to those who might be criticised in the final report. Those who have been criticised have had the opportunity to respond to that criticism already, Francis Oldham explains in the video.

Some much needed confidence was gained in the independence of this Inquiry as a result of the Chair's closing statement today.

The final report should be published by December this year.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bob Hill Discharged from Overdale Hospital.

Bob Hill.

Former Jersey Deputy, Human Rights and Anti Child Abuse Campaigner, Bob Hill was today discharged from Overdale Hospital. (Video below)

Regular readers will know that back in November 2015 Bob suffered a near fatal brain haemorrhage/stroke and was flown to Southhampton where, for a while, it looked touch and go, if he would survive the stroke, or make any kind of recovery. We reported on this HERE.

After 7/8 months of physiotherapy/speech therapy at Overdale Hospital Bob was able to return home today, something he has been very much looking forward to for quite some time now.

Throughout Bob's recuperation he has had solid support from his family, Alison and Catherine (his daughters) have been flying over regularly from the UK to be by his side and play a big part in his recovery. His wife Ann has (despite her own frailty from Multiple Sclerosis)  been a rock worthy of commendation, not least for organising their home conversion to accommodate Bob in his wheelchair so that he was able to return home as quickly as possible. Grandson Matthew has also been by his grandfather/mother's side throughout, whether it be visiting Bob at the hospital, or helping Ann out at their home with practical/manual support.

Watching the strength, and love, of Bob's family during this very difficult time has been both humbling and inspiring, and I am sure that strength and love has played a major part in Bob's recovery. Bob, and Ann, I know, are very proud of their family who are a huge testament to them.

Bob has a long way to go in his recovery as he is still paralysed down his right-hand-side and his speech has not yet come back as well as it could/will do. Bob's own determination has also been inspirational during his recovery and it's that determination, and his family support, that will get him back to his good old self. His "regime" of physio and speech therapy will continue now that he is at home where he will spend the next few days getting into a routine and familiarising himself with the new layout of the house and learning what he can/can't do and what he needs to learn to do in order to enjoy the new house as independently as he can.

The family have asked me to thank everybody for their support whether it be cards, phone-calls, visits, letters and positive social media comments. They have all been an inspiration and encouraging to Bob and the family.