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Curtis Warren Car Bugging Disciplinary Hearing's Written Judgement

Not for the first time Bloggers are once more having to put their necks on the line in the name of public interest, openness, transparency and integrity. We are having to do this as we have a local mainstream media that is not trusted and keep stories buried.

Today we publish the written judgement of the Disciplinary Hearing conducted by Chief Constable Mike Barton of the Durham Constabulary who presided over the Hearing against the three Jersey Police Officers accused of illegally bugging a car used by a Curtis Warren "Gang Member" while conspiring to import a large quantity of drugs to the island.

Hopefully readers, with an interest in this story, will have read our previous postings on this unraveling debacle where we brought you the story, or anomaly, concerning "EQUALITY OF ARMS". We then brought readers attention to the way Jersey does "Democracy" where an urgent question, submitted by a democratically elected Member of Parliament, (legislator) surrounding the "Equality Of Arms" was disallowed by the Bailiff  (head of the Judiciary) HERE. We then made our readers aware of a criminal investigation (conducted by Hants Police) into the three Police Officers, and others,  involved in the "car bugging incident" which was codenamed "OPERATION INVICTA."  Finally we brought you, the reader, a TIMELINE of events which brings us up to date where we publish (below) the written judgement of the Disciplinary Hearing.

Before you read the judgement we must remind our readers of a Blog Posting we published back in August 2010 where we set out our case that Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, SET A PRECEDENT the day that he published the Wilts Report, which as regular readers will be aware is the prosecution case, for a Disciplinary Hearing (that never took place) against Former Police Chief Graham Power QPM. After reading the Confidentiality Clauses set out in the Wilts Report, it was clear that it should never have been made public, unless there was an "outcome" but as Mr. Graham Power QPM was denied the opportunity of a Disciplinary Hearing there never was "an outcome." Senator Le Marquand abandoned the disciplinary Hearing and not only published a heavily redacted version of the prosecution case he actually took it on a media ROADSHOW. The precedent that Senator Le Marquand had set was that it is now acceptable for Disciplinary "prosecution cases" against Police Officers, and possibly others, can now be put into the public domain regardless of whether the Disciplinary Hearing takes place or not or of any confidentiality clauses.

We were convinced that Senator Le Marquand had breached the confidentiality Clauses contained in the Wilts Report and e-mailed him on a number of occasions in order to either verify or refute our understanding but he just chose to ignore the e-mails which has left us with the understanding that we are correct and he HAS breached the confidentiality clauses. Readers will be aware that, in the interest of fairness and balance, Mr Power QPM had asked that his submission to the Wilts (the interim defence case) be published by the Minister, which he has refused to do.

Regular readers will also be aware that the local State Media were a part of Senator Le Marquand's "Roadshow" with publicising the prosecution case against Mr. Power QPM yet now that Mr. Power's interim defence case is in the public domain not one of them have reported it. An un-redacted copy of this document was leaked to managing Editor of BBC Jersey, Jon Gripton, by former Health Minister, Stuart Syvret on September the 22nd 2011 yet over one year and five months later the BBC still refuse to publish it, something we discussed with Mr. Syvret in an interview back in August 2012 which can be viewed HERE. This will also go some way to explain why Bloggers (Jersey's only independent, and trusted, media) have been leaked these latest documents and the State Media hasn't....................Yet again.

Senator Le Marquand was also asked in the States (the island's parliament) if he would publish the written judgement of the disciplinary Hearing into the car bugging case and the Minister has refused.

Notwithstanding the precedent set by Senator Le Marquand we believe there is a huge public interest in publishing this written judgement  and that is why we are taking the equally as huge risk by doing so. The opening line of this Blog Posting makes reference to "putting our necks on the line" that is because we believe we have a corrupt and politicised judicial system on the island, there are very powerful people in the Law Offices Department who will want to keep this written judgement out of the public domain for reasons that will no doubt become apparent after reading its contents. We believe that the Law Offices (the real power in Jersey) will ensure we will pay for this. We fully expect some severe repercussions and are unable to obtain a fair trial in Jersey due to its politicised judiciary.

We make no comment on the findings in the written judgement other than to say that the three cops damn well should be hauled over the coals and be held to account for their actions or inactions and believe they have been. They have been investigated by an outside police force in a criminal investigation and found with no case to answer. They have been subject to an internal Disciplinary Investigation and Hearing presided over by an outside Chief Constable and found with no case to answer. Not only have they been found with no case to answer but, as we previously posted, this all started with Former Police Chief Graham Power, Former Acting Police Chief David Warcup, and others recommending a commendation for the three Officers for the part they played in the Curtis Warren Investigation. After being subject to a criminal investigation AND a disciplinary investigation it has ended with the same recommendation. It is now time for the Law Officers to be subject to the same scrutiny and intense investigation as the cops have. With what has been revealed in the written judgement (below) we argue that there is a case for a criminal investigation into the activities of the Law Officers but encourage readers to come to their own opinions/judgements based on the evidence.

Some readers might not understand some of the findings set out in this written judgement but help is at hand. We are publishing this Blog Posting in conjunction with fellow Blogger, and Team Voice Member, Rico Sorda.

Rico has obtained, from local experts with experience in cases of this nature, a document that explains, in laymen terms, the meaning/significance of some of the most crucial paragraphs contained in the written judgement which can, and NEEDS to be read HERE.

Some names/identifications have been redacted.

In the Matter of Disciplinary proceedings
And in the matter of the Police (Complaints and Discipline Procedures)
(Jersey) Order 2000

Detective Chief Inspector David Minty,

Inspector Louis Beghin Detective Sergeant Lawrence Courtness

Decision of the Disciplinary Tribunal


1. This matter concerns the police investigations into the criminal activities of Curtis
Warren and others which commenced in or around June 2007.

2. In broad terms it is alleged by the Presenting Officer that the three officers who have 
been charged with disciplinary offences namely, Detective Chief Inspector David
 Minty, Inspector Louis Beghin and Detective Sergeant Lawrence Courtness, all
 agreed to mislead foreign authorities in relation to their activities with regard to the
 Warren investigation and particularly all three officers were involved in misleading
 the foreign authorities particularly the French, Dutch and Belgium law enforcement
 authorities in relation to audio surveillance of a vehicle which was used by the
 Defendants in the furtherance of their criminal activity.

3. It is alleged that these three officers not only misled foreign law enforcement officials
 but also senior officers within the States of Jersey Police Force and members of the 
Law Officers' Department in relation to the audio surveillance of the vehicle as it
 travelled through the foreign jurisdictions.

4. It is also alleged that Dl (name redacted) and DC (name redacted) were also involved in this deception 
although neither appear before this tribunal as Dl (name redacted) has now retired from the 
police force and DC (name redacted) has apparently been dealt with by the States of Jersey
 Police. In all cases the officers are charged contrary to paragraph 2 of the Discipline
 Code under the Order of 2000 namely that they acted without honesty and integrity in 
relation to Operation Koala-Floss (the code for the Curtis Warren investigation) and
 secondly, that their acts or omissions in relation to their activities in the furtherance of
the Curtis Warren investigation were likely to bring discredit on the States of Jersey Police Force contrary to paragraph 13 of the Discipline Code of the 2000 Order. These charges were particularised by the Presenting Officer and whilst a number of submissions have been made in relation to them, I have ruled and I am satisfied that the final version of the Particulars as circulated, gave all three officers ample opportunity to know the case that was being put against them and what they had to do to meet that case.

5. I am aware of the law in accordance with which I have to decide this matter and I am 
familiar with the test for 'honesty and integrity' as well as the test for 'disreputable 
conduct'. For ease of reference these tests and references to the law are set out 
very clearly at paragraphs 11 to 18 inclusive of Advocate MacRae's Skeleton
 Opening and the Human Rights legislation insofar as it is relevant is also set out very
 clearly at paragraphs 19 and 20 of the same document. No one has taken issue with 
these definitions and I fully endorse their accuracy. I should also point out that I have
 to determine the issues before me on the balance of probabilities and at the outset I
 would like to thank Advocate MacRae and Advocate Sinel for their advocacy in this
 case. Advocate MacRae has referred me to all of the relevant evidence in this
 matter and has done so in detail and has been of great assistance to me in reviewing 
the evidence. Advocate Sinel, albeit late in the case, has tackled his brief with great 

6. I should also say that I could not have presided in this case without the expert, 
knowledgeable and wise counsel provided by Advocate Santos-Costa. I would like to 
make it absolutely plain that all decisions made in this case are my own although 
Advocate Santos-Costa has advised me on the law and has made it clear to me that I 
have to determine this case on the balance of probabilities.

7. I should point out at this stage that not all advocacy in this case has been as good.
The officers can, quite rightly, feel aggrieved that Advocate Gollop did not recognize 
an immediate conflict of interest. I also deprecate the manner in which Advocate 
Whittacker left the officers unrepresented. I remain perplexed where the money set
 aside for the potential expert McKay has gone. I also stated when I gave my verbal 
decision on Thursday 10 January 2013 that I did not expect to see my comments in 
the media and whilst I was not gagging others, I did make it clear that I did not
 authorise the use of my comments other than for this hearing and I do not authorise 
the publication of this written judgment other than for the purposes of this hearing.

8. I should also point out that when I gave my verbal decision in this matter, I referred 
specifically to a letter written by Assistant Chief Constable Pryde of the Hampshire
 Constabulary to the Attorney General dated 28 July 2011 did not receive an
acknowledgement let alone a response. This was the evidence given by Detective 
Chief Superintendent Cessford who was a representative of the Hampshire Police. I
 am, however, informed that this letter although shown to me and confirmed by Mr
 Cessford as having been sent, was not actually sent to the Attorney General in 
Jersey and therefore my comments about finding it odd that there had been no
 response to this letter were, at the time that I made them, inaccurate. Be that as it 
may, and having now been informed that the letter was never sent, the position in
 relation to the co-operation by the Attorney General and the States Police in Jersey 
remains the same. I do find it odd that having asked the Hampshire Police to 
investigate the matters surrounding the Curtis Warren police operation, the
 authorities in Jersey did not co-operate fully in the way that I would have expected
 given that it was they that asked for the enquiry to be carried out. Mr. Cessford made 
this very clear and I have no reason to doubt it and that caused me some
 considerable surprise. I maintain that this lack of co-operation or, perhaps more 
accurately, lack of complete co-operation, can only have compromised the
 Hampshire enquiry and limited the full facts available to me to make a decision in this
 case. I stress again that this is just one of the unsatisfactory elements of this case
 which have either been decided upon or effected the Crown about which more later.

The Facts

9. I do not propose to go into the facts of this case in any great detail. The Disciplinary 
Hearing has been fully recorded and all of the facts fully ventilated by Advocate 
MacRae both in oral submissions and in his skeleton opening. In essence, however,
 the facts are that in June 2007 the States of Jersey Police received intelligence
 suggesting that John Welsh (one of Curtis Warren's co-defendants) intended to
 orchestrate the shipment of a consignment of drugs, namely cannabis, into Jersey. 
As a result of the intelligence received, the States of Jersey Police sought to deploy 
intrusive surveillance on Welsh's motor vehicle, a Jersey registered VW Golf,
J(number excised)

10. Initially an application was made under RIPL for 'property interference', in the form of
 a tracking device. That application was granted by the Solicitor General as Acting
 Attorney General on the 15 June 2007.

11. On the 3 July 2007 a separate application was made under RIPL for intrusive
 surveillance in the form of an audio device or 'bug' to be placed in Welsh's motor
 vehicle to monitor conversations between Welsh and his associates. The application
 was recommended by Sergeant Beghin who was, at the relevant time, the sergeant 
in charge of the drug squad. Again, the application was approved by the Acting
 Attorney General, Stephanie Nicolle QC, on the 3 July 2007. DCI Minty was 
ultimately in charge of the investigation particularly with regard to the surveillance 
and his subordinates in the operation were Dl (name redacted) and DS Beghin.

12. On 10 July 2007 a decision was taken to set up a covert monitoring post in the SOCA
 premises in the UK. The intention being that any product obtained from the audio
 device could be monitored and evidenced in the UK.

13. On 13 July 2007, the covert tracking device and audio recording device which had
 been authorised was deployed in Welsh's vehicle, J(number excised), and monitoring

14. It soon became obvious that Welsh intended to travel in his Jersey vehicle to Holland 
via France and Belgium and both Dl (name redacted) and DCI Minty were informed at a 
meeting with SOCA on 11 July 2007 that SOCA would not commit to recording of the
 audio product from Welsh's Jersey motor vehicle in the event that it travelled through
 Belgium, Holland and/or France without permission from the countries concerned.
This was because the United Kingdom was a signatory to their Schengen Convention
 which required the consent of foreign nations to intrusive surveillance on their soil.
 The officers were therefore aware that in order to obtain further audio product there 
had to be a requirement for Letters of Request or Commission Rogatoires to be
 made by the Attorney General of Jersey and granted by the relevant foreign state.
 Advocate Jowitt was informed of this requirement by a telephone conversation on 1
 July 2007 and he directed the officers to Rebecca Boxall of the Law Officers' 
Department who then undertook to make three urgent applications for permission to 
track and to undertake audio surveillance in Welsh's Jersey VW car.

15. The result of these requests were that neither the French authorities nor the Dutch
 gave their consent for audio tracking to be monitored within their jurisdictions and in
 very broad terms the allegations are that the officers knew this and knew that they
 needed French and Dutch consent to monitor the audio product in those jurisdictions, 
didn't have it and proceeded without it.

16. To a large extent this is a factually accurate summary of events, however, the French 
and Dutch authorities did give consent to track Welsh's Jersey vehicle through 
France and Holland as did the Belgium authorities and, Commissions Rogatoires 
were in place in relation to that particular vehicle. There was however, no permission 
granted by the French or the Dutch authorities at any time to install and monitor
 audio tracking devices in their jurisdictions. Both DS Beghin and Dl (name redacted) (as they 
then were) did speak on 11 July 2007, to Advocate Jowitt, the Crown Advocate with 
 conduct of the criminal prosecution against Warren and others, about the likelihood 
of receiving the necessary permissions for this technical tracking and audio 
monitoring in other jurisdictions. In essence, Crown Advocate Jowitt stated that this
 was essentially an operational decision for the police but he also stated that any
 audio evidence obtained was unlikely to be excluded by a Jersey Court regardless of
 whether consent had been obtained or not. He went on to say, "if it was me I would
 go ahead and do it but don't quote me on that". The Presenting Officer makes it
 clear that in his view, this was not 'legal advice' and should not have been relied 
upon. Whilst I accept that this was not legal advice as such, I nevertheless think that 
it was a comment made by a senior Crown Advocate having conduct of the
prosecution of the case which could only serve to encourage the officers in deploying 
the audio monitoring device in the vehicle and obtaining the product to see later
 whether it would be admissible in Court or not. It is right that this was an operational
 decision but, nevertheless, it cannot be the case that the officers are not entitled to at 
least take some comfort from what they are told by the Crown Advocate prosecuting 
the case. Ultimately, it became clear that Welsh would not be travelling in his own
 vehicle but would be travelling as a foot passenger to France where upon he would
 collect a hire car. Ultimately the officers decided to ascertain the identity of the hire
 car and obtained the permission of the hirer namely, (name redacted), to install devices into the 
hire vehicle. As far as fitting the tracking devices on the hire car were concerned, a
 police to police request was made of the French police to allow the installation of a
"tracking device on the rental car". No mention was made of an audio device and
 ultimately the French police apparently gave consent for a tracking device to be

17. The hire car company certainly gave its consent for the hire car to be wired and this 
is clear from the fact that they handed over the hire car to the Jersey police in the first
 place and the Jersey police had to pay for the rental of the vehicle until such time as 
they could remove the tracking devices so they did not impact on anyone else who 
may have hired the car.

18. It is also right to say that the foreign authorities assisted the Jersey police in relation
not to the VW in respect of which Commission Rogatoires had been obtained but in 
respect of the Citroen hire car.

19. The allegations therefore are that DCI Minty and DS Beghin (as he then was), lied to
 foreign authorities by not informing them that an audio tracking device had been 
deployed in the hire car and that they were going to monitor the audio product from

20. As far as DC Courtness (as he was then) is concerned, then he is accused of being 
party to a lie to the French police because he was called on duty to travel to France 
in order to fit the tracking and audio devices and prior to leaving the Jersey police 
headquarters to catch the boat to go to France he asked DS Beghin (as he then was) 
what he should say to the French if they asked what he was doing fitting the audio 
device and DS Beghin told him to say that this was a back-up tracking device which 
was clearly not the case. In the event, DC (name redacted) who accompanied DC Courtness to
 France was there as an interpreter and it was she who told the French police that the
 audio device was a back-up tracking device and that is essentially the allegation
 against DC Courtness.


21. I found all of the officers to be open and honest. They were working 20 hours a day
 for a month at a stretch. Any errors, omissions or partial briefings in e-mails or
 similar are understandable. This case spanned far more than whether the Dutch had
 agreed to the listening of an audio device in the hire car. For example, there were
 Commission Rogatoires in place - indeed the three countries, Holland, Belgium and
 France, fully co-operated with surveillance assets, interestingly for the red Citroen
hire car, not the VW Golf that Rebecca Boxall had stipulated in her requests for co
operation. I found DS Courtness' evidence to be utterly convincing. He was placed in an unenviable position and has approached his role professionally. He was asked to do a particular job on a particular day and was not directly involved in communicating anything at all to French police officers. Indeed, he could not speak French and they could not speak English so I fail to see how he could have misled them in any way. He asked, understandably in a covert policing operation, what he was to say to French police in the event that they asked questions about the audio device and his superior officer told him what to say. In the event he didn't say anything at all to the French Police and, therefore, I find it difficult to see why he is in this position defending disciplinary charges.

22. I find that on the evidence as a whole (hire car firm) did consent to the property interference
 in relation to their car. This is implicit from the fact that they allowed the officers to 
install the devices, made the car available and charged the States of Jersey Police to 
be able to remove the kit.

23. I find some of Detective Inspector Beghin's evidence to have been eroded by time. 
His fortitude in giving evidence against a doctor's advice has gone in his favour. He 
was working incredible hours and he is a witness of truth. I can see why he feels he 
was thrown to the wolves. I also understand that since the time of my verbal decision 
in this matter and this written Judgment, Dl Beghin has fallen ill and was admitted to 
intensive care. I wish him a speedy recovery and I hope that he is able to move on
 with his life once he does recover.

24. DCI Minty had more of a pivotal role in allegedly mis-informing colleagues. Much has
 been made of his e-mail traffic and influence on others. His evidence in recollection 
also has been affected by time but I found his evidence to be compelling. It was also 
helpful to have the perspective offered by retired Inspector (name redacted). One could see 
the passion of the team for crime fighting.

25. I do not find it sinister that there are similarities in evidence given by witnesses. 
Officers will have discussed matters and there recollections have been tested in
 more than one Court.

26. I stress that this was a covert operation in relation to the investigation of serious 
crime with regard to serious criminals particularly, Curtis Warren, who was apparently
 seeking to get a foot hold in Jersey which would have been very detrimental indeed to
 the Jersey community.

27. It is, of course, right to say that when analysed objectively and in a vacuum, some of 
the e-mails that Advocate MacRae has referred me to, together with some of the
 exchanges that have taken place, do not necessarily depict the entire truth of the 
situation. In my view, however, this is not a deliberate attempt on the part of the
 officers to mislead but more an incomplete picture which is very much influenced by
 the extremely long hours that they were working and the pressures they were under
 throughout this investigation. Decisions had to be made quickly and evidence had to 
be obtained quickly otherwise it would be gone forever.

28. I am, of course, mindful of the Privy Council decision. Indeed, I agree with the 
Learned Law Lords (for what it is worth) as they have overturned in my view what
 was bad law in relation to the impact of admissible evidence tainted with police 
malpractice. Insofar as concerns the monitoring of the audio device and the use of 
its product, it may well be deemed to be unlawful insofar as concerns the lack of 
specific foreign consent to these actions but, this is not because it is contrary to 
RIPL. It is not RIPL that creates the unlawfulness as RIPL is an enabling Statute.
The unlawfulness is simply caused by the fact that it is simply unlawful to obtain
 intrusive surveillance in foreign jurisdictions without the consent of that jurisdiction.
 Be that as it may, the Privy Council ultimately ruled that the evidence was admissible 
and this evidence was clearly important evidence in the conviction of Curtis Warren 
and his gang. As a result of the obtaining of this evidence, a serious criminal had
 gone to jail for a very long period of time.

29. As far as the Privy Council case is concerned then this is a different hearing. In 
relation to this disciplinary hearing I have heard different evidence, evidence that the
 Privy Council did not hear and that is why I have come to a verdict which some may 
say is contrary to the comments made by the Privy Council but I disagree that it is
 contradictory because as I have said I have heard different evidence. I have tried my 
best to be fair to all parties throughout these proceedings. I have let matters run 
within a reasonable time and I have read all the evidence offered in documentary 
form, even the unsatisfactory elements such as statements that have been submitted
 to me unsigned and transposed onto Hampshire Police paper without the signed 
versions being put to the witnesses. It may well be that these statements are
 identical to the signed versions but when a witness calls the statements into question 
I am in some difficulty when the signed versions are not put before me. Moreover, it
 was made clear to me that the Presenting Officer had put forward all of the evidence that was necessary in this case and that did not include signed versions of the statements. I have, however, listened carefully to all of the witnesses and I have balanced all of the evidence to come to my conclusion. In my conclusion I have no doubt that the officers have done nothing reprehensible. They have not broken the disciplinary code. Indeed, the evidence has shown me that they were part of a professional and effective investigation team.

30. I  have heard the reported remarks attributed to Messrs. Warcup and Power about
 commendations for these officers and I agree with those sentiments. These and 
other officers protected the Island of Jersey from one of the UK's worst criminals, for
 that they should continue to take professional and personal satisfaction.

31. In all the circumstances, I find that none of the charges against these officers are
 proved and I dismiss all charges accordingly.

Dated this 15th day of January 2013(END)

Time now then to investigate the Law Offices' and ask why the State Media were not trusted with this document?


  1. One of the more telling paragraphs in this document reads; "the position in
 relation to the co-operation by the Attorney General and the States Police in Jersey 
remains the same. I do find it odd that having asked the Hampshire Police to 
investigate the matters surrounding the Curtis Warren police operation, the
 authorities in Jersey did not co-operate fully in the way that I would have expected
 given that it was they that asked for the enquiry to be carried out. Mr. Cessford made 
this very clear and I have no reason to doubt it and that caused me some
 considerable surprise. I maintain that this lack of co-operation or, perhaps more 
accurately, lack of complete co-operation, can only have compromised the
 Hampshire enquiry and limited the full facts available to me to make a decision in this
 case. I stress again that this is just one of the unsatisfactory elements of this case
 which have either been decided upon or effected the Crown"

    The Jersey authorities ask for an investigation and then won't co-operate with it - or withhold evidence - is a very alarming scenario. Great exclusive!

  2. It's evident we don't need the corrupt police. I'm inclined to arrest them all in a people's prison.

  3. This is a great example of serious, public interest journalism.

    Once again Jersey's bloggers bring more of the truth and the evidence to the population of Jersey than does all of the islands traditional media combined - including the BBC.

    There are so many deeply serious questions arising from this evidence that it's hard to know where to start.

    One thing, though, that is very, very clear - the spotlight is on the Jersey Attorney General's Law Officers Department.

    I mean - transcribed, unsigned copies of witness statements being produced - not the signed originals?

    A witness who then disputes the accuracy of what's been produced?

    The expert witness - producing his report - but then he, his report - and any moneys he's been paid - simply vanishing?

    You couldn't make it up.

    The real questions here are those that must be asked of the Crown and its representatives in London.

    Plainly the Jersey Attorney General's Office - and the Crown powers it wields - has gone completely maverick, lawless.


  4. Again, many thanks to those who trust bloggers and leak this damning information for the good of the people.

    your courage is admired, as is the courage of the bloggers who defy government tyranny and publish this material.

  5. I salute the bravery of the bloggers who publish these documents. The evidence contained therein is extremely worrying. If "we aren't fully cooperative" with a discipliary inquiry we've instigated that doesn't bode well for the public inquiry in to child abuse does it?

  6. We go back to Matthew Jowitt, who is he? his name is on the judgement over 4 times! why is he not being taken to task? we now know that the Crown in Jersey are answerable to nobody! so who wrote that law? it needs changing and now, Matthew Jowitt, I hope you are reading this, hand over the money you have wasted for your stupid advice, how much are taxpayers paying you and why are you not in the dock? now is the time for you to come out of your little tower and face the music, you have been hidden away for too long.

  7. It's the Crown now who have to come out and face the music, now!

  8. VFC & RICO

    A watershed moment for Jersey Blogging. The trust that has been shown in the two of you to produce these documents speaks volumes. You have moved on. Today we see that you are able to put other issues aside (Dave Minty) and focus on the real issue facing Jersey. The unaccountable Law Office is an issue that needs urgent address in Jersey. The dropped cases in the Historical Child Abuse investigation need looking at in fact the whole Legal System needs looking.


  9. One would suggest that Messrs Gollop, Jowitt, Le Marquand, Bowron, Taylor, Whittacker to name but a few, do have serious questions to answer. Question is who will, or CAN ask them? The fact that these documents have, once more, been leaked to Bloggers tells us not to expect the State Media to be forthcoming.

    The big question is "who are the Law Offices accountable to?

    Will the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, Chief Police Officer Mike Bowron, Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor or anybody else, for that matter, be insisting on a criminal investigation into the Law Offices Department in light of the evidence contained in this judgement?

  10. The Crown Officer Mathew Jowitt, needs to face the dock and answer some questions, doesn't he? his role presently is untenable. He should not be a Crown Officer until he is investigated thoroughly. He should step down from his role now!

  11. A criminal investigation into the actions of Matthew Jowitt should happen now, he has not had to deal with any of this 'white wash'. The police were left out to dry, in order to protect Jowitt! Jowitt stand down your role is untenable and face your responsibility, you are not fit for purpose nor fit to do the job you have been hired and most importantly trusted to do!

  12. What about the roles played by Advocates Gollop and Whittaker?

    From the written judgement.

    "I should point out at this stage that not all advocacy in this case has been as good.
The officers can, quite rightly, feel aggrieved that Advocate Gollop did not recognize 
an immediate conflict of interest. I also deprecate the manner in which Advocate 
Whittacker left the officers unrepresented."

    It is increasingly looking like the cops were hung out to dry and the Law Offices' are held to account by nobody.

  13. To the "not for publication" comment.

    Appreciated, agreed, sorted and thanks.

  14. @ Anon 3 February 2013 15:15 re Matthew Jowitt "He should step down from his role now!"

    As a "neutural act" of course ....

    The Beano is not the Rag

  15. At least we will no longer have to trouble ourselves wondering whether ojur Home Affairs Minister Ian LeMarquand is right or wrong when he claims that he would not be involved in any cover-up of child abuse. Last week in the States he used all of his cunning lawyer-skills to try and cover up the truth of this disciplinary hearing. All to no avail thanks to the Jersey free media. We now know that his "default setting" is to cover-up. No respect for transparency, the public interest, or the protection of the innocent. Just cover-up. It is what he does. And he has failed again. What a plonker. But a dangerous plonker all the same.

  16. "We now know that his "default setting" is to cover-up. No respect for transparency, the public interest, or the protection of the innocent. Just cover-up. It is what he does. And he has failed again. What a plonker. But a dangerous plonker all the same."

    What a succint couple of lines. You totally nailed it.

    I've always said that the main problem with your standard Jersey cover-up merchants is that they are not even very good at it!

  17. The Jersey cover-up merchants dont need to be good at it.
    Because they have never been held to account....


  18. Well done the police! Seems that they may have broken French and Dutch laws. Shame on the French and the Dutch.
    The law officers department directionless. Nothing surprising there.
    Don't conflate this issue with the child abuse cases. One has moral justification. The other has none.

  19. And Le Marquand and his ilk go to church and pray!!! Double standards, do they pray they wont be held to account? how disgraceful there is no justice in Jersey

  20. My spouse's mother was instrumental in the abuse of her children by her husband. She has turned to the church too. The same church that turned my spouse away as a damaged child I'd like to add.

    Turning to religion here is a sign of guilt and requiring admonishment from someone\anyone. Because you will not get any from me.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  21. Only one way to deal with government corruption...."ACTA NON VERBA".


    Just to remind you're readers that the Judgement you have posted is broken down into layman terms on the above link.


  23. Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

    No, I am not going to go into such details. I am going to explain why I am not going to go into such details. I absolutely deplore the recent article of the Jersey Evening Post in purporting to name individuals. The fact is that we have a dual duty here. We have a duty to the public in terms of being open and honest as far as we can but we also have a duty as employers. In the case of police officers, they are not, of course, employees. They are public officeholders, as I understand it, but nevertheless we have duties to them and it is very unfair to them if matters are made public in relation to disciplinary issues irrespective of what the outcome may be and at the stage where things are still going on and I will not therefore provide the information requested

    "We have a duty to the public in terms of being open and honest as far as we can"

    How far is far with this Minister? Looks like the hare is off and running now.

  24. Mr Le Marquand should seriously look at his position and step down from his post, he can't do it! there is nothing damning on the 3 policemen, but I have to say the Crown Officer Jowitt is coming under fire in this report and I must say it does not surprise me. I have seen him perform and he shows immaturity and lack of experience to hold such an important role. He must come clean as someone is lying..... so who is it?...

  25. "The Jersey cover-up merchants dont need to be good at it."

    That's why those who do not depend on state media propaganda can't figure out why anyone would believe their cover stories and lies. The coverups have not been well thought out, and ILM is the laughable worst at defending them. So little sophistication is required to see through him, it makes these things all the more perplexing to those relying on credible documentation.

  26. What must the local lame arse hacks be making of this? If nothing else it's totally damning of their professional credibility.


    Is Ben taking up media monitoring? Who is's biggest client I wonder? I only ask as I saw a tweet

    Gwyn Garfield-Bennet‏@GwynGB

    @MatthewHotton @BenFromThePaper @JEPnews Have a great last day Ben and see you Monday at Direct Input x
    Public Relations Services

    Good PR is simple - it's about reaching the right audience, at the right time and in the right way. At Direct Input we have the professional skills, qualifications and experience to do just that.

    We have the depth, range and quality of expertise to ensure that your public relations activities are appropriate, clear, timely, targeted and cost-effective. Whether you need to communicate with clients, intermediaries, the media, shareholders, politicians, staff or potential customers, Direct Input can help.

  28. Interesting comment about

    The JEP report emphasised that the Keiser Report that featured Leah Mcrath Goodman was "Russian TV".

    Look in the profiles at DirectInput

    you will find Victoria Harper, well known as a face on CTV and a voice on Radio Jersey. Guess what she did?

    From her profile (click for link):

    "Her most recent permanent post, away from home, was in Moscow, where she worked as one of six news editors selected to set up and run Russia's first English speaking 24 hour satellite television Channel"

    This is Russia Today which the JEP/Lucy Stephenson used in an insinuating way. Incestuous, no?

  29. Well - I thought I had seen/heard and experienced it all in regard to the 'media' here, but no.

    Tonight Channel TV have an 'Exclusive' about guess what? The contents and leaking of the report on CW a full 24 hours after it has been all over the blogs.


  30. HI Team Voice, I commend your public interest release of this document.


  31. GeeGee.

    Have watched the Report on Channelonline. To be fair Gary Burgess' piece was a decent/good article (IMO).

    It has to be said that he lets himself down a little by not crediting the Blogs for breaking the story. We would have credited him.



  32. VFC - have now just watched it also, and credit where credit is due, although not an exclusive, there was no whitewash at all.

    Even then, you pipped 'em to the post!

    Interesting questions should be the order of the day on 19th February!

  33. Exclusive? To ITV maybe.

    Not to readers of Jersey citizen journalists via the blogs

    Has anyone tweeted the dates and links to channel and their followers of Rico and Voice breaking the full news rather than a teaser from establishment media.

  34. Exactly who cleared the 3 police of wrongdoing contrary to the secret report.

    It appears to me on first read of channelonlinetv story that the criticism is coming from the same report that clears officers.

    Is this a beneficial part of the upcoming done and dusted spin.

    Who benefits when Mr. Warren appeals and the full story and cost to the public comes out.

  35. Jess Dunsdon also worked for Russia Today.

  36. Leah Ferguson also worked for Russia Today (although I get the impression that she, like Gary, is one of the good guys)

    In all industries, we often go and work at other companies with our former colleagues. Nothing unusual.

    That's not to say that some PR agency did not have a hand in circulating the LMG interview amongst the sheeple.

  37. Not a word from Local BBC, about the (leaked to bloggers 24 hours ago), report.

    Wonder why not, when the can has already been opened?

  38. Conflict of interest in police complaint? SURELY NOT!

  39. Just to clear this up.

    "It appears to me on first read of channelonlinetv story that the criticism is coming from the same report that clears officers."

    The criticism was not aimed at the three cops under investigation. The criticism was aimed at (as far as we're aware) their superiors.

    The three Officers, were commended, it's their superiors and Law Offices that were criticised.

  40. Jess Dunsdon and Mark MQuillain and there boss Karen Rankin sat with police chief mike boweron at the police awards last year at the Raddison very cosy !!!!!

  41. ITV News can reveal criticism of island's police force and Attorney General over an investigation into the bugging of a car which helped catch drugs baron Curtis Warren.

    criticism of the police force and attorney general gives the impression the author of report criticised the officers.

  42. Just to be clear, I was not implying anything about Victoria Harper because she helped set up Russia Today - nor should anyone read anything into Leah Ferguson's or Jess Dunsdon's connections.

    I was highlighting olly dolly Lucy Stephenson's artful inclusion of the words Russian TV in her report about Leah Goodman and the Keiser Report interview's recent internet and Face book fame.

    No doubt it would be denied but Ms Stephenson was clearly trying to create a subconscious association, in the minds of the JEP's sheeple readers, between Ms Goodman, Commies and fifth columnist activity to smear, in advance, whatever Ms Goodman comes up with now or in future.

  43. Jersey's "unaccredited investigative journalists" are running sophisticated circles around the local mainstream media, and rightly the trusted first choice of to publish and honestly report on leaked documents. Your reporting work on this is outstanding.

    The mainstream Jersey media is too busy for more in-depth investigations, though, and has often admitted to sparing little time for "unaccredited" bloggers. Of course, lately the "accredited media" have been too busy picking apart a banned journalist whose writing, teaching and international investigative reporting credentials leave local mainstream media reporters looking almost "unaccredited" by comparison. If they should pay more attention to blogs like this and catch up on the bigger stories, they would be more qualified to attempt investigative journalism.

  44. "Even then, you pipped 'em to the post!"

    GeeGee lets be clear they weren't pipped at the post so to speak. The only reason that they ran this article was becasue it was already out there. They dont have the B*%$2(£'s to run this story first. They would always have been second, but wanted an "exclusive" on other MSM. They seem to ignore the blogs and an irrelevance.


  45. Lets keep on the facts of the postings by VFC and Rico. Who cares what the MSM are doing at the moment. The fact is we have a Crown office, top echelons of the SOJP and a Home Affairs Minister who have a lot of questions to answer. Do we have the political will to get the answers? You need a committee of enquiry into this mess alone. You are looking at corruption in a public office. Stick to what these brave bloggers have given you. Read and read again what has been posted.

  46. Agree with the previous comment, let's stay with the evidence.

    Let's have a look at paragraph 29 of the written judgement from Chief Constable Barton which raises a very alarming issue where he writes;

    "I have read all the evidence offered in documentary form, even the unsatisfactory elements such as statements that have been submitted to me unsigned and transposed onto Hampshire Police paper without the signed versions being put to the witnesses. It may well be that these statements are identical to the signed versions but when a witness calls the statements into question I am in some difficulty when the signed versions are not put before me. Moreover, it was made clear to me that the Presenting Officer had put forward all of the evidence that was necessary in this case and that did not include signed versions of the statements."(end)

    Then we look at the posting on Rico's Blog "Between The Lines" which needs to be read alongside this posting and can be read HERE. Where the "Between The Lines author(s) write(s);

    "This paragraph raises an interesting issue regarding the apparent unavailability of signed witness statements taken during the disciplinary enquiry. From what we are told in the document setting out the findings of the Tribunal, it appears that typed but unsigned witness statements were put before the hearing. It then appears that in giving evidence one or more witnesses disputed the contents of the statements. In order to resolve this issue the original signed versions were asked for and were not available. This paragraph in the Tribunals findings is carefully composed, but there is a subtle implication that the content of statements may have been tampered with between the original signing of the statement and the typed version being put to the hearing. Only a further investigation could resolve this matter." (End)

    This could suggest corruption at the highest level, and indeed, needs seriously investigating.

  47. The Privy Council findings can be read here.

    Was evidence withheld from the Privy Council to stitch the cops up????

    Our lot know the PC are going to nail the cops and then just carry on with the process?