Thursday, 12 June 2014

Advocate Philip Sinel Interview (Part 2)

Part two of our exclusive and in-depth interview with Advocate Sinel begins with the subject of his representation of the cops who were the subject of a criminal, and disciplinary, investigation in relation to the covert/unlawful bugging of Curtis Warren gang member car in Europe.

Team Voice reported extensively on this case, and after the cops were cleared, and indeed recommended for commendations, it became apparent that the Law Offices were left with questions to answer and nobody seems to be asking them. We exclusively published the written judgement of the disciplinary hearing in which the cops were cleared HERE. Contained in that posting are a number of links which details the "malicious prosecution" against the cops and the entire embarrassing debacle brought against them by the Establishment. When asked (interview below) how UK Barristers/Lawyers view the Jersey shenanigans Advocate Sinel replies "with Horror, amusement and disbelief."

The lack of a critical mainstream press, according to Advocate Sinel, is part of the problem we have in Jersey, although he acknowledges the Blogs (Jersey's only independent media) "do what they can" to counter the State Media and we thank him for his acknowledgement. We also hope the State Media will take Advocate Sinel's observations onboard and realise by not being critical of the Establishment it could be damaging Jersey's reputation/economy rather than protecting it.

Much more is discussed in the interview, to include who holds the real power in Jersey, how Jersey's constitution is backward of Sark's, the pattern developing of those who become victims of "The Jersey Way" after speaking out. Singapore gets a mention as does the rumours of Advocate Sinel's death..................

Advocate Sinel's submission to the Carswell Review can be viewed HERE. His recent Press Release can be viewed HERE and part 1 of this interview can be viewed HERE. 


  1. Dynamite

    Disabled blogger knock spots off BBC @StateMedia

    Unbelievable scoop

    1. It is interesting that Advocate Sinel suggests that the standard of the judicial function in Jersey has been deteriorating for around 15 years and that case reports are often defective and unreliable for use in future cases.

    2. 15 years?
      Does that coincide with the rise of Jersey's new "Royle Family"?

      After Independence they will be able to properly stamp out this treason and criticism which is so bad for their image.

    3. Yes, 15 years seems to coincide with Philip Bailhache becoming Bailiff.

      It is not entirely clear how the passing of the new law relating to treason would facilitate prosecutions to avoid criticism unless Jersey were to become entirely independent of the Crown. Is independence possible in practice? Jersey is going down the pan at the moment. Philip Ozouf is busy obtaining 40 year lines of credit albeit at a "competitive" rate today, must be financed in the future. Although there is a finance industry in Jersey anybody in the business must realize that the trend towards ever higher levels of regulation is squeezing each finance industry business.

      Despite his apparent belief in himself as a leader, I do not recall anything that Philip Bailhache has said that would distinguish him as a 'leader' in Jersey's current or future economy. His recent contributions have related to Plemont while his former contributions promoted the development of a National Gallery.

    4. Not to mention the excerpt below from the interim defence case to the Wiltshire debacle from the former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM. The same interim defence case that has been BURIED BY THE BBC.

      The Bailhache Brothers and independence.

      From Graham Power QPM;

      "Such views are not confined to the older elements of the honorary service. They can be found, albeit in a more developed form, in the senior levels of government and the legal establishment where some notable figures favour an eventual severance of links with the U.K. and would see the ready acceptance of U.K. working practices as running counter to this agenda. I recall that in 2007 I assisted a small working group which included, among others, the Bailiff Sir Philip Bailhache and the Attorney General William Bailhache. The purpose of the group was to prepare a draft contingency plan for complete independence. I submitted papers to the group on the implications for law enforcement, and used some contacts from my previous role to offer suggestions as to who outside of the island, could assist in developing such a plan. I provided contact details of key figures in the Scottish Government and Administration including the Scottish National Party. I recall that some of the advice and contacts I provided were in an email I sent, probably in July 2007. This and other experiences reinforced my understanding that there was a tide flowing against closer association with the U.K, and a strong local agenda to develop working models and solutions within the island."

  2. He tells you everything you want to hear and you ignore the stupid activity that got people like Syvret and the Pitmans into court in the first place so its crap.

    1. To the totally spineless it might seem "stupid" to challenge or even resist the will of the Jersey Mafia.
      Errrr..... "stupidity" which Advocate Sinel is also guilty of

      He of all people should have known that
      resistance is useless

      Errrrr....... Anonymous @17:27 You actually have evidence that ANY of Advocate Sinel's statements and claims ore untrue?


  3. Outstanding interview from Advocate Sinel. The jersey media should take head of his damning words.

    1. "take heed" even

      jersey media should take heed, not give head. LOL

    2. mind on other things? :)

  4. Anonymous

    If you were to highlight all the stupid activity from the jersey judiciary that got SS&TP into court the interview would no doubt beat the Lord of the Rings trilogy in length.

  5. Deputy S.Y. Mézec of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister -

    “Following his support earlier this year for an end to the dual role of the Bailiff, does the Chief Minister also support an end to the prosecution role of the Attorney General and the establishment of a separate prosecution service?”

    1. A good poignant constitutional question from Sam the Attorney General wields far too much power. Not only should there be an independent prosecution service but private prosecutions should also be allowed. As this stand, if the AG doesn't prosecute then nobody can.

      Will be interesting to hear Senator Gorst's "answer."

    2. For the record that was my reply but not signed in.

    3. If I get an unambiguous answer from him, I'll eat my hat.

      In my just under 100 days as a States Members I've already gotten used to never getting a straight answer.

  6. "Ignore him and he'll go away"...the Establishment - on both sides of the Channel - have been ignoring such critics for centuries. Several hundred protesting voices moved things a bit forward on 28 September 1769 but one voice will not change things in 2014. If we really want reform then Advocate Sinel must be supported now by many people but he might also have to stake his professional credibility and status even more in the public interest. His stand is a political one - no matters how he sees it - and, unless he has some magical legal powers - will have to be pursued by political means.

  7. VFC,

    Once again, you are rendering the Jersey mainstream media more and more irrelevant. Even the msm have to go to blogs like yours to get the deeper Jersey background, evidenced scoops, and in-depth interviews with those in the know.

    This series with Advocate Sinel is one I wish outside legal experts and human rights advocates would all listen to.

    Advocate Sinel's laid back tone in this interview, a tone of resigned acceptance of just how bizarrely ridiculous the Jersey judicial and political underpinnings really are, serve to emphasize his measured truth. This seemingly endless persecution of him and of his family must be an incredible problem for them, yet he remains steadfast and dignified in his resolve.


  8. Research from MIT seems relevant here

  9. Hi Dr. Forskitt,

    That article from the MIT news office concentrates on physical harm rather than the organisational, verbal or legal assault, as favoured by Jersey's polite gang-thuggery.

    Still spot on. I would say that you have 'polite society' in Jersey trussed up like a chicken and truly stuffed, specially if this is read in conjunction with "cultural cognition", (another of your finds, I think):
    [Based on the Cultural cognition project at Yale Law School]

    How Jersey politics makes us stupid ........US psychological research helps explain why a significant proportion of islanders cling to what they want to believe and resist all the uncomfortable evidence.

    Even for the clever and educated, peer pressure, media and tribal factors are more powerful than facts for the mentally or morally weak majority. [viz. especially when acting as a social group]

    The brain is a device evolved for protecting [perceived] self interest, not for protecting the truth.

    The emperor has no clothes and his 'end' is in sight !

  10. Bravo for the above two comments. Other scandals about to break in Jersey will add further evidence to the argument. The "Team all costs" mentality will be proven to be harmful to the public good, yet again.

  11. what other scandals?

    1. Well, only today we have the Child and Adolescent Health Service debacle. That wasn't even the one I was talking about, but it will do for now.

      Your move, oligarchy troll.

  12. Why do people get so excited about interviews like this?
    Everybody knows nothing will happen with it like everything else.

  13. if Adv Sinel is well informed of wrong doing going on in our courts perhaps he could explain the significance of Niall Linden?

  14. "Everybody knows nothing will happen" -Jersey will stay the same ?
    ........ vulnerable children prayed upon by well protected abusers ....... anyone who speaks out will be threatened by thugs and attacked by the 'legal system'

    Guess what, -No deal !

  15. Nothing ever does happen and if White Hall won't ever intervene then either the critics have it wrong or the Jersey hold is stronger than people think.
    Some would argue that Jersey may as well be cut off altogether.

  16. The " Jersey hold " or is that the Jersey way ? Is it's own self imploding weakness, on an educated island.

    Jersey needs to be overtaxed, over regulated, have a two tier society, long hospital waiting lists, have home grown data protection laws, which holds court in secret, ridiculous speed limits,the obscene waste of the taxpayers money on Government pet projects and the judiciary parties with a special thank you to the monarch, as a thank you for their over paid jobs which she signs off.

    Jerseys' real problem is the people will not react until the island is bankrupt. No problem, they are working on that already with a £250 million loan plus more borrowing to come, and expensive office buildings that only the self interested quango club and moron politicians want built.

    When will the islanders rebel, when the cupboards are bare, disposable income is down to pennies and the dog gets kicked one time to many.

    There is always voting the clowns out before meltdown.