Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ted Heath Might Be "The Headline" But He Is NOT The Story.

On November 10th 2008 Jersey’s Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, was (possibly illegally) suspended from duty by the then Home Affairs Minister (above) discredited and disgraced ANDREW LEWIS.

He was suspended under very dubious circumstances where the official version of events that led to his suspension did not, does not, stand up to scrutiny so he had to be suspended again with an official line that (for the Establishment) would look a little more credible to the gullible public.

The former Chief of Police, it should be mentioned, was (illegally?) suspended from duty during the biggest Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) this island has ever seen, or is likely to see.

A matter of weeks after (illegally?) suspending the Chief Officer, Andrew Lewis stepped away from political life and didn’t stand for re-election until 2014 where he was re-elected as a Deputy in St Helier District 3/4. The equally disgraced (former Magistrate) Ian Le Marquand was elected as Senator and took over the role as Home Affairs Minister where he too dubiously suspended Mr. Power with a story that was little more credible than that of Andrew Lewis' but did not, does not, stand up to scrutiny either.

The now (or then) Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand claimed he was going to bring Chief Officer Power to a disciplinary hearing and employed (at huge expense) an outside police force to gather the evidence against Mr. Power. That UK Police Force was The Wiltshire Constabulary.

Wiltshire’s alleged “investigation” (Operation Haven 1) subsequently went on to miss just about every deadline it was set, went way over budget, and didn’t bring a single disciplinary charge against Mr. Power. But that didn’t matter, its job was done. Wiltshire were able to give the Home Affairs Minister some unproven, untested allegations against Mr. Power (the prosecution case) to which Mr. Le Marquand duly (possibly illegally) published, with the help of the State Media. Neither he, nor the local State Media, who are all in possession of Mr. Power's defence case, to this day, have published/broadcast a SINGLE WORD OF IT.

The day disgraced former Home Affairs Minister, Ian Le Marquand, published parts of the prosecution case against Mr. Power was a day that set a very DANGEROUS PRECEDENT. He has some very serious questions to answer including THOSE ASKED by Jersey's former Deputy Chief Police Officer and Senior Investigating Officer of the Child Abuse investigation (Operation Rectangle) Lenny Harper (above).

The Wiltshire Constabulary were very "helpful" to the Jersey Authorities by dragging out their investigation for so long that it would be impossible to test their evidence against Mr. Power's.

But what we didn't know (because Wiltshire kept it quiet) was that they look to have covered up claims of abuse made against former Prime Minister Ted Heath, who was a regular visitor to Jersey. The disgraced Wiltshire Constabulary, who stand accused of complicity in the Jersey Child Abuse cover-up, are, or have been, under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission for a number of alleged "offences" due to its handling, (or lack of) abuse claims HERE and the Ted Heath claims HERE.

Brian Moore Senior Investigating Officer (Operation Haven 1) was then seconded, from Wilts, to become interim head of the UK Boarder Agency, with the apparent intention of taking up the full time post. He then stepped down IN DISGRACE from the UKBA.

Regular readers of this Blog will remember Best-Selling author and Journalist Leah McGrath Goodman was BANNED from the UK and Jersey after it became apparent she was investigating the child abuse, and POSSIBLE MURDER at Haut De la Garenne. She was detained at Heathrow Airport on 11 September 2011 where she was held in a cell for 12 hours, not allowed to contact ANYBODY in that time, it was eight hours before she was even asked a question. Terrorists/criminals do not get treated so appallingly, and who was at that time the Interim Head at the UKBA (a month before he stood down)? None other than Brian Moore former Chief of Wilts police and Senior Investigating Officer Operation Haven 1.

There is a large amount of media attention surrounding the allegations against former Prime Minister Edward Heath. As mentioned earlier in this posting he was a regular visitor to Jersey and guest of former President of Jersey Defence Committee (in charge of the police) Mike Wavell who ran, or owned, the Waters Edge Hotel at Bouley Bay where Heath's yacht would be moored up in the bay.

Indeed Heath was such a regular visitor to the island, in the final months of his life, we can exclusively reveal, that the States Of Jersey Police were involved with plans for his security and the arrangements which would have to be made should he die in Jersey.

The Heath story will sell "news"papers and make for attention grabbing headlines in the media. But for those who are interested in getting to the bottom of what is increasingly looking like a powerful UK (including Jersey) paedophile ring and how they are able to operate with impunity, then looking at the actions, and in-actions, of police forces like Wiltshire (and Jersey pre November 2008 and post November 2008).

Heath might be "The Headline" but he is NOT the story.


  1. Dead bodies?
    God this blog has gone beyond parody and is in the Outer Limits.

    1. Not sure where you got the term "dead bodies" from? But if you are referring to the multiple child remains unearthed at Haut de la Garenne you might want to read THIS.

      Which includes this;

      JAR/30: 3-4; 1940s to 1980s. Two fragments of burnt bone one is fragment of longbone? Tibia. Submitted to University of Sheffield with KSH/158. Origin confirmed as human. Submitted for dating awaiting results.

      JAR/33: 3-4; 1940s to 1980’s.
      Calcined fragment of bone. ?human.

      JAR/53: 183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      5 fragments of calcined long bone ?human.

      JAR/54: 183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      4 fragments of calcined bone ?human.

      JAR/55: 183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      1 fragment of calcined bone ?human.

      JAR/57:183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      2 fragments of bone of unknown origin.

      JAR/56: 183. Cellar 3 Dark char rich deposit equivalent to 169.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      1 fragment of bone ?human.

      JAR/67: 183. Zone 3 East Cellar 3.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      Human Tooth: deciduous left maxillary first molar, age 9 yrs ± 3 yrs. Could have been shed naturally (Anthro exam).
      Submitted to odontologist, see report.

      JAR/69: 183. Zone 3 East Cellar 3.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      Fragments x 3 of possible human cortical bone.

      JAR/61: 183 Zone 4 East Cellar 3.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      23 Fragments of bone:
      1 Burnt fragment which closely resembles a human juvenile mastoid process.
      2. Burnt fragment of ?human mandible.
      3. Fragments of burnt long bone x 3 measuring between 11.3 and 16.3 mm.
      4. Fragments of unidentified burnt cortical and trabecular bone x 7.
      5. Fragment of slightly burnt long bone measuring 33 mm. The cortex of the
      bone resembles human but it is quite thick and the trabeculae can not be seen because it requires cleaning. It appears to have been cut at one end.
      6. Fragments of unburnt unidentified long bone. x 3 The appearance and texture of the cortex of the fragments appears more animal than human but it is advised that further examination should be undertaken in order to confirm this.
      7. Fragments of unidentified long bone x 7. 5 have been burnt and 2 haven’t. Species
      uncertain although two of the burnt fragments could possibly be human

      JAR/90: 183 Cellar 3 Zone 3 East.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      Fragments of unidentified bone of unknown species. One which is calcined is possibly human bone.

      Cellar 4 Context 169 (redeposited char material from fire elsewhere. Unsealed)

      JAR/36: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      Fragment of bone ?human.

      JAR/37: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      Fragment of burnt bone. ?human mastoid process

      JAR/39: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      Fragment of burnt bone ?human.

      JAR/40: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      Fragment of bone ?human.

      GMK/18: 169. Cellar 4 E. Charred material at southern end of Zone 4. Equivalent to 127.
      4 / 5: 1960s to present date.
      Human tooth. Anthro exam – deciduous left maxillary lateral incisor. Age range 6 yrs ± 2yrs

  2. About right, Lenny was doing a good honest job so they had to get rid of him, disgusting. You might like this, I want to know what happened to children that went out in Edward Heaths Yacht especially those who never came back! https://twitter.com/LindaCorby/status/628637365066543105

    1. Thanks for the info Linda. The tweet links to your blog.
      Please clarify; was it you who saw "11 children go out from Jersey on the Morning Cloud with Ted Heath, Jimmy Saville and a Jersey States Senator"?
      Who else would have witnessed?

      "Will The Jersey Police continue to cover up for Edward Heath?
      As I reported to the Police back in the 1970’s seeing 11 children go out from Jersey on the Morning Cloud with Ted Heath, Jimmy Saville and a Jersey States Senator at the time, I was with another Jersey States member Senator Ralph Vibert, he told me later that day that only ten boys came back and I went to the Police with him to report this and ask for the matter to be investigated. Nothing was done Senator Ralph Vibert told me that nothing was being done and we could not take things further on instructions from above, I know the Police man who wanted to investigate stopped doing so being in fear of repercussions. Disgusting but true. I do not for a moment that the truth will ever come out now as there is still a continual cover up in the island and anything dirty will be swept up and shoved under the carpet. I speak openly about this as I will not be party to it,the abused deserve better, end of.


  3. The whole system stinks I just wish I could scream and shout and someone would listen my abuser is still out there he will continue to do it again and again but they just cover it over its discusting he is still allowed to work in the system

  4. "The Heath story will sell "news"papers and make for attention grabbing headlines in the media. But for those who are interested in getting to the bottom of what is increasingly looking like a powerful UK (including Jersey) paedophile ring and how they are able to operate with impunity, then looking at the actions, and in-actions, of police forces like Wiltshire (and Jersey pre November 2008 and post November 2008).

    Heath might be "The Headline" but he is NOT the story."

    Indeed but the reality is the public only sit up and take notice if a 'big name' is in the news.

    To have Heath even being in the news as being under official investigation - albeit posthumously - in relation to offences involving alleged CSA, is mind-blowing in a way to those who have campaigned and fought long and hard.

    The fact that Heath was a regular visitor to Jersey in later life has not been publicised, neither has his link to this small hotel you refer to, but I understand from another source that Savile was also seen in this hotel by at least one witness.

    I have read that Savile's mother had a cottage on Jersey also, but I have never seen any reference to the address of it, not sure if anyone has anything on that?

  5. Now, we are seeing more vivid connections between the UK and Jersey #CSA cover-ups. So, it turns out there are more connections between Wiltshire Police and Jersey's cover-up, too? Well done, VFC. World class work. This blog should be required reading for anyone following the story of UK Parliamentary Paedophiles.


  6. Stuart's latest blog entry is a good one - /freespeechoffshore.nl/stuartsyvretblog/ted-heath-child-abuse-the-rule-of-law-in-britain/. I don't always read his very long postings on his stark black and white style-free zone, but it's worth a read today. I like the way so many of his revelations over the past years are starting to be accepted by the people over here. I think people are starting to wake up to the truth he revealed. Even the Dean of Jersey led prayers in the Town Church a couple of weeks ago asking the assembled God-fearers to pray for the Council of Ministers to lead us to a better place :)

  7. Don't the Police already know about these forensics?

  8. From 2010 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/mobile/world/europe/jersey/8512237.stm

  9. Where did you ever get this picture of Heath in Jersey? Someone must know who these cronies down the Jersey Yacht Club (yes that is the old club decore) are? Great journalism as ever Voice keep it up.

  10. This whole sorry saga just gets worse, the many warnings of Stuart Syvret are now becoming a simple fact after so many years. What has always stuck in my mind were the words of Ex. Chief Minister Frank Walker to Syvret (these may not be exactly correct but close enough) "Do you realize this could bring down the government". Which government was Senator Walker talking about? The Jersey States or perhaps the UK.

    1. The words "this could bring down the government" were those of Bill Ogley (former States CEO) to former senior Investigating Officer of the Child Abuse Investigation Lenny Harper. Which government (UK/Jersey or both) is unclear.

      Frank Walker said to Stuart Syvret "you are trying to shaft Jersey internationally."

  11. Better to hear this claim from somebody else rather than Tony Jordan.

    1. It is my opinion that the Jordan's were stitched up, they were lambs to the slaughter, by our corrupt, and politicised, "Justice system." Indeed I Blogged about this directly after their sentencing in 2011 HERE.

      Tony Jordan told the Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry today that although he believed he did not think he was entitled to legal aid, the States were keen for him to have it, and gave it to him. He was subsequently given a lawyer who he (Tony Jordan) told the Inquiry did not represent him adequately and only asked one significant question. (Something to do with compensation)

      The Jordan's transcripts, when they are available, are going to make for an interesting read because, from what Tony Jordan said today, they will add further weight to the corruption of the Jersey courts/Law Offices who stand accused of being possibly the biggest players in the (continued) cover up of abuse.

    2. Tony Jordan is an abuser of kids.
      A convicted one.

    3. Nobody (as far as I'm aware) is disputing both Jordan's were/are convicted Child Abusers.

      What is up for question/discussion is were they offered as scape goats to bring up the statistics for convictions. Why were no top civil servants ever brought in front of the courts? There are people more culpable than the Jordan's why have they never been charged? Why was the State so keen for Tony Jordan (don't know about Morag) to have Legal Aid. Did Jordan's Lawyer stitch him up?

      After reading Anton Skinners transcripts at the Inquiry, why was he never charged with multiple offences?, Same for Mario Lundy and many others.

      Hopefully the Inquiry will be able to answer those questions, and many more, when it publishes its report.

  12. I never thought I'd witness the defence of a convicted child abuser on here.
    Shame VFC.

    1. The above comment is another one of those that should never see the light of day as it will serve to lower the quality/standing of the Blog and those who comment responsibly. But every now and again readers should be made aware of some of the lunacy I have to deal with.

      I write;

      “Nobody (as far as I'm aware) is disputing both Jordan's were/are convicted Child Abusers.”

      Then Somebody thinks it is a good argument and productive comment to wheel out;

      “I never thought I'd witness the defence of a convicted child abuser on here.
      Shame VFC.”

  13. Do you excuse Stuart Syvert on every report now?

    1. I don’t understand the question.

      Hint; If you want to explain what you mean and expect to have your comment published, stick to the facts and steer clear of personal insults.

  14. The question is why were the Jersey courts/Law Offices more worried of the Mcguires giving evidence in court than the Jordans?

  15. Tonight the JEP quotes: ‘’Join Uncle Ted on a trip of a lifetime’’. At that same time The JEP had a "Uncle Harrys corner".

  16. Mr Jouault was the director of corporate planning and performance management for the Health Department in 2007, at the time Stuart Syvret, who raised concerns about alleged child abuse in Jersey, was the Health Minister.

    He said that during a period of illness that year, Mr Syvret changed from being ‘sharp and good to work with’ to ‘distracted’ and highly critical of the department.
    Why tf is Jouault trying to clutch at straws?

    1. From late 2006 - and during that first 6 months of 2007 - was when a great deal of information came to my knowledge; information, research, testimony which showed the States of Jersey to have been concealing child-abuse and child-protection failings on a systemic and endemic basis for decades. That is why I grew a great deal more sceptical and questioning of the culpable civil servants. People including Jouault.

      And it wasn't only child-abuse.

      Let's face it even the JEP - EVEN THE JEP - exposed Richard Jouault and two others for having engaged in an unambiguous conspiracy to manufacture - post-fact - a false paper-trail which would purport to show they had "kept the Minister properly briefed" in respect of the Serious Untoward Incident that was the accidental death of a patient during routine surgery. Jouault and the co-conspirators - who ultimately stretched as far as the Law Officers Department - engaged in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice that ultimately saw a locum prosecuted (acquitted) for manslaughter and the reputation of a fine, innocent man, John Day, falsely trashed. The truth of the case is that it was a 'corporate manslaughter' - with the Department / Minister carrying legal culpability because the cause of the death was an evidenced chain of managerial /organisational failings.

      When I discovered the truth - which had been hidden from me like the true extent of the child-protection failings - I e-mailed the Attorney General's Department and said the prosecution of the locum was wrong - and it was the organisation which should be prosecuted. Such an outcome would have professionally finished Jouault and the rest - not least because it would have unavoidably led to charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice against them as well.

      Jouault - and other culpable parties - are close friends with then Attorney General - now Bailiff - William Bailhache, who would also have faced charges.

      Senior managerial staff - staff like Richard Jouault - and other staff the Jersey public sector - had been routinely lying to me - and my political predecessors - for decades.

      Stuart Syvret

  17. Mr Richard Jouault, I strongly suggest you don't drive after the very large glass of white wine we witnessed you drinking Thursday morning at around 11.00 am at the club. The internet is well read, and I hope the police read this and watch out for your car registration in future.

    Consider yourself lucky decent people do not hide the truth, lie cheat nor or make life worse for others. A quick call on a mobile to the police may have held serious consequence’s for you.

    It's called Karma, what goes around is heading your way, consider your self warned and lucky.

    1. Strange that because from where I was sitting Richard Jouault was giving his evidence to the CoI on Thursday morning at this time!

  18. Accepted and possible, probably a little later on Thursday after he gave evidence or Wednesday earlier in the week @19:36.

    Days can be mixed up but not faces. The CoI records will indeed show the time, but as you know him do mention it to him, may save his licence or worse.

  19. Hi VFC

    Just letting your readers know that I should have a blog up tonight.


  20. It will be interesting to read the full transcript of John Rodhouse's testimony to the inquiry (his second session, today, 11th August) when it becomes available.

    The brief news update is here:

    "He also asked him about his knowledge of abuse. Mr Rodhouse registered his shock and disbelief at the allegations of abuse at HDLG and noted that no-one had brought anything to his attention even though he was easily accessible. He cited several examples of incidents involving abuse in schools and said if he had received any suggestion of child abuse at HDLG or elsewhere in Children's Services he would have dealt with them in a similar way. He detailed one particular incident about which he still felt very uncomfortable involving a volunteer youth worker who was fired but not reported to the Police on the direction of the Attorney General."

    Now, I wonder which Attorney General that would have been?

    1. I wonder if the Care Inquiry asked him that question?

    2. Jersey care inquiry: Attorney general 'failed to notify police'


    3. LINK.

      Little concerning to read Philip Bailhache hasn't been asked to give evidence to the Inquiry yet.

  21. Bailhache Major's behaviour in a great many instances has been at the very least disgraceful, and he has repeatedly demonstrated his utter unsuitability to hold any position of authority. However, if the version of the facts presented by John Rodhouse bears any semblance to the truth (and with a senior civil servant in Jersey, that's a very big IF), it is not obvious that Bailhache's actions here were completely misguided.

    First, if the father was adamant about not wanting the police involved, it is quite likely he would have pressured his son into refusing to give evidence - which presumably would have made a conviction impossible. Second, there was an apparent need to balance the wishes of the victim and his family with the need to protect other children from an abuser. There is, of course, a compelling argument that protecting other children from potential future abuse takes priority, but the victim's wishes are an important factor.

    However, other points spring to mind. First, why was the director of education's first port of call the AG and not the police? Crimestoppers doesn't tell us to phone the AG to report a crime, so why would John Rodhouse's first instinct not be to phone the police? Of course, that's a rhetorical question. This is Jersey, and the most important aspect of being a senior civil servant is to protect one's self and the Borg Collective, not do the right thing. By phoning Phil, he was both covering his own ass and covering the collective ass of the Establishment. Just like all those pre-meeting meetings where the power clique decides what the official meeting will decide and what the minutes will say.

    Second, what on earth does the victim's father "holding a particular office" have to do with anything? Or is this just another case of noblesse oblige among the island's oligarchy? Another favour for a chum that wouldn't have been extended to a pleb from Elysee Estate?

    Third, was the abuser subsequently allowed to work with children, or in a position of trust that lowered the guard of parents? Were tabs kept on him to prevent this from happening, or was the obvious threat just ignored and forgotten about?

    Fourth, following on from the last point, it's unfortunately not as though Phil doesn't have form in this area i.e. knowingly allowing a convicted paedophile to be appointed as a hobby bobby and thereby allowing him access to vulnerable children.

  22. It is better that Phil does not give evidence until the later stages why ? more evidence and submissions may arm the COI with more information like this fueling deeper questions for him to answer.

  23. no wonder PB did not want the extra funds to be voted in its getting a bit closer to him now.He comments on the BBC link that he has not been called as a witness yet, can he be made to appear?

    1. Because he hasn't been called as a witness doesn't mean that he won't be. A number of people who have given a statement to the COI have not been told of a date when they will be called as witnesses.

      It is unknown (by me anyway) if Philip Bailhache has submitted a statement to the Inquiry but it is fully expected that he, and his brother, will be asked for statements and indeed to appear as witnesses.

      If they remain on-island (in answer to your question) yes Philip Bailhache can be made to appear before the Inquiry as it has the power to subpoena witnesses but not if they are off-island.

  24. John Mann MP states:

    "In January 1984 Geoffrey Dickens handed over a second list of alleged paedophiles to Leon Brittan. I have seen a photocopy of the document."

    "How come I can find a copy of part of the Dickens file when David Cameron's official enquiry found nothing?"

    See URL:


  25. An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn on child abuse (Posted by John Mann MP on July 23, 2015).