Friday, 13 July 2012

Leah McGrath Goodman Banned from UK and Jersey

U.S. Investigative Journalist and best selling author Leah McGrath Goodman has been banned from entering Britain and Jersey as revealed in The Guardian News Paper and more recently on BBC State Radio.

Miss Goodman claims she has been banned because she is researching the Jersey Child Abuse atrocities, Haut de la Garenne, and related issues but naturally the Jersey Authorities deny this.

Below are the interviews, broadcast on BBC State Radio yesterday, with Leah McGrath Goodman and Michael Robinson from Jersey's Custom and Immigration Service.

Who do you believe?????

VFC would like to credit, and thank TJW for these recordings.


  1. The Gestapo is alive and well in Jersey.

  2. Nice cover story Mike but you fool only yourself, we know how it works....

  3. Mike Robinson is trying to defend the indefensible. Fact is that she was treated like a criminal and the rules were bent to give her a hard time. Now they are on the run and trying to come over all nice. Not convincing.

  4. Locked in a room for over TWELVE HOURS, longer than is the legal limit and without any explanation. Denied an Administrative Review, took over eight hours before they asked her a question. Wouldn't allow her legal representation and refused her the RIGHT to inform her consul.

    One would suggest, if true, the rules were slightly more than "bent."

  5. It's not the rules that were and are "bent!"

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  7. It also occurs to me they are claiming that Jersey Immigration made everything clear to Leah McGrath Goodman at their meeting and made a note of the meeting. Strange then that such an intelligent person and experienced international traveller and journalist seems to have so seriously misunderstood what she was being told. I did not hear Mr. Robinson claim that Miss Goodman had ever been shown the note of the meeting. Let alone asked to agree that it was a true record.

    At least the BBC covered the story but as usual when dealing with the Jersey Establishment the questions were soft and open goals were missed, or perhaps even not attempted.

  8. › Immigration › UK

    Writers, Composers and Artists

    If you are an established writer, composer or artist of original work and can directly support yourself in this capacity, you may be eligible to come to the UK and work without a permit in your chosen art.

    Am I correct in believing Leah to be an establish writer. If she is supporting herself It would seem she would never needed a permit.

  9. Thank you Miss Goodman.I think we all know what will happen if you try to visit our'"lovely "Island again. I'm sure you know many people here now who will be prepared to furnish you with the information you need.I sincerely hope that you can portray to the rest of the world just how corrupt this little cesspit is and I apologise for your appalling treatment. To the many people involved in this disgusting cover up , sleep easy , if you can.

  10. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the Audio from this Morning of Good Old BBC Jersey Radio reporting on the BIGGGG LEAK at the House of discontent.

    You & your reader's can Listen HERE


  11. So half of Europe can enter Jersey without so much as a 'yawn' but when it comes to someone who just may upset the apple cart???, sorry Mr. Robinson but you really did not come across at all well, infact it was truly cringeworthy just listening to you trying to validate your reasons for Miss Goodmans exclusion, Victor Hugo must be turning in his grave...where do they get these people from?? as a previous poster said 'The Gestapo is alive and well in Jersey'

  12. Friends of ours recently visited the US , they didn't have the right visas . They were interrogated by custom officials then held for many hours without any means off contacting family or any legal representation .
    They were separated put into convict style clothing and incarcerated for two days.
    These guys were normal every day people, she was a vet.

    Miss Goodman had quite an easy time compared to our friends.

  13. At about 5:58 into the Mike Robinson segment, he says, " This was a routine immigration clearance and was handled in a routine Immigration way."

    Is he implying that Ms Goodman's illegal 12 hour detention, denial of access to her lawyer or contact with her embassy, and being subjected to the illegal withholding of answers - and even food and water - was routine?

    If Mr Robinson believes that is routine, this is now a story with global implications for the UK and international journalism.

    Doesn't the BBC have any reporters with the intelligence to ask meaningful questions? Never mind.


  14. Shades of Hosenball. Is this women truly and enemy of the state?

    Watched her on Russia Today where she where she kept her demeanor and adeptly side stepped the embarrassing neo-Soviet comments of Max Kaiser.

    She is welcome to return to the island we love and know so well, provided she can get past Checkpoint Charlie, without collecting £200 and going to Jail.

  15. rwaidel
    So disgusting the nazi mind set in Jersey Customs and perhaps worst of all it would appear that Mr Robinson doing what his polital masters were instructing him to do the defence case I was following orders!

  16. Despite being dressed up in the most complementry way possible (well almost), the following comment was not publihed at

    NOT PUBLISHED July 14, 2012 at 9:23 am

    I would like to congratulate the JEP for a rare occasion on which it published BEFORE the bloggers and with hindsight GOT IT SO RIGHT ! Re. predicting Ogley payoff etc.

    Comments #22 & #23 on

    #22 "Rent Boy" October 11, 2010 at 9:58 am:

    If you have some control over the information that goes INTO an enquiry then you have some control over what comes OUT of it !
    But truths begin to seep out at last – Well done Mr.Napier – you have scratched the surface !
    Now: Is Andrew Lewis a leader of men or a bit of a “brown noser” ?
    Is it likely that Andrew Lewis had the confidence and the authority (intellect?) to do this on his own ?
    Did he talk to any of his colleagues in the Council of Ministers or to the chief Minister ? – Apparently not !
    AL; You and me have both been “shafted internationally”.
    Tell us how it feels.
    Better still, Tell us what REALLY happened.


    #23 "Rent Boy" October 11, 2010 at 11:21 am:

    We have the fall guy:
    We have the reserve fall guys:
    WARCUP (now he’s cheap{ish})
    OGLEY (not cheap)
    Now Ogley will get a real good golden handshake – dig deep everyone – YOUR PAYING (again).

  17. To the "a private note" concerning the BBC. Agreed and adopted thank you.

  18. I'm not sure where to post this as the JEP won't allow you to comment on the article:’s-car/

    A female "landlord" is a "landlady"!!!

    For christ sake these jurnos are thick!!!!!

  19. Mr Robinson DISGUSTING the usual nonsense working as a writer this does not entail any loss of jobs to locals and yet daily hordes of Eastern Europeans come to Jersey with no problems getting in to our Island all looking for and getting employment!! But this individual writing a book was OK in Jersey until she informed Mr Robinson that she was writing said book on the cover up of criminal activity at HDLG NOTES PLACED ON HER FILE on that basis the UK banned her for 2 years disgusting I am ashamed to be a Jersey Man Mr Robinson you should know better I actually believed until now that he was a decent honest man NO MORE !

  20. VFC.

    Do you know if Deputy Higgins is happy with the information received in relation to written question 8 last Tuesday?

    Or are they still evading the question?

  21. I don't know if Deputy Higgins is happy with the "answer" he got but it does look like he is being given the run-around.....................Again.

  22. The "Filthy Rag" not so SHARP after all.

  23. Hi VFC.

    Just put up Audio of the biast Interviewing on our BBC Local Radio. I know I can here you say Biast & BBC don't go together ? But have a Listen, see what you think.

    You & your reader's can Listen HERE

  24. Hi VFC.

    Just updated last nights Blog with Some Price Self Praise.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


  25. my appeal against conviction,this
    thursday 26th July in the Royal Court :)


  26. seven seals says tax haven = child rape by and for the ruling classes .

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  28. i find it funny how when she intially went to see imigration they didnt tell her about this "visa" and they only inform her of this after she's banned from the island? he said it himself if immigrants come and ask about policies (like she did!) they will tell them but they failed to mention the policy until it was her ban was published in a national newspaper?
    ive never seen tight immigration in jersey we have a massive population of immigrants not that im against it but im sure many are illegal? but they dont ask question.