Friday, 29 March 2013

Senator Philip Bailhache Letter to ArchBishop of Canterbury.

Further to our PREVIOUS POSTING concerning the "Recognised Formula" of how Jersey deals with those who investigate, or report, abuse in the island; Senator Philip Bailhache is now, in our opinion, continuing the tradition of attacking the alleged victim (HG), and those who are investigating the safeguarding issues. Furthermore he is, in our opinion, defending those who have allegedly failed her when we believe it is the alleged victim who deserves defending. But that just isn't "The Jersey Way."

Below is the letter sent from Senator Bailhache to the Archbishop of Canterbury, which has been copied from Pdf to word and we regret any grammatical errors should there be any.

The Most Rev and Rt Hon the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Lambeth Palace 
26th March 2013 

Dear Archbishop,

I write as a longstanding member of the Church of England and a senator in the States Assembly to express my deep dismay at the action taken by the Right Reverend the Bishop of Winchester to withdraw the Commission of the Dean, the Very Reverend Robert Key. The Dean enjoys wide respect in the lsland and the Bishop's action has caused shock and bewilderment. The action was taken on the basis of a report by Jan Korris ("the Reviewer") into events surrounding the church's treatment of a vulnerable young woman ("HG"). Following receipt of that report, and on the advice of the Winchester Diocesan Safeguarding Committee, the Bishop announced the withdrawal of the Commission and an investigation into the conduct of the case by the Dean. Subsequently it was announced that Bishop John Gladwin would chair the inquiries, now described as "safeguarding inquiries". It is not clear whether this investigation purports also to be a disciplinary inquiry into the conduct of the Dean. If it is, it appears to be contrary to the provisions of Jersey law. If it is not, it is unclear how the Dean is to exonerate himself from the accusations made against him.

My concerns are twofold. (1) The withdrawal of the Bishop's Commission seems disproportionate to any alleged failings of the Dean. Such alleged failings relate to procedural omissions and not to misconduct. (2) lt is not clear that the Bishop intends to respect the special historical relationship between the diocese and the Bailiwick, and to have regard to the provisions of the Canons of the Church of England in Jersey ("the 2012 Canons").

The complaint laid by HG against the churchwarden EY needs to be seen in context. The Reviewer interviewed neither HG nor EY, nor did she examine the emails and text messages passing from HG to EY and his wife between April 2008 (when she was asked to leave their house) and July 2008 (when the complaint of abuse was made). It is clear from these communications that HG was between those times and even before April 2008 not only vulnerable but also mentally disturbed, volatile and abusive, I make the point because the Reviewer has stated that she is "unaware of any record of [HG] behaving rudely or abusively prior to the allegations being made [on 31st July 2008]", thus inferring that the Dean's handling of her complaint was in some way responsible for her subsequent behaviour.

I regret to say that the Reviewer appears to have approached her task with a predetermined view that procedures in Jersey were inadequate and that the Dean was responsible for those alleged inadequacies. Her sincerity is clear, but in my view she has allowed her empathy for HG to cloud her objectivity. I will not itemize all the flaws in the report but cite two examples of error below.

(a) The Reviewer accuses the Dean of being "disingenuous" in claiming that he had not seen the email from HG sent to his Yahoo address; the Reviewer failed to notice, or presumably to establish by inquiry, that HG had used the wrong email address which is why the Dean did not receive it on the day it was sent.

(b) The Reviewer states in relation to HG's alleged "deportation" from Jersey that it is "clearly a matter of concern that a vulnerable adult in such a distressed state could be removed from Jersey with no thought to her imminent care needs." It is a pity that the Reviewer did not seek to establish the facts. HG was not deported from Jersey. I have read the transcript of the proceedings and it is clear that the Magistrate acted with appropriate care and compassion throughout. HG admitted a course of harassment over 18 months which involved aggressive, obscene and abusive emails and telephone calls to the Dean and his wife. HG was supported in court by a mental health worker and by friends from Winchester. She was represented by experienced legal counsel. The Magistrate had psychiatric and other reports. The binding over order with a condition that she left the lsland for 3 years was made at the request of her counsel and with HG's consent. Inter olia, it was clearly considered by all concerned that that order was in the best interests both of HG and those she had abused. The Reviewer expresses surprise that the Dean was not consulted, but it would be highly irregular for a complainant to be consulted by the Magistrate about the proposed sentence in a criminal case.

Much of this would have emerged if the Bishop had shown a copy of the Reviewer's report to the Dean, and invited his comments upon it, before taking the decision to withdraw his Commission. His failure to do so was in breach of the principles of natural justice, and arguably unlawful. I do not doubt that the Bishop acted in good faith and in the interests of the Church as he perceived it. But in my view he made a mistake. Both the Dean and Mrs Key have been treated unfairly, and great distress has been caused in Jersey both to the Anglican community and more widely.

The essence of the complaint against the Dean, as it appears from the report, is that he was slow in responding to HG's complaint, did not immediately suggest that she should contact the police, did not notify the Safeguarding Adviser, and more generally did not follow the guidance laid down in the Diocesan Safeguarding Procedure. On the other hand he did see HG shortly after receiving the complaint on 5th August 2008, did encourage her to make a complaint to the police on 25th August, and gave his advice after HG wrote to Bishop Michael on 13th September. The diocese was in fact aware of the complaint 39 days after the Dean, Shortly after, the Dean did in effect suspend the churchwarden, EY. On the face of the chronology, there does appear to have been some slowness of response, but this is hardly the stuff of disciplinary action. Furthermore, not only was the diocese aware of HG's complaint on 13th September 2008, but it was closely involved with most of the difficulties caused by her relationships with many others in the church between September 2008 and the date of the review.

What really troubled the Reviewer was the apparent lack of cooperation from the Dean with the process of the review and the Dean's insistence that he was bound by local law. The Reviewer states "There was a constant refrain from [the Dean] about the legality of what could, or mainly could not, be done on the lsland." This perhaps goes to the heart of the difficulties and leads on to my second principal concern.


The Dean of Jersey is a Crown Officer. When he presents his Letters patent, issued by the Queen, and is sworn into office by the Royal Court, he takes an oath to observe the laws and customs of the Island. C17(2) of the 2012 Canons provides: "The Dean shall exercise his jurisdiction in accordance with the terms of his Letters Patent, the Bishop of Winchester's Commission, these canons and local law and custom." The Letters Patent and the Commission are the sources of the Dean's authority and, when he has been sworn to office, he is bound by those two sources and the law. It is not open to the Dean to ignore his legal obligation to exercise his jurisdiction in accordance with the law and, in particular, the 2012 canons, or their predecessor Canons promulgated by His Majesty King James I in1623. The Order in Council of 14th March 2012 sending down the 2012 Canons states ,,Her Majesty was pleased ... to order that the Canons of the Church of England in Jersey shall be '..observed." The 1623 Order in Council contained a similar provision. It seems to me wrong, therefore, to criticize the Dean for being concerned to comply with his oath to act lawfully in accordance with the laws and customs of the lsland.

Neither the Dean nor the Bishop is above the Law. If there is an allegation that the Dean has erred in some way that justifies a disciplinary process, that process is expressly set out in the 2012 Canons, and it should be engaged. It is not clear what the terms of reference of the visitation under Bishop Gladwin are to be, nor whether they include a disciplinary investigation. If they do, that would be a breach of the 2012 Canons.

The majority of churchgoers in the lsland wish earnestly to see reconciliation between the diocese and the church in Jersey. There is no difference between the diocese and the Island in so far as the importance of observance of appropriate safeguarding measures for vulnerable people is concerned. On the other hand, reconciliation cannot be achieved if the special historical relationship between the diocese and the lsland, and the connections between the churches and the ancient parishes that are not replicated in England, are ignored. The 500 year attachment to the diocese of Winchester is important, but so is the traditional connection between church and state in Jersey which does not appear to be fully understood by the Bishop. I accordingly respectfully request that you should take a personal interest in the resolution of this damaging dispute which threatens to do serious harm to the church in Jersey and lasting damage to its relationship with the diocese of Winchester.

I have hesitated long as to whether this letter should be placed in the public domain. I have no wish to exacerbate tensions, nor to prejudice any formal process that may ensue. On the other hand, the diocese has published a report which is in my view unfairly critical of the Dean and placed statements on its website that damage his reputation. I have been elected by the public, and I believe that the public is entitled to know that there is another side to the story.

Yours sincerely,

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache(END)

We (Team Voice) would like the Archbishop of Canterbury and in particular "HG" to be aware that Senator Bailhache does not speak for us. We are disgusted that, in our opinion, he has set out to discredit HG in this letter and she (HG) has a wealth of support here on the island and elswhere. We apologise if any victims of  Abuse are offended by Senator Bailhache's letter.

Readers might ask why Senator Bailhache has never spoken out against the way the former Police Chief, Mr. Graham Power QPM, was illegally suspended, how the former Police Chief was denied due process or a right to defend himself? His Force was investigating widespread Child Abuse at the time of his illegal suspension.

Philip Bailhache also makes big play, in defence of Bob Key, around the 2012 Canons Law; Canons of the Church of England in Jersey ("the 2012 Canons").

Considering the alleged "offences" took place from 2008 (4 years before the Canons Law existed) isn't he batting on a sticky wicket?


  1. Jacques Michel Chartier29 March 2013 at 14:00

    Firstly, my sympathy lies with the victim. I wonder if Philip Bailhache has the backing of the Chief Minister. The Dean has been suspended which is a neutral act. I have also written to the Church and let them know that in my humble opinion Philip Bailhache is speaking on behalf of a minority. I have also pointed out the Sharp report, which really does show how things are done here.

  2. "The binding over order with a condition that she left the lsland for 3 years was made at the request of her counsel and with HG's consent."

    What this actually means is that she had a choice. The usual scam is that either, you clear off, or you go to jail....So to say that it was with her consent, is at best, very misleading, but that is how lawyers and the judiciary work in bent little Jersey.

    Given the choice on offer to this lady, what IN GOD'S NAME is she going to choose?

    Another valid point is this, Bailhache states that he has read the transcripts of the court hearing, and also the Emails. What lawful right had he to do this? Are there not Data Protection issues here? And also, who gave Bailhache a copy of the transcripts of court? And under what authority? Why were these transcripts and Emails not available to the reviewer? Surely someone should have passed these on so a fair review of the incident could have taken place.

    Notice that the word "Island" is with a capital "I"....In Bailhache's 2005 LAW REVIEW we find out what he means at point 42.

    Looks like old Bailhache has rather a lot of explaining to do!

  3. Senator Bailhache does not speak for me where he has set out to abuse the "alleged" victim all over again with this letter. He also has no idea the damage he is causing to the island's reputation by attacking HG in light of the recent statement of Kier Starmer.

  4. Thanks for this VFC, as I was disgusted when I read PB's letter and the implication the he was speaking on behalf of Islanders and the Church community.

    I am very sorry, but he does not speak for me, was not voted for by me, and I find his behaviour reprehensible and undermining the Chief Minister as well.

    He just can't keep his nose out can he? Well done Jacques for writing your letter. It may bear fruit if a few more of us did likewise.

  5. Senator Bailhache just does not get it does he?

    In my experience he, and his brother, see themselves as defenders of the "true faith" of Jerseys independent status. A Zealot if ever there was one, and a blind one at that.

  6. To be honest the only thing this letter will have achieved is to keep the reputation of Jersey in the gutter when the likes of Sir Philip come out in defence of those who have wronged the most vulnerable in our society.

  7. Will the Archbishop of Canterbury be publishing an open letter in reply to Philip Bailhache's?

  8. Bailhache thinks its OK to determine someone is mentally disturbed from emails and texts, is he a qualified psychologist now? He also thinks it OK to publish this potentially defamatory statement! Is this the same chap who doesn't like others publishing such things about his friends!

    1. What Senator Bailhache has omitted from his letter is how "HG" appeared to be pretty much a model citizen. She reported alleged abuse and looks to have been driven to complete despair because of her treatment. If she hadn't of allegedly been abused, or hadn't attempted to report it, then these alleged abusive e-mails, or texts would not exist and she might still have a normal existence on the island. Instead she now has a police record and is prohibited from even being on the island......... The Jersey Way.

    2. That is "The Jersey Way" VFC, they ignore you, then they lie to you, then they cheat you, then they wind you up and frustrate you, then when you get agitated and angry, and express that anger and frustration in any way, they use it against you to depict you as nuts, deluded or simply out of control.

      This woman is entitled to return to Jersey whenever she wants, but would be subject to the conditions imposed at the court hearing. I wonder, if she came back tomorrow, would they dare lock her up in light of all that has happened?

    3. "Mentally disturbed" is not a specific medical term. It's just a broad sweeping term which might be considered offensive and demeaning in some contexts. This being one of those contexts. He might as well have said this woman is a lunatic, it amounts to much the same thing.

      This letter certainly gives us further insight into the psyche, and attitude of Philip Bailhache.

  9. "Much of this would have emerged if the Home Secretary had shown a copy of the Met's interim report to the Chief of Police, and invited his comments upon it, before taking the decision to suspend him. His failure to do so was in breach of the principles of natural justice, and arguably unlawful. I do not doubt that the Home Secretary acted in good faith and in the interests of the Enquiry as he perceived it. But in my view he made a mistake. Both Mr Power and Mr Harper have been treated unfairly, and great distress has been caused in Jersey both to the abuse victims and more widely."

    Sorry couldn't resist!

    1. This comment is brilliant. To be correct though, it should say "Home Affairs Minister" not "Home Secretary". The postholders being Deputy Andrew Lewis, succeeded by Senator Ian Le Marquand.

    2. Exactly the point being made. Two cops, Former CPO Power QPM and Former DCO Harper were investigating decades of Child Abuse on the island and look what the government/Law Offices and its media did to them. What chance does "HG" stand if people don't start speaking out?

    3. Speaking of Former Home Affairs Minster ANDREW LEWIS

    4. Don't distract from the posting team voice, that could be the intention of the above comment.

    5. No distraction intended. Just confused by use of "Home Secretary". The original (brilliant) comment clearly intended to point out the hypocrisy of the support for the Dean, compared to the treatment of Lenny and Graham. I got it, I just didn't agree with all of the terminology. Anyway, not intending to distract from the original comment, which is superb in its intent.

    6. The original comment was mine and I fully accept I erred in the use of Home Secretary. I apologise for my mistake, I've obviously been out of the island too long! I was just struck by the similarities between the two suspensions.

  10. Another relative and excellent timely post VFC for the world to get a clear picture of a wealthy small Crown Dependency, and as the saying goes power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jersey is all the proof you need.

    Who the hell does Bailhache think he is for Gods sake ? Can you imagine one of David Cameron's assistant ministers writing a letter to a Church Archbishop, which is then published across all UK media and beyond. This would make David Cameron and the whole UK Government look insipid, ineffective, weak and worse in disarray .

    There would be uproar in Westminster and the writer would be placed firmly on the back benches. Yet from our Chief Minister we hear nothing. I agree with GeeGee at 14.23 he does not speak for me, my family and from the friends I have spoken to not one of them either.

    Is he trying to make Jerseys Government and its people look stupid and uneducated, to the outside world ? Next step, we become to hot to handle and the UK asks us to go independent rather than suffer further embarrassment ? Maybe this is the grand plan of a small hard core of wealthy businesspeople and wealthy legals.

    Where again is the backbone of CMGorst and the real council of Ministers? Not forgetting the Queens representative the Govenor who must have some responsibility for good governance sitting in the States. Is he really only capable of opening the odd fete and attending cocktail parties ?

    What a mess this is, and slowly getting worse thanks to P. Bailhache.

  11. This comment has just been left on the previous posting that we believe was meant for this posting.

    "it was clearly considered by all concerned that that order was in the best interests both of "HG and those she had abused."

    Correct me if I am wrong but it would seem from this above line, that P Bailhache is calling the abused lady HG, an abuser. "

    1. Yes this is the Jersey "Recognised Formula" where the victim(s) (alleged or otherwise) get portrayed as the perpetrator(s) and vice versa. This letter confirms that nothing has changed in Jersey's culture despite the Savile/Hdlg atrocities.............It's business as usual.

  12. The man who allowed a convicted paedophile to join the honorary police... now criticizing the C.O.F For their attempts to address issues of abuse of the vulnerable!! The arrogance and hubris is stagering!!

  13. Jacques Michel Chartier29 March 2013 at 18:11

    The very same, vile man who was head, of the board of governors at victoria college, when Jervis-Dykes was at large. The Archbishop can be contacted at , and through facebook. The morals of a Bangkok Pimp, as one ex father of the house referred to him, or was it his brother.

  14. This still does remain unanswered, from the main posting.

    "Philip Bailhache also makes big play, in defence of Bob Key, around the 2012 Canons Law; Canons of the Church of England in Jersey ("the 2012 Canons").

    Considering the alleged "offences" took place from 2008 (4 years before the Canons Law existed) isn't he batting on a sticky wicket?"

    Could anybody help us with this?


  15. That is only half the factual Story @17.52 regarding Holland. The then Constable Bob Le Brocq was arrested and put inside a police cell for the day in a serious game of pass the parcel but it did not go well for the Attorney General at the time being Philip Bailhache who’s office was responsible for vetting honorary police candidates when a mistake was made through an admin error he decided to let an abuser continue. Then there is of course the earlier Victoria College affair.

    Philip Bailhache and the Roger Holland Affair

    4.1.28 The then Attorney General [Philip Bailhache] made the point to this Committee that the swearing-in of an honorary police officer before the Royal Court process is a solemn affair, and to ask the Court to review shortly after the swearing in an honorary police officer's suitability for continuing in office would have been a very serious matter.

    Furthermore, the threshold for making that petition would have been higher than if the question were asked before he had been sworn in.

    4.1.29 In the event, the Attorney General [Philip Bailhache] decided not to refer the matter of Mr. Holland's previous conviction to the Royal Court.

    The States Scrutiny committee findings.

  16. This man's arrogance is astounding and it beggars belief that he can't see that he is making tensions worse and making Jersey look stupid. Who does he think he is telling the Archbishop what to do?

  17. The Spanish Inquisition in Jersey (Part II)

    Archdeacon Russel: “My Lord, there has been criticism of your Lordships’ Visitation by a Noble of the Island named Bailhache. He has sought to address the Archbishop himself and penned words defiant of Episcopacy. The missive has been published by local scribes and distributed amongst the houses of town and country, rich and poor alike.”

    Cardinal Gladwin : “Tell me more of this wretch. Is he a morisco or converso?”

    Archdeacon Russel: “He is of an ancient family yet recently ennobled. He is learned in the laws of the island and suspect of rebellious and independent thought contrary to the unity and good government of Her Majesty’s Realm. Word has it he rides a white stallion and has ambition to one day be Prince in his own dominion. He has been a cruel tyrant and the common people are much oppressed by his arbitrary actions. He is believed to be the true author of the heretical Canons of the Church of England in Jersey 2012.”

    Cardinal Gladwin : “Suffice to say, this is not just heresy, it is sedition and treachery! How dare he impugn the authority of Bishop Tim through presumptuous appeals? Bring this upstart before the Inquisition without delay”.

    [Meanwhile Bailhache is writing in his Grouville study attended by manservant serf Ian.]

    Ian: “My Lord, your Lordships open letter to the Archbishop has caused much concern. Word has it that you are to be arrested on orders of Cardinal Gladwin.”

    Bailhache: “How can this be? I merely wrote in favour of an honorable and beloved Chaplain. Does he know nothing of the ancient lineage of this noble House? We are closely connected to the Princely houses of Lichtenstein, Cayman and Barbados. I didn’t expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition”.

    [The Cardinals burst in]

    Archdeacon Russel : “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition in Jersey. Bailhache; submit to the holy authority of the Church. You shall be taken to the Castle of Gorey and held there to appear before the Tribunal of the Inquistion presided over by Cardinal Gladwin . You are charged with three counts of heresy, seditious libel, being a cruel tyrant over the common people of the island and snobbery.”

    Bailhache: “I will never confess or repent. Your Inquisition has no writ in this Isle.”

    [Bailhache draws his sword and lunges at Archdeacon Russell. A fight ensues. Manservant Ian lies bloodied on the floor, stabbed by Halibards of the Cour de Heritage. Bailhache is manacled and dragged from his chateau.]

  18. "the Reviewer appears to have approached her task with a predetermined view that procedures in Jersey were inadequate" Sounds like Jan Korris knows "the Jersey Way" well. RB

  19. Re: Comment at 21:15

    Brilliant! might I suggest one minor change?

    Bailhache: “How can this be? I merely wrote in favour of an honorable and beloved Chaplain. Does he know nothing of the ancient lineage of this noble House? We are closely connected to the Princely houses of Lichtenstein, Cayman and Barbados, under the protection of the City. It is only the City to whom we owe our loyal submission."

  20. DEAR VFC
    My best wishers go out to HG i hope she is safe and well.As for the thing that is bailhache he dose not nor ever will speak for me or any of my family.along with gorst they can both go to hell that is if even the devil well have such things in hell.

  21. Philip Bailhache will be on State Radio tomorrow morning to discuss the Dean's suspension. It is unclear if the CofE will be represented in any way as the BBC won't reply to our tweets asking them this. It is also not clear if the alleged victim "HG" will be represented, who we believe is the most important person in this debacle.

    1. I look forward to hearing the State Radio discussion. I will take special note of the level of concern for HG, as expressed by PB, and how the topic is steered by the interviewer. Will the overwhelming support for the victim, as expressed by Islanders on blogs, twitter and email, even be allowed to filter through to this programme? Let's make this a case study.

  22. It seems like the Canons were approved by the States in 2011. See p 84

    1. RK knew that the sh1t was going to hit the fan soon so asked his pal PB to write a Law he hoped would protect him from his bosses in England

  23. Replies
    1. Page 92: "If we have a tribunal then it would not be human rights compliant for me to sit in judgment on those clergy that I supervise. Therefore, I shall appoint a vice- president. I already have a very senior and eminent lawyer from Jersey who has agreed to take this role on if Her Majesty grants these Canons after the States - if they do - approve them"

      Hmmm, I wonder who that "very senior and eminent lawyer from Jersey" might be? That would be an interesting question for the Dean, an ex-officio member of the States Assembly, to be asked in the States Assembly, whenever he next takes his seat.

  24. Not only is this bullshit and bluster from Ball-ache stupid, it's also completely irrelevant. The Dean (or any other clergyman/woman) can not continue to operate as a priest here or anywhere else without a Bishop's Licence. The Bishop's Licence is granted only after the clergy(wo)man swears an 'Oath of Canonical Obedience' to OBEY his/her Bishop in all things lawful. Mr Key is (allegedly) presently in breach of that oath and is continuing to defy his Father in God. The withdrawal of the commission was the very least that Bishop Tim could do in the circumstances. Given a subordinate who failed to obey his lawful orders to (a) follow the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy (b) attend training on that policy (c) co-operate with the Bishop's officer (d) cooperate and engage with the subsequent inquiry (e) meet and discuss said report when it came out what else could he do? If the Bishop withdraws his licence (which he is quite entitled to do) then Mr Key may sit in the States until he's blue in the face but he will not permitted to minister in any Anglican Church and will cease to be the Rector of St. Helier. The clergy and readers who are currently so vociferous in support of the Dean would do well to reflect on whose licence they hold and on their own oaths of canonical obedience.

    Mr. Key is entirely the architect of his own misfortunes. The Greeks had a word for it: hubris.

  25. OK I'm getting a little annoyed by this man now. Peter Ould has the PDF of Bailhache's letter on his blog.

    Who gave the man the right to use States headed notepaper!
    Oh and for the record Peter ( should you read this ) Try as he might, Phillip is not "the Assistant Chief Minister of Jersey". He is one of TWO assistants to the Chief Minister of Jersey. Nothing more than a well spoken minion.
    There I feel better now!

  26. Correct me if i,m wrong but mention is made of andrew lewis in an earlier statement above, I do believe that this clown now sits in judgement of our youngsters as a member of the youth panel,lord help the youngsters. can anyone throw any light on this?.

    1. Not sure that I can but becoming a part of the judiciary will be about par for the course. He might be able to educate the Bishop of Winchester as to how Jersey does suspensions.

  27. Philip Bailache sounds like a piece of work. Mind you having seen the way that David Cameron responded to Philip Schofield on TV are you sure, that behind the scenes at least - the UK is so different to Jersey?

  28. The Spanish Inquisition in Jersey (Part III)

    [Noise of hooves and shouting in the Castle keep. Archdeacon Russel, with ripped and soiled cassock rushes into Cardinal’s rooms]

    Archdeacon Russel: “My Lord Cardinal, the Prisoner Bailhache has escaped!”

    Cardinal Gladwin : “You fool. How can this have happened?”

    Archdeacon Russel: “We traveled by the coast road and were there set upon by a renowned Ranter and Eastern bandit Chief, Terrance “The Hand” together with a troop of junior Advocates, loyal to the prisoner. Our men were sorely beaten and the villain escaped to the town. Our spies tell us he and his band of traitors have captured the BBC Radio Jersey Wireless station. He is planning to raise the flag of rebellion by appearing on the Politics Hour at 10 in the morning.”

    Cardinal Gladwin : “Summon the Loyal Brethren to await me at Georgetown at the break of day. Gather your Pikemen and the regiment of Horse. I shall personally lead our men and lay siege to his fortress. The hour is late and we must hurry. If he utters a word we are done for as the gullible will surely rally to his wily words. Remember, the Archbishop has blessed our standard. Issue the order that no quarter shall be given.”

  29. "I'm gonna huff and puff until I blow your house down" - thats Bailhache for you!

    What does Bailhache really fear, surely in his eyes the quicker the investigation is conducted the better as the person conducting the investigation will no doubt discover Bailhache is right (probably not), so why make a mountain out of a mole hill!

    It appears to me that Bailhache is barking mad, surely its time this second in line assistant Minister (really 3 people, yet he wants less members in the States), retired quietly.

    I smell some real fear from the person who penned the above letter, just what is it?

  30. "I regret to say that the Reviewer appears to have approached her task with a predetermined view that procedures in Jersey were inadequate and that the Dean was responsible for those alleged inadequacies"
    To the best of my knowledge at the present time Jersey does not have an island policy and procedures with regard to vulnerable adults,and during the period of the complaint none also.
    Perhaps Senator Ballaiche could be asked for a copy of the said procedures both present and past.
    Jersey only published it's multi-agency child protection procedures in 2011.
    Agencies may have their own internal procedures which should follow the island procedures,these are not law but are signed up to by all key agencies and the key ministers sign up to them.
    the church therefore had its procedures in place but Jersey did not.
    I would say that the reviewer was spot on.

  31. Reply from Peter Ould -

    Hi ******-****

    Quite happy for you to leave that as a comment on any of the Jersey pieces.

    I'll be blogging on it again after Easter.


    Dear Peter,

    I live in Jersey and to add some balance and genuine local information, I offer the following comment which should really appear in your excellent comment section.


    The Chief Minister Gorst has responded to the Bishop of Winchester in his capacity and authority as the elected head of the Jersey Parliament for the island of Jersey.

    Senator Bailhache is of course entitled to his personal view, but is not in anyway speaking for the majority of good Jersey people ( even though headed paper is used ) who are appalled at the treatment of an autistic member of the church who was put in prison for two weeks, taken to court and put on a plane arriving in the UK with no money, no person to meet her and no where to stay so ended up living on the streets.

    The Church have suspended the Dean, pending further investigation, which is indeed the correct procedure. It needs to be noted that the CoE has already been humble in apologising to the women, unlike Senator Bailhache who so far is trying to usurp the head of Government and the investigating Bishop thus trying to defend his friend the Dean. Please be assured islanders are not impressed. The Churches report, letters written and local reporting can all be found through the local blogs listed below.

    For further factual detail please visit - and -

    Best Regards

  32. I thought The King had booked himself onto state radio today, Easter Sunday, to discuss this crisis?

    Did someone then realise that it was....erm...Easter Sunday...the most important day in the Christian calendar....and that going into bat for Team Jersey Abuse Deniers against the Archbishop of Canterbury might not be a bright thing to do on Easter Sunday..?

    I suppose we have next Sunday to look forward to anyway!

    Honestly, you couldn't make it up.

    1. Just seen on Rico's blog that something was broadcast at 1hr 5mins

    2. Apparently Senator Bailhache was on State Radio, just after 7:00am this morning which is now on iplayer. Haven't listened to it personally but have been told it was in the usual bad taste of the BBC, the Senator wasn't challenged and was allowed to just spill the party line.

    3. Was the real tragedy the inconvenience to The King, for having to speak with BBC to discredit a victim on an Easter Sunday? We know what he thinks of Christmas. It was an inappropriate time for the Health Minister and Father of House to discuss the Little Children. Now he states that empathy clouded the COE investigation. Disgusting man. He. Needs. To. Shut. Up.

  33. New World Order....Banking on the "BAIL-IN"

  34. Typical lawyer letter.

    I guess there is no need for an enquiry as SIr Philip Bailhache has conducted one himself and established all the facts. He will have an answer for any allegations.
    ZERO acknowledgment for the victim sufferings.
    They will be chinking wine glasses in the rectory to toast victory against the plebs.
    He is right in he's letter that jersey relations with the church will be irretrievably damaged if the decision to reinstate without justification and use of laws designed to protect hierarchy are adhered too.
    This is leaving a bitter taste in the mouth.
    Philip Bailhache is going to win this case as sure as night follows day and the Church are going to back down.

    I just hope he sleeps well at night as further damage to HG in this saga is not right.
    My prays and thoughts go out to HG.

  35. "Typical Lawyer's letter"

    Do not despair. Nothing is inevitable in human affairs. It is precisely because this issue has been politicised that it should be fought with equal vigor.

    To allow Philip Bailhache to triumph would endanger our liberty. A matter of discipline has been turned to one of sovereignty. The man has no loyalty to “Jersey” as such. This is merely a word or mask that disguises deeper interests. The social and political elites of the island run the island for international capital. This is what is meant by the expression “the island has been captured economically and politically by finance”.

    The hierarchy of the Church of England cannot allow themselves to be humiliated. It is no coincidence that the representatives of the Jersey COE voted against women bishops at a recent synod. There is a civil war being fought by a Liberal leadership against traditionalist and backward elements. Ultimately it’s all Popery.

    1. I fully agree.

      This is one of a number of battles that must be fought for the good of justice.
      This battle will ultimately be lost because jersey still holds all the cards with the power of the finance industry and to disrupt this connection would be damaging to the UK relations in this industry and all the power that exists as per SS posting.

      Whether PB will play an all risks game with the UK COE like he is threatening and risk jersey image and finance sector will soon become apparent.

      The UK stands to lose far more by adopting a firm stance as all the finance sector could be impacted.

      The UK cannot jeopardise its position and hence they will back down.

      I hope I am wrong but this has become a major power battle and yes PB is fully unaccountable.

  36. Suspension of the Dean is not directly linked to Finance. There is no reason for the COE to back down on anything as they are perfectly entitled to discipline their employees. That it is being politicised is because attack is the best form of defence. The water is being muddied in advance of further enquiry and attention drawn away from failure to follow safeguarding procedures. The Dean could have helped himself had he cooperated fully. Clearly there were some senior lawyers advising him not to do so. This exacerbated the situation from the point of view of the hierarchical order.

    It ain't over till it's over.

  37. Have not previously noticed refs to George Conger's article in the Church of England Newspaper 21 Jan 2011 p6 etc re "Jersey bid to protect parish system".
    Well worth reading because it gives an illuminating background to the revised canons which seek to protect and enhance local powers and how "Jersey custom and tradition should not only be respected but take precedence" etc accordiung to CM Le Sueur.
    Seems like the general population did not have a clue what was actually being pushed through the States...Le Sueur is also quoted saying that the C of E canons etc "have changed in language and liturgy, in structure and governance and in the way it shares with society at large a concern for human rights."

    Oh really! and just who is journalist George Conger?
    Don't do links but
    is the best I can offer.

  38. Tom Gruchy.

    The article.

    The States of Jersey has been asked to approve the first revisions in 400 years to the laws governing the Church of England in the Channel Islands.

    On Dec 6, the Chief Minister of Jersey, Senator Terry Le Sueur, tabled before the island’s assembly a bill to endorse the amended Canons of the Church of England in Jersey. Some 15 years in the making, the legislation was prepared by the current and former Deans of Jersey in consultation with the Deanery Synod and approved by the Bishop of Winchester, the Rt. Rev. Michael Scott-Joynt. If adopted by the States, the Canons would be submitted to the Queen with a request that an Order in Council be made to bring them into force.

    The revised canons would block potential moves by the cash-strapped Diocese of Winchester to amalgamate the island’s 12 historic parishes, or assign a single clergyman to multiple parishes.

    In his address, Mr. Le Seuer said the Canons for the Isle of Jersey approved in 1623 by James I had three guiding principles: “The direct relationship of the Island to the Crown. The Canons should follow the English pattern wherever possible. And, Jersey custom and tradition should not only be respected but take precedence.”

    The revisions maintain these principles, he said, but “reflect today’s needs rather than those of the 17th Century.”

    “The Christian faith remains unchanged so, as you would expect, all the Canons about belief are based on the Scriptures and shared tradition of all major Christian Churches,” Mr. Le Sueur said, noting the Church of England “has changed in language and liturgy, in structure and governance, and in the way it shares with society at large a concern for human rights.”

    The Dean of Jersey, the Very Rev. Robert Key told the BBC the revised canons would preserve the island’s parish system. “The Jersey parish system is a very special part of what makes it special. This reaffirms it and gives it a 21st Century context. It says parish life really matters in Jersey in 2010, and the church reaffirms its commitment to that part of island life.”

    The Parish system is “the foundation of so much of our unique way of life. It is enshrined in Jersey Canon Law that one Rector cannot hold more than one Ancient Parish. This is not something that England finds easy to understand, but it remains an essential part of our Amended Canons,” the chief minister told the States.

    Mr. Le Sueur added the “project had run into the sand on the issue of Clergy Discipline” and “until recently it was hard to see how this could be taken forward.”

    However a compromise was found whereby the “Ecclesiastical Court retains Jurisdiction through its Clergy Discipline Division. The Bishop and the Dean work together on reconciliation and the search for agreement in any dispute. The Royal Court becomes the appellant authority.”

    “This preserves the integrity of the Court system of Jersey, of which the Ecclesiastical Court is part. It maintains the authority of the Dean in the governance of the Church in the Island and strengthens the partnership between the Bishop of Winchester and the Dean of Jersey,” the chief minister said.

    From HERE

    1. "The States of Jersey has been asked to approve the first revisions in 400 years to the laws governing the Church of England in the Channel Islands."

      Remarkable how much some matters of importance slide through without public notice until later.

  39. Thanks for posting the Conger article text - how did you do that?
    My link was of course wrong - think it was for something totally different...

  40. Check out :-

    "HG appeared at the Magistrates Court the following morning and was seen by a Duty Advocate who presumably also had other clients to see. The Transcript shows that the Magistrate commenced the Hearing at 1210pm. He is on record as saying to the Duty Advocate “This is not a run of the mill situation, is it? “ To which he received a reply “No Sir.”
    I [BH] ask what made the case “not a run of the mill situation” because the Transcript does not record the names of the people allegedly to be harassed"


    "I [BH] have written twice to the Chief Minister asking that he instigate an enquiry/investigation into the circumstances of HG’s arrest, but am still waiting for a response."

    Time to beef up that newly acquired backbone Mr Gorst ?

    ding ding ...

  41. Does Senator Bailhache suffer from Cognitive Dissonance. And if so, should we be worried?

  42. Just submitted this to

    TITLE : King in a Catholic Style

    It is likely that Bob Key's lawyer friends have advised him to pull a sicky to avoid the locally embarrassing anomaly of the suspended Dean taking up his seat in our parliament.

    We now have churchgoer and States Senator Bailhache writing (allegedly on our behalfs !) to the Archbishop of Canterbury (no less).

    His letter contains a few relevant points but is mostly smoke and mirrors to cloud the issue and to wrap Bob Key in the Jersey Flag for the local hicks to rally round.

    He drones on at length about Bob Key being bound by the 2012 Canons (Jersey) Law, which might be seen as a schoolboy error (or more likely) disingenuous, as the alleged abuse and failures date from 2008 !

    To pick another statement which is another bizarre interpretation of the truth:
    " is clear that the Magistrate acted with appropriate care and compassion throughout"
    Really ???
    Mr. Bailhache neglects to mention that in spite of HG being willing to comply with bail conditions, she was NOT bailed. Odd perhaps as she was of previous good behaviour and the Magistrate was aware of her medical condition. Remanding an innocent and vulnerable person for two weeks in prison was not conducive to her health and welbeing but was perhaps conducive to her "agreeing" to her "deportation".
    This "compassion" alleged by Bailhache extended to HG being bound over to leave the island - arriving in the UK with no money or emergency care provision living on the streets for an unknown length of time.

    If it is any consolation to disappointed followers of the Independent High Church of Jersey, the Catholics do it better:
    Amongst many bombshells, is this:
    "A confidential 1997 Vatican letter instructed Irish bishops to handle child-abuse cases strictly under terms of canon law.
    It warned bishops that their 1996 child-protection policy, particularly its emphasis on the need to start reporting all suspected crimes to police, violated canon law."

    Upon these revelations, the Irish people, the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, and to their credit the entire Irish Parliament have unanimously denounced this morally bankrupt approach.

    We have so much to learn apparently, Mr. Bailhache ends one of his final paragraphs of his open letter with this little gem:
    "It is not clear what the terms of reference [available on the web] of the visitation under Bishop Gladwin are to be, nor whether they include a disciplinary investigation. If they do, that would be a breach of the 2012 Canons. "

    Any parallels?
    Bailhache inhabits a parallel universe and his antics are damaging the Island's international reputation.
    A cynic might imagine that the "2012 Canons" was specifically written to protect the establishment.

    It is just as well that "Sir" Phil has had nothing to do with "modernising" our electoral system LOL

    Sorry, the joke is on you. But you are used to it !

  43. Further to 11:35

    It is good to test the extent of JEP-Statemedia's "glasnost"

    The CENSORS (laughably called moderators) have updated comments up to 12:37pm but the above remains unpublished.

    readers can teach the "opinion managers" a little lesson by pasting it into ALL relevant blogs with a comment highlighting the continued JEP CENSORSHIP


    Local JEP management still imagine that their main business asset is their monopoly position on the island.

    They are wrong. Their main asset WAS our trust.
    The emphasis on was

    I have no objection to fact that they wish to further damage their business but I do wonder what management of their parent company will make of the situation.

    The "slow burn" has so far been restricted to their Jersey operation as plans were put on hold after a member highlighted the relatively good performance of the Guernsey Press

    The clock is ticking and we do not underestimate the capabilities of their IT interests so countermeasures and proxies are used.

    HIDS and the Three Monkeys

  44. To commentor at 13:52 Under which heading did you submit the above comment on thisisjersey news?

  45. Apologies have just found the story.

  46. Hi VFC & All,
    Further to our comments 4 April 2013 11:35 & 13:52
    I am pleased to report that thanks to your help amongst others, the Censors at the JEP have errrr.... 'reconsidered', and most of
    was belatedly published this morning.

    with the exception of this part which remains censored and which will be resubmitted:


    To pick another statement [from Bailhache's letter] which is another bizarre interpretation of the truth:

    " is clear that the Magistrate acted with appropriate care and compassion throughout"

    Really ???
    Mr. Bailhache neglects to mention that in spite of HG being willing to comply with bail conditions, she was NOT bailed. Odd perhaps as she was of previous good behaviour and the Magistrate was aware of her medical condition. Remanding an innocent and vulnerable person for two weeks in prison was not conducive to her health and welbeing but was perhaps conducive to her "agreeing" to her "deportation".
    This "compassion" alleged by Bailhache extended to HG being bound over to leave the island - arriving in the UK with no money or emergency care provision, living on the streets for an unknown length of time.


    The above was carefully worded so as to be factually correct [to the best of my knowledge] given that it spans the 'remand' period.
    Was it the same Magistrate ?

    I enquire here (and across other sites) if there is anything in the above which makes the "Moderation" of this part justifiable

    [other than having been too detailed in my critique of the emperor's clothing .... yes his 'end' is in sight because he let ill all hang out - quite repulsive ! ]

    I am grateful to the JEP for publishing, in full, my reply to "Defender Of The Truth" at:

    But perhaps feeling grateful for NOT being censored shows how we have become conditioned into low expectations on this island.

  47. Mr Bailache has no humanity

  48. BBC Radio Jersey have just tweeted "Senator Bailhache has asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to reconsider his decision not to get involved in the dispute surrounding the Dean".

    LOL. What this must mean is that the Archbishop has written to Senator Bailhache saying "The Diocese of Winchester is perfectly capable of running this visitation (investigation) on its own. I suggest you leave them to get on with it".

    He doesn't like it up him, does he?

  49. He is poking his nose in where it doesn't belong once more and undermining the Chief Minister's authority by doing so. Senator Bailhache, with his support for the Dean, and not the alleged Abuse Victim will only further serve to ensure the reputation of Jersey on the international/world stage remains in the gutter.......IMO

  50. Philip Ozouf‏@philipozouf3h
    Dear A campaigners: Option B AGREES with your deputorial voter equality but also wish Parishes, the fountain of our democracy, in the States
    Expand Reply



    @josephbush @philipozouf Still waiting 4 Philip to explain how the parish system is Democratic? #DeafeningSilence

    Philip Ozouf‏@philipozouf2h
    @TheVoiceJersey @josephbush keep it nice&polite, please.In democratic debate we are allowed to agree to disagree! In my view Parishes matter

    Whats with the chastising from P Ozouf did I miss something?

    1. No you didn't miss anything. Senator Philip Ozouf was merely asked how the parish system was democratic and he ducked the question by attempting to make out that somebody, somewhere, had been impolite. He made a statement and was asked to back it up....he couldn't....and then spun.

  51. Still no compassion expressed for the victim:

    He said: "A huge number of people - including Catholics, Methodists, other members of the Christian Church and people of no faith - have told me they are extremely concerned about how the Dean was treated."

    Senator Bailhache often uses this trick. "Lots of people have said to me". But never any actual measurable numbers. What is it? 10, 50, 100, 2000? In reality, a "huge number of people" = some people from his elite social circle.

    1. And the discredited, and disgraced, BBC didn't even think to ask him how many. This is the calibre of "journalism" we have from the BBC, they just repeat whatever they are given and don't/can't think to ask the most obvious of questions.

  52. Caught a snippet on the BBC today with Senator Bailhache again giving his PERSONAL view that the relationship with the church will worsen if this is not resolved quickly. He did actually mention in his own view, does he read the blogs ?

    Maybe for a change he should have been honest on the radio, and shown integrity by apologised for not seeking a mandate to speak for the Government and majority of islanders before blasting in as a member of the States. I have written to the Bishop and other church leaders asking them to take no notice of Jersey politicians who try and bully and protect a friendly Dean, rather than a lady that has been treated very badly judging by the Churches own report and apologies made by them. I am apparently not the only one.

    We can see from a democratic point of view, Senator Bailhaches hijacking of the electoral commission and the confusing, biased and inadequate ref. questions that his attitude of looking down on people clearly on display. Then he has a go at the church.

    Where is this mans integrity and is he working for the good of islanders generally ? No doubt he will not speak against the Maces party as being a waste of public money after all its all paid for by you and me.

    1. As has been mentioned before, nothing has been learnt by the BBC, or Jersey, in spite of the Jimmy Savile and Haut de la Garenne atrocities. It is business as usual, which is to ignore the alleged victim(s) support the alleged wrong doers and get the public talking about anything else other than abuse. With HDLG we had the State Media talking about how much money Lenny Harper spent on a prawn cocktail and the abuse and victims were forgotten. With Jimmy Savile, the victims were just ignored and Savile was protected by "the great and the good." Now with this latest alleged abuse we have Senator Bailhache supporting the dean, attacking the alleged victim, and getting the State Media to talk about the constitutional issues rather than the alleged abuse.........Business as usual.

  53. I listened to BBC Radio Jersey report at 7.10 am and interview with the acting Dean of Jersey the Rev Geoff Houghton.

    Radio GaGa had a short vox pop with people in the streets of St Helier. One was a Portuguese Catholic who said it could not concern her (amusing and ignorant). Others mouthed the party line that the suspension should not have occurred. There was no one to be found it seems with any greater insight into the issue. Of course not, because the media is following Power instead of informing the Public.

    It seems that Sen Bailhache was at the St Brelade Synod to direct events on behalf of the Grouville Section of the Church of England in Jersey.

    The Clergy rallied to the Cause and agreed to support a suggestion for an independent review by a senior judicial figure (one of PB’s Mates at the Bar or on the Bench?).

    It is sad that the Clergy have allowed themselves to be manipulated to political ends by PB. There may have to be further disciplinary hearings against an insubordinate clergy by the Bishop of Winchester. Better still, PB could suggest Jersey create its own Church of Jersey. This would fit in with the plans for Independence.

  54. I was loaned a JEP and it is clear, so very clear that the Church seniors wants nothing to do with Bailhache. The full article says that the Church has been offered full co-operation by Chief MInister Gorst and the States of Jersey being the authority, and will continue its investigation as planned. An immense slap down for Senator Bailhache.

    In the opposite page Bailhache does in fact try and resume authority, writing that in his capacity as a member of the States the church is wrong, this must surely make him look desperate, spoilt and out of touch. The next question the Chief Minister must be asking ( as well as islanders ) if this man interferes in due process making the situation worse by pressuring the leaders of the church and thereby causing strained relations between the States and the church, what damage could or would his single mindedness do as Jerseys' foreign MInister where restraint, dialogue and good communication are essential and bullying people only causes resentment.

  55. Hi VFC.

    Speech of Senator Maclean, tells us the commission have given us a load of Cr*p. no one could of but it better & we weren't expecting this to come for him!

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


  56. Hope to publish another exclusive tomorrow concerning the latest shenanigans going on in the debacle that is "Save The Dean" and ignore the alleged victim of abuse.

    Ashamed of this island.