Friday, 9 May 2014

Former SIO Mick Gradwell.

Now that the Committee of Inquiry into the decades of child abuse in Jersey is well underway and taking evidence from witnesses. Team Voice thought it would be a poignant time to reflect on the actions/behaviour of former Senior Investigating Officer Mick Gradwell.

Regular readers will be aware that Mr. Gradwell took command of the Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) after the retirement of former Deputy Chief Officer, and Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper. Mr. Gradwell, in an unprecedented move, went on to trash the original Investigation with the help of the local State Media and achieved little else other than to replace the mistrust of the police that Mr. Harper and his team had gained from Abuse Victims/Survivors.

It was Mr Gradwell who told us that the 65 children's teeth found up at Haut de la Garenne were left there for the tooth fairy despite some of the teeth NOT being shed naturally. It was also Mr. Gradwell who told us, in a  PRESS RELEASE,  that the cellars up at Haut de la Garenne were not cellars but along with former Deputy Bob Hill B.E.M Team Voice showed him to be less than genuine in a Blog Posting HERE.

It also became apparent that (during the LIVE Child Abuse Investigation which he was heading up) Mr. Gradwell was leaking confidential information to a "journalist" David Rose, who has a history of supporting convicted paedophiles, and had already written articles trashing the Child Abuse Investigation before Mr. Gradwell was in position as SIO.

The revelation of Mr Gradwell's unprofessional, and possibly illegal, leaking of information came about as a result of a Scrutiny Review held by former Deputy Trevor Pitman, former Deputy Daniel Wimberley and Deputy Roy Le Herissier. The resultant report to that review has been hailed as possibly the most defining report of its era. It can be read in its entirety HERE. The Report also exposed the local State Media for its disgraceful "JOURNALISM."

Extracts from the report and its transcripts are a damming indictment on the disgraced former SIO, Mr. Gradwell, to include;

From outside consultant Mike Kellett (25 year friend of Mick gradwell) giving evidence to Scrutiny Review.

"Some days after the article had appeared, I received a telephone call from Mr Gradwell in which he admitted that he had been responsible for the leak." (to sunday Mail "journalist" David Rose)

"I received two further telephone calls from Mr Gradwell on 26th June 2011 and 1st July 2011, concerning the establishment of this Sub Panel and he again acknowledged that he had been responsible." Lots more can be read HERE.

From the same review evidence given by Acting Chief Police Officer David Warcup;

"Leaking of information to the media is something which can, as I say, seriously undermine criminal inquiries and the consequences could be quite serious.  That is not serious to you or I or others, it is to the victims of crime who will not get justice through the courts."

From the Minister for Home Affairs Senator Ian Le Marquand.

"The first I was aware of an issue in relation to D/Supt Mick Gradwell was when he went public just before he left the Island and that was the first time.  I viewed this as merely a continuation of that, he had already gone public with his views to the local press, radio.  It is my understanding from David Warcup that Mick Gradwell, although he was asked very strongly not to do anything before he went, and not just by David Warcup, but I understand even by the Attorney General of the day, again this is hearsay, this is obviously what I have been told, that he had already pre-recorded interviews before he had left.  So that is the first that I was aware of an issue, and then of course my staff picked up the Mail article and they did some excellent detective work, emailing, and then sent to me the consequences of that, which clearly pointed to Mick Gradwell.  I have to say, when the issue came up again, I had completely forgotten about this, I had just totally forgotten about it.  I had to look back and find the emails and then say: “Oh yes, now I do recall it”, because it was not that significant to me once I knew it was Mick Gradwell."

It wasn't significant to Ian Le Marquand (Home Affairs Minister) that a Senior Investigating Officer could be leaking confidential information to a "journalist" during a LIVE police Investigation?

Mr. Gradwell, who told us he would take part in any Inquiry looking into Operation Rectangle DIDN'T take part in the Scrutiny Review and offered NO evidence/testimony to it. Not surprising when one considers there looks to be more than enough evidence contained in the Report to have him questioned as part of Operation Elveden.

Now one wonders if Mr. Gradwell will offer evidence to this latest  COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY chaired by Francis Oldham QC or will he be subpoenaed? How credible can his evidence be if he does turn up? Will he be arrested by Operation Elveden and unable to turn up?

Former Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper, who DID give evidence to the Scrutiny Review has also given evidence to the ongoing Committee of Inquiry and it is believed he WILL be called to give evidence in the public hearings when they begin.

Mr. Harper, and former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM, have always made themselves available to any Inquiry, and indeed to the local State Media and Citizens Media to answer all and any questions put to them - the same cannot be said for Mr. Gradwell.

Mr. Gradwell has serious questions to answer and, in the opinion of Team Voice, should be compelled/subpoenaed to appear before this Committee of Inquiry and answer these questions in public.

As regular readers would expect Team Voice will be submitting a substantial amount of evidence to the COI and will keep readers updated.............. 


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    1. Humor in the blitz -yes. Agreement in the opposition -maybe.. Facts in the JEP - Nah !

      US psychological research helps explain why a significant proportion of islanders cling to what they want to believe and resist all the uncomfortable evidence.

      Based on the Cultural cognition project at Yale Law School:

      Even for the clever and educated, peer pressure, media and tribal factors are more powerful than facts for the mentally or morally weak majority.

      The brain is a device evolved for protecting [perceived] self interest, not for protecting the truth.

    2. The link doesn't work but I think THIS is it?

  2. How can blogs like this ever be taken seriously when you make childish jokes during a serious inquiry?

    1. Well Mick Gradwell was taken seriously (by some) for coming out with the nonsense about tooth fairies in the first place. Shouldn’t that, and the leaks, be where your concerns lie?

    2. Care workers collecting teeth in a Childrens Home is not unusual you know?
      Or is it that you just make jokes featuring cartoons out of any situation you can't accept?

    3. But the “care” workers DIDN’T collect the teeth though did they? The said teeth, still having root attached and that could not have been shed naturally.

      Do you think it acceptable for a Senior Investigating Officer to be leaking information during a live Child Abuse Investigation to a “journalist” with a history of supporting convicted paedophiles? Do you believe Mick Gradwell should be questioned as part of Operation Elveden?

    4. Do you think its acceptable for a Senior Investigating Officer to be dining with News of the World Reporters and on our money?
      You cannot have it one way.

    5. Not only is it acceptable indeed it is encouraged by no less an authority than Sir Hugh Orde (ACPO President).

      It is imperative that an SIO should entertain journalists and keep a good relationship with them during a major investigation.

      At least three witnesses have testified, under oath that Mick Gradwell was leaking information, during a live Child Abuse Investigation, to a “journalist” with a history of supporting convicted paedophiles. That is a big difference to having a meal with a journalist.

  3. Who knows what secret deals were negotiated by oligarchy king-makers when Gradwell agreed to be one of the main police officials to reverse the public's perceptions about Operation Rectangle? It seems unlikely he would have moved into his initial key propaganda role without first securing high level guarantees of protection against just the sort of future questioning this inquiry want to convince us it will undertake.

    As he progressed through his fixer role in Jersey, Gradwell's lies and illegal leaks were so thoroughly exposed by you and the other evidence-based independent journalists, he and the oligarchy would have realised even then how ridiculously vulnerable they'd ALL be if ever compelled to undergo future independent scrutiny. Whether or not this inquiry compels him to answer any questions will be telling in itself. I hope I'm wrong, but I can easily imagine some special immunity or controversial exemptions and exceptions provided for him if he is even expected to participate.

    In no way do I believe the Inquiry is a waste of time, however. I think profoundly important truths will be revealed by the level of transparency permitted, the spin undertaken and limitations to accountability negotiated as part of the process. All information gained will be added to the whole, just like another volume in a series of historical accounts to be weighed against evidence and logic.

    However, Gradwell's honest participation and full disclosure, if made public, would surely bring down Jersey's power structure, despite some official grumbling heard in the past over his crude methods and his notorious media leak. So, even as the idea of Mick Gradwell and his ilk undergoing serious investigative questioning and being held accountable or officially exposed in any way seems almost preposterous to me, it is an intriguing idea. Your long term readers can undoubtedly think of a few detailed questions for him which, if honestly answered, could be game-changers for the Jersey and UK political structure. He holds profoundly important answers to questions some have bet their own substantial power, and maybe freedom, on not being asked.


  4. Well done pulling all this together Team Voice. Glad to hear you will be submitting it to the inquiry.

    Wasn't there also a former Deputy/Assistant Minister who provided the journalist David Rose with information?

    1. Yes an Assistant Health Minister stands accused of leaking an e-mail to David Rose. Not only leaking an e-mail but doctoring it before sending it. The former Assistant Minister too should be called before the Inquiry.

  5. As media personalities are finding out in the UK a crime is just that. Therefore why is the present police Chief Mike Bowron not investigating fully two crimes.

    One of the theft of Ex police chief retired Graham Powers work contract from his personal safe in his office. The same contract was - lost - by the states human resources department. The contract had a clause that PC Power would get legal protection and services paid for by the States. That would not have been comfortable for Bill Ogley, Frank Walker and Lewis to name part of the mob.

    The second perceived crime, is for high ranking police officers to feed the press lies during an on going and live police investigation and not be fully investigated and cautioned.

    About time the present police Chief Bowron, earned his large wage packet and pension and showed he had some backbone.

    1. Chief Officer Bowron, IMO, did not get his position by accident. He was THE CHOSEN ONE. and will not be ruffling any feathers by investigating the real criminals on this island.

      Chief Officer Bowron, as you rightly point out, should also be investigating former Acting Chief Officer David Warcup for the breaking, and entering, of Mr. Power's safe. I believe Rico published a Blog Posting on this subject and will see if I can get him to send the link.

  6. VFC.

    Have you got any idea if Graham Power and Lenny Harper are preparing/prepared to give evidence to the COI?
    If so can they give their evidence from the UK or will they have to come to Jersey to give it?
    Finally are they willing to come to Jersey if need be?
    Their evidence is vital for this inquiry.

    1. I believe both have, or are preparing to, give evidence. Not sure if they will need to come to Jersey but i'm led to believe they are willing to if required.

      Question is will Warcup and Gradwell make an appearance?

    2. It would be MUCH better if they come to Jersey.

      If they are actually here, in the flesh, the impact of what they say, and how they say it will be hard for the (UK and Jersey) media to ignore

  7. It should be recalled that Gradwell was appointed as CID chief in early September 2008 at the same time that HG made her allegation to the Police. Her complaint was dismissed. Any coincidence???

    1. Not only was her complaint of abuse dismissed but she was promptly deported from the island and left penniless and destitute..........On Gradwell's watch. #TheJerseyWay

    2. As an ex-copper Bob, you know that there aren't coincidences ..

      The Beano is not the Rag

  8. Would you buy a second hand car from. Mr Gradwell? I wouldn't! My Scrutiny. Panel exposed him bang to rights as leaking to the media during a live child abuse investigation. even Le. Marquand had to concede he was doing this. yet the Jersey Evening Pravda painted him as a 'whistle-blower'. Says all you need to know about their attitude to exposing child abuse cover-ups.

    1. Trevor.

      Your question to disgraced Home Affairs Minister, in the States, revealed Mr. Gradwell as the leak. Looking back on it HERE one is reminded of the local State Media's refusal to even mention it on the "news." Two ITV/CTV "Journalists" even claimed they didn't hear it!

  9. We have the best journalism in Jersey, they can even report on things that haven't even happened yet! See about Tom Daley's arrival in the island TOMORROW - reporting in the past tense!

    "medallist Tom Daley today, Sunday 11 May, brought the Queen’s Baton back to British shores in a packed welcoming ceremony in the picturesque Jersey harbour of St Aubin,"

    "Arriving in to the harbour on Jersey Port’s Pilot Boat just after 18.00, cheered on by hundreds of local well-wishers, they carried the Queen’s Baton into the historic harbour "

    "In addition to the crowds of fans and supporters, the event was also attended by a number of Jersey athletes"

    "The baton touched down at Jersey Airport at 15.40, guided to safe ground by Air Traffic Controller Simon Millitis, a former Commonwealth Games medallist"
    - this is reporting on what happened/will happen tomorrow :)

    "Tom Daley, said: “It has been a huge honour to be the first batonbearer on the British Isles and I’ve enjoyed every moment in Jersey. "

    "There was such buzz and excitement when Tom and I brought the Queen’s Baton into St Aubin harbour here in Jersey;"

    Perhaps they've got the world's first fully functioning crystal ball? If we see this published in the local media word for word, then you have to admit that they just publish press releases without bothering to do any actual reporting.........

  10. Have all the bloggers given their evidence to the Inquiry Team this week?

    1. I could never presume to speak for ALL of the Bloggers, as I don’t know them all. I am aware that a number of Bloggers have submitted a substantial amount of evidence this week with still more evidence to give.

  11. Dear Voice and Rico and Bob,

    I have just had the reply from the Inquiry Panel about my request to them to ask the States for certain key changes to the Terms of Reference. It does not look good.

    There are numerous problems with the Terms of Reference (which still allow the Inquiry to IGNORE certain key areas, and which LIMIT the kinds of abuse they are mandated to look at) and with the Protocols for the Inquiry.

    A group of stakeholders will meet with the legal team for the Inquiry. What happens if we find, as a result of this meeting that this Inquiry cannot be trusted to be full, robust and independent?

    What then?

    You guys seem to be full steam ahead, but if the COI is doomed from the start, then the more we play with it the more we legitimise it. And the establishment will be made truly happy. No need to worry for years afterwards, if ever.

    If we are convinced that it really will not deliver, we should walk away - now!

    I still do not know, I am just warning you.

    1. Daniel, you say:

      "A group of stakeholders will meet with the legal team for the Inquiry. What happens if we find, as a result of this meeting that this Inquiry cannot be trusted to be full, robust and independent?

      What then?

      You guys seem to be full steam ahead, but if the COI is doomed from the start, then the more we play with it the more we legitimise it. And the establishment will be made truly happy. No need to worry for years afterwards, if ever.

      If we are convinced that it really will not deliver, we should walk away - now!

      I still do not know, I am just warning you."

      I can reveal exclusively here on VFC that this inquiry has refused to grant me unconditional legal representation funding.

      That - in spite of every - massive - state-sponsored - no-expense-spared - publicly funded limitless disbursement - over at least the last six years - on oppressing and silencing me.

      Only an idiot would fail to draw the obvious conclusion.

      Sadly, that conclusion endorses your concerns.