Saturday, 18 February 2012

Voice For Victims

From the Guernsey Evening Press. 

Why Voice For Victims needs your support…

Saturday 18th February 2012, 2:30PM GMT.
GUERNSEY’S Court of Appeal has again reduced the sentences handed out to two local men convicted of paedophile-related offences.
Unlike the earlier – and more significant – cuts the same court applied last summer to former hotel manager Mark Gunter’s jail term, the seven judges have not explained why they believe men who seek out vilely indecent images of children deserve a softer sentence.
They may do so in a written judgement and the panel of seven may also take steps to clarify what sentencing options local courts actually have in the wake of the Gunter case, which dropped a 15-month term to just three.
From yesterday’s outcome, that is likely to be along the lines of saying Guernsey can have a deterrent sentencing policy – as long as it’s not too painful for the perpetrators.
If so, and with respect to the court, that is not good enough.
As an appeal judge, the Bailiff has already drawn attention to the public outcry that greeted Gunter virtually being let off for a crime many here view as being at the top end of the spectrum of awfulness.
Three months for looking at small children being maimed, tortured and abused in the most sexually depraved fashion but mega years for a bit of spliff…
It makes no sense even to those who rightly condemn all forms of drug use.
The Guernsey Court of Appeal will come to what conclusions it will in line with the law.
And it is precisely that which makes it so important for people to support our Voice for Victims campaign. Every signature on the petition is another call to Guernsey lawmakers to take heed of what islanders believe are appropriate sentences for paedophile offences.
This island has the right to set those and the petition provides the opportunity for people to say what penalties they think are right rather than relying on the rather shadowy process at present.
Crown Advocate Gary Perry was absolutely correct when he said that lower sentences strike at the fabric of this society.
His must not, however, remain a lone, if authoritative plea.
Support him, support justice and the abused: sign up for the Voice for Victims.(END)
How fortunate are Guernsey to have a newspaper who campaigns for the victims of Child Abuse rather than the perpetrators of it?


  1. AND ANOTHER victory for The Guernsey Press....

  2. Just take a look at the campaigning that the Guernsey Evening Press have done/are doing with "Zibby" (an abuse survivor) HERE

    Then compare and contrast that with the Jersey entire State Media. Good on you Zibby and GEP!

  3. Can anybody imagine Jersey's only "news"paper doing THIS rather than telling us how much a prawn cocktail costs in a London restaurant?

  4. isorypt And THIS is what we get here in Jersey!

  5. Might I suggest that Zibby is contacted and asked if she would like to make her excellent appeal an island wide effort with support from those in Jersey!

    Then you might see how the JP does against the GP when it comes to highlighting and helping the abuse victims.

  6. The Headline in the JEP, one would imagine, will go something like "The Lavish Lifestyle Of an ALLEGED Abuse Victim."

    The JEP, along with the rest of Jersey's State Media, is "on message" and that is to discredit those seeking the truth about the DECADES of Child Abuse that was able to "allegedly" flourish in State run institutions. Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) are the only hope Abuse Victims/Survivors have of getting their story/campaign highlighted.

  7. The St Clement special Assembly called by parishioners to discuss the Electoral Commission fiasco is at 7pm on Tuesday 21 February.
    All voters of that parish can vote in support of Deputy Le Herissier's most important amemndments to the PPC proposition inspired bt ex Bailiff Senator Bailhache.
    This is a most important meeting which anybody can attend. Without democratically elected representatives in the States you might as well close down any blogs such as this because you will soon be worse-off politically than the serfs who overthrew the despotic Jersey Royal Court in 1769.

    Wise up. If you are reading this blog and you live in Jersey you should be at St Clement tomorrow...

  8. Tom Gruchy.

    Since the ten Senators have been invited it should make for a busy evening in the world of Jersey Democracy.

    Will be interesting listening to Senator Bailhache explaining to the electors that he has a mandate to hijack the Electoral Commission!

  9. Probably the Committee of Inquiry too, but that is a different story!

    Exactly what is it with the JEP that they pour scorn on the Abuse Enquiry, the abused, and the two upstanding and honest police officers who brought this into the open, when the Guernsey Press adopt a completely opposite attitude.

    It must go quite deep into the bowels of Five Oaks I think!

  10. Can anyone have information on the new BBC Jersey production 'the Truth of the Matter'? Roger briefly announces the launch of it at 7.28a.m this morning. It is most odd as he doesn't explain what 'it' is about and says "you know what I'm talking about".......

    I suggest you listen hear it for yourselves via listen again.

  11. To be honest, I listen to Channel 103 more often than not nowadays. Listened to the playback you sent and one can only assume it would be the same old dribble we've come to expect from BBC Radio Jersey. You don't honestly believe, for a second, that they are going to start revealing the truth about the Child Abuse cover-up and related events do you? The BBC has made their bed and have no other option other than to lie in it.

  12. I live in hope ;-)

    .....and anticipate something limited, subjective, constructed and carefully edited.

  13. Good to hear Mike Dunn on radio jersey this morning. Must ask why bbc invited him to comment on tonights meeting.I was both surprised and pleased to hear him on radio again.

  14. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the Audio from today's Question time. You & your Reader's can Listen HERE

  15. Headlines Free Robert Green
    Free Robert Green

    Wednesday, 22 February 2012 11:58

    Robert Green - Sentenced to 12 months in prison
    Please write to Robert to show him your support.

    All letters must be addressed as follows

    George Robert Green




    4 Grampian Place, Aberdeen

    AB11 8FN

    Phone: 01224 238300
    Thank you for all your help!

  16. "but good support was provided by Devon and Cornwall Police who also loaned an experienced officer manager (OM) to run the MIR. "

    Could the experienced officer manager have been Matt Tapp, because he was working for Devon and Cornwall police at the time, in 2008.

    Please will someone ask Graham Power?