Monday, 23 January 2012


As a direct result of our PREVIOUS POSTING we were contacted by, and subsequently have had a meeting with, "An Insider" of the States of Jersey Police Force.

The insider, (who is neither a supporter, nor a detractor of, the Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM) contacted us after being a long time reader of the Blog and thought it would be beneficial to share with us (you the reader) a chain of thought/theory that exists from within the Police Force in Jersey.

Regular readers will be aware that Mr Power QPM was the Chief Police Officer who was suspended (possibly illegally) from duty in the middle of the biggest Child Abuse Investigation this island has ever seen. An act (the illegal(?) Suspension) that the Police Force, according to our insider, has still not recovered from and might take many years yet to recover from. Mr. Power's suspension and, subsequent events, were covered in-depth as part of an exclusive and possibly the most revealing interview ever conducted with the former Chief Officer published HERE.

Mr. Power was replaced by the discredited David Warcup, who according to our insider, united the force in one respect. Whether they (the Police Force/Civilian staff) were supporters of Graham Power, or not, the huge majority were not supporters of David Warcup, regular readers will have a good idea as to why this could be the case.

In our previous posting we published the answers given by the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, to Deputy Trevor Pitman's questions regarding the cost, and outcomes, of a number of external police investigations the Home Affairs Minister is responsible for since November 2008 to date.

The answers the Home Affairs Minister gave, regarding the cost of these Investigations, are widely believed to be just a fraction of the true cost to the taxpayer, which is something we will be following up on in an up-coming Blog.

It was the "purpose" of these external (and other internal) Police Investigations that prompted our insider to contact us. The Investigations were into Jersey Police Officers allegedly involved in professional/criminal misconduct. Unsurprisingly, to some, (in the force) out of the four separate external Investigations not one of them brought a single successful criminal or disciplinary charge against any Officer.

We have also been told there were a number of Internal disciplinary enquiries initiated by David Warcup, under the leadership of Senator Ian Le Marquand.

Since Senator Ian Le Marquand has been in post as Home Affairs Minister, our insiders tells us, there has been some kind of a witch-hunt for those who show/have shown any support for the former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM.

Whatever the claimed intention of some of these investigations the real effect has been to isolate and put under stress a number of officers who are suspected of loyalty to the former Chief Officer with the consequence that a number have left the service rather than endure what they see as persecution by the regime led by Senator LeMarquand and the now departed David Warcup.

If what our Insider tells us is fact then, Senator Le Marquand's multi million pound witch hunt is only serving to divide and demoralise the States of Jersey Police Force. Forcing good cops to leave a career they intended would be for life.

For a number of those still left in the force, we were told, they live in the daily fear at work of showing any loyalty to the Former Police Chief incase word gets back to the Home Affairs Minister and they will be next in the firing line.

Of course we have no way of verifying what our source has told us although it has been substantiate by others either in or close to the force but we offer this posting as "A Theory" It will be up to readers to draw their own conclusions. We can verify that the source is genuine and is trustworthy in our opinion.

A question arises, once more, as to why our Insider hasn't taken these concerns to Jersey's State Media and we offer this as a reason WHY.



    Worth listening to audio particularly 3.57 onward

  2. Listened back to the recording on The Jersey Way and very interesting it was too. It brought this POSTING back to light.

    Trevor Pitman was asking for Bill Ogley to be suspended, as a neutral act, while the contents of the file note from Graham Power QPM could be investigated.

    As we now all know, Ogley never did get investigated and he walked away with a reported £500,000 golden handshake........"The Jersey Way"

  3. Looks like all the chickens are coming home to roost

  4. This story sounds a bit silly. Police officers working in fear of showing support for an ex Chief of Police in case they get fired? There are over 200 people working in the SOJP and the ones who I know of just get on with the job no matter who the next person is in charge. There is no popularity competition within the Force from what I've been told.

  5. "Ogley never did get investigated and he walked away with a reported £500,000 golden handshake........"The Jersey Way"

    Are you really sure it was a golden handshake?

    I'm sure I read somewhere that it was a compensation payment because Ogley was planning to sue the States for constructive dismissal, thanks to Ozo's careless whispers...

  6. So now we have the latest external report on children's care services in Jersey - and it is yet another confirmation that the Jersey system is defective.
    Now more changes are urged to add to the many previously made and largely ignored.
    One recommendation now is to draw up a list of all the still outstanding omissions! And so it goes on - and the single most startling complaint is that still nobody is listening to the children or to the staff involved.

    Not even Ozouf can spin this latest report to present a favourable view but as always questions must be asked about the competence of the Health Minister and her team. What has really been improved during the past three years in office?

    The public must have trust in government to run such sensistive services as those for children. We cannot have access to confidential information and the children especially are entitled to their privacy in such a small community -but there is little re-assurance here that things are really improving. Who can ask the necessary questions and how might the necessary improvements ever be achieved?

  7. Tom Gruchy.

    Children in Jersey are no safer now, IMO, than they were in the 1950’s despite all these reviews etc. All that happens, just like the Verita Review, the Health Minister, Education, Minister and Home Affairs Minister (Corporate Parent) will tell the public “Lessons will be learnt” but they clearly never are hence this latest damming Report. All the time Jersey’s Children are being failed.

    You asked.

    “Who can ask the necessary questions and how might the necessary improvements ever be achieved?”

    There is one thing for sure, the State Media won’t be asking any questions. Their role is to enable this government/administration to simply spiral further and further out of control just by simply regurgitating Press Release after Press Release for them and challenging nothing.

    We have, IMO, a very sick and twisted administration in Jersey aided by the equally sick and twisted State Media. All the while children are suffering. Not only children but society in general.

  8. and to cap it all we are to believe the States of Jersey have no duty of care to children placed in such establishments?