Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lenny Harper Responds to State Media.

As a result of yesterday's (Tuesday10 Jan 2012) editorial in Jersey's only "news"paper, re-produced HERE where the paper described former SIO Mick Gradwell as a "whistle-blower" we sought, and obtained, the reaction from the man who preceded Mr Gradwell Jersey's Former Deputy Chief Officer and Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) of the Child Abuse Enquiry "Operation Rectangle" or "Jersey's Dirty Secret" as it has been described.

Mr. Harper, under the leadership of Former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power QPM, unmasked the veil of secrecy, in that children in State Run "care" Institutions, had been abused FOR DECADES. Mr. Harper, nor Mr. Power, have ever been called, by the JEP or any of Jersey's State Media "whistle-blowers." Yet Mick Gradwell is accused of leaking confidential police information, during a live Child Abuse Enquiry, to a "journalist" with a history of supporting convicted paedophiles and the JEP herald him as a whistle-blower?

Thankfully for them (The JEP) they have no credibility left to lose and this latest editorial, in our opinion, displays its total disregard for the documented facts and evidence in order to pursue their agenda of discrediting those who sought/seek the truth behind "Jersey's Dirty Secret."

Mick Gradwell was the man who told us there were NO CELLARS AT HAUT DE LA GARENNE.

The JEP wrote, about Mick Gradwell "He quite correctly identified the frantic pursuit of forensic evidence that was never there." Again we see a blatant disregard, by the JEP, to the facts. There was more forensic "evidence" than one could shake a Sh-tty stick at HERE

Once again, in our opinion, the JEP demonstrates its true agenda by making play of the oh so sacred "good name of Jersey" and they fail to acknowledge any pain and suffering of those children who were abused for decades in Jersey's State run Institutions and still fail to ask how it was able to go on for decades until Lenny Harper and his team exposed it.

In this interview with the former SIO, among much more, we hear his reaction to the JEP editorial, his opinion of the JEP and its agenda. He questions the motives of Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, and how he (Mr. Harper) believes Mick Gradwell might be auditioning for the lead role in "The Invisible Man."


  1. Finally we are getting to the bottom of this. Thanks VFC and Mr. Harper. It feels like an excellent time to have a full, open and transparent COI.

  2. Fabulous interview. It must be very uncomfortable for the oligarchy that you have such access to Lenny Harper.

    Keep up the good work. Your video coverage (eg Scrutiny, interviews) is exemplary. Yourself, Stuart and Rico are effectively Jersey Free Media.

    I love your opening and closing sequence, sound and vision. It always makes me smile. Perhaps not the most appropriate reaction, but you know what I mean.

  3. Thank you Mr. Harper for making yourself available for interviews.

    I have noticed various politicians ex politicans using the claim ''I love this Island'' as if bloggers or those that question statements given, within the house, or on blogs, damage the Island.

    On blogs I can read documented evidence see photos get pointed to Gov documents, court transcripts, afidavits etc, see first hand video interviews with questions being asked rather than feel I am being misled by press releases being sold as journalism on the couch or in the written media.

    See Trevor Pitmans latest blog post

    Not a single journalist from JEP was there, claimed Mr. Pitman, this can be verified, checked etc. I see no reason for him to lie. I think the JEP should make it clear when they publish press releases that, that is what they are, it does rather alter the message when you know where and who it comes from.

    State delivered media pr companies, pr speech writers media consultants etc etc.

  4. To put some of this into perspective. Former Police Officers in Britain get arrested for allegedly leaking information to "journalists" and this is how the Guardian Report on it. The move comes as the Met adopts a new policy towards the media that threatens officers who maintain informal contacts with journalists, and who pass on information that is not authorised, with arrest and disciplinary action.

    In Jersey, the State Media call them a whistle blower, in the real world they are potential criminals and get investigated by the police.

  5. Hope TJW recorded Deputy Trevor Pitman on BBC Radio Jersey between 17-20 and 17-30 this evening....

    Simply Brilliant!

  6. A whistleblower usually takes risk to himself to expose wrongdoings.

    What risks did Jersey's own whistleblower take. He was given everything on a plate, everything he needed to achieve his goal. Which I believe was to close the Haut De La Garenne child abuse investigation.

  7. "Which I believe was to close the Haut De La Garenne child abuse investigation."

    Indeed he brought little (if anything) else to the table but no doubt he did what he was paid to do. It's what he was paid to do is the sticky point.

  8. Paid to do with our tax payers money no doubt!?

  9. in tonights JEP Ofcom have not upheld Mr. Harpers complaints regarding CTV's award winning documentary.
    And the reason?
    The programme did not mention him and made no explicit implied critism of him. need to interview Mr. Harper in the programme.

    Mr. Harper it would seem,should not have put in a personal complaint about how he was portrayed but as to how the investigation was portrayed.
    Or am i to understand from this Ofcom decision that an event can be unfairly reported on as long as no one is named !!


  10. Thank you once again VFC and Lenny for this honest and open interview.

    The heat is on, the resolve strengthens, and the truth WILL out.

  11. It struck me whilst listening to Mr. Harper's honest and frank interview that this is a man who really has nothing to hide. And it led me to wonder why the JEP has been so virulent in the way they have portrayed him.

    So the question to Mr. Harper is this. Do you know why they have singled you out in such an appalling way? I mean, do you know something we dont or have you at any time been asked to look into specific allegations concerning individuals employed by or associated with the paper?


  12. Policeman who blew the whistle

    I get it. Gradwell blew the whistle on Harper and Power. Thats the message the JEP want to present and did.

  13. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the Audio of Deputy Pitman talking about the Electoral Commission. In the only way he know's, Straight. You can listen HERE

  14. Angus, I know little that all of you don't know now, thanks to this and other blogs!! I personally have never, as far as I recall, investigated anyone at the JEP. I had my fair share of fall-outs with some of their journalists, but by and large these were soon forgotten and we had fairly good relationships. Indeed, if you recall the glowing praise that the paper's editorial gave myself and the rest of the Senior Team following the HMIC report in 2006, they seemed to think we were on the right track. Then along came the Historic Abuse Enquiry, our refusal to bow to the intimidation of Frank Walker, Bill Ogley, and others, and it all changed. I will leave you to come to your own conclusion!! Lenny Harper

  15. Lenny.

    The JEP's stance clearly did change from being positive of yourself and Graham Power to very negative after you started investigating Child Abuse as demonstrated HERE

  16. Lenny, thank you for continuing to be there. I am pleased to see that the rag has published your letter today in response to that diatribe of an editorial published on Tuesday. I don't suppose for one minute that they will publish it online for all to see and was wondering if you could copy and paste it onto this blog site as many of VFC's readers do not buy the rag for obvious reasons. I am also curious to see if they have published your letter in full. Thank you C

  17. Lenny Harper's letter in full. Being one of the growing number of people who (on moral grounds) refuse to by the JEP if there is a JEP reader out there could you let us know if they "redacted" it?

    Mr. Harper's letter.

    Dear Sir,

    They say there are none so blind as those that do not want to see, and the JEP certainly proves that today with its defence of Mick Gradwell, the 'missing' former ubiquitous SIO of the Historical Abuse Investigation. Or perhaps it is just acute embarrassment on the part of senior JEP staff?

    The JEP speak fondly of Mr Gradwell. Among his achievements were of course peddling the misinformation that there were no 'cellars', just eighteen inch voids, something which Bob Hill and the BBC blew out of the water and which can be easily found on Youtube for those that want to look. Then there was the convenient ignoring of the juvenile bones uncovered by the dog and which were "fleshed and freshed" when buried. (Not my words, but the words of the Anthropologist in a laboratory in the UK who examined them.) And of course, his crowning achievement, the total indifference shown to the victims of the abuse and his failure to keep them updated. That of course is before we consider his recent disappearing act when he had been found out, and his leaking of documents which the Chief Constable of Wiltshire had said were so confidential that they were exempt from the UK Freedom Of Information Act, and that any disclosure would severely harm relations between the UK and Jersey.

    Some record.

    Indeed, when you look at the security classification given to some of the documents he leaked, by the Chief Constable of Wiltshire, you have to wonder why the attitude of the JEP to this breach of confidentiality is so different to the approach the paper adopted when a certain former Senator was jailed for leaking material about an alleged murderer who was still free.

    The senior editorial staff of the JEP have no credibility and are a laughing stock among the victims of abuse and those seeking the truth about how so many attempts by victims to obtain justice in the decades before we tried were so cynically blocked. This nonsense will certainly not improve that reputation.

    Lenny Harper

  18. Nice one Lenny, can't imagine the JEP having the spheres to print that!

  19. Or the BBC publishing Graham Power's statement to Wiltshire.

  20. Well they did, and I bet that stuck in the craw of whoever wrote that piece of filth at Five Oaks.

    They really did not have much choice but to give Lenny the right of reply. Shame they did not afford the JCLA the same courtesy by printing their press statement.

    Anyway, most people know where to look for the truth and facts now, hence a lot of people will not buy the RAG. Grudgingly I have to for good reason, but when that does not become necessary, rest assured, another reader lost.

    And yes, when will, or why won't the BBC reproduce Graham Power's statement??

  21. Lenny's letter, first para, the word "editorial" added between its and defence.

    "Or perhaps it is just acute embarrassment on the part of the senior JEP staff" missing from end of first para.

    Other than that, no other redactions found.

  22. Just about sums it up really. They can’t even be trusted to cut and paste accurately!

  23. Lennys letter has been published but we are not allowed to comment,I wonder why?

  24. Lenny your article was published, do we know if it was published in full?

    Will the JEP now run editorial comment supporting the Committee of Inquiry for the abuse victims, or address issues surrounding the part played by Mr. Gradwell in closing of the HDLG child abuse investigation and those still damaging Jerseys reputation.

  25. Surprising they aren’t allowing comments; they usually take these as opportunities to let through comments from the likes of “B. Riantz of 29 Belmont rd” and “Rico” etc. Chances are, it would never have got published at all if it wasn’t for us Pesky Bloggers!

  26. skimming through now Lennys letter & comparing. they added a word editorial, took out the word ''missing'' left following para out. Or perhaps it is just acute embarrassment on the part of senior JEP staff?

    will carry on checking...

  27. Lenny's version

    "and the JEP certainly proves that today with its defence of Mick Gradwell, the 'missing' former ubiquitous SIO"

    and the JEP's version

    "and the JEP certainly proves that today with its editorial defence of Mick Gradwell, the former ubiquitous SIO"


    Interesting. By inserting "editorial" they appear to be trying to distance the paper's "view" from that of the writer of the editorial. Most real journalists would see this as a "fail".

    In paperland, editorials do not have to conform to the "opinion" of the paper itself but they are normally presumed to do so - see Wiki on editorials

  28. I was speaking to Trevor Pitman today about the election commission sham. According to him he sent a press release outlining his concerns at Ballsache hi hacking this to all four of our media outlets.

    I saw an interview with Trevor tonight on Channel and I was told that he was also on BBC Radio about the issue last night. Don't know about 103 because I never listen to all that awful disco rubbish they play all day. But in the JEP NOTHING.

    Isn't it strange how time and time again the only way we get two sides of a story is by refusing to buckle and trying again and again. The JEP. Come on chaps own up why are you denying us the public any view that differes to that of our glorious leaders? Shame on you.

  29. Is their any, defence for Mr. Gradwell leaking to a journalist whos article condemned the investigation, whilst at the same time Mr. Gradwell position being D/Supt / Senior investigating officer of the investigation.

  30. The troll is now on channel on line calling himself 'alan' and praising Bailache. What a surpize. All in it together.

  31. “Is their any, defence for Mr. Gradwell leaking to a journalist whos article condemned the investigation,”

    Only in the “JEP world.” In the real world he’s a potential criminal, but he trashed a Child Abuse Investigation, so to the JEP he’s a “whistle-blower.”

  32. A reader says:

    "Is there any, defence for Mr. Gradwell leaking to a journalist whose article condemned the investigation, whilst at the same time Mr. Gradwell position being D/Supt / Senior investigating officer of the investigation?"


    There is not.

    And even though many people reading this blog will be very familiar with the issues, I wonder if the magnitude of events hasn't gone over the heads, of even sympathetic individuals?

    Let's be clear about this - there is no defence for Gradwell - leaking misleading and distorted information - to a known child-abuse denier - with the evidenced intention to damage and sabotaged the child abuse investigation - whilst Gradwell was leading the child abuse investigation.

    And Gradwell - in these actions was no eccentric rogue individual.

    He was employed, directed and required, to act as he did - by the Jersey authorities.

    This is The End for the Jersey oligarchy.


  33. Mr Harpers letter is simply brilliant. If the editors had't written such piffle Mr Harper would have remained quiet.

  34. A little information for Angus Fairhurst:

    It's fascinating what people let slip when they think people aren't watching, or when they think they're writing a piece for a light local interest book.

    For example: Daff Noel compiled a book of reminiscences called We Too Remember When. Trivial stuff, mostly: apart from where it tells you how Frank Walker, Philip Bailhache and John Averty all went to prep school together... Frank's family still own Guiton Group, while John Averty is also a Guiton director and now a director at Guiton's UK parent, Claverley Media...

  35. A comment from South America:

    Stuart Syvret is quite right about the magnitude of Gradwell's unethical leak during an active investigation, the purpose of which could only be to serve the masters of the abuse cover up.

    There are times when police officers selectively leak proprietary information to trusted members of the media for the sake of the greater public interest. Such leaks may be considered highly controversial, yet in cases of public safety, for example, the press and public may come to depend on carefully handled media leaks to serve a higher cause of social justice.

    What Gradwell did was astonishing in terms of his clearly unjust intent because he deliberately set about to compromise solid future court cases for abuse victims. His own efforts defied all of the professionally accepted principles and practices of good policing, and he served only to corrupt and disparage an investigation already several decades late.

    Yet what this says about Gradwell is minor compared to what it says about the Jersey system of justice and the Jersey state media. No ethical police department - and certainly no honorable media outlet - would ever justify the support for Gradwell expressed by the local media and a number of powerful Jersey politicians.

    Let us all hope that it is indeed "The End" for the Jersey power structure. They have seriously overplayed their hand if they think the rest of the world, or even really any individual outside of Jersey, will believe a single bit of the fact defying nonsense they are claiming. The pro-cover-up public comments published online only serve to undermine outsider respect for the Jersey locals' comprehension of the known facts.

    We should not be at all surprised to see this story of cover-up and corruption explode on the international media scene all over again, just like the original Haut De La Garenne coverage. Consider how the original media sensation was mostly focused on perpetrators who had committed historic crimes. How much more serious is a story as shocking as the original, but with the added twist of a truly current cover- up by the powerful governmental administrators of a notoriously secretive tax haven?

    Serves all those involved right if the world learns the truth. Mark these words: there is simply no one more hated in this world than rich and powerful people responsible for the abuse of fragile children.

  36. Excellently crafted comment from South America.

    Prosecution rests.


  37. "it tells you how Frank Walker, Philip Bailhache and John Averty all went to prep school together"

    That is really interesting.

  38. Interesting how the JEP changed words to "Editorial" because I just read it in their JEP Opinion section which to my mindset would be saying that is the JEPs opinion not that of an editorial peice.

    I suppose I may have read to much into it, either that or i picked up on something no one else has!

  39. It was ALWAYS a very foolish move to have used Martin Grime's dog Eddie for TWO cover-up's. Of course at the time the British Goverment nor the McCann's had knowledge that the Police Investigation would be published online with more lies in their statements than my Granny had in her stockings.

    Kate also exonerating herself through Jersey...tut tut that woman has one big mouth!

    On top of that we have a paedophile allegation that would stop the FUND in it's track...I am just going to get you the link.

  40. Jersey and the McCann case are connected, expose one, you expose the other, cadaver dog Eddie is the key, that and Freemason's and paedophilia keeping a fraudulent fund afloat.

  41. Bright and Shipley only maybe reluctenly approved that editorial. They didnt necessarely write it.

    No one would dare put a name to that final nail in the Rags coffin.

  42. A link for the Guardian and some stunning revelations.

    I was curious as to why Nick Davies during the Leveson inquiry made light of Jersey child abuse and cadaver dog Eddie ALSO the poor McCanns !. I wrote to Nick , several times, he did not reply. The Guardian are not what they seem.

    We only have ourselves to rely on to dig and expose the truth no matter how long it takes. Mainstream media are a propaganda tool to brainwash the minds of those who cannot think for themselves, 'Well if the Guardian print it, it must be true ' attitude.

    Have a good week-end

  43. A reader says:

    "Bright and Shipley only maybe reluctantly approved that editorial. They didn't necessarily write it."

    Chris Bright and Rob Shipley will have been in agreement with that leader comment.

    Both men have repeatedly demonstrated their unwavering support for the Jersey oligarchy line over many years.

    And if by some chance they don't actually agree with all of the many despicable things the JEP has done - the countless betrayals of this community - then in many ways that would be even worse.

    It would mean they had conducted the senior, professional years of their careers under the "only obeying orders" delusion.

    If so, there can be no excuse - no redemption.

    Both men are independently wealthy and very secure. They could have walked away - refused to do Averty and Co's bidding. People with far less wealth and security have made sacrifices to do what is right.

    Certainly, if any employers had required me to write or publish that ethically and intellectually bankrupt editorial - a screed of lies designed to protect child abusers - I would have refused, told them what to do with their job - and would have spoken to the national press.

    But it's a moot speculation - as no individual ever gets into a senior position at the JEP unless they're very much "on-message" - and in agreement with the "party line".


  44. Serious questions still remain over the impartiality and motives of the Home Affairs Minister Senator IAN LE MARQUAND

  45. Having a problem with the links. The above link should take the reader to 5m and 32s into the interview.

  46. 'Both men have repeatedly demonstrated their unwavering support for the Jersey oligarchy line over many years.'

    Just like your blog shows unwavering support for a perpetual liar who never proves anything.

    It's hardly surprising Citizen's media is banned from Scrutiny meetings.

  47. Had to let that comment through to demonstrate the typical “Troll comment.” No facts, no evidence, no credible challenge, and nothing but wild allegations, again not supported by any factual evidence. This Blog does not knowingly support any liars, nor does it support any “person.” What it does support is the fight for a non-politicized judicial system, a separation of powers, truth, honesty, integrity, and justice for the abuse survivors, an end to feudalism. It supports the need for an end to the State Controlled Media, speaking of which, why (after being in possession of it for more than three months) won’t the BBC publish the Former Police Chief’s defense statement to the disgraced and discredited Wiltshire Report?

  48. , "why (after being in possession of it for more than three months) won’t the BBC publish the Former Police Chief’s defense statement to the disgraced and discredited Wiltshire Report?" because they have been told not to by those who are covering up the truth? What other rational reason could there be?

  49. Has Stuart taken his blog down? I can't get it. I was going to pass him a message but I'm reluctant to send him an e-mail if there is a risk it may be seen by the oligarchy.

  50. Because of BBC local radio's access to the public,(for example phone ins and talk backs) is getting less accessable by the day.

    Their subject matter, quality of programs and therefore their listenership.

    Is suffering.

    Bring back Christie Tucker, for a bit of a laugh!

  51. Stuarts blog is OK.
    My apologies for the unnecessary scare.


  52. Under the BBC's agreement with the States of Jersey to provide a "community radio station" is the obligation to have a "listeners panel" - to advise the BBC on all matters affecting the content of cummunity programmes provided etc and all matters relating to other services which affect Bailiwick interests.
    That there are currently vacancies on this panel for Jersey has been often advertised recently - shall any of those expressing views here about the BBC be applying?
    The panel is supposed to represent as wide a cross section of "non political" people as possible. I don't know how cross they can be but somebody with critical views at least should be offering to join surely? Has anybody tried recently and been refused?

  53. Tom Gruchy.

    For the likes of us Bloggers who have exposed the BBC's "failings" or as some might put it "complicity" there is little point in bothering to apply to be part of this panel. The wider world is becoming more aware, through the internet and Blogs of how the BBC operates, and being part of the panel would serve little purpose even if they were to allow a dissenting voice onto it.

  54. Another excellent post. There is also aother very good one just been put up by Deputy Trevor Pitman which also shows just how the oligarchy really work. If only the MSM had journalists as good as you, Rico, Stuart and Trevor.

  55. You flatter yourselves if you think that you have revealed anything very new about the biased broadcasting co.
    The role of the local station has been obvious ever since it started polluting the airwaves and the national organisation has always peddled a very limited range of views and opinions.
    You have discovered it for yourselves as many have already done so in the past but you should not underate the value of being better informed from within the organisation.

  56. What a corrupt and filth stenched the UK is. I had holidays booked for Jersey but after this NO WAY. Its disgusting and as always the guilty are protected. The McCann case was also protected. No charges of child neglect / abandonment and they walked free. Eddie and Keela also detected cadaver on Healys clothes the apartment ( no one had ever died there ) and hire car. Then a fake fund which they use to TRY sue and silence those who expose them. What were a whole squad of NHS doing over there and clearing off as news was breaking of the faked abduction ? This needs exposed and brought to trial. Jimmy Saville denied being at the Jersey home despite photos of him there another who threatned to sue if anything came out. These people need putting down. They are a danger to children. Well done Lenny for exposing the filth. They fear expose but didn't give a toss for the poor innocent childrens fear. May these vile people rot in hell.