Monday, 25 October 2010

Leaks, trust and Credibility.

After today’s announcement that Mike Bowron is the preferred choice of our Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand, to be our next Chief Police Officer very serious and very probing questions need to be asked of our “accredited” media.

These questions should go right to the very top echelons of the BBC, ITV and the “Independent” Press Complaints Commission, or whoever it is that are tasked with the job of watching over the JEP .

The Home Affairs Minister’s announcement raises many, many questions to the credibility and trustworthiness of our “accredited” media. Regular Readers/viewers of this site will be aware that we were provided with information, not only to the identity of the new (subject to States approval) Chief Police Officer, but the alleged “cover story” that enabled David Warcup to secure his pension, that the selection process was just a PR exercise, Mr. Bowron was “the chosen one” before the selection process had even commenced and  It enabled him (David Warcup) to resign before the Napier report became public and thereby claim that he was leaving because of political and Blog criticism.

After doing everything we could to substantiate the information we were given, we decided to publish it HERE.

NINE DAYS LATER the “accredited” media announce that Mike Bowron is “the chosen one”. It is a known fact that the “accredited” media read this Blog, and have in the past, used it as a source for their own news, but why not this story? So a few of the questions that need to be asked are “how long have they been in possession of this information?” How is it that they report it as “news” NINE DAYS after it appeared on here? Why wasn’t this information provided directly to them? And many more questions besides.

For now we’ll just concentrate on the “trustworthiness” of the “accredited” media, their credibility and that of Team Voice. If this information wasn’t given to the accredited media, then why not? Could it be that they could not be trusted with it? And Team Voice could? Let us just suppose they were provided with this information then we must ask, why didn’t they report it? Are they as “independent” as they claim to be? Were they “encouraged” by our powers that be to keep it under wraps? If so then how can they claim to be an independent media? Either scenario suggests that they cannot be trusted.

As for the credibility, we at Team Voice, believe ours has never been in question. That is because, to the best of our (somewhat limited in comparison to the “accredited” media) ability, we research the facts and rely on documentation to substantiate these facts. We do as best we can to only publish evidenced facts. By doing this and reporting “in-depth” on the more embarrassing (to our government) stories we have gained the trust of some very courageous, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and conscientious people from inside the very heart of our government/Civil Service. These contacts can not be thanked enough, they are taking a huge risk to their livelihoods, their pensions, mortgages and so forth in order to have the truth told. They are, along with the Abuse Survivors, the unsung heroes in this very dark period in Jersey’s History……But why are they not giving, or leaking, this information to the “accredited” and “independent” media?

Our source was right about the name of the successful candidate and it is reasonable to assume that they were also right about the other things in the same story. Or are we to assume that getting the name right was a lucky guess and the rest should be ignored? This is further evidence of how Ministers could be systematically lying to the public about these issues and how the "accredited” media are falling for it hook line and sinker, or are complicit in their party line and deliberately keeping the public ignorant. If Ministers are willing to lie and cover up about these things what else are they willing to lie/cover up about??   Can anything they say be trusted and can we believe anything the Jersey media repeats on their behalf?

It must be said that we (Team Voice) know little about Mr Bowron himself apart from what is available on the internet. From what we do know he appears to be a respected and capable officer and wish him well in his new position. However, his apparent (alleged) association with David Warcup and the "cover story" for Warcup’s departure is not a good start and we hope that Mr Bowron will take an early opportunity to assert his independence from the “untrustworthy?” political leadership of this island. We hope that he will strive to create a politically independent Police Force. We hope that he will also strive to rigorously pursue the perpetrators of Child Abuse and bring them to justice without fear or favour.

What (or who) must also be in serious question is the Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand. Regular readers/viewers will be aware that he gave the Wiltshire Report to the “accredited” media before he gave it to his fellow States Members as we reported, with geat thanks to Deputy Trevor Pitman, HERE, with a follow up

Despite all the promises made about keeping Members informed, he (ILM) has again failed to show respect to his colleagues. We have just checked the States website and there is no proposition lodged to appoint the next Chief Police Officer. Given the concerns about the Police Chiefs one would have hoped that ILM would have ensured that proper etiquette was followed and his fellow States Members wouldn’t have to learn about it through the “accredited” media…………..or on here!

The credibility, trust and independence of our “accredited” media are seriously in question. If any of it was in any doubt concerning Team Voice then this should now have been dispelled……………You heard it HERE  first.

Submitted by Team Voice..........A media you can trust.


  1. What a bizarre posting V.F.C

    Looks like we had the SAME idea, right about the same time!!!

    Think my picture is prettier than yours though?


    Q/. What Is Your View Of Jersey's "Accredited Media" In A Nutshell?

    1. Doing a spiffing job = 5 votes
    2. Very Professional = 2 votes
    3. Transparent & accurate reporting = 0 votes
    4. Interesting and refined = 1 vote
    5. A laughing stock!!! = 41 votes

    The people have spoken, 83% find Jersey's 'accredited media' a Laughing Stock!!!

  2. Well done Team Voice you show up the so called accredited media for what they are so far up Jerseys Governments ar** they would not publish anything with out the Government's permission they are exactly like Pravda in Soviet Russia only publish what the government wants

  3. Brilliant work VFC. Keep on blogging.

  4. You guy's should start your own newspaper, get some financial backing and do it.

    Team Voice have shown us that we just cannot trust Jersey's disinformation junkies (JEP, BBC Jersey, Channel Online) any longer, it's just one lie and cover up after another.

  5. How on earth did you people get this information nine days before the normal media?

    I am impressed.

  6. The thing is, was this the preferred choice or the chosen one.

  7. You little beauty. Spot on

  8. Excellent work VFC

    Nailed it

    My God you nailed it.

  9. Team Voice

    Just bringing you the news our local media cant


  10. Rico.

    Is that can't or "won't?" in fact it's probably both!

  11. "How on earth did you people get this information nine days before the normal media?"

    We believe it is because we are trusted and the "normal" media aren't. It's certainly not the first time we have been given information that has not been trusted to the "accredited" media and dare say that it won't be the last!

  12. These contacts can not be thanked enough, they are taking a huge risk to their livelihoods, their pensions, mortgages and so forth in order to have the truth told. They are, along with the Abuse Survivors, the unsung heroes in this very dark period in Jersey’s History……But why are they not giving, or leaking, this information to the “accredited” and “independent” media?

    That alone should be enough for the new bbc man to call an emergency meeting. They have no credibility full stop

  13. Dudes! Team Voice rocks!

  14. Update.

    States Members were “officially” informed at 3.30 yesterday afternoon of the “chosen one” Mike Bowron. Although we (Team Voice) had published his name 9 days previously.

    So it was on BBC Radio Jersey “news” at and then the Press Release was sent to States Members five and a half hours later…….very professional Senator Le Marquand…..very professional.

    States members should feel a little priviliged really.....They heard about it only hours after the "accredited" media. Unlike the Wiltshire Report which was given to the "accredited" media DAYS before it was given to States Members. Not to mention that States Members were actually "refused" a copy of Wiltshire!

  15. Firstly VFC, and the brave person who has the courage to trust you with information, well done and thanks. There was no doubt in my mind that the disclosure you made over a week ago before the accredited media and Ian Le Marquand would prove to be correct.

    I think this shows the power and impact blogs are having in getting facts and news into the public domain, and I am sure your visitors grow and grow.

    Well, what can we expect of Mr Le Marquand? He seems to treat his fellow politicians and the electorate with contempt and arrogance. Have you had any response to your e-mails yet VFC? I bet the answer is no.

    The man has proved to be a great disappointment, and I wonder how he will fare in the next elections? He did not get my vote last time and certainly has done nothing to earn it next time.

  16. It would appear that Le sewer and Le Marquand have as much contempt for States members, as they do for bloggers?

  17. Well done again VFC. I am a new reader of your blog but will be taking you very seriously.

  18. Have you ever thought that nobody actually cares who the next Chief of Police is?

    Sorry, I fail to see what you are getting at here. A new appointment which means nothing to anybody, whoopie.

  19. "Sorry, I fail to see what you are getting at here. A new appointment which means nothing to anybody, whoopie."

    It was the BBC who chose to put it as their headline news yesterday. I agree that it is no longer real news as we published 10 days ago!

  20. Jill.

    " Have you had any response to your e-mails yet VFC? I bet the answer is no."

    You bet right Jill. He has been sent another one today. If he continues to ignore the e-mails and refuses to answer the very valid questions in them, then I will be making a complaint to PPC regarding his Ministerial code of conduct.

  21. "Sorry, I fail to see what you are getting at here. A new appointment which means nothing to anybody, whoopie."

    It was the BBC who chose to put it as their headline news yesterday. I agree that it is no longer real news as we published 10 days ago!

    And today it's front page of the JEP.....10 days after it appearing on here.

    Still "A new appointment which means nothing to anybody, whoopie."

    Shouldn't this have been posted on one of the "accredited" media sites??

  22. ILM on radio Guernsey this morning. He just doesn't want to put the issue to bed as much as TLS, as he claimed that the HDLG investigation was successful in exposing the incompetence of two top policemen.

    Quite why he thought that was what the Guernsey people needed to know about, I do not know. Although, for many in Guernsey he could have been talking about Warcup and Gradwell!

  23. Mischief making on the JEP comments regarding the article on the new police chief. I have posted the following on there. Whether or not it is published remains to be seen!

    'I am surprised at your comments Rob and Rico knowing how you are both suppporters of the abuse victims!

    Let us just hope and pray that this new chief detaches from politics and has not been brought here to further the abuse enquiry.

    Other than that, good luck to him. He will be open to a lot of scrutiny'.

    I am not in the slightest surprised at the lack of any response from ILeM to you, and it may bring him up a step or two for you to make a complaint to PPC.

    Furthermore, I am disgusted that this man has chosen to continue to rubbish Lenny and Graham Power on Guernsey radio. What a nasty, spiteful man I am very sorry to say. Think it's going away Mr Le Marquand? - well it ain't.

  24. Le Marquand has cemented his place in history as a Collaborator

  25. what ever the qualifications of the new Police Chief it will count for nothing in Jersey. If ''they'' do not want child abusers prosecuted then prosecution will not happen. Check how many have not been prosecuted for one reason or a hundred.

  26. Re Jill Gracia, "Mischief making on the JEP comments regarding the article on the new police chief."

    Thanks, Jill, if that is really you and not Gazza. I know that he protects my reputation as well ;)

  27. Sorry, apropos my previous comment I did mean 'further RUBBISH the abuse enquiry'.

  28. Past statements (might be October 2010) by Mike Bowron, gives us an idea why he was chosen by Ogley and Co:

    “You need to be as comfortable at a reception with a glass of champagne in your hand as you are dealing with an exercise in counter-terrorism,” says Mike Bowron, Commissioner of the City of London Police.


    he says. “After 7/7 [in July 2005, 52 people died in four explosions around London] it was important to keep investor confidence high and the markets stable. I’m proud that we contributed to that.”


    He believes his job is easily defined: to create a safe environment that allows everyone else to get on with the job of making as much money as possible. “Visibility is important: we operate a rule, that you should never go longer than 10 minutes without seeing a policeman,” he says. “But we must also be at the cutting edge of techniques for combating fraud and terrorism.”


    So what keeps him in the job? “It’s the buzz. You’re in the centre of London where everything is happening. I love it.” His wife, Karen, is a detective constable in the British Transport Police. “I’m lucky: we come as a team and I couldn’t do it without her,” he says.

    above extracts from here

  29. Mike Bowron learns from mistakes:-

    Today, the internal review made seven recommendations.

    Among them were that "when dealing with regulatory bodies (such as the British Horseracing Authority for example) as part of an investigation, the force should ensure there is a formal framework in place to govern the relationship".

    Commander Patrick Rice, who led the review, said: "We have been thorough in our efforts to identify exactly what we could have done better - or differently.

    "We got a lot of things right, including the overall direction and control of the investigation. However, we have also identified some areas where we need to tighten up our processes and modify our ways of working."


    The City of London police commissioner, Mike Bowron, said: " Most of the learning has already been put into practice. We will now be working to implement the remainder without delay."

    extract from here

  30. "However, we have also identified some areas where we need to tighten up our processes and modify our ways of working."

    Bloddy hell, he'd better not let Terry Le Sueur or Ian Le Marquand see that. They will use it as "justification" to suspend him if he doesn't play ball!

  31. If you're in the SOJP force, any bad behaviour will not be tolerated by the incoming new boss.

    Police officer facing sack for chanting obscene football song...


  32. Anonymous at 26 October 2010 17:58 said "Le Marquand has cemented his place in history as a Collaborator," and I would propose the consistent use of that term "collaborator" for all those who have earned that same place with him in future history books. They just don't ever see it coming, do they!


    p.s. word verification: subrat

  33. To the commenter that left this.

    "If you're in the SOJP force, any bad behaviour will not be tolerated by the incoming new boss.

    Police officer facing sack for chanting obscene football song...


    The link doesn't work.


    Police officer facing sack for chanting obscene football song...

  35. Chanting on a train?

    If Mr Bowron is that honourable, we will have about 10 policemen left in Jersey by the end of January....

  36. A poster commented on ILM slagging off Graham Power and Lenny Harper on BBC radio Guernsey

    Here's the link it's at approx 1:31

    BBC Guernsey ILM

  37. Mac.

    Thanks for the link. If you had heard ILM on the "Hometime" programme on Monday on BBC Radio Jersey, just after the 5 o'clock news, then you would realise just how out of control this bloke is.

    He really needs reigning in by his puppet masters because he is going completely off the rails.

    Not only has he lost any sense of justice that he MIGHT have had at one time, but now he thinks it's OK to go on a live radio show and make aalegations about his fellow colleagues, the bloke has completely lost the plot.........if he ever had it!!!

  38. I think he did have it before he stepped into the political arena. Cetainly that was my experience. I witnessed his honesty and decency first hand and in many ways I have him to thank for the way I re-balanced my life. But....

    It's a shame that the political zietgeist puts it's shoulder to a cause based on a 'popularity defence' at all costs whilst trashing those values so carefully nurtured over many years.

    And I feel the same about TLS. I know his family of old. Great family. He has a lovely daughter that went to Beaulieu and I know for a stone cold fact that he donates large sums of money to really good charities anonymously.

    So what happens when elected? Is being part of the 'jersey way' just a bridge too far? Is public life just not what it was meant to be? A denigration of ones personal values into that of a utilitarian 'groupthink'?

    It's all very odd and I find myself increasingly more distanced from it all. Keep going VFC, you ask the right questions, uncomfortable as they may be.

  39. Ole Razzy.

    In "briefing note 5" the former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM had, among many other things, this to say about Senator Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand.

    "So what happened to Justice?

    It has been said that a Fascist is a Liberal who has just been mugged. I am inclined to wonder whether an autocrat is a Magistrate who has been appointed Minister for Home Affairs.

    There are two principles of Justice which most people know and respect. One is that a person who is not proved guilty is presumed innocent. Another is that judgement should not be reached until both sides of the case have been heard.

    As the Island’s Magistrate, Ian le Marquand was generally respected for upholding both principles. So what happened to him once he was “anointed” as the Minister for Home Affairs?"

    Now ILM has found a man guilty, who should be presumed innocent, on nothing more than a few allegations, that Graham Power has been denied the right to defend in a fair and impartial hearing.

    The names "Ian Le Marquand" and "justice" should never again appear in the same sentence.

  40. Also taken from "briefing note number 5".

    "If his own claims on live radio are to be believed then he is shortly about to engage in a public diatribe in which he will denounce the actions of the writer who is still, at the time of writing, Chief Officer of the States Police. I am of course the same person who has been subject to a suspension and disciplinary investigation lasting 21 months and costing Jersey taxpayers, of which I am one, an admitted sum of well over one million pounds, and a suspected real sum of considerably more.

    All proceedings are now abandoned and there will be no charges and no hearing. By anyone’s fair reckoning that is an acquittal. It can be nothing else. All proceedings are abandoned. I am convicted of nothing and therefore innocent of everything. Everyone understands that. Everyone that is apart from the Minister for Home Affairs (the person charged with promoting justice in the island no less.) He apparently thinks that his abandonment of the case (and a lot of our money as well) now entitles him to put on a road-show intended to demonstrate that I was guilty all along, it was just that he was not clever enough or fast enough to do anything about it (should he be admitting that??)
    But it does not stop there.

    According to his own reported comments his presentation will entertain no nonsense about any defence case in respect of the allegations. We will hear the case for the prosecution, but anything of value to the defence will be edited out or banned. It is also claimed that the Minister will express his confidence that had the matter gone to a disciplinary hearing then I would have been found guilty on all counts.

    In that respect I have to confess that he is probably right. I say this because according to my latest information the Minister intended to appoint himself as both prosecutor and judge in the case. While such an arrangement (or something very similar) is not entirely unknown in the Jersey context, it might not accord with what the man or woman in the street considers fair, although it must be doubted whether the Minister would consider that important.

    And if, reader, you consider this all very amusing and distant from your own concerns, then remember what has been said by many from the very beginning of this saga. If they can do this to me and get away with it...............think what they could do to you. Then it might not be so funny."

    Graham Power qpm

  41. Thank you Graham for that post.
    I do not find it in the slightest bit amusing I find it more than disgusting and extremely worrying

  42. Sadly the police are used as fodder and lackies to the ruling elite, and what more proof of being cannon fodder than Graham Power and Lennie Harper, what more proof of being lackies than Gradwell and Weirdop.

    The mainland also suffers this.

    word verification 'gutter'.

  43. Is ILM the full shilling?

  44. Can someone please tell me if warcup new bowron before the interview process began

  45. "Can someone please tell me if warcup new bowron before the interview process began"

    This was taken from "The Chosen one"

    “So Napier was delayed until after August 2010, but why that date?? Because that was the date by which WARCUP would have achieved two years service in the Force and thereby qualified for a public sector pension based on his final salary (that of course being the Chief Officers Salary due to his Acting role.) But before resigning he had already lined up his chosen successor in collusion with the Minister for Home Affairs. That person was Mike Bowron, Commissioner of the City of London Police.”

    So if that information is correct, and we have every reason to believe that it is, then the answer to your question would have to be "yes"....but stand to be corrected.

  46. There is only one person who really knows the truth about the police handling of the historic child abuse investigation that is Andy Baker from ACPO.

    How this chat has not been tracked down and interviewed is amazing. He would know exactly what went on and how the police handled certain issues.

    The wilts 'tor' was ACPO/NPIA based. Vfc did wilts interview Andy Baker? if not why not....

  47. what with pensions for warcop cost of napier cost of wiltshire report and then TLS on channel news saying GST gooing up and he is going to reign in expenses the guy needs have a word with himself.

  48. "Vfc did wilts interview Andy Baker? if not why not...."

    I'm not sure right now but will try and find out. No point in e-mailing Ian Le Marquand though as he doesn't reply to them.

  49. Andy Baker was interviewed by Wiltshire. but baring in mind he said to Andrew Lewis, "the investigation was a "shining example" of how to conduct an enquiry of that nature."

    One should imagine that much of what Andy Baker had to say didn't suit the agenda of certain people so more than likely ended up in that filthy great redaction machine AND WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY.

  50. I would like to say keep up the great work VFC & Rico.
    I am just writing this to air my views about our Media, they are a joke as we all know.
    I read this today on BBC Jersey Online- end sentence was:-
    One member of staff who worked at Haut de la Garenne has been convicted as part of the investigation.
    Well I went ballistic reading this & I have made a formal complaint to them over this, as I stated to them we are sick to death of their cowboy media. So I am waiting to see what they come back with. Some Billy Bull S*** no doubt. Like I said to them it is not a just talking about a lost cat it is people lifes that get affected by media like this & we have suffered & had enough of this Government & Media.