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Although Team Voice (or any Blogger) are under no obligation to provide our readers with a “balance” to our publications, It is something that we actively encourage. We allow comments through that disagree with our opinion within reason. We don’t, however, allow comments through that threaten us and our children with death and physical harm.

We are very eager to stimulate debate on facts, evidence and documentation, and strive to have both sides of a story told. Unfortunately these (facts, evidence and documentation) are in very short supply when it comes to disproving our theories or opinions. So a small number of commenters resort to name calling and threats which we, for obvious reasons, won’t publish. We do however take on-board as much of the feedback we receive as possible, which is the subject of the e-mail (below) to Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand. We hope it goes some way to assure our readers that not only do we listen to their feedback, we act on it.

Alas the balance to our published items is very hard to obtain, and in particular, from Senator Le Marquand. For months we have been asking him to show us some “evidence” or “proof” that will explain how a piece of child’s skull containing 1.6 per cent collagen (only found in Mammals) can turn into a piece of Coconut. He has consistently failed to give us this proof or evidence, but more about that in an up-coming Blog.

The e-mail below is a result of a comment left on Rico Sorda’s Blog, as is explained in the e-mail itself. It was sent FIVE DAYS AGO and we have not even had an acknowledgement of it let alone any kind of a reply, but this is typical of our Home Affairs Minister and demonstrates the difficulties we endure in bringing our readers a balanced item.

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date Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 6:58 PM

subject Balance.


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After a comment being left on Rico Sorda's Blog asking "have you bothered interviewing any other copper" concerning Operation Rectangle/Haven etc. I had to concede that no we haven't bothered.

This is partly because I am as sure as I can be, had I attempted to request this, either the e-mail itself would have been ignored or the request. As it is I would very much like to interview the retiring Acting Chief Police Officer David Warcup. I'm led to believe that "coincidentally" he is off island despite the release of the Napier Report.

Mr. Warcup has come in for some criticism on the Team Voice Blogs, he obviously believes our Blogs are influential as he cites them as part of the reasons he doesn't want the job anymore. With the "influential sketch" in mind along with the "criticisms" that have been levelled at him on our Blogs, I/we (Team Voice) would like (very much) to offer Mr. Warcup an interview in order that he can put across "his side of the story".

This would serve a couple of purposes. Firstly it will offer our readers/viewers a more balanced picture, it will demonstrate that Bloggers do indeed offer a right of reply and are keen to have our readers/viewers as well informed as possible. It will also serve the purpose of Mr. Warcup, possibly silencing his critics, putting the record straight and defending his position.

I am happy to assure Mr. Warcup and yourself that the video will be published un-edited if you have the mis-placed reservation that it might be edited to suit our agenda.

VFC. (End e-mail)

Of course it goes without saying, that should Mr. Warcup agree to an interview we shall publish it as soon as. On the other hand, if he declines the invitation, then this will say more about Acting Chief Officer Mr. Warcup than it will Team Voice...............We're not holding our breath.

Submitted by Team Voice.


  1. Interview?

    I would be surprised if he sets foot on the island again, let alone agree's to be interviewed, and especially by Team Voice!!!

    Smart criminals know when to keep their traps shut, but some of their associates don't.

    It is only a matter of time before someone shoots off, they are truly worried.

  2. No point charging the battery he has done one already. Oh and a nice pension to boot. Foot stamping all round please


  3. Surely he hasn't done one without showing "the chosen one" the ropes, whoever it might be?

  4. Done a runner?? Surely not.

    That must mean he owes the people of Jersey a couple of months salary. Naughty, naughty politicians and bloggers for frightening our Police Chief to this extent. To think he did not even say goodbye and thank you.

    However, as to the content of your post I would say - breath, hold, don't, please. We need you, and I am sure you are aware that our esteemed Home Affairs Minister is as likely to respond to your e-mail as Terry Le Sueur is to give an apology to Graham Power.

    I find this shows an ignorance and arrogance beyond belief which has sadly become par for the course.

    Bring on the next elections.

  5. This is all so very, very sad. More spin and more lies all wrapped up by our local media. Have our local media forgotten that this is all about children that were systematically abused whilst in the care of the States of Jersey, children who were battered and raped by the very hands of the people who were employed by our government to protect them from harm. Once again, the Jersey’s mainstream media fail to report all the facts. They have overwhelmingly failed in their duty to provide objective and compassionate coverage of the issues, proving themselves, for the most part, to be unquestioning mouthpieces for the ruling class. Meanwhile, those politicians and bloggers who do speak out have been marginalised, as the media swallow the lies and half-truths of the government spin doctors.
    As well as the horrendous ordeal the abuse survivors were put through, those who try to bring them anything close to justice are also put through a horrendous ordeal of their own. There are several people who have tried to do the right thing by the survivors and have been discredited, had their reputations along with their careers absolutely trashed, not only by our government but by the most Senior Civil Servants who we all now know are the real power base. Simon Bellwood, former Senator Stuart Syvret, former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper, Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power, a man decorated by the queen have all felt the wrath of our government and their ever obeying media for trusting abuse survivors and attempting to bring their abusers to justice. As an abuse survivor, I am deeply ashamed of the way our government has behaved and I for one would like to offer my sincere apologies to these people for the appalling way in which they have been treated.
    To date the abuse survivors have had no [official] apology from Jersey’s government; save for a bumbled statement from the current home Affairs Minister ILM, which once again prioritised the reputation of Jersey, before the interests of survivors. This is perhaps not surprising in an island which is essentially run for the wealthy few, and not for its citizens. Unlike our government, the abuse survivors have remained dignified throughout this entire debacle and they are to be commended. And as for the foot stamping lackeys in the States, just what is it that they are so afraid of? If I had not witnessed their behavior with my own eyes and ears, I would never have believed that some of our most senior politicians could behave so disrespectfully. To quote George Orwell “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” Sums it all up really!!
    With the help of many to include Stuart Syvret, Rico Sorda and Team Voice, we will continue to fight and continue to expose the truth. This is not over yet, not by a long chalk.
    One last thing, Warcup before you leave Jersey, there are many people and in particular the abuse survivors who are still waiting for you to answer the 37 questions put to you by Stuart Syvret on 13th November 2008 and in case you have misplaced them, can someone do that link thing please from Stuart’s blog.

  6. Good shout Carrie hun xxx

    They also suck, too...

  7. Carrie.

    Thanks for giving it to us through the eyes of a survivor.

    Sometimes trying to expose all this stuff, along with the threats and intimidation we recieve, it can be quite disheartening and defeating. Then I try to imagine what it must be like for an abuse survivor by multiplying my emotions by a thousand. I'm not sure if that comes anywhere close to how the Abuse Survivors must feel but it brings me some much needed humility and enables me to carry on what I am doing.

    You are correct the local "accredited" media have been absolutely shameful in their reporting (or not) and will be remembered for it. How some of them sleep at night baffles me.

    Team Voice are committed to exposing the truth, which will ALL come out one day.

    The 37 questions you spoke of asked by ex Senator Stuart syvret do still remain un-answered by Gradwell and Warcup.

    If Mr. Warcup does give me an interview, i'll be sure to ask one or two of them!

  8. The home affairs minister is a disgrace to Jersey

  9. so that said by all now is the time to fight we all know talking is not going to work forget doing whats right and start fighting thats what we have do do

  10. Well said Carrie. There are people out there who get where the priority is too. ends do not justify means

  11. where will weirdcop turn up now that he has done a runner from Jersey?

    some other public sector job with another hefty pension? the public purse pays well the lapdogs.

  12. Well said Carrie. You say it all fully and clearly. Children who suffered at the hands of the very people who had a duty of care to them have been let down for decades in Jersey and are still being let down.

    Warcup no doubt thinks he has done a good job and will leave with a smug smile and a fat pension.I don't know how he can sleep at night knowing that the lies he and Gradwell told at That Press Conference and afterwards made people think that all us abuse survivors are liars!

    You named a lot of people who have experienced hardship and persecution because of their support for the survivors. I would like to add your name to that list Carrie because I know how much hard work, time,and devotion and how much of yourself you give on a daily basis to so many care leavers like myself. I know you often have a hard time because of this but it just seems to make you stronger.

    Thank you on behalf of us all - you rock!


  13. Well - spot on about the new Police Chief. Just heard the (old) news on BBC Radio Jersey.

    Remember folks, you heard it first here!!

  14. Yes Jill. You did hear it hear first and I am hoping to put a Blog up later today posing some very serious questions regarding our "accredited" media.

  15. I have had a comment submitted that includes the name and allegations about a member of the public. If the "anonymous" commenter would like to idenify themselves I will publish the comment in full.

    If the commenter wishes to remain anonymous then I would ask them to take out the name of the member of public and I shall publish their comment.

  16. I've left this on the CTV online site in response to one of the comments on the new Police Chief it'll be interesting if they publish it.
    Paul St Helier - Maybe you should check to see what citizen's media have been claiming and I think you'll find it's you that's wrong.