Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Kangaroo Court.

Today saw the beginning of Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand’s Kangaroo Court, and guess who wasn’t invited? Yeah yours truly!

Senator Le Marquand has now set about telling the world of the prosecution case against our most Senior Police Officer Graham Power QPM. He is doing this using the “redacted” Wiltshire Report that was intended for disciplinary purposes. Had there been any disciplinary action our most Senior Police Officer would have been entitled to defend himself. So although the “redacted” Wiltshire was meant for disciplinary action, Ian Le Marquand is using it for something completely different, and what he is using it for is to “nail” Graham Power (in my opinion).

However I have been attempting to be granted a position at today’s Press Conference held by Senator Le Marquand, so I would be able to put some well researched questions to him and offer him the opportunity to show that he is not conducting a Kangaroo Court. He, and others, have refused Citizens Media a place at the Press Conference under the guise that if he let me in, he might have to let “hundreds” of Bloggers in……HUNDREDS? Yeah I know, but that’s the best he could come up with.

So today, myself and a couple of Team Voice members went down to the Royal Square to see if we could get a word with any of our “representatives” as they went in for their presentation of Ian Le Marquand’s Kangaroo Court, but nobody wanted to talk.

Unsurprisingly, Deputy James Reed the Minister for Education Sport and Culture was the first to refuse a word with Citizens Media. Perhaps he thought I was going to ask him questions about the Senior Civil Servant at his department who remains and remained in place while he was under investigation for Child Abuse?

We then went down to the Cyril Le Marquand House where the Press Conference was to be held, and if Ian Le Marquand could see there wasn’t “hundreds” of Bloggers wanting to go in he might allow me in? Nope selected, or could that be “selective” media only were allowed in.

Thanks to WebGuru and agent 49 for their pictures.

Submitted by VFC.


  1. Hi VFC,
    Now you know why I did not bother to turn up this morning.

    Only one blogger there, and still no admittance! You were never going to gain access in a month of years. So loved the pictures, posters and video though.

    The total ignorance and arrogance displayed by our politicians in refusing to talk to you, was beyond belief (or was it). It only served to show the clandestine manner in which they operate.

    Let us hope that in any future proceedings, Wendy Kinnard is subpoenaed to testify, she use to be an honourable lady....

    word varification "topcess"

    About Right Me Thinks.

  2. And you wonder why they don't take you seriously! LOL

  3. Name em and shame em.

  4. And you wonder why they don't take you seriously! LOL

    13 July 2010 16:27

    And you expect us to take Ian le Marquand seriously
    The man is bumbling and needs to remember he is no longer the Judge
    A little bit of humility wouldn't go Amis

  5. You need to make your mind up, either continue to be a comedian and a joke! or start doing some real objective journalism, perhaps then you might stand a chance of being taken seriously. Oh…. and don't just have a go at the JEP and other media to justify your actions, you are either a serious media outlet or not, its your decision. I can’t think of anyone holding a meeting that would currently allow you entry.

  6. Arrogance, contempt, an inability and obvious wish NOT to engage with their public. Not only that, as Ian so rightly says their rudeness shows an ignorance beyond belief.

    Who on earth do these people think they are?? Sadly, what they do not realise is that this sort of behaviour only makes us more determined not to give up.

    Had I known sooner I would have been there too, but the video and posters were excellent.

    I read on Rico's blog that 27 members turned up. Can you enlighten us as to who these were?

  7. You do not need justify anything to me. Carry on just as you are reporting events unfolding before your very eyes and those that need delving a lot deeper.

  8. LMFHO!

    Yup that was funny!

  9. Anonymous - and can you think of any good reason at all why VFC should be denied access to any meeting?

    I can think of one - and probably the only one. The fact that proper and pertinent questions would be asked, no doubt with an evasive and less than honest response.

    So, VFC is neither a joke or a comedian. it is deadly serious and this is why they are unwelcome, because Jersey and its media do not 'do' honest and open.

    Now let's have your reasons.......

  10. Hi Geegee

    not sure who the 27 were but I noticed a few go in, oh and one who shall remain nameless as he is very busy at the moment even did a Kangaroo impression lol strange old morning but fun


  11. Hello,
    Just to say don't take any notice of your detractors the only comedian is Le Marquand a pompous fool he really must think the public are fools,is he any relation to Geoff le Marquand? keep up the good work we need honest reporting the mainstream media are a joke!!!

  12. VFC, I love it when the trolls come out to play. It usually means someone higher up the ladder is getting worried or annoyed about what you're doing.

  13. Very good!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. What trolls?

    Why did you want to attend this anyway? You are not a registered news source. What insurance do you have against libel?

  15. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Speaking the truth is insurance against libel is it not?

  18. The only person who should be worried about libel right now is ILM.

  19. Oh that is too funny. Unless you are registered news source with insurance your not worth listening too.


    Bit of a give a way to whos cages are being rattled.

  20. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The only person who should be worried about libel right now is ILM.

    Sorry to say,its not the righteous Ian le Marqaund that will be getting sued Its going to fall on the States of Jersey and the rest of the taxpaying population not to mention those accredited media who will also be paying for this out of there taxes
    When does it end

  21. Yes it would be nice to know who the 27 who attended where, because it would seem that the other 26 have already had their minds(?) made up for them

  22. We sure do have a town full of rats, but do we really need Ian Le Marquand as the pied piper ?

  23. U R FAB VFC.... really really good.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Some troll may think your humour isn't real journalism,

    but msg 2 troll ......

    get real, VCR has resorted to this because the 'accredited media' aren't able to do their job properly and present both sides of anything.

    And get this,,,,,
    One day, VFC will be honoured for his hard work, and given extra brownie points for his use of humour. You can defend all you like but we all know that history will consider the likes of VFC a good guy and the likes of you, a bad guy.
    Whoever you are, you're on the wrong side. ner, ner, ner-ner, ner!

  24. Poor old Ian Le Marquand. Try as he has and will continue to do whatever case Graham Power has to face (if only he had been allowed to face it) Senator Bumble cannot get away from the fact that his part in presiding over this unjust shambles has been every bit as bad as anything GP could have done.

    But will he admit his own shortcomings? Don't be stupid. Of course he won't. I have never doubted that GP was well short of perfect but who isn't? Financial mismanaagement? Um...what about a certain Terry Le Sueur and the millions wasted at the Treasury. Nobody suspeneded. No political resignations.

    The process has been a disaster and its time Senator Bumble held up his hands. Process, process, process. Well done Big Trev. Now we await Dman and Blast tomorrow to find out how the Bog was never involved. Yeah, Honest Guv!

    Come on Deputy Hill, get GP to fire back. The gloves need to ccome off. NOW!

  25. I'm confused: was it a public meeting or a secret closed court of law that you wasn't allowed entry to?

  26. Well well. Looks like some olitrollies are opposed to your right to report news truthfully. You don't have their pre-approved Jersey Way olicredentials, do you. Remember, they want a smaller but richer North Korea style Statesspeak, not free speech on the internet for God's sake!

  27. Oh god, that super imposed picture of the Senator's Le Marquand's face on a kangaroo and his reaction to it has just had me in stitches all morning! It was just as funny as that filming you did of the Education Minister and the keyboard playing cat!

  28. Well no suprises with the FILTHY RAG living up to its name.

    I read its editorial online and what stuck in my mind is this. The FILTHY RAG is what is known over here as "accredited" media. People slag off Bloggers for being biased, not giving both sides of a story, being judge Jury and executioners and all the rest of it.

    Today the FILTHY RAG have done (yet again) all those things Bloggers are accused of. They appear to have found Graham Power and Lenny Harper guilty of all charges without any trial/tribunal or disciplinary hearings.

    They have published the "seriously flawed" "cherry picked" findings of the "prosecution" side and found Lenny Harper and Graham Power guilty of all charges.

    The've played judge jury and executioner purely on one side of the story.

    BBC Radio Jersey on the other hand have done, in my opinion, a pretty good and even handed job of reporting this (by their standards) as too have Channelonline by putting up the 14 minute telephone call from Adam Fowler to Graham Power. Although I've not seen Channel Report yet, but it is a start.

    If the FILTHY RAG supporters want to go about slagging off Bloggers because of bias reporting, well go and wipe you arse.......and you know what with!

    Team Voice in the coming weeks will be putting more "facts" and "evidence" into the public domain concerning this travesty of justice, readers will be able to make their minds up on "both" sides of the story.


  29. Channel report murdered Lenny and Graham, and by so doing, also murdered the survivors, AGAIN. The pathetic sinister music they played when showing Graham's picture wouldn't have scared a five year old.

    Just mindless clowns, playing mindless games, and reaching for an even bigger shovel.

    The really interesting part of the news tonight was the "TRUTH" coming out about the Raoul Moat story. It is a must watch (this evening) for anyone who needs to learn how to report properley!!!


  30. Hi VFC - I know you absolutely refuse to purchase the FFR, but on seeing the headline and front page staring at me today, I did just that.


    I will drop it through your letter box tomorrow. A hatchet job of the greatest proportions (no less than was to be expected I guess), but you could almost get a taste for the delight it gave them to put all this in print with Mr Power given about one quarter of a page for his reaction to a redacted report.

    I am truly ashamed of what has happened in this Island, ashamed to say I live here, and if in any way it were possible I would be on that boat in the morning believe you me.

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  32. Sorry, spelling mistake on last post....

    Jill, never allow yourself to be made to feel like that about your home. Or anyone else reading, for that matter.

    We are not the one's who are the lying, cheating, corrupt and thoroughly evil pigs.

    Take pride and satisfaction from this beautiful island we live in, and the vast majority of decent people on it.

    It is only the rancide festering Government of Jersey, that denigrates the good name of Jersey....


  33. Sorry, spelling mistake.

    Jill, never allow yourself to be made to feel like that about your home. Or anyone else reading, for that matter.

    we are not the one's who are the lying, cheating, corrupt and thoroughly evil pigs.

    Take pride and satisfaction from this beautiful island we live in, and the vast majority of decent people on it.

    It is only the rancide festering Government of Jersey, that denigrates the good name of Jersey....


  34. For those who were unable to listen to Chief Officer Graham Power on BBC Radio Jersey,this morning, it is a must listen.

    Thejerseyway has published it HERE

  35. Just so as I have an idea of what sort of person I am dealing with here, could the anonymous poster who left this comment "And you wonder why they don't take you seriously! LOL"

    Could you let us know if you take the JEP seriously?

  36. Hi VFC.

    Just put up the recording of the interview with Chief of Police Mr Graham Power QPM. If you or your reader's would like a Listen go to the site below.



  37. Thanks,Voice for the link to GP interview on BBC. For some reason I couldn't get this link when i went on there listen again website
    Did listen to phone in though
    you certainly got your point over
    Keep going

  38. I used to read what you had to say but now I don't think you know enough about Lenny Harper and Graham Power to give any credible arguments in their favour. Today they have been finshed and these recorded interviews are weak and mean nothing now.

    Maybe tomorrow you will accept it...or Friday....But sooner or later the peny must drop the the era of them is over.

  39. Graham Power was interviewed yesterday. For me this will be the definitive statement on everything that has happened in the last two, three, and thirty years in Jersey, never mind all the lies and cover-ups aided and abetted by the Jersey Evening Post:

    "Let's remember what happened here. People were abused in establishments run by the Jersey government. They either did not complain about it or if they did complain about it, their complaints were simply swept under the carpet. We changed that. Lenny Harper launched an inquiry, he built confidence in these people and brought these allegations out into the open and literally hundreds of allegations that had been festering for decades were brought out into the open. We deserve support in doing that and we deserve thanks and praise for the way we did that. What instead we've got is money siphoned off to try and persecute the detectives who brought that abuse out into the open. And the same Jersey government that ran the institutions where the abuse took place is now the same Jersey government that is persecuting the senior officers who tried to do something about it. It stinks. It undermines confidence in victims and I know that the day that I was suspended victims and witnesses were ringing the police saying, 'They're at it again. It's going to be another cover-up. They've suspended Graham Power, now Lenny Harper's gone - it's all going to be covered up."

    (Channel TV Interview)

  40. Context is important15 July 2010 at 16:09

    GP's email to a friend was simply commenting on how bad things were, that sick jokes were already circulating. This is just commenting upon fact, not passing it on as a jolly good laugh -

    (2.45) "according to stories doing the rounds in pubs, the abuse enquiry is a cover story; we are really selecting the winner of the world hide and seek championships. Or if you prefer what is the difference between a Jersey Royal and a Jersey orphan?? Answer a Jersey Royal gets dug up after three months"

    Context is everything.

    You can include a "joke" as part of commenting upon the situation without necessarily thinking it funny. And in anycase, the point of the joke is how victims were abused and the whole thing covered up. It seeks to highlight the failings over here.

    Nowhere near the big deal the spin doctors and the gullible would have you believe.

  41. Re "Context is important"

    You are right. All we have had from the Jersey government's spin on the Wiltshire report is a highly tendentious interpretation of half the facts.

    None of them have been tested nor the interpretation challenged. For example - nobody has asked the question: when a States member or member of the Jersey police travels, who is responsible for booking their flights and hotels?

    Similarly, when other consultants visit the States to do ad-hoc work, who books their flights and accommodation and signs off their expenses?

    For all we know, this level of expenditure is typical of all States departments, which is probably why it was never questioned and was signed-off at the time.

    Only later, when they were looking for an excuse to denigrate and bury the inquiry, did they pounce on it as an example.

    It might also be the case that there is/was a culture of creaming off expenses and overtime within the police force. This was true of the Met. If there was such a systemic problem in the Jersey police, it would pre-date the HdlG inquiry and may even exist now. Has anyone checked?

  42. That was excellent - it gave me a good laugh first thing in the morning - I think it should be sent to all national news stations lol. rofl......... oh dear