Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wiltshire Police Report for the Media only.

As Lenny Harper once said “this stuff wouldn’t make for a credible fictitious story” and how right he was/is.

It appears that the “cherry picked” Wiltshire Police Report that Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand is presenting to our Democratically elected “representatives” this coming Tuesday is already in the possession of our local “accredited” media.

Not only that, our democratically elected “representatives” are actually being REFUSED a copy. And who is refusing them a copy, well according to Deputy Trevor Pitman, none other than the Civil Servant who is tipped to take the top job from CEO Bill Ogley and that is Deputy CEO John Richardson. Yes elected members of our Parliament, according to Deputy Pitman, are being refused documents by a top Civil Servant, while the “accredited” media are more than welcome to a copy.

So the “accredited” media get a copy of this several hundred page document(s) on Friday, 4 days before the Kangaroo sitting in the States on Tuesday……… The States Members? They get their copy ONE DAY BEFORE the Kangaroo sitting. So our States Members are expected the read and absorb what is rumoured to be around 700 pages of information, just ONE DAY before they are “allowed” to ask questions about it.

Below is “part one” of an interview with Deputy Trevor Pitman, in part two, I will be looking at, among other things, just what is the point of this “cherry picked report”? According to Deputy Pitman, he was told by the Deputy CEO that it was never intended to be used for disciplinary purposes, so what is it intended for then?

Naturally if the Deputy CEO would like a “right of reply” (which is more than Graham Power is allowed) then I will be happy to publish his comments.

Submitted by VFC.


  1. A big thank you to Trevor and Shona,for not giving up on this.The way Graham Power has been treated is absolutely disgusting,can't comment any further as I am stunned at what I have just read and heard!

  2. UNREAL! What the hell is going on here! Great interview VCF. Explanations please - not spin - in response Senator!

  3. Is the report that the media now have
    a) the full report
    b) a "redacted" version of the full report (with certain names censored)
    c) the cherry-picked parts designed to show GP in the worst possible light?

    If they could only print 10 copies, why couldn't it be emailed to States Members? You know, it being the 21st century and all?!

  4. Not being funny but is this really hot news?

    So they haven't got a report yet but will get it after a presentation, I kind of think there is plenty of time to digest this report and ask questions so will say a mountain out of a mole hill springs to mind.

  5. In answer to the last commenter. There is a media embargo on the "cherry picked" Wiltshire Report. As I was refused a copy of it/them by the States Communications Unit because I am not "recognised as media" that then means if I am leaked a copy I am not subject to the embargo.

    Sorry that is the one before the last commenter as I have just published a comment.

    Anyhow for a glimpse of the "cherry picked" this space.

  6. Every body knows that you as a supporter of Graham Power and Lenny Harper will move mountains to defend them. But like ILM said, you have nailed your colours and if it turns out that you have supported a person that is condemned by an outside independant police authority then you will have to admit that you made an error and so will all his other supporters.

    Everybody knows that whatever is in this report is going to stick forever.

  7. Embargoes on press releases do not in general have any legal standing. If there is consideration (i.e. money) involved then it might constitute breach of contract.

  8. Anonymous said...
    Every body knows that you as a supporter of Graham Power and Lenny Harper will move mountains to defend them. But like ILM said, you have nailed your colours and if it turns out that you have supported a person that is condemned by an outside independant police authority then you will have to admit that you made an error and so will all his other supporters.

    Everybody knows that whatever is in this report is going to stick forever.

    The whole report

    And that includes GP'S 63,000 word reply to Wiltshire

  9. I dont think it is simply the fact that States members have not got a report yet.

    The Hot news is that a states member was denied one. Why?

    Underhand & unreal

  10. A little theme tune for the inevitable....

  11. Do the JEP media etc Sit in the States of Jersey.? What is going on here?

  12. Anon, It's called CORRUPTION!!!

  13. Rico he is going to have to do better than that to defend himself against a totally independant police report on his management skills and work. You can defend him as much as you like but we all know that to over turn police reports made from the outside is literally if not impossible.

    One day the 3 of you are going to have accept things.

  14. If this 'report' is to be used at all then it must be the whole report. Whatever the issue was just consider being allowed to cut out any 100 words from a 1000 page report, story or whatever. It could easily totally change what was being said. Simples. While I'm sure next week will see much smirking and triumphalism from the cover up crew, what would be a real stonker for the week after would be to try and get hold of a full version of all and any documents used and then publish them as a comparision. Can Mr Power do this once he is officially off the books?

  15. E-mail from Deputy Bob Hill to all States members and others.

    Dear Colleagues,

    Please see the attachment which Mr Power has asked that I circulate to the media.

    In light of the emails sent to States Members on Thursday evening from Mr Richardson inviting them to briefings on Tuesday and Wednesday 13th/14th July, I believe it would be helpful if Members also received a copy of Mr Power's statement so everyone is aware of how Mr Power's hands are tied by confidentiality.

    I will also add that not only am I dismayed to see that Mr Richardson's email makes no reference to forwarding any documentation to Members prior to the briefings but I understand that the media has been forwarded the redacted versions of the report under embargo.

    I am personally fed up attending meetings in the knowledge that whilst the media are trusted with embargoed information ,that trust is not extended to elected Members.


    Deputy F. J. (Bob) Hill, BEM.,
    Deputy of St Martin.

  16. "Everybody knows that whatever is in this report is going to stick forever."


    Could you please explain how you can be so sure of such a unilateral level of certainty amongst the (approximately) 100,000 population of this island, especially as only 10 copies of the report have so far been printed for select viewing?

    I will agree with one point of yours though. I too am sure whatever is in this report will stick forever, but in a very different way and to a very different person from what you would appear to be expecting.

  17. Deputy Bob Hill must be mad if he does not believe ILM has already covered these points made by GP. I read this as another desperate attempt to stop the Wiltshire Report being published. That on its own makes it even more important to be made public.

    Judgement day cometh.

  18. "Judgement day cometh." Well you got that right but somebody needs to tell it to ILM!

  19. Is it true that the buffoon Le Marquand announcing the dropping of disciplinary charges via a public States session instead of directly to the individual could land Jersey in the sticky stuff?

    Even if not the case this does show Le Marquand's total lack of both class and professionalism. Ozouf must be laughing his socks off - the pretender to the Gerbil's crown now hasn't a hope in hell.

  20. So.

    Who is directly responsible for instructing this report be handed to the media and denied our political representatives?

    Who gave the order?

  21. "So.

    Who is directly responsible for instructing this report be handed to the media and denied our political representatives?

    Who gave the order?"

    I would say the buck must stop at the Home Affairs Minister.

  22. What an embarrassment ILM has turned out to be. 15.000 mugs voted for him and I was one of them.

  23. If all you can do is slag off ILM then whats the point of locking into any form of discussion with you people?

    Fed up of reading it, its not productive its just sad.

  24. Yeah good point Jamie, don't bother reading, let alone going to the trouble of leaving a comment, i'm sure you've got much better things to be doing, but just can't help yourself

  25. Well you run this blog and all you are doing now is making a mockery of Ian Le Marquand. I have worked in the same offices as Ian and he is one of the nicest people you ever get to know. I wish you would start treating people with respect and not just attack them when things do not go your way.

  26. Jamie? The clue is in the 'J' boys. Next week he'll probably be calling himself 'Chris'. Anything to cause trouble.

  27. I am causing trouble?

    I am asking you to stop causing trouble in ripping Ian Le Marquand.

    Who is next on the hitlist? The entire Wiltshire Police Force?

  28. Jamie.

    People have every right to critisize any of their elected members and Ian Le Marquand has acted in an absolutely disgraceful manner concerning the (illegal?) suspension of our most senior Police Officer.

  29. Let me tell you about judgement day.

    This is how the world is viewing corruption in government these days, 2012 is no myth and governments will declare war on their people, and the people shall be triumphant....

  30. Illegal suspension?

    Why don't you wait until the enquiry into the suspension is completed before shooting from the hip?

    No you are right, there is no point being involved because its one waqy one track traffic all the way on here.

  31. Yes, but it's like I said earlier Jamie, you just can't help yourself though can you?

  32. 'Well you run this blog and all you are doing now is making a mockery of Ian Le Marquand'.

    Jamie - I really do think you cannot see the wood for the trees. It is quite clearly apparent that Ian Le Marquand is making a mockery not only of himself, but the States of Jersey and all those who elected him into office.

    The best option would be for him to resign (which of course he will not do), but clearly he has not been able to differentiate between being a Magistrate and a Minister.

    As a Minister he leaves himself open to the justified criticism that he is receiving. Therein Jamie lies the difference.

  33. VFC,

    This meeting, which is going to be held on July 13th & 14th by Mr Richardson.
    Is it just States members invited or are the credited(?) media invited aswell?

  34. Being a "nice person" definately doesnot make to being a good politician!

  35. Jill G arrives with a very good reply and we loose Jamie. Coincidence and politics?

    I'm a nice person but I make some howling mistakes in my life. Looks as though I have something with ILM then!! :-)

    The Beano is not the Rag

  36. I believe this is a resignation issue for Ian Le Marquand. If he refuses to resign there should certainly be a vote of no confidence raised by States members.

    It will say a lot about the calibre of our elected representatives if there is minimal outcry about this deliberate effort to keep them uninformed of the Wiltshire Report - something we the electorate should bear in mind for the next election.

    Quite simply, how many of you reading this want a politician representing you - and being paid £40,000 to do so - who couldn't care less about being kept in the dark about important political matters?

    Take note of those politicians who are happy to sit quietly and raise no fuss about this insult to democracy, and vote accordingly at the next election.

    Enough is enough.

  37. Jamie.

    Still can't help yourself then?

    I'll not publish your last comment for a number of reasons. Firstly you refer to another Blogsite in a positive light. On an almost daily basis I get comments slagging the living daylights out of the Blogsite you mention, and I do not publish them.

    I am mindful that this Blogsite doesn't get involved in diversionary clap trap like "Blog Wars". Personally I practice what I preach, if you don't like the contents of a Blogsite, don't read it. I have been on that particular Blogsite once and decided it wasn't for me, so haven't returned since.

    Might I suggest, you do the same as this Blogsite clearly isn't for you and I'm sure your views will be more than welcome on that site.

    I do not have a bad word to say about that Blogsite, or any other for that matter, all Blogsites have their place.

  38. Oh cheer up Trevor and get your flaming hair cut!

  39. Well done, what a great interview.

  40. "Oh my God."

    Donchais, that was my reaction as well. But the various comments from those like "Jamie" who defend the official lack of transparency leave me just as shocked and disgusted.

    It is high time for good people in every part of the world to cry out for justice. Jersey's finance industry is intimately connected to the entire world's business, and that is why Jersey remains wealthy enough to get away with such corruption.

    They can spend an awful lot of money just to pretend they have a clean government and put forth lovely lies. And yet, if enough outsiders joined forces with Jersey's courageous bloggers the finance industry money would not be enough for them to deny the truth about this to their own people.

    Let's face it. If there were not horrible murders or some similar unrevealed child abuse at HDLG, plus ample evidence of clear government complicity and coverup by those still alive, ILM and his ilk would not work so hard to hide the truth at every turn.

    Doesn't it seem awfully ironic that Jersey's most powerful players are still obsessed with how bad they looked back when the global press first covered HDLG? Can't these stupid ministers and paid spin artists see how much worse they are going to look when this most recent coverup explodes as an updated part of the initial shocking abuse story?

    As another foreigner, I think nearly all of Jersey's entire government has gone beyond ridiculously evil by any modern standards, regarding its own citizens and vulnerable children. It can hardly be a democracy when their people have no right to even see the amount of public money spent to hide the truth about other money.

    It is amazing and sad to see these brave Jersey bloggers are not better supported by many more outside organizations and media outlets.


  41. "rico sorda said...

    We are heading into the dark ages and being led there by a failing politician who is so far removed from what is right or wrong that he should resign now"

    Politically this island seems to be regressing to a toytown democracy.

    It's an embarrasment to Jersey.

    How some of our politicians can continue to sit comfortably in the States without showing any shame or concern for what they are allowing to happen under their very noses, well, it's beyond me.

    I remember prior to Ministerial government local politicians would on occasion be the target of a public joke or two, or even create gasps of disbelief from the public with some of their decisions. But never did I once witness that same public show towards politicians the anger (and in some cases, hatred) we've seen emerge and grow in the wake of Ministerial government.

    There is clearly something fundamentally flawed with the Ministerial system, and that something has led directly to what we're now seeing with this Wiltshire business and associated affairs.

    On its most basically broken level it was the Ministerial system which allowed Ian Le Marquand, a man with LESS THAN TWO MONTHS political experience, to be handed the job of Home Affairs Minister. That alone should now serve as evidence enough to force a radical rethink and overhaul of the machinery of government. However, this being Jersey, such politically selfless and mature reflection and revision is highly unlikely, is it?

    As for Le Marquand, I agree. A resignation is in order.

    But in fairness, some level of blame and responsibilty must also be accepted by the people who saw fit to give him, a completely inexperienced politician, one of the island's most important Ministerial positions.

    Let us next hear them explain their reasoning and defend their choice.

  42. Paul

    There are just too many people in the world who feel that money is more important than justice for child rape victims.

    However, what they don't know is that there is a huge revolution going on underneath their noses, and it is world wide.

    There will be a very special website appearing in the not to distant future, stay tuned.

  43. Reference Anonymous

    I bet Trevor Pitman is pretty pleased he targeted all his many questions around the process underlying all of this because he is surely on to a winner in doing that. This latest example outlined in your interview really seems to say it all in that respect - Ian Le Marquand couldn't organise a wine tasting in a winery. Some of the others on the other hand like Bob Hill and Simon Crowcroft might be feeling a bit nervous. What I can't understand is why Power was not allowed to face charges so that he could at least defend himself and let a jury decide?

  44. Jury, Linda?

    They rig those too hun xxx