Wednesday, 21 July 2010

VFC Editorial.

There was a time when what I read in the JEP (online) would infuriate me, disgust me and bewilder me and I felt compelled to write to them expressing this. they would never publish what I wrote. And being the humble man that I am, and with hindsight I can see now that some of it, but by no means all, might have been OTT and not fit for publication.

As is often the case I have a friend who scans and e-mails me the “odd” “editorial” or anything my friend thinks would be of interest to me, today being one of those “odd” editorials. At time of writing this Blog it is not on their online edition.

I could spend hours here dissecting today’s JEP editorial, but the JEP is, in my opinion, becoming a bit of a laughing stock and instead of being infuriated, disgusted and bewildered I now feel sadness for them. I am sad because I believe we are starting to see the beginning of the end of the JEP and there are no doubt some good people that work there and will be losing their jobs because of the actions of a few of the top tier.

When a new "challenging" concept turns up, in this case Blogging, it goes through three stages with our “powers that be”. The first stage is “denial” they try to ignore it in the hope that it will go away. We have clearly passed that stage, there is barely a day goes by where Blogging isn’t mentioned in the States, in the Mainstream Media and on the streets.

Stage two is to “attack it”. This is the stage we/they are at now. They can no longer ignore Bloggers, they can no longer deny their existence so they are trying to fight us. “They” being the JEP and the majority of our government. I am pleased to say, other “accredited” media on the island have commenced stage three, which is to engage, but not the good old JEP they will go down with this government.

What the JEP has attempted to do in their editorial today is to “demonise” Blogs and Bloggers. They have tried to do this without admitting that Blogs and Bloggers are becoming influential and in turn means that the strong power that the JEP once enjoyed over the Jersey community is dwindling, it is dwindling because of Blogs.

In my humble opinion the JEP are trying to “blame” Bloggers, in part, for the inevitable demise of Acting Chief Police Officer David Warcup. They are also attempting to demonise those Politicians that were seeking to get answers concerning, what could turn out to be the illegal suspension of CPO Power and the role David Warcup played in it.

There is a school that believes David Warcup and Mick Gradwell were brought over here to “close down” the Child Abuse Scandal. I am in that school. Not because I think it is a good school to be in, it’s because I have read CPO Power’s sworn Affidavit I have read the transcripts of ILM’s suspension reviews of CPO Power. I have researched “Operation Rose” I have witnessed Warcup and Gradwell’s Press Conference I’ve read the HMIC Reports on Lenny Harper and Graham Power. I have read the 4 ACPO Reports on the HDLG Investigation under Lenny Harper and Graham Power and I have read the NINETY PER CENT REDACTED Wiltshire Report (“Haven 1”) I have “researched” and looked at both sides of this ongoing saga, which has a long way to go yet. And I don't believe in Tooth Faries!

Anyhow, back to the JEP Editorial. It just smacks of desperation and they cannot accept that Blogs are now becoming influential and taking the power away from them. We (Bloggers) can not be blamed for the inevitable demise of David Warcup if we are not influential. What has really happened, in my opinion, is that Gradwell and Warcup “failed” to close down the Abuse Scandal and that is because of well researched Bloggers. Not because they (Warcup and Gradwell) have been called a couple of nasty names on the internet by Bloggers it’s because we have researched the FACTS. The “establishment” have lost this one, it didn’t go their way and they will be starting to realise that they can’t rely on the JEP like maybe they once could to “manage opinion”.

The writing is on the wall for the JEP as demonstrated by today’s editorial, it’s only a matter of time before they are out of business and that does sadden me for the people who work there that don’t deserve to lose their jobs because of their editor and his cohorts.

By the time the JEP gets to stage three (engage) it will be too late. And as difficult as it will be they will have to concede that Bloggers are influential and credible sources of news and the JEP were just not up to the job.

Submitted by VFC.


  1. Damn straight VFC.

    They (JEP), like the top tiers of our Government, are utterly incapable of telling the truth!!!

    If you are not honest in Government these days, you will be found out, and have no place being there.

    End Of....

  2. Just a snippet about Lenny Harper and Graham Power in tonight's editorial, you will get the idea

    There legacy is not merely a bill to the taxpayer of many millions more than was necessary,but also SERIOUS DAMAGE TO JERSEY'S REPUTATION and self-esteem

    What about the serious damage inflicted to the children that have been savagely raped, beaten or both whilst in the care of Jersey care homes. What about the children's lack of self-esteem that was knocked out of them at a very young age , which has probably efected there entire lives.
    The Jersey Evening Propaganda, has been part of this problem for decades and is playing an active part is this blatant cover-up

    To the person that wrote this article, you should be ashamed
    To the other reporters at the JEP,
    you know who this is and its not the first. Ask yourselves why would he, she, so rabidly attack Graham Power, Lenny Harper and bloggers
    Its not personal is it?

  3. Spot on VFC, only one other point to make as to why Mr Warcup gave up and JEP are getting bitter.

    Besides Citizen Media getting stronger by the day, Mr Warcup and JEP nievely underestimated Mr Powers honesty and integrity.

    He didnt and isnt going to go off into retirement quietly.

  4. Yes, another damning editorial towards bloggers and Lenny and Graham, but do you know what? It just shows that they are worried and concerned as more and more people realise just where the truth and facts come from, and it is certainly not from the pages of that paper.

    Anybody only has to look at 'Tony's Musings' posted today, and look at the differences between the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in regard to the story the Rag ran earlier this week regarding the Independant Advisory Panel relating to HdeLaG, and authored by Ms Coconut Simon.

    Not even subtle differences, but glaring ones, and I urge anybody to make comparisons. Ane they have the gall to say bloggers should be treated with contempt!!!!

    Someone there is seriously misguided.

    Bloggers, you should be flattered by their words.

  5. Jill.

    Once more Tony has published some well researched material which puts, not only the JEP to shame, but yet again the entire "accredited" media. It can be seen HERE. I urge anybody with an interest in our JEP's "journalism" to read Tony's Blog.

  6. This is so true

    The JEP Is now the village joke it really is.

    One of the things that kept cropping up during the by-election was what a Joke the JEP was, it was the only thing the members of the public and the panel agreed on. I remember poor old Ben sitting there on that first night listening as his paper got ripped.

    The JEP is part of the reason this Island is in a total mess.

    What checks and balances do they keep on our ruling clowns.

    What Stories have they broken and investigated that have benefitted the Island

    Why oh Why do they hate Power & Harper so much?

    Before Child Abuse editorial is good

    Investigate child abuse editorial is Toxic

    Strange very Strange

    Us bloggers are here to stay and believe me there is so much more coming out


  7. For the benefit of the JEP, and possibly help them to stay in business for that little while longer I'll give them a little advice, judged on the feedback of people who do still actually buy a copy of it.

    "LESS IS MORE". For reasons only known to the JEP, they repeatedly go into "over-kill". If they want to put the knife into somebody, (Lenny Harper/Graham Power) it would be much more effective just to use one and a half, possibly two pages. Any more than that as in the latest case with Graham Power,6,7,8,9, pages over a series of days the readers start to smell a rat, especially when it is in no way "balanced".

    Anybody could have done a stitch up job on CPO Power, but the JEP can't even get that right!!

    So Rob and Chris, don't say I don't try to help! You can have that one on me, and you might want to view it as an invite to start stage 3 "engage"!

  8. I have cancelled my J E Propaganda a couple of times, but have reinstated it only to scrutinise there blatant propoganda
    Like tonight's editorial its a classic and must be cut out and kept for my scrap book. I might be a blogger and have embraced the internet but i do still like the paper form.
    Why is there no alternative
    Is there an entrepreneur out there that can back such a project
    Tony's musings could be the editor
    and there are more than enough eloquent bloggers to do the journalistic donkey work

  9. Dear VFC

    An excellent alternative editorial, with the quality of the analysis here and on other local blogs, the JEP really do have a problem.

    What they don't seem to realise is that many of us want to read the truth, evidence and analysis of the facts, not just the establishment spin regurgitated day in and day out by Chris Bright and the other JEP journos.

    Still tonight's editorial is telling, attack is always thought to be the best form of defense - seems like the establishment media are worried - and so they should be, the truth has an awful habit of leaking out and slowly but surely affecting all of us. Well we can only but hope.

  10. So where is the editorial?

    I'm not wasting 45 pence!

  11. That Warcup is leaving is a major embarassment to the Establishment. More than that it is a defeat and a defeat of their own making. It occured because the truth has a habit of coming out, whatever governments try to do to prevent of delay.

    The child abuse reveals fractures in Jersey Society that were hidden until recent times. It is no coincidence that it occurs at a time of more generalised crisis for the island's rulers as their economic model falters visibly.

    Warcup goes because he failed in his job of cover up. Not his fault really; he was just a pawn in the game, and he is right to get out and preserve his dignity. The crowd that run Jersey are certainly not worth dieing in a gutter for.

    Gone are the times when the JEP would set the party line and everyone understood what was the truth. Alas there are many who still need this comfort as it releaves them of the effort involved in independant thinking. We need to get more people on line and reading the blogs. Better still actually commenting and thereby influencing debate.

    Keep it up VFC.

  12. Walter Ernest Guiton died in 1927 and of course he was applauded as "a typical Jerseyman."
    He had built up the JEP to be a big busness "but ever bore in mind the advertising need and reading liking of the workers, agriculturalists and traders."
    "He was content to admit articles and letters on a wide variety of subjects and contentions with which he often did not agree and had no sympathy. By permitting the Evening Post to act as chairman of a nightly debating society he much increased its circulation, made it a valuable community safety-valve and offered the States no small service and direct knowledge."

    That was the view of one writer in the JEP at the time and another referred to his lifetime as a Noncomformist (Methodist) and supporter of the Temperance movement.

    Some might think that the JEP has lost its way since W.E.Guiton died but whether it ever provided such a liberal forum for dissenters is unlikely.
    It is also interesting to note the supposed Christian motivation behind the man and compare how similar today are the likes of ILM.

    Perhaps a poll of States Members is calleed for on that front - how many claim to be doing God's good work in the States now? Is this a covert grouping that the Dean should own up to? Who do they represent - God or the voters?

    Spooky man - word verification is anguiton!!!!!!!

  13. Another reason that Mr Warcup might have said enough is enough was because of the question asked in the States on Tuesday 11 May.
    Asked by Deputy Hill, answered by Senator Le Marquand.
    Oral question 4.8 regarding the removal of the stone bath at HDLG.
    Has Le Marquand confirmed this answer yet? and is he going to?

    Because "there were no cellars", and "who removed the whole stone bath", could be their stubbling blocks?!

  14. Readers of the JEP treated like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed ****

  15. Well, I stopped reading even the online version of the JEP a year ago. It's not even worth the trouble for its humour content.

    It's main value in Jersey is to provide money to private medical practices by raising the blood pressure of its readers.

    VFC is right - the truth about what is happening in Jersey is not in the local media - it is on the blogs; not just the Voice ones, but Stuart's, TonyMusings, Rico's, and the Tax Justice Network.

    I didn't read the JEP editorial but if they are suggesting that bloggers drove a hard-nosed cop out the island, they really are getting desperate.

    As one of your comments pointed out, Warcup left because he got tangled up in his own lies, like how it was possible for there to be a bath in a 'floor void'.