Monday, 21 September 2015

The Propaganda Hour.

After the latest so-called "Hot Seat" programme broadcast on State Radio, Friday just gone, Team Voice were appalled at the inadequate questioning (again) of Jersey's Chief Minister Ian Gorst.

Every month the Chief Minister is invited on to the show supposedly to be challenged on his policies, actions, and in-actions, but the reality is, there is no challenge, and the programme is little more than a Party Political Broadcast for The Establishment Party, or according to the leader of Jersey's only political party REFORM JERSEY  Deputy SAM MEZEC A "propaganda Hour."

The Chief Minister is NOT joined on the show by any politician with alternative views or policies, he holds court, and listeners could be led to believe there are no alternatives to his policies including the Medium Term Financial Plan and the austerity measures being implemented by the government. How is this a balanced view for State Radio listeners? In the interest of fairness and balance the Chief Minister should be joined on the show by somebody/ANYBODY with an alternative view or a researched/challenging compare/host. Unfortunately the BBC looks to have adopted a policy where there can be no robust political debate and politicians/people with differing views cannot be live on-air together.

If the leader of the incumbent ruling party is afforded an hour-long show every month then the same should be offered to the only official opposition party but the BBC is resisting this.

VFC spoke with Deputy Sam Mezec (video below) about the continued BBC bias, the inadequacy of the "Hot Seat" (propaganda Hour) show and much more.

Team Voice has offered to fill the void left by the (un-challenging) State Media and offered to host an online live and interactive head-to-head debate with the Chief Minister and opposition party leader Deputy Sam Mezec. Deputy Mezec has agreed to the offer and we will be e-mailing the Chief Minister to invite him on "the show."

Details of the Chief Minister's response, and hopefully the show, will follow shortly.


  1. I listened to as much of that propaganda hour as I Could stomach and was disgusted at what the Chief minister was allowed to get away with.

  2. "Unfortunately the BBC looks to have adopted a policy where there can be no robust political debate and politicians/people with differing views cannot be live on-air together"

    Well, I got to kick Sarah Ferguson's botty live on air a few weeks ago!

    1. when was that I have got to hear it on iplayer if still around

  3. It was on 17th August breakfast show. No longer available, sadly

  4. Don't worry about 1,000s of listeners to The Propaganda Hour being corrupted. More like 100s. Infact it would be interesting to know the dwindling BBC Jersey listening numbers? This is mainly due to the ever more non political and more airheaded DJing shallow shows they are now broadcasting....
    Seems as though they are wrecking our only local political station on purpose!?

  5. Do you remember BBC Jersey playing recorded shows on repeat and not saying it was a recorded repeat? Not the politics show, other shows, presumably they were short of DJs.

  6. I have never got over you taking down your North Korean intro to your videos. I think you said it was offensive to some. But it always made me smile and it did set a context for what followed.

    Any chance of bringing it back, even on an occasional basis?

  7. I thought Mezec was supposed to know something about law? If that is so, then he will know full well that all the states members he complains of are in BREACH OF TRUST....Knowing that, he will also know that they can be removed from their positions of power for BREACH OF TRUST, but will he have the courage to do the only thing that will free the people from tyranny?

    Government only do 3 things. They lie to the people, they steal from the people, and they cause harm, while the people do NOTHING!!!

  8. States Members can only be removed from office for becoming bankrupt, receiving a jail sentence of over 6 months or leaving the Island for over 6 months. Breach of trust (rightly or wrongly) has nothing to do with it.

    1. Breach Of Trust is a Common Law crime and applies equally to every man and woman regardless of wealth, position or title. Are you telling the world that judges and politicians who lie cheat and steal from the people, whilst employed by the people to look after the interests and the assets of the people, are immune from prosecution because those same people wrote crap down on a piece of paper and called it LAW???

    2. That's precisely what I'm saying. It's also what every single legal authority says.

      States Member is a title created by statute law, not common law. How can you seriously argue that common law principles apply to a title that, by your own twisted conspiracy standards, shouldn't even exist!

    3. I see you are still standing by your hopeless indoctrination into the world of dead legal fictions, why does that not surprise me? May I suggest that you take a look at what Halsbury's has to say about statute (Law)?

      Never mind, look on the bright side young Mezec, the Pope and Obama are calling for world wide Communism this week, that should cheer you up no end :)

    4. Speaking of Breach of trust, double standards, and the failure of legal administration with a Jersey connection

    5. Yes Ian. Me, the Pope and Obama are communists. You've rumbled us.

      Now how will my Illuminati colleagues continue to plant mind control drugs in the water and poison the air with chemtrails?

      Guess we'll have to discuss it at our next Bilderberg group meeting.

      For anyone who fancies a laugh, I recommend reading the Meads v Meads judgement to see why this "legal fiction" nonsense is wasting your and my tax money, which could otherwise we going to hospitals and schools.

    6. Sam, Ian may be a "nutter", but he is a rather clever nutter.

      I can understand this "legal fiction nonsense" as a protest movement in response to the slime and dysfunction that people see around them.

      This dysfunction happens not once, but time after time after time (and not just in Jersey)

      previous link:
      Jack straw being amongst the shysters who refused to investigate Jersey

      see also:

      and across Europe:
      plus 2 further parts of the BBC2 investigation

      If course one can say that the "LAW" works for some of the people some of the time, but can one deny that it works EXCEPTIONALLY well for a (select) few of the people ALL the time?

      Is this so very different from from the middle ages when the church could sell "justice" for money or favour, by mechanisms such as 'indulgences'?

      Perhaps you would like to comment on this blog?:.....

      Far from an isolated occurrence.

      When the law does not work, and demonstrably so over extended periods, then one of the central tenants of our society becomes invalid.
      That tenant that individuals and groups do not "take the law into their own hands"
      This notion has of course been cast aside to a greater or lesser extent in the development of any nation.

      Is the law too big to fail? is it an ass?, or is it up it's own 'ass'?

      Is Jersey is far to regimented to develop a protest movement sufficient to concentrate the minds who think they matter, or will this job be left to people in the UK, which will perhaps cost perhaps cost Jersey it's supposed independence????

    7. Meads V's Meads hey, oh dear Mezec!

      That was the privileged psychopath Judge Rooke. The very same judge who blamed a rape victim for being raped because she thumbed a lift and was raped by the man who gave her a lift. Good one Mezec, have you anymore examples of these wonderful people you follow so faithfully?

      Try learning the truth instead of blindly following orders.

    8. The freeman on the land stuff is not a protest movement, its crackpot conspiracy nonsense.

      If people want to campaign for a fairer justice system they should stick to the realms of reality. This guff is just self endulgance nonsense which won't improve a single persons life by being followed.

  9. Hi VFC, I would urge all readers to read former Deputy and Senator Paul Le Claire's testimony to the Committee of Inquiry, dated 10 September 2015, Day 100, at

    It will take an hour or two to read his testimony and the supporting documents. He pulls no punches. Essential reading.

  10. Am only getting day 99 not 100 for Paul Le Claires transcript!

    1. Would prefer to read Stuart's transcripts but after what he wrote on Rico's blog that's never going to happen.

    2. Day 99 afternoon Ben Shenton evidence is really worth a read as well. It is surprisingly critical of the 'establihment'

  11. It's time for The People to compete with the MainStream Media, and dilute their power. The blogs are a good start, along with Twitter, various forums and Facebook. Everything we can do to distribute the real news amongst ourselves reduces the need for these brainwashing dinosaurs.

    Think of every reason you can why the MSM is worth listening/watching/reading. Then try to find replacements. I'm doing what I can by starting a new Facebook Group called Jersey Changes, which if it catches on, will show people what's new around the island without needing to shovel money into the Filthy Rag. Please support us and do what you can!

    1. Hope this is going well. Things often take a bit of time and work to build up momentum.

      Also people who do not have a Facebook account will not be able to see the page as they will not get past the "You must log in to continue" page.

      Do you want to change the settings on this?

  12. "It's time for The People to compete with the MainStream Media, and dilute their power"

    Good luck with that one.

  13. What has happened with Trevor Pitman, has he stopped blogging forever?

    1. Don't know but hope not. Pitman has left a 'black hole' in the States even bigger than Ozouf's 130 million shocker. The States is just crap with out him. Speaking on a personal level I would just be pleased to see him give evidence to the Care Inquiry never mind the blogging. If Syvret is still determined to waste his powder then Pitman doing the same will be a double blow. Even a betrayal. Where are you Mister P?

  14. Don't miss the recent comments on both these threads

  15. @3october Re. Trev Pitman & Syvret
    On Rico Sorda's blog there is a similar comment:

    "I believe that the coi will find that there has been a break down in the rule of law if the evidence demonstrates as much.
    Despite all its alleged failings this coi is not a cover up - just read the transcripts of those who have given such damning evidence - and it will form the inevitable conclusions that will be damning of the lawless behaviour of the individuals and structures that allowed decades of abuse to remain unchecked. This may not be enough for Mr Syvret but it is a Great Leap Forward from where we were at before the inquiry started. If we want jersey to be forced to clean up its act then we should support this coi. Just bite the bullet and give it the evidence it needs to draw the right conclusions."


    There is some truth there but we will see what the conclusions are. Many of us are hopeful about this CoI, however it's failings are more than "alleged". These failings are pretty basic and fundamental and the facts are not generally in dispute.

    Thus far the multi million inquiry has merely confirmed what was available for free on these quality blogs years ago, but was determinedly dismissed and derided by the JEP, CTV and BBC. (I wonder why?)

    These millions have purely brought the facts into the mainstream (where they would have been in the first place if it was not for the complicit media)

    The CoI conclusions are the critical part. Will there be any "meat in the sandwich"? Or will it all be platitudinous mayonnaise and the limp lettuce of "lessons leaned"?

    Time will tell. But in the meantime it is important to note that the meat of the points by Stuart Syvret and by the commenter or commenters .....pleading with the ex health minister to dignify this CoI ......are NOT mutually exclusive.

    The CoI cannot successfully cover up what is already known. They may seek to re-frame and limit the establishment damage but the millions spent have been invaluable in making the majority of the population realise that there is a problem. Will the CoI conclusions and recommendations go beyond restating those known (but MSM unreported !) problems, or will robust SOLUTIONS be forthcoming?

    Health Minster Syvret has suggested solutions which, let's face it, are not rocket science:




    The CoI has the opportunity to deliver ......But will it?
    Will it bite the hand that feeds it ????
    (Or just nibble and kiss better)

    One of Mr.Syvret's points is that if this CoI is just another layer of shysterism, than by him submitting to it's flawed protocols, it is then GAME OVER if/when the final report turns out to be inadequate and vacuous.

    The CoI can read the evidence and testimony already available on the blogs and can deliver without Syvret's evidence.
    I suspect that Syvret is right to keep his powder dry. We shall have our cake and eat it.

    When has Syvret been wrong? The inbreds could probably count the times .....on the "fingers of one foot"

    What additionally concentrates the minds of the CoI is that they don't know everything in Syvret's kegs of powder :-)
    They don't have to end up looking criminally incompetent ...but they will have only themselves to blame if they do.

    1. The good guys should not fight amongst themselves.
      That is what team-paedo and team-cover-up want.

      Time will tell who is right and who is wrong. Indeed we may all be "right"; adjacent prongs on the same trident.

      For those who can stomach more metaphors
      ....Belt and braces
      ....their game, their rules
      ....Don't loose all your army fighting a loosing battle
      ....Strength in depth
      ....Battalions in reserve
      ....keep a few aces up you sleeve

    2. As a matter interest, I will shortly be writing to Eversheds LLP, so as to place permanently on-the-record with that legal practice a number of serious facts, and the attendant legal issues.

      One expects no response, or no meaningful response - but in this era of the cleaning-up of corruption and advancing transparency and accountability, the generation of evidence in this way - for the inevitable future reckonings - is an important insurance policy for the public good.

      Dossiers, eh?

      Damn dossiers.

      Some cans can't be kicked down the road forever.

      Stuart Syvret

  16. My word how some people kid themselves. We are asked to read the evidence from cowards like Le Claire and the invisible joke that was Ben Shenton. Thanks but no thanks. A pair of establishment butt-kissers. #familyx

    1. Whatever you think of Paul Le Claire, I found his evidence to be credible. He was a new politician, not used to the skullduggery of the Jersey civil service. It's clear from his evidence that he thought the police were fully aware of Family X. I imagine he regrets not walking down to the police station to find out if the police were properly informed. For the record, I do not know Paul Le Claire but I always found him to be straight talking and honest when interviewed by the media.

    2. Completely understand your disgust, but I think we would rather listen to someone who has actually read the transcripts.

      Can a reader or blogger post edited highlights of these transcripts? Did Ben Shenton eat humble pie and stop lying?

  17. Jeremy Corblimey4 October 2015 at 17:25

    I like young Sam but he seems to be piling on the pounds? Thought it was my good mate Ritchie Rondel in a wig for half a mo!

    1. Yeah. Like all of us, Sam should stick to a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.

      He will know about the long term health implications of getting a bit porky ......but what he really doesn't want is some Tory bucks thinking it's okay to stick their little sausages in his mouth!

      Gross! (allegedly)

    2. Did the pig allegedly consent to the unnatural act, or was it past caring?

    3. You liberals and progressives worry too much about this "consent" nonsense.

      One is entitled to take one's pleasures upon all those below you. Man, woman, beast or child.

      One soon progresses on to drugged women or children from the nearest council estate or children's home.

      Unless the knights of the realm put down the rebellion and swiftly reclaim these rights then Jersey is going to be one of the last places to uphold these traditions.

      We really must control the interned because the unwashed always get all agitated when they get to hear about these things. They don't know what's good for them -the dirty dogs.

  18. WTF?


    1. Re that last link
      It seems there is a bent copper "doing a Gradwell" and even leaking victims/witnesses identities to the media and lying in order to undermine the Westminster child abuse investigation.

      Will the BBC hatchet job ever be broadcast? It is massively delayed and massively over budget.
      No one should pay a licence fee to pay for this.

  19. Nobody listens to the BBC never mind when Ian Gorst is on.
    He has a reputation of sitting down and pretending to agree with you, taking things in etc and then doing sweet FA after.

  20. Rather not give my name but I do not pay any fee to the BBC on the grounds of the fact that Jersey BBC Radio is just a mouthpiece for the States of Jersey chief ministers department. This means they do not offer balanced fair reporting holding Government to account when required.

    Yes the two very large men in black polo neck sweaters came knocking at the door, eyeing the roof aerial. Who are you I said, BBC licence inspectors they said. Is the owner in they said, can we come in and look around No I said, we have a right they said, No you don't I said I have seen the video's on youtube, you have no right of entry, if you try and come in I will call the police, Goodbye I said, Your a bastard they said as I closed the door.

    That was four years ago, no more calls. Do not tell them your name, admit nothing, do not give them entry, they have no right to cross your doorstep without permission to check your equipment. Make sure other members of the household are fully aware of the position.

    We still get letters but bin them.

  21. Meant to put this comment on the Monty Tadier story I just read but never mind.

    Been said before but the Montfort 'story' shows yet again what a past its sell by date toothless non event and farce Jersey politic has become.

    The unelected paedo protector Barking Bill showing just why we need a separation of powers, and Montfort showing just how we miss real 'tell it how it is and suck on that Tory Boy' peoples politicians like Syvret and Shona and Trevor Pitman.

    No wonder so many don't vote any more! Hope young Sam is reading. Thought he was meant to be an opposition politician fighting for the people?