Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bob Hill Blog TV Guest.

Former Deputy Bob Hill is to be the live and interactive guest on tonight's Blog TV which will be broadcast from 7pm and will be up to an hour in duration.

Mr. Hill, as a States Member, was responsible for exposing some very uncomfortable home truths concerning the illegal suspension of the Former Police Chief Graham Power QPM, campaigned vigorously to hold those that were guilty of wrong-doing to account. He blew wholes in the "official line" held by the likes of Mick Gradwell, David Warcup and others concerning misinformation they, and the State Media, were peddling in order to put the Child Abuse Investigation to bed. "Talking of putting to bed" here is just one example of the Former Deputy's crucial pieces of work in that AREA.

Tonight, among many other topics, Mr. Hill will be asked about what he now knows of the GoldenHandshake received by Former Chief Executive to the States Bill Ogley, had Mr. Ogley (secretly) previously been disciplined by the then Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur?

We will be asking Mr. Hill if he believes his searching for (and exposing) the truth concerning the Child Abuse atrocities, and related events, cost him his seat in the last elections. Being a thirty year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Force and the recipient of a British Empire Medal for his services to policing he will be asked what his thoughts are on the supposed up-coming "INDEPENDENT" Police Authority that has just been agreed in the States.

The recent settlement of the Hospital Consultant, John Day, which cost the Tax Payer in the region of £3M. Could/should this cost, and tragedy, have been avoided, who is responsible and who is accountable? Was Mr. Day hung out to dry as a scapegoat to protect those with the real responsibility (the untouchables)?

Tonight promises to be a packed show and can be viewed HERE from 7pm.


  1. How on earth did the states manage to squander three million quid attempting to hang mr Day out? Wasn't £400,000 of that an out of court settlement he was paid to keep too much information entering the public domain?

  2. I try to watch the full interviews on playback of blog TV. The interviews always seem to cut before the end.

    Is there not a facility to lengthen the alloted slot so we can view the complete interviews?

  3. Hopefully we will have this rectified for tonight and the whole broadcast should be recorded. We can only record 30 minutes at a time so it might be in two parts.