Friday, 18 May 2012

Recorded Live Broadcast with Bob Hill.

Below is the recorded live and interactive interview with former Deputy Bob Hill from last night's Blog TV Broadcast.

Mr. Hill discussed the golden handshake given to former Chief Executive Bill Ogley that exceeded £500,000 and that how the testimony given by former Chief Minister Frank Walker to the Public Accounts Committee (who are investigating this shambles) was not supported with evidence.

We were told that an animal wouldn't be treated the way that the Former Jersey Police Chief, Graham Power QPM, was treated by Jersey government/administration including the dubious roles played by Walker, Ogley and others.

More revelations come to light during this live broadcast that we will be Blogging about in the coming weeks. The revelations were enough to spark outrage from our viewers, so much so, that they were calling for a (peaceful) protest which is something being seriously considered. We are currently verifying these revelations and will keep readers notified of the progress we make.

The audio, for the first four minutes of the recording, is a little sketchy but then sorts itself out.

BOB HILL PART 1- Broadcast your self LIVE

Former Deputy Bob Hill 2- Broadcast your self LIVE


  1. What was the revelation that sparked outrage and the possibility of a protest?

  2. Rico plans to Blog about this on Sunday. It appears that the TO'R's for the Committee Of Enquiry into the Child Abuse cover up suggested by Verita (at huge cost to the Taxpayer) are going to be either not used at all, watered down, doctored or changed to suit certain people's agenda. We are still attempting to verify the facts and they will appear on Rico's Blog Sunday night.

  3. This was indeed an excellent hour's worth of viewing, but if what has been 'mentioned' is proven to be correct Ian Gorst will face a most enormous backlash.

    A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into meeting Mr Marsden who was a very fair and honourable man. To even imagine that the CoM could go down this route is truly deplorable, and it does not take a lot of imagination to know who the puppet master is behind this.

    How low can this lot stoop? Quite, quite sickening, and yet another kick in the teeth for the survivors.

  4. Can you find anyone, prepared to be interviewed that would care to respond to all these allegations? A rhetorical question. Keep up the pressure.

  5. Unfortunately getting people to defend the indefensible on an “independent” media is not easy. They have a State Media they can go to, spout a couple of sound bites, and not face any questioning job done.......The Jersey (State Media) Way.

  6. VFC.

    Who are these certain people that the agenda is suited to?

    Give us a clue.

    As if we need it....

    If you dont answer this, we will.

  7. It will suit those with the agenda of prioritizing Jersey’s reputation above all else. It will suit the agenda of paedophiles and those who protect them. It will suit those who fear the risk of prosecution should London step in and restore the Rule of Law in Jersey. It will suit those who want the decades of Child Abuse atrocities to be swept under the carpet. As for naming these people that would only be speculation but one would hazard a guess it includes a number of States Members, Law Officers and Civil Servants and those who are in a position of authority who were suspects in the Child Abuse Investigation but were been charged.

  8. P Bailhache, W Bailache,
    Le Cocq, Sharp.

    Walker. Ogley,(Paid off but still very much involved).

    Gradwell, Warcup, Napier, & Moore,(Paid well but not off the hook).

  9. Myself and BBC Radio Jersey offered Senator Le Marquand a chance to sort this out on live radio. Me against the minister - he declined