Wednesday, 18 June 2008


While browsing the local blogscene I came across an entry on "the moveing finger" a link to which is on this page. It has a list of shame, naming the guilty party attempting to deprive our children of free milk at their school's.

I will re produce that list at the end of this entry.While reading the list I was not at all suprised to come across the name of SENATOR MIKE (GST 28) VIBERT Minister for Eduducation Sport and Culture. I have, and am still, having dealings with this man who would claim to put our childrens welfare as his top priority well I would beg to differ. Anyhow, as I have commented on another site, here is a man who's arrogance knows no bounds!

From my dealings with him and by looking at his voting record he is completeley divorced from the children and voting public of this island.I'll not ellaborate on my dealings with him out of sheer fear of what he is, and will do, to my family next.

I'm sure I can say a little something about his voting record without having this blogsite closed down or breaking any laws.

This man after voting FOR GST, AGAINST any exemptions including childrens clothing, now votes AGAINST our children having free milk at their schools. He is up for election this year and obviously feels he will hang on to his seat, as reflected in his latest disgraceful vote against our children.

In what other "democratic" society could the minister for Education get away with voting against GST exemptions on school childrens clothing and against free milk for school children?which I believe will cost somewhere in the region of a hundred and ninety thousand pounds.

Didn't he just give the puddle duck people half a million pounds for a couple of wheel barrows that can swim on a good day and if people feel brave enough jump on the back of them to hopefully get somewhere near the Elizabeth Castle without getting stranded? "half a million"? no problem!! free milk for children and a vital means of calcium for less than half that price? "sorry no can do"

You get the polticians you deserve, if you believe this man has your child's best interests at the forefront of his political agenda then vote for him.If you believe (like me) he is only interested in looking after him and his, regardless of the kids, you must vote him out. Either way YOU MUST VOTE!!


Senator Frank Walker

Senator Terry Le Sueur

Senator MikeVibert

Senator Terry Le Main

Connétable Geoffrey Fisher

Deputy Sarah Ferguson

Deputy Guy de Faye

Deputy Alan Maclean


  1. Don't forget that this is also the man ultimatly responible for the closure of Fort Regent swimming pool and the ongoing payment of taxpayers money to the Aquasplash!

  2. Shame on the lot of them .
    Vibert who claims to have our children's welfare at heart,what a joker!
    Terry Le Main who claims and has milked his case over the years by claiming to be a man of the people,another joker!
    Walker,well think we all know he does not care about ordinary people and their welfare.More interested in not "shafting" his corporate and business associates,and the biggest joker a out there.
    De Faye,more interested in what size pint pots we should be drinking out of.The cheek of him to try and cut spending,when he has cost us dearly with the Connex buses and the Bel Royal disaster.!!Bloody clown and a joker.
    They have well and truly marked their cards,and their own demise.
    To anyone who is angered by this vote,and the GST fiasco,get registered and vote the wasters and arrogant swines out this autumn .
    Enough is enough, these people care nothing for Jersey ,or it's people .Purely motivated by self interest and greed.
    How can they sleep at night ?
    But then again,people with no social conscience,do not worry about the same things as the rest of us.
    Do they fall asleep counting out swag bags,while us mere mortals are counting out the pennies,and worrying for our children's future?


  4. I also contacted him just after he had left being Deputy of St Brelade to become Senator about problems with fireworks and an autistic youngster as he had appeared contactable as a Deputy. He didn't want to know, sent me to Alastair Layzell, then Home Affairs, who also passed the buck to the Connetable, who at least said what he could and could not do, and was sympathetic.

  5. Mike(GST 28) Vibert is desperate to get re-elected. Maybe he has finally noticed that many see him as a plank.
    Nursery care has re-appeared, just before the election.
    Funny that!
    Sorry Mike.
    You are still a GST 28 traitor.
    Maybe you can get your old job back at the BEEB?
    Oh dear! The present incumbent is award winning Hamish Marret-Crosby.
    Guess you could always get a taste of real life and work in SPAR!