Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Wish you were here?

Hang on!! One of the dodgiest deals we are involved with becoming public knowledge. Some very uncomfortable questions coming my way in the states and almost the whole of Jersey screaming for my removal from office. I make that Pimm's o'clock don't you?

So there were questions to the Cheif Minister today in the states. I'm not sure on all the questions that were being asked involving the very suspicious goings on with Harcourt. I would imagine them to be something along the lines of. "How did you or the entire council of ministers not know crucial information regarding Harcourt and court cases, information that is easily accessed through google"?

"Did you mislead the states of Jersey or did you lie to them"?

"Are you a share holder in Harcourt, or are any of your minsters"?

"Are you going to do the right thing and resign"?

If either yourself, your ministers and your civil servants knew nothing about the Harcourt fiasco WHY NOT?

So what does our esteemed chief minister do? he goes on holiday to the Bahamas!! you really couldn't make any of this up!!

Don't the States get SIXweeks HOLIDAY in the summer? What on earth possessed him to go on holiday now? and leave Terry le Sewer to try and defend the indefensible.

Even (from what I've heard as I refuse to buy it) the JEP are publishing articles and letters that aren't too favourable towards their lord and master.

Surely the time has now come where the people of Jersey must be listened to? surely there should not only be a vote of no confidence against Walker but indeed the entire council of ministers?

It is becoming more and more apparent they do not represent the Jersey public, none of them are accountable for anything and they are just raping and stripping our island of all it's beauty to line their own pockets.

Do the right thing Walker and step down. As for the rest of us, I repeat "we get the politicians we deserve"!! If you want more of the same don't bother voting. If you want change, democracy, transparency and accountability in our goverment vote this lot out. Jersey people have to get their head around, it only takes an x on a ballot paper to bring change.


  1. Well put!
    I was going to write something along similar lines, but you beat me to it! GRIN.

    Walker is finished.

    Now lets focus on the other dangerous ones Le Sueur and Ozouf

  2. Excellent post. I'll be having a poke at this one later myself.

    Suffice to say for now, on the basis of principle I believe this is a resignation issue for Walker, and that Le Sueur and Ozouf should seriously consider their own positions.

    Even ignoring the question of how (or if) the Harcourt lawsuit would have impacted upon the Waterfront development, the level of negligence or mismanagement exhibited by Ministers demands serious repercussions.

    Bear in mind the scale of the Waterfront development, £330 million cost, with an impact upon future generations for at least a century and a half. This is not an issue where apologies, denials or buck-passing will suffice.

  3. The whole waterfront fiasco really is the final straw.

    And yet Terry le Darlek says tonight " I will share all due dilligence reports on Harcourt from now on until we give them the contract to go ahead"

    I'm sorry.....WHAT!!!!!?????

    How on earth can you be thinking about giving them the contract now?

    Unbelievable. I am so ashamed of our so called "Elite".

  4. There has also been some suggestion that Harcourt have several developments in Bermuda. A quick google search confirms this. I wonder who paid for FW's holiday? Coincidence?

  5. Harcourt own the Royal Oasis Resort on Grand Bahaman Island.

    I for one hope Walker decided to stay on in Bermuda simply to take the time to think of an easy way to announce his resignation when he arrives back in Jersey.

    He should have returned immediatly after the Harcourt situation hit the headlines, especially now we've had one Senatorial resignation.

    Walker obviously considers it fully acceptable that under these circumstances he can remain sunning himself in his holiday haven. That's just one more reason why he should be removed the position of Chief Minister henceforth.

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  7. Hi, saw your comment re Ian Gorst. on Stuart's blog.
    Remember when Stuart was 'removed'
    Frankie had Ian(GST 28)Gorst lined up to take over Social Security,with Paul(GST 28)Routier
    moving to health.
    Ian(GST 28)Gorst is,along with Andrew (GST)Lewis part of the establishment pary's future.
    You know where they will vote.
    That is why we must kick them out.

  8. Davros.

    IAN (GST 28)GORST is pro establishment through and through.

    I am still compiling a dossier of information on him and will be publishing it all closer to election time, along with at least one other who is up for election this year.

    I know there will be others standing for his seat as Parish Deputy in the next elections. It is almost a sure bet he won't be Parish deputy after the elections.

    However I strongly believe he will be standing for a senatorial position. This being the case I will be making sure the electorate have a "VERY INFORMED" choice when deciding whether to vote for him or not.

    For the benefit of all readers PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE if you haven't already.

  9. Did you notice Walker was also away on holiday after the "liberate us from lies" fiasco?


    1) do something that will cause public uproar.
    2) Head for the hills (or the islands)until it blows over.