Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Three Goons.

Former Jersey Deputy Chief Police Officer and Senior Investigating Officer of Jersey’s “Historical” Child Abuse Lenny Harper answers the questions being asked by the ever-growing online Blogging community.

Over the last day or so people have been leaving questions for the former Chief Officer on the internet, and “Team Voice” asked him to make a note of the questions and address them in an in-depth and exclusive interview with us. We are pleased to say he agreed.

The latest cynical attempt to discredit Mr. Harper and his Investigation of decades long Child Abuse in Jersey comes (surprise, surprise) in the form of the Jersey Evening Post (Jersey’s ONLY “news”paper) and three Politicians. The three Politicians come as no surprise either. Indeed I was phoned a few days ago and told that three Politicians were in the JEP asking for an investigation into Mr. Harper’s, and others, relationship with the News Of The World News paper. I was asked “guess who the three are?” I said “Perchard, Power and Shenton?” Naturally I was right, lucky guess, or have these three got form in asking questions about the Abuse Investigation and not about the ABUSE?

Of course we know Perchard and Shenton have got form when it comes to neglecting Child Abuse Victims and as Mr. Harper tells us, all three of them have got form when it comes to undermining The Child Abuse Investigation.

Mr. Harper has labelled Senators Perchard, Shenton and Deputy Power as "The Three Goons". In this first episode he explains why and also goes on to tell us a little more about these individuals and their alleged shenanigans and suggests they are not best placed to be questioning ANYBODY'S leaking of e-mails............and more.

This interview makes part one of a series of three where we go on to discuss Jersey's media involvement, its agenda, its relationship with the Police and Politicians. We put the question straight to the former Detective Chief Officer "have you accepted monies from or leaked anything to the NOTW? We also ask him how he feels about the possible investigation suggested by (to use Mr. Harper's words) "The Three Goons."

Once again, Team Voice is thankful to Mr. Harper for agreeing to answer the questions put to him and allowing us (citizens media) to bring our viewers a service that our "accredited" media don't. We bring you in-depth interviews with the people making the "news" straight from the horses mouth which is in stark contrast to the JEP, and others, who don't even contact them!



  1. Thank you so much Mr Harper (once again). One of my questions answered as I thought it would be.

    ODIOUS - what a wonderfully perfect way to describe these three!

    Abuse survivors that I know are angry, very, very angry and will not be lying down over this.

  2. Team Voice, this is just fantastic. Thank you for leading the way on this and letting Mr Harper have his say. There are many of us asking that same question about these 3 'goons'.

  3. Again, sharp honest to the point answers, and no "I can't remembers" like we here from Le Marquand!

    Can't wait for all of this to get to a REAL court of competent jurasdiction :)

  4. Thank you Mr Harper

    This all ties in with the work going on at ricosorda blog and the scrutiny hearings.

    The fact that you are still prepared to answer questions, defend the Investigation, sends out a very strong message indeed.

    Keep going VFC never give up

  5. When do we get the NOTW meal bit? I bet the 3 goons will be just loving this interview....

  6. The NOTW meal and related issues regarding Mr. Harper and the NOTW is the very first subject of part 2 and one would imagine that the so called "Goons" will be loving it.............not.

  7. I look forward to an inquiry into leaks

    July 28, 2011 – 2:30 pm
    From Lenny Harper.

    I AM in total agreement with Messrs Power, Shenton and Perchard about the need for a rigorous investigation into leaks to the media during the historical abuse inquiry.

    Having said that, the demand by Senator Perchard in particular is a bit like the turkey voting for Christmas, as any inquiry would need to include leaks by politicians, and of course I have already publicly claimed that he leaked a confidential police email to David Rose and that the States refused to investigate the matter.

    Such an inquiry would also, of course, have to examine the allegations made by the Home Affairs Minister and Mr Kellet in the Scrutiny panel meeting that Mick Gradwell may also have unlawfully leaked confidential information to the same journalist.

    Perhaps that is what these three gentlemen are actually talking about? Somehow, I think not. There seems to be collective amnesia around those instances.

    I will, of course, co-operate fully with any independent investigation into such leaks. I have nothing to fear – most of my contacts with the media were in the full view of the public and involved what Sir Hugh Orde described the other day as the proper and necessary relationships between the media and senior police officers.

    He did this when he made the comments that corrupt police officers leaking information should be jailed and the keys thrown away (the same goes for politicians, of course).

    Presumably Mr Shenton has changed his mind on this? It only seems like yesterday that he was criticising me for attempting to bring the small number of corrupt Jersey officers to justice and called it a waste of money.

    So I look forward to seeing this investigation and we will find out the truth as to whether a journalist received leaked material from Senator Perchard, what Mr Gradwell did (he has been uncharacteristically silent until now) and, perhaps, what those leaking the information gained from it.

    As I said, I have no concerns about such an investigation. Almost all of what I said can be found in easily accessible articles and film online.

    Article posted on 28th July, 2011 - 2.30pm

    Read more:

  8. Something stinks with all this. Why don't you just let them do this investigation and stop moaning about it? You want transparency so whats the problem?

  9. "You want transparency so whats the problem?"

    There is no transparency, and as Mr. Harper has said in the interview, unlike any other western "democratic" society, Jersey's corrupt can do what the hell they like and are not accountable...........for now.

  10. To anyone who really wants transparency, it should be easy to see that Lenny Harper has always wanted more, not less uncovering of evidence. Even if some in Jersey have not been following the excellent investigative journalism on the blogs, they should be asking themselves why Lenny wants to have everything more openly and fully investigated and why so many who are opposed to that are irrationally opposed to Lenny. It should be obvious that the one former officer calling for a deeper investigation is the one who has nothing to hide.

  11. Once completion of the finding of Scrutiny into Financial report on spending of SIO Mr. Harper, could Scrutiny take independent legal advice on findings, whether human rights laws have been broken?

    what about victims rights with leaking, local TV displaying evidence during an ongoing investigation?

    Or Ministers acting improperly?

    Mr. Power suspended with no right of reply?

  12. “what about victims rights with leaking, local TV displaying evidence during an ongoing investigation?”

    I take it that this refers to Mick Gradwell, who at one time you couldn’t shut him up, but has now gone ever so quiet?

  13. Hi VFC.

    Brilliant interview can’t wait for part 2. If people can’t see through these 3 Goons, we are in trouble.

    Just looked though my old posts & found the recordings of Deputy Power getting interviewed by Roger Barra about him passing on that email he found, but blamed it on the builders that were working in the States building. I wonder what the Builder’s think of what he said.

    You & your readers can listen to the recording HERE

    Got a couple of recordings of Senator Perchard, still got the famous recording of him on the Sunday Talk Back program that I could put up if you would like to here it again. I must have recordings of him resigning after he told Senator Syvret to go & kill himself. If someone could remember dates & times I will see if I have it.

    Now Senator Shenton, the lesser spotted one, now from memory I don’t think I have him saying anything. You have to remember he isn’t in the States much because he thinks more of his out side job then the people that he is surpossed to be representing. But again If someone has dates & times of him admitting recording Senator Cohen in the States I shell have a look if I have it.

  14. Mr Harper.

    The Perchard, Shenton and Power, "last ditch effort to rubbish you, by any means and any way possible".
    Were top headlines of the 6am local BBC news today.

    Be very careful because it would seem that for these three to put their heads on the line.
    That they would have to have full backing/support of the Police and the Law Office.

    And one/two questions for you.

    The anthropologists that you were working closely with at the excavation stage of HDLG.
    Do you still have a copy of their reports?
    Or better still would they testify/write a statement of their finds of fresh,fleshed and chared human bones, found at that time?

  15. You bloggers have exposed the child abuse cover up someone just needs to put it all together. Those 3 Senators are pure toxic garbage you should ask them for an interview VFC = lets see if they are prepared to be interviewed like Mr Harper.

    Ozouf and his tribe of brain dead nodding fools have never cared about the children he will always put the dollar before the abuser. Look at the way he has led the chamber in voting against everything that concerns the Abuse Investigation he is so far up his masters backside that it's a good job he has his name on his shoes.

    There is so much wrong with our beautiful island at the moment that it leaves one feeling very sad. I believe that only a complete regime change can save it..

  16. "The anthropologists that you were working closely with at the excavation stage of HDLG.
Do you still have a copy of their reports?"

    This LINK and the links on there contain just about all the evidence one could wish for.

  17. VFC,

    I can't get that link to work, and it is an important topic. Can you lease repost it?