Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cowardly, Underhanded and Dishonest.

Team Voice has put the question to former DCO and Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper that he believes Deputy Sean Power, along with Senator's Perchard and Shenton, are too cowardly, underhanded and dishonest to admit they are inferring.

They appear to be inferring that he has had improper dealings with the News of The World but in reality they are probably just trying to further smear the name of Mr. Harper.........but why would they want to do that?

Firstly let's just have a quick look at some of the antics of these three individuals and how well placed they are to question ANYBODY'S integrity or morality.

Deputy Sean Power stole a fellow States Member's personal e-mail correspondence scanned it, passed it on to at least one other third party where it subsequently was published on the internet. It's difficult to determine what is the most despicable, the fact that he took the e-mail in the first place, the fact that he showed it to others which caused it to be published on the internet. But possibly the most despicable part of this horrible episode is that the particular e-mail had the names of the fellow States Members Children contained in it, even when it was published on the internet. What does this say about Deputy Power's feelings to protecting children? What does it say about his integrity and his morals?

Senator Ben Shenton records a personal telephone call between himself and a fellow Senator. Sits on it, and when the time is right, produces it to a Scrutiny Panel to try and nail his fellow Senator giving his fellow Senator no indication that he had recorded the phone-call, nor warning him he will be using it against him at this panel hearing. Integrity, morality?

 Senator Jimmy Perchard attempts to encourage a fellow Senator to kill himself, not only that he also denied doing/saying it. He was caught out and exposed as being a liar. He also allegedly used disgraceful language from that filthy potty mouth of his when suggesting his fellow Senator go "slit his wrists." He also denied using the disgusting language, in the States Chamber, which he subsequently had to admit to. Integrity, morality?

As regular viewers will be aware these three individuals are having another pop at one of the Police Officers who exposed one of Jersey's dirty secrets. The fact that children were abused in State run Institutions for decades by people in authority who STILL have complete impunity.

So for the benefit of Ben Shenton, Sean Power and Jimmy Perchard here it is from the horses mouth.

Incidentally if any of you three have the courage to be interviewed and answer straight questions, like Former DCO Harper and former CPO Graham Power QPM have then let's do it?

Or are you going to prove Mr. Harper right and show us that you truly are cowardly, underhanded and dishonest?

Part one of the this exclusive and in-depth interview with Mr. Harper can be viewed HERE. Part three coming soon.............


  1. Cowardly,Underhanded,Dishonest and Desperate! Well done Lenny.

  2. Sneaky and very nasty too!

    Nothing more to say as Lenny has said it all.

  3. Well done Lenny, yes you are so right, they (the 3 stooges) only infer, the question that should be asked by the Media, is do they believe Lenny Harper to have been leaking information that he should not legally have been allowed to do, if yes, why?, do they hold evidence?, if not why increase taxpayers costs at a wild goose chase, or fishing expedition without due cause??

  4. When you have nothing to fear you speak with ease


  5. Just to be picky - the word necessary is not infer - it's imply.
    Infer is when you understand a meaning from any information. Imply is what you do when you try to put a meaning (true or false) into somebody else's head.

    The establishment have done an awful lot of implying.

  6. Same old story at ctv, half a story and then all the same old faithfuls trotting out the same old tripe.

  7. Half a story? CTV haven't even got close to "half" of the story. Something tells me that the more "fuller" story will be published on the internet very shortly which will further demonstrate just how much CTV don't tell their viewers.

  8. Sorry to post this here, but does anyone know what happened to Stuart in court today - there was no reporting whatsoever! Thank you.

  9. Mr. Harper or VFC who was the chief minister who refused to investigate the alleged leaking of a confidential police email by Jimmy Perchard to David Rose. Was it Walker or Le Sewer?

  10. Not sure. I think it might have been Frank (no stone unturned) Walker. Mr. Harper has told us there is/was "evidence" that will substantiate the leaked e-mail sketch.

    So let's go with the "evidence" and have Jimmy (potty mouth) Perchard investigated instead of all this "speculation" of what Lenny Harper "might" have done.

    There is also "evidence" that Mick (tooth fairy) Gradwell leaked confidential data to a "journalist" during a live police investigation. Again, let's go with the "evidence" and have Gradwell investigated.

  11. By Diane Simon

    FORMER deputy police chief Lenny Harper has made formal complaints to the police against former Chief Minister Frank Walker and Senator Jimmy Perchard, alleging that they leaked confidential e-mails about the abuse inquiry to a journalist and newspaper.

    However, Mr Walker has strongly denied that claim — and the journalist named by Mr Harper, David Rose of the Mail on Sunday, has also said that the claims are false. Senator Perchard is out of the Island and unavailable for comment. Mr Harper, pictured, is alleging that Mr Rose told police chief Graham Power during a phone call that he had a confidential e-mail leaked to him by Senator Perchard.

    He is also alleging that the Mail on Sunday told him that the Chief Minister’s office leaked a confidential e-mail to them in which he updated Senator Walker on the anthropologist’s findings in the UK on items found during the excavation at Haut de la Garenne. However, Mr Rose told the JEP that he had never been leaked an e-mail by Mr Walker, Senator Perchard, States chief executive Bill Ogley or former Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard. ‘I have never spoken to Mr Power either,’ Mr Rose said.

    Mr Harper told the JEP that he had received a letter from the States police ‘refusing to investigate the allegations.’ Asked about Mr Harper’s allegations, Mr Walker said that they were totally untrue.

    Article posted on 19th December, 2008 - 2.58pm

    Read more:

  12. Furthermore, did anyone (Gradwell or other!) buy David Rose a meal when he visited Jersey, who paid his airfare and hotel?

  13. Perhaps just as importantly, did David Rose buy Gradwell (or others) a meal. Did he engage in any form of activity that could be construed as paying for information?

  14. I see Lucy Mason is spinning the myth that the JEP doesn't know that it is the old snorer Tel Boy Le Main who was so concerned about Mister Bean. The cover ups just go on and on don't they! Le Main tyrying cause trouble and the JEP colluding with him. Disgusting!

  15. Snorer Le Main Out, Out, Out!2 August 2011 at 18:06

    How can the JEP tell Shona Pitman that it was Le Main who sent them the very funny email but wanted to be described as an anonymous concerned states member - then allow tthis horrible little man to conceal his identity?

    This is quite clearly electioneering of the worst kind from a senator who has done nothing for the ordinary public for donkeys years. That the JEP condone and actually support this should be investigated by PPC before the elections.

  16. “That the JEP condone and actually support this should be investigated by PPC before the elections.”

    You make it sound as though you believe the JEP have got some kind of ethics?

    Part three of Mr. Lenny Harper’s interview will be getting published in the next day or so. The contents of the interview should call for an immediate investigation into the JEP…….Watch this space.

  17. I really never can understand why Lenny doesn't sue the JEP. He should have multiple grounds for that by now.


  18. Elle.

    And expect a “fair” trial in a Jersey (politicized) Court?

  19. Why is there nothing anywhere about Stuart's trial today - what's happening?!

  20. VFC

    I agree the Jersey courts are a hopeless avenue for justice in this matter.

    My apologies if this has been covered before, but if Lenny Harper sued the Guiton Group, wouldn't he sue their owner, Claverley Group Ltd, which is located in West Midlands?

    I am not a lawyer. I admit I have very little grasp of the law in UK, and no expectation of Jersey law being anything but corrupt in dealing with Lenny Harper - or for that matter, anyone who protects the abuse survivors. I did wonder, however, if civil offenses committed in Jersey, i.e. libel, could be adjudicated in the UK if Guiton Group ownership is registered there. To Americans, the famously draconian libel laws in UK, the JEP's malicious attacks and demonstrable lies about Lenny Harper and others, mean automatic abuse-related libel suits. I understand if Lenny Harper would not wish to compromise any potential future legal case by commenting, but do you or your readers know if the UK would actually be the proper jurisdiction for that?


  21. Elle.

    I’m not sure how it all works, or if Mr. Harper is thinking along those lines, hopefully he will let us know his thoughts?

    After reading his letter to Ian Le Marquand telling Le Marquand to “put up or shut up” one gets the impression that legal action against Le Marquand is on the cards, probably why he hasn’t “put up” and seems to have “shut up.”

    This is very characteristic of Le Marquand, almost every time he is asked for “evidence” he goes extremely quiet.

  22. Thanks, VFC. I, too, had been trying to read between those same lines when Lenny Harper issued that warning. It is shocking that ILM is a former magistrate, given how legally reckless he has been with publicly available, evidenced truth.

    If sued, the JEP might try to base any libel defense on quotes from dishonest government sources, but it would be a travesty if that would protect them in a UK court. After their numerous examples of failing to publish full and factual responses by Lenny Harper, and in the context of the JEP contradicting its own previously published evidence regarding the shackles, this seems to be a "slam/dunk" easy-to-prove and obviously intentional libel case. I think it would be hard to find a better evidenced malicious libel claim anywhere.

    Litigation is ugly and a costly strain on any court system as well as all the parties involved, but it does have the advantage of compelling all parties to disclose evidence, and in Lenny Harper's case, that could have far reaching ramifications for Jersey. He alludes to having additional relevant evidence which he cannot disclose now. A court case may allow the parties to override certain confidentiality based restraints on disclosures.

    Lenny Harper has always struck me as being the man who knows a great many more facts about official corruption and cover-ups in Jersey, and I suspect his reputation would only benefit from the additional exposure of confidential evidence. He also deserves financial reward for his continued efforts since his retirement, on behalf of abuse survivors and the pursuit of truth. I have to believe an honest court would award him that.


  23. Can you see any reference to this crash on the States of Jersey Police website?

    Maybe I'm missing something but nothing appears to show anywhere. I hope I'm wrong about this but any reference seems to have been airbrushed/swept away.

    Try searching the site for any of the following words separately: St Clement; crash; road; died; death; Dita

    There are articles about other crashes listed but mysteriously not the St Clement's death crash.

    If I am right, can you ask them why & post their response?

  24. The news that Cleveland's Chief Constable has been suspended from duty "as a neutral act" will ring a few local bells. It will be interesting to see how his local Police Authority handle the matter - but since other complaints have been levelled at the authority itself besides the Chief's Deputy and a female employee of the Cleveland force, the facts might be slow to reveal themselves.

    Puzzlingly, the Chief Constable of nearby North Yorkshire Police was given a "final warning" in May after admitting breaking professional standards (he was almost sacked) and his Deputy Chief had already retired before he could be sacked.

    I have alluded in previous comments to widespread problems with UK trained police officers and I do wonder what might be wrong with the UK police college water supply?

    Of course, there are many thousands of police officers around and - as we are constantly told - mostly they do a difficult job well enough. But surely something is going wrong - after all, the Chief of the Met has just resigned over NOTW/political scandals and that saga surely has many more hidden skeletons in uniform yet to be let out of the cupboard.

    I have no idea what is going on and I have no device to determine the good cops or the bad ones.

    But I would appreciate a wider, informed discussion - especially since so many allegations are made about the conduct of UK trained officers in Jersey. Any offers?

  25. Tom, I have had much experience with the police in Jersey.

    Whilst there are some good officers, and some outstanding officers in Jersey. There are to many officers, who even if they do not actively do wrong themselves, are prepared to turn a blind eye to the wrongdoing of other officers.

    This phenomenon has already been demonstrated amongst uniform services, and the subsequent experiment had to be abandoned due to brutality and wrongdoing. ZIMBARDO.

    This is also demonstrated with my ongoing complaint against Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor. Mr Taylor knows that four officers needlessly beat me, and then committed perjury at my trial in order to gain a corrupt conviction.

    Mr Taylor also refuses to allow me access to an independant report compiled by ex-policemen from the UK. He has also refused to take any action against the four officers concerned. How many more cases have these four officers lied in since?

    And what does it say about the duplicity of the senior officers.


    Insult to Jersey abuse case victims
    Still no compensation for victims of Haut de la Garenne horrors
    Victims of the notorious Haut de la Garenne abuse in Jersey are still awaiting compensation more than three years after the case hit the headlines.
    The wait continues for the victims, despite their abusers Michael Aubin, Morag and Tony Jordan and Gordon Wateridge being successfully prosecuted and convicted during 2010.
    36 of the victims, many elderly and in poor health are represented by Solicitor Alan Collins of Verisona Solicitors & Advocates in Portsmouth.
    He said: “The victims of these appalling crimes believed that following the guilty convictions, the States of Jersey would accept the allegations of abuse, along with its moral and legal obligation to compensate for the harm that had been inflicted. In fact, the State is actually scrutinizing the investigation that led to the convictions; unbelievably politicians in Jersey have questioned the truth of the abuse despite the guilty verdicts.”
    One victim, who cannot be named due to the impact it may have on any civil proceedings, said: “The States of Jersey seems to have done everything in its power to try to bury this historic child abuse investigation. Its attitude has been ‘move along folks, nothing to see here’, it’s appalling. Politicians seem to care more about Jersey’s reputation, than they care about those of us who were mentally and physically abused as children whilst in the care of the States of Jersey”.
    Another victim added: “The States seem more involved in fighting each other then assisting the victims. We are, as quoted by a States Member, ‘a bunch of disturbed minds & criminals’.”
    Alan Collins, a specialist in historical child abuse cases, added: “The failure to compensate the victims is a case of rubbing salt in to open wounds. Many of the victims, as a result of the abuse suffered, are vulnerable. The children were in the State’s care and the criminal trials clearly exposed that this care was wantonly lacking. The abuse went on year after year.”
    A former member of staff at Haut de la Garenne, not linked to any abuse, and considering giving evidence at potential civil proceedings said: “I would like to see as much time, effort and money put into the aftercare of 'my children' as is put into all these investigations into investigations”.
    Mr Collins believes that the only way victims can now get justice is by taking proceedings against the States of Jersey.
    He explained: “Civil proceedings would be regrettable because of the stress involved to the victims and witnesses, as well as the cost implications. The States of Jersey have put the victims in an intolerable position though and it is about time they did the right thing. No amount of money would make up for what happened but the gesture of meaningful compensation helps victims draw a line in the sand and move on. The horror of what went on at Haut de la Garenne will not go away.”
    Jersey's historic abuse investigation ran from September 2007 until December 2010 with the conviction of married couple Morag and Tony Jordan, who were house parents at Haut de la Garenne in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Others were also suspected of abuse going back 70 years but died before they could be prosecuted.

  27. VFC - As I have put on Stuart's blog, we must not forget the victims who have not yet even seen justice let alone compensation.

    What sort of Council of Ministers do we have heaping distress upon distress for all abuse survivors?

  28. Bailhache and Syvret go head-to-head