Saturday, 22 May 2010

Stuart Syvret interview (part two of three)

As the title explains this video interview with Stuart Syvret is part two of a trilogy. This particular instalment focuses on the questions that were written by an alleged victim of Stuart’s Blog.

We believe we have been fairly objective in the two interviews with Stuart and have put some pretty tuff questions his way, which in fairness to him, he has answered “in depth”

Part three of the this trilogy, will concentrate on the “personal” side of his battle with the establishment, what has been his personal cost?

Part one of the interview can be seen Here

Submitted by VFC.


  1. Jacques Chartier22 May 2010 at 13:51

    Well done Neil. Keep up the good work.

  2. Which part of the trilogy has the bit about this bully threatening to smear anyone who stands against him? Part four I expect. He was so good once too. Shame.

  3. He still is good Anonymous - his whole demeanour and body language tells a tale and that is that he is honest and truthful.

    Forget part four - he has welcomed, and caused this by-election with the honesty that he always shows. If he loses I am sure he will be philosophical in defeat, but it will be a great, great loss to the Island as a whole if he does not succeed.

    Heaven help us all if he doesn't.

  4. I can do nothing but agree with what you say Jill.

    If Stuart is defeated in this election, the working class are doomed, those seeking real justice and fairness may as well pack up, and the poor survivors of abuse, are simply damned to hell for life.

    This vile government will pull out all the stops to encumber Stuart's efforts, it is up to the good people of Jersey to prevent Stuart from failing.

    Sadly, it is out of his hands now, but our choices can make the difference, so let's do it !!!

    Great posting V.F.C

  5. I will say this if stuart does loose this by-election the battle for justice remains just as strong.

    There are good states members now on the case and we will not let up.

    Stuart will still be fighting for the truth as he always has so l with or without stuart as a states member the truth is coming.


  6. Rico.

    After the hustings, I believe the electorate will be alot more informed about the Child Abuse scandal and the part our Government, Law Offices, and Civil Servants have played in it. They will realise it is not exclusive to the Child Abuse, but how the public administration in Jersey operates generally.

    And like you quite rightly said, the truth is coming out regardless of the election result.

  7. Even if Stuart wins,I have it on very good authority the powers that be will not let him take up his rightful seat
    ime talking of spoilt voting papers etc
    They are very afraid of Stuart and will stop at nothing to keep him out
    I just hope the people doing the counting have got a concience and realise every spoilt paper means they are party to the child abuse cover up

  8. Come on VFC let us know what happened at the nominations - channel online has posted nine nominations including someone called Peter Whorrall (who the F is he?) and no mention of Suzette Haze

    See Geoff I've an ego the size of China, and I will not stand against Stuart Syvret has been nominated - never will I vote for this man again!

    Information VFC please!!!

  9. Re; Peter Whorrall. I believe he works as a gardener, and for those people who were at Stuart's public meeting he was they guy that read out the poem. I do have that on video and if time permits I will publish it in the coming days.

  10. The poem that peter whorell
    read out at Stuarts meeting was so intriguing and entertaining, I new i recognised his face from somewhere
    Please Neil have peter read this out again when Stuart tops the polls

  11. Ian, its not just the working class that are doomed if Stuart doesn't get re elected