Sunday, 10 October 2010

Napier Press Conference and long overdue apology?

Deputy Bob Hill has sent an e-mail to Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur and all States Members requesting a Press Conference be held so Brian Napier QC can present his Report and hopefully answer some of the many questions that arise from it.

We remember only too well the Press Conference and massive media coverage that followed the release of the Wiltshire Report. Where Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian (P9-26) Le Marquand dropped all disciplinary action against Mr. Graham Power QPM (without informing him…………or Wiltshire!). He (ILM) proceeded to give, the media (before States Members) the prosecution case against Graham Power QPM without publishing a single word of Mr. Power’s 75,000 word defence……………And still hasn’t!

Mr. Graham Power QPM and his advisors believe, that if Ian Le Marquand had have given them the opportunity, then they would have “torn apart” the prosecution case. Maybe that’s what ILM believed also, and that’s why it never got to the disciplinary stage? We may never know……..or will we??????????

So we await Chief Minister Le Sueur’s response to the Press Conference, and now we move onto the (long overdue) public apology to Mr. Graham Power QPM.

There is little doubt that he has been treated worse than a criminal. He has, by the Chief Minister, and others, been denied access to evidence that would have strengthened his case. He’s been denied the right to a fair hearing and has been subject to a Kangaroo trial by media. His reputation and his totally unblemished (up until Jersey) career trashed.

So come on Chief Minister, it’s your move, are you finally going to do the right thing, Give us the chance to question Napier, apologise to the former Chief of Police and hold those to account for their mis-handling of his wrongful suspension? (Dismissal by stealth).

E-mail from Deputy Bob Hill to Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur.

Good Afternoon Terry,

Thank you for releasing the Napier Report. Unfortunately due to the timing we did not hold a joint press release or allow for anyone to question Mr Napier on his findings. Perhaps that can be arranged.

I also believe you should make a statement in the States on Tuesday. You commissioned the Report, its findings clearly show that Mr Power was unfairly suspended and is therefore entitled to a public apology. I believe your statement should include the plan of action that you will be taking against those responsible for breaching the requirements of the Police Force (States) ( Jersey) Law 1974 and the Disciplinary Code made under that law. Perhaps you will also wish to consider whether the States were at any time misled in relation to the sequence of events and decision making process which was applied in this case.


Deputy F. J. (Bob) Hill, BEM.,

Deputy of St Martin.


  1. What are they going to do about the original suspension and amending the terms of reference to the Napier report as it stands. That on its own is part of the conspiracy.

  2. Would they use their influence to get a 5 page ney 10 page spread in the Jersey Evening Post explaining warts an all who was to blame.

  3. This is a must listen interview

  4. Who doctored the Terms of Reference?

  5. I hope someone will lend Graham Power a crutch whilst he stands on one leg waiting for an apology..............

    Never has so much injustice been seen to be done by 'so few' to 'so many' on the Island of Jersey..............

  6. Does Terry Le Sueur have any concern that Deputies are too frightened to give evidence for fear of losing their position?

  7. I have a feeling Brian Napier will be to busy for a press conference but lets hope he can present his findings.

    Now is the time for TLS to show some leadership but how many times have we said that before. Oh but hang on i forgot, he is conflicted in this, it was TLS who was stopping Graham Power from getting his suspension dates.

    This is just the beginning


  8. both tls the law offices should now come clean or d,hill should bring a vote of no confidence i hope he dose this as no truth will ever come out tls gob heads should no must roll over this

  9. Unless TLS is part of the ''non conspiracy'' He has to apologize.

  10. Has Terry replied to bob's email yet?

  11. Not as far as I am aware. Something tells me that he won't be in a hurry to either.

  12. [JEP: Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur informed States Members yesterday that having received the independent report by employment law specialist Brian Napier into the suspension, he believed there could possibly be grounds for disciplinary action.]

    Who is going to be disciplined then?

  13. Sorry to sound so sceptical but I would guess that nobody will be disciplined.

  14. ILM owes GP and the public of Jersey an apology for wasting over a million on this illegal suspension. If he had an ounce of integrity he'd resign

  15. It wasn't ILM's illegal suspension, but he has got some serious questions to answer. They will be getting put to him in the near future and published on here. Can't say any answers will be appearing on here because he's not very forthcoming with answers.

  16. "ILM owes GP and the public of Jersey an apology for wasting over a million on this illegal suspension. If he had an ounce of integrity he'd resign

    10 October 2010 20:06"

    Damned right he owes an apology. He cost me 45p as I bought the Rag to read the 5 pages or so of cr4p that was being bandied around as evidence from Wiltshire.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  17. I think ILM should resign, he took over from AL and should have read the so called interim Met report, before even sitting at a review. As Mr Napier notes:

    105. In circumstances where the report was used as a mainstay in establishing the grounds for the immediate suspension of Mr Power, no one in authority had access to anything more than a partial summary of its contents, provided by Mr Warcup. I do not regard that as a satisfactory basis on which to take a decision of such importance.

    107. ...............Too much reliance was placed on the interim report provided by the Metropolitan Police and the existence of evidence from other sources was not acknowledged. There should have been a more sustained effort made by Mr Lewis and Mr Ogley to get access to the contents of the report itself (even if only in redacted form) in order to evaluate the criticisms of Mr Power which Mr Warcup referred to in his letter to Mr Ogley of 10 November 2008. Mr Ogley and Mr Lewis should not have relied upon a summary provided by Mr Warcup (whose negative views of Mr Power were already well known) in a matter of such importance. The Interim Report could and should have been redacted by Mr Warcup for the purposes of removing any operationally sensitive material that it would not have been appropriate for persons outside the Police to see.
    So ILM received bad advice, but as he has said, he does not have to take advice. So he was at fault.


    ‘I’ll resign over police chief appointment’

    HOME Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand will resign if States Members do not back David Warcup as the next police chief.

    The Senator warned yesterday that if acting chief officer Mr Warcup was not appointed by the States, he would accept that the House had no confidence in his ministry and would quit. He was speaking after a hearing with the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny panel yesterday.

  18. 12 new officers! six months early! Who has played 'ball'. Remember back in Feb:-

    In the Policing Plan for 2010, Mr Warcup said that States funding ‘had not kept pace’ with what the force needs and that further cutbacks driven by the recession were compounding the financial problems.

    He said that as a result the force can only afford to employ 236 officers this year – below its authorised maximum of 249 posts.

    This year’s scheduled intake of new recruits will be deferred by 12 months and officers who retire or resign will not be replaced.

    Read more:

  19. Advocate Le Cocq said that once he had read that letter, there was really no choice but to suspend Mr Power.

    Article posted on 23rd July, 2009 - 2.56pm

    JEP report here

    Why did he not read the so called Met Interim Report himself to follow his own advice?

    45. Further advice from the Solicitor General to Mr Crich on 11 November emphasised the need for there to be objective evidence to support any act of suspension in advance of receipt of the full report from the Metropolitan Police. A file note made in the Solicitor General’s office records Mr Crich as saying, in the course of a telephone call that day, that Mr Ogley had said there would be a précis of the headlines of the [Metropolitan Police] report available on Tuesday and that Mr Warcup had also prepared his own review which would inform the decision making process. The note taker records a conversation in the following terms: “I said [to IC] that there must not be any provisos or caveats to the Metropolitan Police’s conclusions otherwise it would be potentially inappropriate to act [ask]” and that “I had advised that there must be strong and cogent reasons to justify action at this stage against the Chief Police Officer.”

  20. Time to simplify again. Here is my partial list of the most basic facts.

    Outrageous institutional child abuse with hundreds of survivors, witnesses and corroborative items of evidence. Documented details of decades of abuse without police or government support for truth. Determined senator, COP and his chief investigator begin to uncover truth with entire world watching. SOJ expresses extremes of sympathy for itself, but not victims, in the face of exposure. SOJ and Civil Service bosses make every legal and illegal attempt to suppress truth and intimidate and vilify politicians, whistleblowers, proper police investigators, mainstream press, and bloggers. From Ourchap Report to Wiltshire and Napier, the terms of examination and unredacted reports of evidence are never allowed to publicly show further proof of what is obvious. Secret government meetings are improperly held to plot removal of those who support abuse investigation. Swat team level of police force sent to secure evidence from Father of the House, without warrant. The courts and local press are utterly corrupt in regard to their leanings on the side of pro-establishment whitewash. Clear advantage is given only to the side of the cover-up at every opportunity. Still no apology to the survivors. This is Jersey.

    Someone could add up all the official lies told regarding this mess but it might take up more space than a blog format allows.


  21. 'It wasn't ILM's illegal suspension ,,, '
    Don't agree ,,, just cos Lewis was the puppet who made the suspension doesn't vindicate ILM from responsibility. As Home Affairs Minister he had the power to put an end to it ... he is at least as culpable for this absurdity as Lewis ... instead he dragged it out and even initiated a second suspension ... god knows the total cost of ILM's intransigence to the Jersey tax payer.

  22. I should have said that it wasn't ILM's "original" suspension. I agree he could have "put things right" when he was elected as Home Affairs Minister but, in my opinion, did what he was told and carried on the charade.

    There were those of us that had every faith that he would do the right thing as soon as he was elected. Unfortunately we were wrong.

    He has cost the tax payer, probably in the millions with all this Wiltshire nonsense, there shouldn't even had been any need for Napier, if ILM had done the right thing from the get-go.

    The irony of all this is that the truth, through Napier, has been revealed (well some of the truth) and Graham Power's reputation has been somewhat restored but David Warcup (ILM's preferred CPO) has had his reputation trashed.

    Time for ILM to fall on his sword, but not before he apologises to Graham Power QPM, his family, the abuse survivors and the "good" people of Jersey.

  23. no-one will fall on their swords. no-one will be disciplined. The establishment will simply trot out the usual trite mantra...

    "Lessons have been learned, we must now move forward."

    Not good enough but there you go. The Jersey Way.

  24. I see TLS had company when his attended the Guernsey IoD debate last week. One Andre Lewis, who it is reported (Guernsey Press), tried to enliven proceedings with a few choice comments.

    'Did he go too far in referring to Environment's planners as Guernsey's Business Prevention Unit?

    Privately, many agreed with him but the conference response was more muted.

    Well, nobody wants to upset the planners, do they?'


    I guess last weekend was the most appropriate time to release the Napier report then!

  25. In Lenny/GP We Trust11 October 2010 at 14:45


    Did anyone really expect to get evidence, when the Napier investigation was so limited in scope with so many key players left out?

    When they starting using asbestos there was NO EVIDENCE of a health hazard, but we all know that EVIDENCE turns up in the end!

  26. jep doing their best to make little of the Napier report again,same old,same old.

  27. I do hope the strategy is based on some real strong evidence, yet to be employed in the fight for justice.

    I recall many years ago, when I was involved in a employment/company issue that was destined to end up in the high court (in London where I was based).

    I had evidence of an illegal cartel, but knew the directors so well (I was one) I knew they would use every trick possible to deny it, even lie in court.

    It started with an employment tribunal, and true to form they did not let me down, they lied under oath, their defence all sounded plausible because it was my word against four. However, they had set out their stall, not knowing, I was going to take high court action, with far stronger evidence.

    I had my day as their defence collapsed and they were shown up for the lies they had already told.

    So every time I read where someone says I have seen no evidence to support an alleged claim, I think, you do not say categorically there is there is no such evidence, just that you have not seen any, that never means there isn't any, and that person may well know that.

  28. What a wonderful and insightful JEP Opinion Editorial tonight 11/10/10.

    How true it all is and isn't it tremendous that the JEP can explain so clearly what were otherwise not 'facts'.

    However, I'm still unclear as to the motivation of Lenny Harper shooting Bambi's Mother?

  29. Yes the JEP never ceases to dissapoint. Like I have said many times before, what they print always used to anger, frustratte and even scare me.

    I have come to learn that this is the long game, history is being made. It is unfortunate that there are readers that will be fooled by what they print, but rest assured that is only for the time being.

    They will be the masters of their own demise.

  30. "It is unfortunate that there are readers that will be fooled by what they print"
    Print off the blogs & comments & pass them around,I do & it certainly opens a lot of eyes that were blinkered previously

  31. The Chief Minister, this morning, infront of the whole States assembly said: "The suspension of The Jersey Chief of Police Chief, Mr Graham Power, was totaly justified".

    There you are Mr Power it has been recorded on Hansard.

    You really have to take this further.

    At the very least. "Defamation Of Character"!?

  32. Not only in front of the States assembly but broadcase on BBC radio to those who listen to live broadcast.

    I spat my coffee over the radio in disbelief. The hole they are digging gets bigger every day.

  33. Yes, after the Napier Report our Chief Minister stood up in the chamber and said that the suspension of Graham Power QPM was justified.

    This is the sort of mentality we are up against, you know, like the Home Affairs Minister believing that 65 children's teeth all fell through the exact same gap in a floor board.

    Now we have the Napier Report that critices the living daylights out of the original suspension of Graham Power QPM.Our Chief Minister stands up and says the suspension was justified and the Foot Stamping Lackeys of the Motherland (FSLM) go into overdrive!

    One can argue with/against reason, but when you've got complete nut-cases just making it all up as they go along, then you start to realise just what a mess this island is in.

    The last commenter believes the powers that be are digging themselves a hole. Some time ago I might have agreed with that statement. But not anymore, these people can just do and say what the hell they please, they are untouchable and completely out of control....because there is no-one to control them!

  34. well adolf hitler is alive and well in the states what ever i say is right and no matter what everybody else is wrong the law by tls. god help this island with this lot in power

  35. there is one way just like the french in wwii ?

  36. These lunatic despotic morons are indeed out of control. They will not be stopped until the British Government intervenes. This is obviously why Barking Bill and Phoney Philip are supporters of independence.

  37. i do belive that the time is comeing when we will have to fight in this island to get it back from the psychopath,s in power now befor it is all to late it mybe it is allready.but it would be better to go out this way then the world might get to hear what has been going on in this island,

  38. Terry Le Sueur's insanity literally knows no bounds

    Now he is telling us, despite Napier telling us the complete oppossite, that the suspension of CPO Graham Power was justified!!!

  39. vfc is there some way you can get hold of people who will fight for jersey by any means this lot must be stopped asap

  40. anonymous says will any one fight for jersey i will

  41. Terry Le Sueur needs to play that recording back and listen to himself. Its scary

  42. why vfc no more comment

  43. Lenny Harper - reputation attacked
    Graham Power - game over
    Stuart Syvret - dealing with it

    What does it take to prove the Foot Stomping Lacky's are up to no good?