Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Napier Report Imminent (3)“PUT UP…….OR I WILL!!”

As part of our “Napier Imminent” reports, Team Voice bring you an ultimatum issued by Deputy Bob Hill to the Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur.

The e-mail below was sent to all States Members, “accredited” and “unaccredited” media at 9.43 this morning and is self explanatory……………..Your move Terry, nothing to hide, nothing to fear, justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done.

Dear Terry, 

I am most concerned about the delay in circulating the Napier Report. It was my understanding that you were going to make a statement and/or circulate the Report to States Members and the Media at the end of last week to be embargoed until early this week. I am mindful of a court case and that the parties concerned might have an interest in the Napier Report. I making no comment as to its value but I believe that both parties should have sight of the Napier Report before the conclusion of the case and not after. 

I understand that the case resumes on Friday therefore time is running out. 

To ensure that justice is not denied, I ask that by 4pm today you either make a formal statement as to why the Napier Report cannot be released or by that time it is released to all States Members, the Media, Mr Power and Mr Syvret and embargoed until 3pm tomorrow. 

If you decide to do neither I will release the copy you have given me to the above mentioned persons at 430pm today and embargoed until 3pm when I will hold a public press conference to answer any questions that may arise from the Report.  


Deputy  F. J. (Bob) Hill,

BEM.,Deputy of St Martin

Submitted by Team Voice.


  1. It isn't just Napier that they are evading. The annual report on climate change and peak oil, due June is still not there. And the responee on the JCAN petition due August has not seen the light of day either.
    All very different from the incinerator - got that signed off double quick, remember? And how about that overnight suspension in response to a letter not even yet written.

  2. Well done Deputy Hill.
    Straight to the point.
    And you have shown to have the patients of a saint.

  3. Deputy Hill YOU LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well said Deputy Hill You have not left much wriggle room. Will they wriggle?

  5. PMSL! That's gonna put the bird brains in a flap. Do the COMMS Unit get overtime?

  6. This is what you call " Dropping the Bomb"

    Team Voice

    Thanks again for your grat work

  7. The eagle has landed6 October 2010 at 14:17

    If Hill wants it to go public then it can only mean one thing. Napier played it straight. So not a good day for Ogley, Walker, Warcup and Lewis.

  8. This is what it takes to get some action round here.

    Keep us informed please. Deputy Hill you have shown the way

    What is in this report?

  9. Is it 4.30 yet

    What about the 40 plus states members who will dismiss this report. Will the decent ones stand up for the good of Jersey.

    Is it 4.30 yet

  10. Two hours and counting.

  11. You lot have got it wrong. There is nothing in this report that will save Stuart or his cat.

    They all played it by the book and you know it. Why oh why do you carry on with this.

  12. "To ensure that justice is not denied, I ask that by 4pm today you either make a formal statement as to why the Napier Report cannot be released or by that time it is released to all States Members, the Media, Mr Power and Mr Syvret and embargoed until 3pm tomorrow"

    They said no one would be looking into it.

    It's written in the Jersey Way handbook.

    How come this Napier geezer turned up. No one asks questions thats why we have 45 idiots in the states.

    Who changed the rules

    OH SH*T


  13. The helium knome6 October 2010 at 14:36

    Ohhh Sheeeeeeet!!!

  14. You could say the S**Ts hitting the fan.

  15. Lets hope this is the beginning of the end.

    Thanks Deputy Hill

  16. Good on Deputy Hill, I wish more politicians would stand up and be counted. It's all to easy for some of them to pay lip service to being open.

  17. The MILF hunter's rat6 October 2010 at 15:01

    One things for sure. If the Enola Gay disengages its bomb load at 4.30pm today and it explodes upon impact then ILM might as well resign and start thinking about a career as a Jurat.

  18. Sir Quentin Montague6 October 2010 at 15:17

    I played rugga with 'Japey Napey' at Harrow. Fine fellow. Always played a straight bat in the cricket first eleven also. Chap's a good rower. Though I'd say your Chief Minister is more in need of a boat in the morning.

  19. In response to this.

    "You lot have got it wrong. There is nothing in this report that will save Stuart or his cat.

    They all played it by the book and you know it. Why oh why do you carry on with this."

    Firstly some people cannot disguise their blind hatred towards Stuart Syvert, which is very sad.

    Secondly the commenter has a point, "they" might have played it all by the book, until we see the Napier Report we'll not know.

    Thirdly, you've got just over an hour left Terry!

  20. Judging on past history my money's on a formal statement From Terry Le Sueur (Excuses)before 4pm
    PR on double time

  21. Tick tock tick tock

  22. I have looked at the Napier Report and asked Bill if this is true,he said no,so there you go, away with you,nothing to see, move on move on. We are the all powerful, infact im the great wizard,im the one that blows behind the curtain.

    Now move on people and let us carry on with dragging this island to the bottom of the ocean.

  23. Warcup has been spotted running for the airport with a safe under his arm.What could this mean.

  24. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He's a very bad man.

  25. Frank Walker's stiffy6 October 2010 at 15:48

    The blood sure ain't pumpin like it used to. What can this mean?

  26. Can someone please explain WTF is going on.

    5 mins and counting

    Just seen Syvret on his bike going flat out.

    4mins and counting

  27. This could give an indication of who is in the driving seat.

  28. Are we there yet?6 October 2010 at 16:03

    No son, but we should be in about half an hour. Have another cookie.

  29. Oooooo this is amazing, and I don't even live on the island....... I cannot wait to see what the report says........ Well done Bob Hill, do you want to seat in the UK Parliament we could do with someone who will stand up and be counted.........x

  30. Just checked:- news, nothing yet Jambo back in Jersey top story.

    BBC radio Jersey parents face school fees rise top story

  31. 15 minutes Terry.

  32. If Deputy Hill does release Napier report how bad will that look.

  33. A telegram received at the State Department late this afternoon from Consul General Ogley reported everything quiet in Havana. Gen. Ogley thinks it probable that all Americans in Cuba who desire to leave the island, will be able to do so by Saturday, unless something unexpected should happen suddenly to prevent them. He will depart himself for the United States on Saturday.

  34. Well done Voice and Bob Hill a man of integrity there are very few in the States most are just arse lickers!!!!!!

  35. Its simple. If Bob Hill does this then he will never be given a confidential report again. He has been told this already so just see if he does. Your news is very old sometimes.

  36. what is happing ?

  37. What Time is It

    Its Napier TIME

  38. Confidential. Thats a great get out clause.

  39. [Its simple. If Bob Hill does this then he will never be given a confidential report again.]

    The problem for some is that Bob Hill will do the right thing.

  40. dose not anyone know if the report has been released or has bob hill been got at ?

  41. So I guess VFC will have received an embargoed copy of the Napier report and we can expect Bob Hill to hold a press conference at 3pm tomorrow.


    "NO MORE" child abuse, "NO MORE" protection for abusers, "NO MORE" corruption, "NO MORE" cover-up's, "NO MORE" police corruption, "NO MORE" lying politicians.

    "NO MORE", we have had enough, and we are coming for you!

  43. Deputy Hill should not of been put in this position the right thing to do is to release the report.

  44. VFC have you heard anything more? Or has Bob Hill been arrested and his home searched!

  45. [Its simple. If Bob Hill does this then he will never be given a confidential report again.]

    The person who wrote the above is obviously very worried and that's a good sign he must be a moron if he rally believes the rubbish he spouts the public have every right to see Napier our taxes paid for it what ever its contents good on you Bob Hill

  46. 30mins dose anyone know what is happing

  47. As soon as I have any news I will publish it.

  48. has anyone called deputy hill?

  49. I dare say Terry has!

    I have e-mailed him for an update and am waiting for a reply. I should think he will be very busy right now.

  50. Well - what revealing times these are, and the most hearty applause to Bob Hill for his tenacity and persistence. These are the sort of politicians we want. People who will stand up and be counted and not follow each other like lemmings off a cliff in the name of the 'good'?? ship Jersey even when a gross injustice has been done.

    Praise too to all those who also stuck their neck's out in this regard, Trevor Pitman, Daniel Wimberley, Simon Crowcroft and Deputy Labey who stood up in Court and spoke volumes on oath regarding issues that may have some relevance to all this. Let's hope that Stuart also does not have to fight to get the Napier Report before Friday, as it appears that there is information in there which could assist and be relevant to his case.

    We should be thankful to blogs like VFC, Rico and Stuarts for not giving up, when many other would.

    We now eagerly await whatever is to come, but I think M&S may have a run on gents underwear this afternoon.

    Sorry Ahimsa! I'm pinching your catchphrase but -


  51. just tryed calling d,hill line is busy all the time?

  52. Sorry, I forgot to add. Don't forget folks you heard it first HERE!!

    Where are the accredited media in all this?

  53. Yes Jill Citizens Media, yet again broke the news. The "accredited" Media have known about it since 9.43 this morning and not a word about it on the BBC so far, don't know about the others.

    All eyes and ears should be on the "accredited" Media to see/hear what if anything they report about this.

  54. It has not been on BBC radio or channel 103 I have been checking all day.

  55. Seriously what is the credit for in acredited media?

  56. i have tryed has anyone else tryed to get hold of d.hill

  57. So according to Deputy"backbone " Hill the Napier report has been circulating behind closed doors for weeks.

    Chief Minister Le Suer has broken two promises, to keep Deputy Hill on board and informed, all the way through the enquiry and to have the report released in six weeks that was months ago. This is the same tactic as the Wiltshire takes for ever report. Police Chief Graham Power retired and ran out of time.

    It was CM Terry Le Suer who sat on the employment panel, and as a powerful politician did not insist on the rights of Mr Power being respected, just the opposite. Now keeping an important report under wraps.

    Has the Chief Minister got any Morals any Ethics any Integrity. Obviously not so should resign before the weekend.


  58. Anonymous at 18.19 Couldn't agree more.

  59. Martin.

    I have e-mailed him, but still waiting for a reply.

  60. http://www

    Thought this may be of interest to you relating to corruption in Wiltshire Police..................

    The petition at present has over 800.000 signatures.....

  61. google. wiltshire police petition corruption....... sorry the link doesn't work I actually did electronic copy it.

  62. Still no news but I suppose there is a very real chance that Deputy Hill could be extremely busy right now, having his house turned over by a gang of cops.

  63. well all that can be said now is i hope d,hill is safe and not in a cell down town well done to vfc for trying and kepping us up to date hpoe it will all come out soon.

  64. just sent an e-mail to ex senator le sueur as yet no reply? sorry not yet ex.soon to be.

  65. Message to Gill Gracia:

    Wish I had coined the phrase 'The Truth Will Out'. It was coined by none other than The Bard himself, so use it all you like Gill:

    "Truth will out

    The truth will become known eventually.

    From Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, 1596:

    LAUNCELOT: Nay, indeed, if you had your eyes, you might fail of
    the knowing me: it is a wise father that knows his
    own child. Well, old man, I will tell you news of
    your son: give me your blessing: truth will come
    to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man's son
    may, but at the length truth will out."

    So how apt is that?


  66. Update.

    E-mail from Terry Le Sueur to all States Members.

    Deputy Bob Hill's reply to follow!

    Dear colleague,
    As you may be aware, I have now received the Report into the suspension on 12th November 2008 of the (former) Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police (“the Napier Report”).
    Having read this Report carefully, I am of the view that there could possibly be grounds for disciplinary action arising out of the report. I am taking advice on this and considering it as a matter of urgency and anticipate making a decision on this shortly.
    I have also sought appropriate advice about the publication of the Napier Report prior to any disciplinary proceedings which may, after consideration, take place and I am advised that publication might prejudice any disciplinary process which may be required.
    Although I have shared the Napier Report in confidence with the Deputy of St. Martin, he has acknowledged that it is important for any disciplinary process that may be required to be conducted properly so that there can be no question of any impropriety. The Deputy of St. Martin has therefore agreed to continue to hold the Report in confidence.
    I am grateful to the Deputy for his understanding in this matter and I hope that all States members will similarly respect the need to conclude any disciplinary issues prior to publication.
    I confirm that on the conclusion of any disciplinary issues, the Napier Report will be published in a full and unredacted form.

    Yours sincerely,

    Terry Le Sueur
    Chief Minister

  67. Deputy Bob Hill's Reply.

    Dear Terry,
    Thank you for your reply but you are well aware that it falls far short of what I am asking. Your email below was sent without any discussion with me therefore I have not agreed to hold the Report in confidence for what seems to be an indefinite period.
    The purpose of my email was for you to show some leadership in an impartial way. You have been in possession of the Report since 13th September and must have been considering disciplinary action. When you gave me a copy of the Report on Friday 17th September you told me you were considering disciplinary action and were seeking advice. However it was envisaged that the Report would be circulated soon after my return from holiday. I believe you have had ample time to seek advice to determine whether to instigate disciplinary action. Many States Members have been of the view that the suspension of the former Police Chief was not conducted in a satisfactory manner and that was endorsed by the Royal Court some months later. The evidence has therefore been to hand in the public domain for over 18 months.
    You have stated that are taking advice and considering it as a matter of urgency and anticipate making a decision on this shortly. However in my opinion It would appear that you are trying to stall the process in the knowledge that the Napier Report could be of some value in a Court Case which is in progress. I do not want to prejustice any disciplinary case but equally I do not want to deny justice to an ongoing Court Case.
    All that said I am encouraged by your assurance that this is now a matter of urgency but that is what you told me last week when you thought you were going to a statement. However, after some thought, I will take no further action in this matter before 2pm tomorrow (Thursday 7th October 2010.) This should be sufficient time for you to complete your consideration of any possible disciplinary action. If you do decide that disciplinary action is appropriate and the individual person is named and make a statement to that effect, then I will seek to avoid any action which might cause difficulties to the disciplinary process. However, if the current uncertainty is allowed to continue then I will take such action as appears to me to be in the public interest.
    While I recognise that this position may cause you some difficulty, I can only repeat that this exchange relates to a report which has been in your possession since 13th September 2010 and which is subject to growing speculation regarding its contents. I believe that it is now time to bring this speculation to an end by prompt and decisive action. At this time I am content for you to continue to take the lead on this matter but reserve all of my options if no clear decision is taken within the timescale I have indicated.
    Deputy F. J. (Bob) Hill, BEM.,

  68. Where does this leave Stuart's court case then? Hopefully it will be adjourned until he has had sight of the report?

  69. It gets more interesting by the hour..... obviously like many I am wondering who is going to be hung out to dry........ are the cracks beginning to become large gaping holes that can no longer be filled with pollyfila - the mind does quite boggle at the outcome of all of this, at least now - after months conformation what happened to Graham Power was illegal, as if we did not know that already..... Well done all of you guys.....

  70. Sit stay wait..... Good boy.

  71. Is there a forgotten verse in the nursery rhyme that goes 'the wheels on the bus have fallen off, fallen off, fallen off. Ah, shit eh...'?

  72. wow, at least he has agreed to publish it un-redacted surely that is a minor win.

    Regarding this bit "Having read this Report carefully, I am of the view that there could possibly be grounds for disciplinary action arising out of the report"

    Is it possible that the disciplinary actions are the same ones against power and harper though. It doesnt explain that, maybe I have missed something. Is he saying the disciplinary actions against them were wrong. Flipping hard to understand what is going on these days!

  73. so d,hill has been told to do as he is told not what he said he was going to do that gives more time to them? what a shame 4.30 is 4.30 ? not 20.02

  74. The same old chestnut of not wanting to damage discipline proceedings. Who is the sacrificial pawn then? Mustn't be cynical!! You can bet though that it wasn't Tel Boy who came up with that delaying tactic. There is more than a hint of a former AG there. Lenny Harper

  75. Martin.

    In fairness I believe they have Deputy Hill over a barrel, and at least he is actually doing something in order to bring some justice to those who deserve it.

  76. I agree Lenny........ I am not too sure of the in's and out's but is there just a possibility that the Wiltshire report may be dished - not too sure if that was part of the investigation by Napier........ perhaps someone could clarify...

  77. I don't think they hae Bob over a barrel. It's just weasel words from a worried man. That much is plain. If there are to be disciplinaries against individuals in a fair and impartial manner regardless of whether the napier report is in the public domain. We the public paid for it ffs! Brian Napier has written it. Jesus, Jersey politics is still way too polite. Bob - do the right thing and dont let him play you.

  78. The disciplinary action should make front page news anyway.

  79. Bob Hill's ultimatum should make headline/front page news let alone the disciplinary stuff.

  80. Over three weeks to consider taking disciplinary action on a proper report, yet it took hours for the previous Home Affairs Minister to take such action upon the Chief of Police on a so called interim report.

    What a joke!! if only it wasn't so serious.

  81. Fidel's with me now6 October 2010 at 21:48

    OK so TLS says that there may be grounds for disciplinary action. Realistically you can't take disciplinary action against a retired politician (what you going do do? Tell Frank he can't hose down the deck of his gin palace for one whole week?)so it's got to be either Ogley, Warcup, or both. Place your bets.

  82. It took the previous Home Affairs Minister only a few hours (if that) to actually proceed with a suspension and disciplinary investigation against a highly regarded Chief of Police, after a so called interim report that wasn't.

    In contrast, the Chief Minister has so far taken three weeks after receiving what must be a conclusive investigation, to consider actually taking disciplinary action on someone, which is strange, as only last week he was due to release the report.

    Coincidentaly, there may have been some people who thought Stuart Syvrets case would have been concluded before the end of last week, but with a further day scheduled for this Friday, it is not over yet.

    Has this report been delayed to avoid giving Stuart Syvret powerful evidence to help him to prove his case?

    I can see why Deputy Bob Hill, has asked that he is told who is being considered for disciplinary action, because it could just a ruse (made up) to delay the release, only to eventually be told no action will be taken.

    I wonder who the best chess player is!!

  83. If I recall correctly, there have been reports produced, and released, over "incidents" in the UK and then further investigations have been undertaken to process individuals concerned where appropriately

    So why does the report have to be kept away from the public here?

    The Beano is not the Rag

  84. TLS says:

    The Deputy of St. Martin has therefore agreed to continue to hold the Report in confidence.

    Deputy Bob Hill says:

    Your email below was sent without any discussion with me therefore I have not agreed to hold the Report in confidence for what seems to be an indefinite period.

    So it looks like TLS just makes things up as he goes along, I wonder who he learnt that from!

  85. Mandingo said

    If there are to be disciplinaries against individuals in a fair and impartial manner regardless of whether the napier report is in the public domain.

    Exactly the way I was thinking Mandingo and well done VFC team a great and important article. CTV actually mentioned it as a secret report. BBC Jersey nothing.

    On the subject of disciplinary action the only time that the name is not published is when a minor is involved under a certain age, and some of the reporting is not in full context so as not to lead a trail to the minor identity.

    In this report the adult person or people who " may " suffer disciplinary proceedings, will have plenty of tools in the box to defend themselves.

    I see no minors here, Just a one sided court case, a troubled despot chief minister who tries to make up the rules up as he goes along, to save his friends from being embarrassed or possibly worse.

    Deputy Bob Hill is correct in his actions because the taxpayers and people of Jersey have a right to read what they have paid for and what Napier wants to report. Deputy Hill is also correct in stating the CM Le Suer has had plenty of time to carry out disciplinary action.

    If Justice is to be done and seen to be done, and if the Napier report holds important information as the Chief Minister says it does (admits wrong doing possible with disciplinary consequences ) then anything less than publishing the hidden report, and the information contained within, comes under mis use of influence by the chief minister Le Suer.

    Magistrate Bridget Shaw can not hold a fair trial when a document of this weight, penned by Napier may have bearing on the case, and has been withheld ( which it clearly has ). Justice must not be denied or must it Magistrate Shaw ?


  86. There either is or isn't grounds for disciplinary action.
    My guess is there's more than one person criticised in the report but for whatever reason ie no longer a States Members, no action can be taken against them.

  87. well done - Wiltshire less redacted is also late, promised September.


  89. Well, the ideal outcome for the oligarchy is to say that the Napier report cannot be released because it might be prejudicial to a fair hearing in any disciplinary action taken against one or more unnamed individuals.

    That would leave the road free to finishing shafting Stuart inter-parochially.

    Then three months down the line they decide there are no grounds for disciplinary actions against anyone named by Napier because of 'insufficient evidence'.

    But the Napier report is too sensitive to release to the public, who have now paid several million pounds for several reports they've never seen the insides of. Although, all those reports apparently support the government's case that everyone is guilty except them.

    It's the Jersey Way all over again.

    Someone get it up on Wikileaks before it is too late.

  90. The Jersey Law Update, which I get by email, gives an update on any new legislation, or judgments in the courts.

    Today had:

    Daily Update for 06/10/2010

    Drug Trafficking Offences (Amendment No. 3) (Jersey) Law 201-



    [b]Syvret v AG and Connetable of Grouville 6-Oct-2010[/b]

    Unfortunately the content of the judgments is "unreported", and only the title is given. Has anyone any knowledge of what happened here?

  91. One must remember Graham Power QPM was suspended on a “disputed” letter from his immediate subordinate David Warcup. It could be argued that David Warcup was conflicted in this position. Nevertheless Graham Power QPM was suspended, with little respect for correct process, on what amounted to little more than managerial issues.

    This being the case, whoever it is, that has been criticized in the Napier Report and “might” face disciplinary action should be suspended (as a neutral act) immediately. The Napier Report is not a letter from a subordinate, it is a report where witnesses have been interviewed, an investigation has been conducted and a QC has weighed up all the evidence and reached a conclusion. Has this person been suspended? If not why not?

  92. Your in my Falaise pocket7 October 2010 at 11:37

    It's got to be Ogley. He will be the sacrificial lamb. The guy that said 'if you want to get to him you will have to come through me first'. Warcup has only a few weeks left. And I wouldnt mind betting that when the shit hits the fan old Warcup switches sides in order to try and clear his name. I don't feel sorry for Warcup, he went along with the deception, but I bet he sure as hell wished he didnt try and shaft his boss behind his back.

    So what state will Ogley be in this morning after a night of little sleep? I would bet my house he's asked for a six figure sum to walk away quietly. This morning I can imagine the chaotic scenes in Cyril Le Marquand House as deals are thrashed out behind closed doors. The HR department, Treasury, Comms Unit and CM's office all desperately looking for the right solution. One that creates the appearance of a government still in control. It reminds me of those last few days in October 1944 when the Germans were desperately fighting for their lives in Normandy whilst knowing that in reality the war was lost. The Falaise pocket was eventually closed but even then some escaped - but many were lost never to return again.

    And so it will be this time. There has been much written in the last few years, too much as far as our government is concerned, about the way certain people tried to protect Jersey's 'image'. History will show that they were very wrong and that the rights of the individual must always be placed ahead the image of the country. Lets us hope that lessons have been learned, that humility and common sense will prevail and that those that have been wronged will be proven right and given the spoils of war.

    I only wish it was not too late for Stuart Syvret. But I think it is. They will want to take somebody down with them and as I write this I am reminded of the words of Rob Kent "Its a cess pit - and one from which no man came out sane".

  93. Queens Medal? You mean the same thing they gave Mick Gradwell?

  94. I have tried several times to publish pro Napier comments on Channel TV my comments are refused and please note ALL COMMENTS SHOWN on there are anti Bob Hill what a joke for a TV channe. waste of time no wonder they have to fill avacant advert spaces with such utter rubbish as weather report from Timbuktu they are a just a waste of time I hope there sadvertizers realise no one takes notice of them