Friday, 12 November 2010

Unhappy Anniversary (2)

Exactly one year ago today we published a Blog containing an interview with Deputy Bob Hill concerning the possible illegal suspension of Graham Power QPM which can be viewed here.

One year on we are not that very much the wiser as to what "really" went on. We do know that Senior Civil Servants were having secret un-minuted meetings discussing the suspension weeks, if not months, before the "official version" of events had said.

Today "The Friends of Graham Power" have released a Press Statement to all island "accredited" media and VFC. This might be the only place you will see it in its entirety if past performance of the "accredited" media is anything to go by.

In fairness the Press Release says only little more than what has been said in the past. However one thing it does say, that is not written, is that the former Police Chief  "is not going away". Hamish Marett Crosby, Terry Le Sueur, Ian Le Marquand and others might be getting bored with all the questions still being asked about this possibly illegal suspension. But what must start becoming apparent is that two years down the line there is no letting up of these questions, neither will there be until we start getting some answers. Furthermore if our local "journalists" were asking them then we wouldn't have to.

The key players in this disgraceful act, Andrew Lewis, Bill Ogley, David Warcup and Ian Critch have not been interviewed by ANY of our "accredited" media...........why not? Are they ("accredited" media) really that useless or are they under orders to "put this to bed?".


On 12th November 2008 the then Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, Graham Power QPM, was suspended from duty by the Minister for Home Affairs, Andrew Lewis assisted by the Chief Executive to the Council of Ministers, Bill Ogley.

The suspension occurred in the midst of a family holiday and was without prior warning, without a hearing and without representation. The Royal Court and more latterly, Brian Napier QC in a report to the Chief Minister, have criticised the manner in which the suspension was carried out and the evidence upon which it was based. At the time of the suspension the then Minister claimed that he was in possession of evidence which indicated that Mr Power had been negligent in his oversight of the Historic Abuse Enquiry. A claim which Mr Power strongly denies.

In spite of a disciplinary enquiry and suspension costing well over a million pounds no disciplinary charges were ever brought and no hearing was called. Mr Power retired in July 2010 having served for over three years past his normal retirement date.

Earlier this year the States agreed to commission a report from Brian Napier QC into the manner of the suspension. In his report Mr Napier is critical of the process used in the suspension and the evidence on which it was based. Mr Napier suggests that the suspension appears to have been carried out contrary to the advice of the Law Officers. He is also critical of the fact that any alleged concerns were not raised with the Chief Officer at an earlier stage, and that there was no preliminary hearing to allow Mr Power to put his case before suspension was considered, in accordance with the requirements of the Disciplinary Code made under the Police Law.

Two years after the suspension the issue remains controversial. A proposition which asks the States to agree that the Chief Minister be required to address the outstanding issues from the Napier report and to seek closure is due to be debated in the States next week.

Mr Power is understood to be living in North Yorkshire, but continues to have a close interest in Jersey issues.

Friday 12th November 2010. (End Press Release).

Submitted by Team Voice, a media that strives to be "Entirely Accurate".


  1. Is there an invisible ring of confidence that contains these untouchables in security. Where is the weak link to this ring. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey. Someones resolve with wane, someone will make an error and then the whole thing will explode in their faces. One day, sigh, one day!

  2. I think the majority of people have found the answers they are looking for on this blog.

    Sadly I have witnessed a Minister unprepared to deal with these obvious malicious actions of senior ministers out of control.

  3. Anniversary?

    A little video to CELEBRATE this joyous occasion!

  4. Has anybody seen or heard anything about the press release on the accredited media today?

  5. Personally I've heard/seen nothing. That said, I don't buy the JEP and have not heard any radio today.

  6. Jersey's shame.

    Hang your heads very low all who were unstrumental in this travesty.

  7. As far as TLS is concerned, this has indeed been 'put to bed' by giving evasive answers to questions and flapping at others, but he does so in the safe knowledge that the 'legal advice' he is getting is from a 'top banana', so its okay to be abrupt etc...

    Bed, bed, sleep, sleep, all brushed under the carpet!!!

    Next to be put to 'bed' next Wednesday, Mr Syvret. That will conclude the whole giant mess and on to more interesting things, such as looking good by opposing college subsidy decreases.

    Oh, but what about the investigation into corruption in planning, all under control, nicely managed, sweep, sweep.

    So that's it then, start the new year with a new Chief of Police and lets all put on our best 'fronts' to get re-elected, anyone who doubts their popularity will of course retire from politics, to spend more time with their family!!!

    All the above, is of course 'The Jersey Way'.

    BUT, I have that funny feeling, you know, the one that says, these issues may just blow up to be larger than ever!!! Who knows???

  8. If CTV keep reporting the facts of Stuart's Data Protection case, reporting about the 2009 Blog Entry and making it so easy to find Nurse M's real name, does that mean that CTV are in contempt of court for making it so trivial to find the name? :)