Thursday, 16 December 2010

Operation Rectangle.........Case closed?

After David Warcup, the out-going Acting Chief of Police, issued a Press Release announcing the closure of “Operation Rectangle” (Haute de la Garenne Child Abuse investigation) the “accredited” media have done what they do best…………..nothing.

That is to say the Press Release, and in particular, the statistics contained in it (or not) have not been scrutinized or questioned by any of our “accredited” media, they’ve just published the Press Release and that’s “journalism“ a la Jersey!

Among the statistics NOT given by Mr. Warcup and NOT asked about by our “accredited” media is how many of the cases dropped by the Attorney General involve suspects who are STILL in a position of power, or are STILL employed by the States? How many cases were put before the Attorney General, and as a percentage, how many of them reached a court room and how many didn’t? From those cases that were dropped, how many didn’t meet “the evidential test” and how many were dropped because it wasn’t “in the public interest” to prosecute? And what does “not in the public interest” mean?

Not being a mathematician I don’t know what the statistics are that “curiously” weren’t among those of David Warcup’s in his Press Release. But I have put a few numbers together that a mathematician might want to put as statistics/percentages.

There were 151 suspects, of which 30 are no longer living, so that leaves 121 suspects. Out of those 121 suspects 8 of them were charged, having met “the evidential test” and it being in “the public interest” to charge them. So that means 113 suspects didn’t face prosecution, what’s that as a percentage and why didn’t David Warcup use it in his Press Release?

Naturally there are hundreds and hundreds of un-answered questions involving “Operation Rectangle” and its closure, and naturally our good old “accredited” media aren’t asking them and one has to ask “why not”? Not least is the question of child murder up at Haute de la Garenne?, or at the very least, the disposing of child remains. Child’s Tibia, Femur, skull, teeth, shin bone, fresh and fleshed bone when burnt and much, much more. What happened to all the testing that was going to be done? How did all those remains get there?

So far we’ve been told by the “accredited” media that the piece of child’s skull (JAR/6) that contained 1.6 percent collagen (only found in mammals) turned into a piece of Coconut! But they’ve shown us no “evidence” as to how that happened!

The 65 children’s teeth found up at the Home, we were told by our Home Affairs Minister on a live Radio show, (un-challenged by the host!) that they all fell out of children’s mouths in the exact same spot and slipped through a gap in the floor boards! Some with ROOT STILL ATTACHED???????

On the 24th of March 2010 Rico Sorda published This on VFP. It is a “Summary Report” of Operation Rectangle. I re-produce extracts below., but the full report should be read in its entirety.

Extracts from Operation Rectangle Summary

"Among the victims were a few who said that children had been dragged from their beds at night screaming and had then disappeared. Two others said they had knowledge of human remains at the location but were not specific. A local advocate also came to police and said he had a client who knew there were human remains buried at the home.”

“Information exists of the previous finding of buried bones co mingled with a pair of children’s shoes and fragments of cloth.”

“Anecdotal witness evidence suggested that bones found by builders completing renovations near to the north west stairwell may have been of human origin. An alert indication by the EVRD in this area resulted in the excavation of the site by forensic archaeologists. During this intrusive procedure a 2 inch X 2 inch piece of what appeared to be bone was recovered. This was preliminarily identified ‘in the field’ as possibly being juvenile human skull by the forensic anthropologist and was submitted for confirmation including species carbon dating and DNA.”

“The teeth recovered from cellars 3-4 were identified as juvenile human deciduous teeth and have been conveyed to the UK for further analysis.”

“Anecdotal witness evidence was suggestive of juvenile human bones being recovered from the area of the north-western stairwell during recent building renovations in 2003.”

“Human remains deposited within the ground in that area would contaminate the ground, and any porous material within it. The dog’s reactions were therefore consistent with this scenario.”

“A significant number of bone fragments and teeth have been recovered which have been corroborated as human. The remains are at the present time undergoing forensic testing including carbon dating procedures.”

“Control testing of the EVRD would suggest that although the dog alerted to specific areas where human remains were situated the entire top two inches of soil within this area is contaminated with human cadaver odour. Enquiries at this time are suggestive that the human remains were deposited in this area and covered with top soil in a deliberate act of concealment. The deposition could only have taken place during a period of time when the floor had been removed. Research into the historical renovation of the property suggests that the floor above cellars 3, 4 &5 was taken up in the late 60’s early 70’s.”

“Karl Harrison’s archaeological theory of the burnt debris including human bone fragments and teeth being deposited in the east wing cellars from the west wing is contained within this report. This theory is suggestive that the solid fuel furnace in operation in the west wing around the time of 1960 – 1970 may have been used to dispose of human remains.”

"Enquiries to date are showing that the original solid fuel central heating and hot water supply furnace in the west wing was replaced in the late 60’s early 70’s with oil fired furnaces. This may have coincided with the floor in cellars 3, 4 & 5 being removed. This would explain the deposition of the bone fragments and teeth with ash deposits as being the waste from the furnace upon decommissioning. It would also suggest some element of ‘guilty knowledge’.

“The series of tests involved the use of samples of soot and debris from the chimney situated in the plant room that was in use at the time the solid fuel furnace was in operation. The tests were completed in such a way as to isolate the samples from containers, human ‘live’ scent and other distracters."

"The tests clearly indicated the presence of human remains decomposition scent.” (END)

The argument that “no children were reported as missing” just does not cut the mustard. We recently had a dead body washed up at Havre Des Pas beach. Interpol, the FBI and just about every agency under the sun were contacted in order to identify the body. Nobody of that description has been reported as missing, does that mean he didn’t wash up dead on our beach? Not to mention the poor record keeping of not only Haute de la Garenne but children’s Homes in general.

Going by the “facts”, “evidence” and documentation in the public domain, not only could one be forgiven that Child Abuse and Abuser’s have been swept under the carpet, so has Child Murder. If this is the case, then how was it able to go on? What part have the “accredited” media played in it? What questions have they asked? When have they ever “seriously” challenged the Jersey authority? Look at what has happened to people like Stuart Syvret, Lenny Harper, Graham Power QPM, those who have challenged the Jersey authority.

The “accredited” media are obviously content that Operation Rectangle has been closed down, with still more questions than answers remaining……..why? There are obviously others that are happy the investigation has come to an end and that the “accredited” media will not try and challenge this in any way, but “Case Closed?”…………………. not as far as some are concerned.


  1. Your friendly neighbourhood mathematician (accredited!) says:

    113 /121 = 93% (approx)

    You may also be interested in this:

  2. Great Post

    We carry on thats for sure


  3. 93% left without facing trial

  4. ....and some in high profile jobs still!

  5. Love the pic VFC, and Hope you LIKE my picture?

  6. 11. The Fourth Defendant is Her Majesty’s Attorney General, the sole prosecutory authority in Jersey – the de facto director of public prosecutions, the principle legal adviser to the island’s parliament, the principle legal adviser to the island’s cabinet - the Council of Ministers, and the head of the island’s 12 honorary police forces.

    says it all

  7. So NINETY THREE PERCENT of suspects didn't face charges? how does that stack up with the national average and why wasn't that statistic in David Warcup's Press Release?????

  8. Can't get over the wonderful simplicity of your picture VFC.

    The Coffin marked A, C, B.

    A. Abused
    C. Children
    B. Betrayed

    Only In Jersey....

  9. Hi VFC.

    Put up a Post this evening about the BBC, but Media in general, reporting that the Jersey historic abuse investigation ends.

    Got some Audio from a program about the war in Iraq, very interesting & even that its about the Iraq War we have the exact same ploblem over here with our Media not taking the Government to Task.Here

  10. just heard the phone in on the Jersey Way,well done Neil.
    The comment was made that the 113 people not prosecuted were abusing over a long period of time,decades in fact, does this not also mean that there was mismanagement and cover up over a long period of time.It seems to me that the managers at HDLG were a series of either incompetents or abusers

  11. There are still many questions that need answers concerning the whole Historic Abuse Investigation.

    The Law Office have protected many. Was it because of their positions in society? or was it to do with money spent on prosecutions? or a little of both.

    Do the powers that be really think this is closed? do they really think that this will just go away?

    Is this going to be the worse cover-up in history?

  12. “Do the powers that be really think this is closed? do they really think that this will just go away?”

    Yes, that’s what they truly believe and have no idea just how wrong they are.

    “Is this going to be the worse cover-up in history?”

    Well if it’s not it’ll take some bl--dy beating!!!

  13. If 93% sounds ridiculous, remember that the 7% who faced trial only did so because of the steady determination of Lenny Harper and his team, with Graham Power's support.


  14. “A significant number of bone fragments and teeth have been recovered which have been corroborated as human. The remains are at the present time undergoing forensic testing including carbon dating procedures.”

    case closed????????????????????

  15. So where is the resolution to be found?
    Do you want a political or a judicial solution to these issues?
    Who has the power to resolve the complaints and who precisely is asking for outstanding ill-treatments or injustices to be resolved?

    I ask because neither Graham Power nor Lenny Harper seem to be asking for any precise actions to be taken.
    How many survivors are still asking for resolution and what form can this take?

    Somebody may well be needed to pursue issues such as the curious teeth and a piece of bone - but would this not be more effective if Graham and Lenny were promoting the campaign from the front? They do have expert knowledge after all.

    Le Sueur and co will sit on this until you give up using these tactics.

    I hope the cavalry are just around the corner but I cannot hear them and fear that thay have not yet received any orders.

    Tell me if you know differently - the public wants an end to this but it also wants resolution.

    How and where can this be achieved?

  16. If I remember corectly, major renovation work at HdlG Was caried out round about 1973-4, when Tillbrook was stil in charge!

    Although there could have been and probably was work undertaken prior to, and after that date.

    I remember it well, because this was when our dormitory boys)was turned into seporate bedrooms each containing about four beds.

    For some of us it also meant that we could be molested and abused in in our rooms and in relative safty from discovery!

  17. I wonder if a recently deceased well-respected and well connected lady went to her death knowing that her son was a suspected rapist?


  18. Summary of Operation Rectangle cases (Operation Haven Report - pages 330-33)

    1. Operation Rectangle commenced in September 2007. The operation was established to investigate allegations of historical child sexual abuse amid growing concerns that abuse had been prevalent in certain institutions in Jersey; primarily the former Haut de la Garenne Children’s Home and the Jersey Sea Cadets Corps. The terms of reference were to investigate serious indictable offences. Below are some headline outcomes:

    To date, Operation Rectangle has recorded that a total of 210 victims have come forward and made allegations of 429 offences ranging from Common Assault to Rape. The offence dates range from 1947 to 2004.

    Of the 429 allegations, 47 have an element of corroboration. 73 of the total allegations would fall into the category of serious indictable offences and 17 of those have an element of corroboration.

    Of the 429 offences alleged, 214 were indecent acts, of which 53 would be classed as serious indictable offences.

    The remaining 215 offences alleged were physical assaults, of which, 195 were common assaults and would not be classed as serious indictable offences. The remaining 20 allegations were of Actual Bodily Harm (18) and Grievous Bodily harm (2) and were treated as serious indictable offences.

    The 429 allegations were made against 180 different individuals, 23 of whom are deceased. A further 26 individuals have not been identified.

    Of the 73 allegations of serious indictable offences, 30 are alleged to have been committed by persons unknown and 11 offences by persons who are deceased.

    In respect of the remaining 32 allegations, which relate to 35 suspects/persons of interest, investigation files have been submitted for charging advice.

    The current position regarding these files is as follows:

    Crown Advocates have recommended that 21 files failed to meet the evidential test.

    10 files still await charging advice.

    Four persons have been charged with offences connected to Haut de la Garenne.

  19. Are the States of Jersey Police being prevented from charging paedophiles by a politicised-judiciary?

    § 5.7.6 on page 265 of the Operation Haven (Wiltshire Police) report makes it quite clear that the states of Jersey police were being politically restrained by the Attorney General William Bailhache, whom is quoted as saying "There should be no further arrests without specific written advice from the Law Officers".


    5.7.6 He continues ‘following the meeting with the Attorney General I had a face to face discussion in my office with Lenny HARPER about the media release… I told him that nevertheless his actions had created something of a crisis which I would now have to manage. I instructed him as follows and later confirmed what I had said by e-mail. He should submit a written duty report on the incident; There should be no further arrests without specific written advice from the Law Officers; All relevant press statements will be cleared with the Law Officers before release’. If correct, this account paints a picture of more positive and intrusive supervision which had been lacking in Operation Rectangle, in our view.

    1. Ask yourself a question, "why are June and July 2008's entries missing from the 'Policy Book Entries' listed (on pages 333-375) in 'Appendix 3 – Policy Book Entries' of the Operation Haven (Wiltshire Police) report?

      In the Operation Haven report, one may observe that page 341 ends with Policy Book Entry dated '16 May 2008' and on page 342 begins with Policy Book Entry dated '12 August 2008', in turning from one page to the next of this chronological order, June and July seem to be missing...

      The same time when the Attorney General William Bailhache and Law Officers were 'managing' the 'crisis'.

      DCO Lenny Harper would have almost certainly made police Policy Book entries in June and July 2008 to protect both himself and his fellow investigating Police Constables from the interventions of the Attorney General and Law Officers before his retirement in August 2008...

  20. Do you know, if you read ex Senator Stuart Syvrtet's Blog posting "POTEMKIN VILLAGE POLICING" you will find the most shocking statement:

    "Sex-offenders in the Crown Offices"

    This is written in the plural, that is to say that there is more than one sex offender in the Crown Offices! If ex-Senator Syvret's statement is true, these individuals are at the very heart of the paedophile beast which still beats in this island.

    A heart which like a great big black spider it at the very centre of this islands feudal government pulling all the strings from the centre of its web of deceit.

    "Sex-offenders in the Crown Offices" explains why we the people of Jersey have not seen real justice for the victims of child abuse.