Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Press Statement from JCLA

The Jersey Care Leavers Association have released the following Press Statement. A Press Statement that reads they have been let down, or failed by this government and the “accredited” media. Interestingly in stark contrast to what certain parts of the media would have us believe; the majority of Care Leavers had, and has, full confidence in Graham Power and Lenny Harper.

David Warcup and Mick Gradwell will not be remembered fondly by most, and Warcup being portrayed as the “victim” in last Saturday’s Jersey Evening Post only demonstrates just how big a mountain the Abuse Survivors and their supporters have to climb, and will climb.

Press Statement - JCLA.
Having had some time of reflection after the apology from the Chief Minister, and the announcement of the closing of the historical abuse enquiry we, the Jersey Care Leavers Association would like the opportunity of putting our feelings into the public domain.

Firstly, we must make it quite clear that our issues with the handling of the inquiry both by the States of Jersey and the officers who took over from Mr. Power and Mr. Harper, are absolutely nothing to do with compensation matters, revenge or anything else. Indeed it is all related to justice, which ultimately there was very little of. There were one hundred and fifty one suspects, out of which thirty may now be deceased. That leaves one hundred and twenty one, from which seven were prosecuted, not to mention two cases which were dropped at the eleventh hour.

No-one wishes to see people either in, or approaching old age locked away in prison, but to have known that some who were never brought to trial could have been found guilty would have been reward enough for those whose suffering they caused, not forgetting that some of these people still hold high positions in the States of Jersey.

Lame apologies are all very well, even when they do not come across as sincere, but survivors feel very, very let down. Since Lenny Harper and Graham Power left the States of Jersey Police Force, confidence that the inquiry would progress further was seriously in doubt. These two officers and their team treated us with respect, sympathy and in a most professional manner. We were kept informed at all times of the progress of our cases and felt comfortable and at ease with the team. The manner in which the survivors were treated when they were no longer handling the inquiry did not instill a feeling that Gradwell and Warcup were committed to resolving any more cases, and indeed when cases were dropped, no one even had the courtesy to inform all of the abused. No small wonder that it is still questionable as to why these two officers were brought to the Island.

Now we learn that the inquiry is effectively over, we have still had no personal contact from the Police or any other authority to officially inform us. The victims become the victims yet again, treated in a most contemptuous manner as if we did not ever exist. Indeed, it has come to our attention that not all victims and witnesses have even been officially told that their cases have been closed let alone the enquiry! That rather speaks volumes about the way we have been made to feel, and no small wonder that we still have reservations.

The Mainstream Jersey Media, we feel, have been instrumental in marginalizing the abuse survivors. Everybody’s story has been told by the media, everybody’s, that is, but the survivors. Only last Saturday David Warcup was presented by the media as a, or “the”, victim in the Historic Abuse Enquiry. None of the Mainstream media have ever asked us survivors for an in-depth interview like they have Mr. Gradwell and Mr. Warcup. We all have a traumatic story to tell but we are not afforded the same press privileges as some. Mr. Warcup being presented as a victim encapsulates the way this horrible affair has been portrayed by certain parts of the media from the outset.

We, the Jersey Care Leavers Association, have only distributed this Press Release to a number of “Bloggers” because we don’t feel confident that the mainstream media will publish it, or publish it in its entirety. We hope it does get picked up by the mainstream media and published in full but our confidence is low.

There are still more questions than answers, questions that we would still wish to be answered, and also the whereabouts and findings relating to some of the evidence taken from Haut de la Garenne. We as survivors were given strict legal guidelines on 'contamination of evidence', but it appears over the last two years the police have not adhered to this policy in any way, shape or form.

We can only hope that for those in care at present and in the future, very large and important lessons have been learnt. However, for those of us for whom it is too late, we were badly let down by the States of Jersey when we were children, and in the hope that as adults that very same Government would believe us and be able to bring us some closure on this matter, we have been let down very badly once again.

We would like to thank Graham Power and Lenny Harper, not only for the way they, and their team, treated us and the enquiry, but for restoring our faith in the Police Force. A faith that, for the most of us, diminished with their departure.

We have shown patience and restraint under very difficult circumstances. For us this will never go away.


Chair JCLA. (End)

To use the words of Bill Maloney, "God bless all victims and survivors of Child Abuse".  And once again, thanks to Ozzy for uploading this video to Youtube.............The fight continues in 2011!!

Submitted by Team Voice.


  1. More power to your blogging VFC.

    As this statement shows, the very victims of abuse are victims not only of the States of Jersey, but the accredited media and the States of Jersey Police.

    It is heartening to know that they have a friend and ally in the decent bloggers in this Island, but this should not be the situation in any democratic environment (well that says it all really!).

    To yourself, Rico and most importantly the abuse survivors very best wishes for the festive season and a successful and productive New Year.

  2. This statement reminds us all once again that the only people who really matter in all of this, those that suffered the abuse, have once again been denied justice. It would be nice to think that Warcup, Gradwell, Bailhache, and the rest of the vindictive bufoons would feel some shame over this festive period when they read it, but of course that would be a daft fantasy. The pathetic excuse put forward by Warcup for his departure, and his refusal to accept the comments of Napier, give the real clues to his hasty retreat. In the meantime, can I wish all of the survivors a very merry and peaceful Christmas. Lenny Harper

  3. Lenny.

    I was with a number of the survivors during the week and they wanted me to express their thanks and gratitude to yourself and Graham Power. Unfortunately not all of them have access to the internet so can’t do it for themselves.

    As for Mr. Warcup, well one can’t help thinking that his position was untenable following the third Napier Report. The first two not seeing the light of day and having been through the Law Offices washing machine, and possibly somebody else’s notorious shredder!

    The “accredited” media might be doing as they’re told by putting a lid on this subject and refusing to challenge anything the Government says, but there are a growing number of us who are committed to having the truth told. The victims/survivors and those who “care” deserve nothing less.

  4. "Now we learn that the inquiry is effectively over, we have still had no personal contact from the Police or any other authority to officially inform us"

    Surly that cant be right. Why do i get the feeling we are only at the beginniing of this tragic episode.

  5. This statememt says it all.

    Warcup and his gang are banged to rights.

  6. Thanks for the posting VFC, and special thanks to Carrie and the other victims/survivors who have shown incredible courage and tenacity in the face of the abuse denier's "shafting" them at every given opportunity.

    As an aside, our special thanks must go to the "accredited media" of Jersey.

    Fore you disgusting, wretched mob have added enormously to the mountainous burden that the survivors have had to climb.

    What you do not yet realise in your idiocy, and your quite evil denegration of these poor souls, is the fact that "YOU" have made them even stronger and more resilient than ever!!!

    Nothing Is Over, NOTHING....

  7. Rumour has it that Warcup helped sabotage another abuse investigation in the north east of England some years ago. Can anyone shed any light on this?

    I was going to share something with you about Ozouf but have decided to keep it close to my chest…….. for now! From what I know of the situation, it’s a bloody farce anyway.

    Merry Christmas

  8. Anon said

    "Rumour has it that Warcup helped sabotage another abuse investigation in the north east of England some years ago. Can anyone shed any light on this?"

    I believe it was (Operation Rose) in the North East. A huge investigation into the institutional abuse at Witherwack House. The information received on Warcup's alleged throwing of the investigation starts at the information below....
    The posts are anonymous and start directly below the one dated Thursday, 25 March 2010 21:12:00 GMT These are followed on the next page by more post.

  9. Well done for this press release. One would never expect to read it in the Jep. It says it all. Like many others i realise that there are many unanswered questions relating to this scandal. Look forward to reading your blog postings in 2011

  10. I have received word from Graham Power QPM and he has asked me to pass on this short message.

    "Amongst all of the arguments in high places it is possible to forget the people who matter most.

    Please pass on my sincere thanks for the kind words in the statement. They are much appreciated. We did our best and if given the chance we would have done better.  
    I will continue to do all that I can to ensure that this thing is not forgotten and that nothing like this can happen again."

  11. To Lenny, Graham, Stuart, Deputy Hill, Deputy Trevor Pitman, Constable Simon Crowcroft, Deputy Daniel Wimberley, Deputy Mike Higgins and others. A heartfelt thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the victims and survivors of the Jersey child abuse.

  12. VFC

    The press statement from the JCLA speaks volumes on many different issue. The support and gratitude for Graham Power and Lenny Harper is there for all to see.

    How come there is still no real heartfelt compassion shown from the Police. You would have thought they would have notified the JCLA on what was happening and where the land lies on certain cases. There are hundreds of questions that still need answering and we will keep on searching for the answers.

    It has been a long hard year

    2011 will be no different

    Again it is the Abuse Survivors who lead the way in Dignity and Courage

    Merry Christmas to you all

    My last blog of the year will be on Dave ' Merlin' Warcup

    A Christmas Tale


  13. Merry Christmas to Rico, Neil, Stuart and all your blog posters and readers who carry on the fight for justice and recognition.

    It aint over till the Fat Man swings...

    All the best for the New Year, and keep on fighting - for transparency and democracy.


  14. Rob.

    The same to you and family and thanks for your continued support.