Monday, 4 July 2011

The Full Story.

Today the former Senior Investigating Officer of the Historic Child Abuse investigation Lenny Harper gave evidence to a Scrutiny Sub Panel concerning his expenditure on the enquiry.

Jersey's State Media have already been churning out their version of today's events, and once more, have fallen woefully short of "the full story."

Citizens Media will be posting video tomorrow of this Hearing where you, the viewer, will be able to hear straight from the the horses mouth, so to speak, as Mr. Harper gives his evidence under oath.

His evidence includes "leaks" from Senior Police Officers. "Leaks" from Senior Politicians, doctored e-mails to Child Abuse Denying Journalists. The complete contradictions of Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand and much, much, more that you are unlikely to see or hear from the State Media.

Part one of this series of video postings should be up by lunchtime tomorrow.


  1. Completely transparent,
    Nothing to lie about and nothing to hide
    Just want to get to the truth.

    A breath of fresh air ,DON'T get contaminated!


  2. Nice one VFC will be good listening back. You always miss some information during these hearings


  3. Prediction of BBC Jersey tomorrow morning.

    1- Bara spends ages luring the audience to phone-in about something unimportant.
    2- Then he put on a promotion to a really dull fabulous fifties or brass band programme on Saturday. 3 -After bit of silence and clearing his throat...
    4-Bara's newly adopted(serious yet suprised)voice reads out a series of carfully orchestrated questions on the BDO scrutiny hearing.
    5-The other 'selected' journailst (please not Matthew Price) reads out the carfully orchestrated answers.
    6 -Then, the 'arrangement' shifts tone and becomes more like a discussion between them (so it comes across as genuine 'informed' dialog.)
    7-Leave on the least most intersting (safest) point and
    8- oh sadly, no more time.

    BUT, I COULD be wrong.........this time.........

  4. Prediction of BBC Jersey tomorrow morning.

    They wont even get to 1.