Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lenny Harper Scrutiny Evidence 2

Part two of this series begins with Deputy Daniel Wimberley reading out, to the former Deputy Police Chief and Senior Investigating Officer Mr. Lenny Harper, the Terms of Reference that BDO/Alto were working to while investigating the former DCO's expenditure during the "Historical" Child Abuse Investigation. This was necessary because, not only did Mr. Harper not know the TOR's but he never even knew about BDO/Alto's Investigation until it was completed and he read about it on the internet!

Mr. Harper finds it "Absolutely Bizarre" that BDO/Alto would not contact him during their Investigation, or even contact him with a "Scott Letter." He (Mr. Harper) goes on to explain that he and Former Police Chief Graham Power QPM were "pleading" for a budget to work to from day one  but were consistently told money is not an issue, spend whatever is necessary. Mr. Harper has provided The Scrutiny Panel  with an e-mail from former Chief Executive Officer Bill Ogley to Mr. Harper where Mr. Ogley "slapped down" Mr. Harper for even mentioning cost during the Investigation.

We must remember this is an ongoing Review. BDO/Alto and others are yet to give their evidence. We hope to bring you that evidence as we have Mr. Harper's. We have put in a request to film ALL of the Hearings and are quite sure BDO/Alto will want to be as open and transparent as Mr. Harper and will grant us permission to film as Mr. Harper has.

Part one of this series can be viewed HERE


  1. Is it up to BDO/Alto to decide whether you can film or not?
    Surely it's up to the scrutiny committee .

  2. No. It is up to the witnesses, but surely BDO/Alto are going to want the public to know how they came to their conclusions without speaking to Mr. Harper or Mr. Graham Power QPM.

  3. Well if they don't allow you to film it doesn't show them in a very good light.
    But at least they can't stop the public and local bloggers from attending and taking NOTES!

  4. One would believe they would be eager to show the same openness that has been shown by Mr. Harper. As you say, it won’t show them in a good light if they don’t and “conspiracy theories” will start to develop. Let’s hope they are keen for this not to happen and will allow filming.

  5. An excellent idea was posed by an anonymous commenter on Rico's blog today, regarding the fact that nobody has officially accused Lenny Harper of lying in his affidavit. This obviously leads to the idea of questioning witnesses to determine if they believe the Sworn Affidavits and related answers from Graham Power and Lenny Harper are truthful.

    Remember what happened in Stuart's recent court case, when Baker admitted he believed the affidavit was truthful. That still seems to be a rather stunning admission from an insider.

    VFC, should someone on the Scrutiny Panel be pressed to ask this question of each witness?


  6. Hi VFC

    Thanks for posting the second part. This goes with my blog posting

    Can we again have zero tolerance. Having read the comments section on your last posting Anon offers nothing. I have put down the challenge on mine.

    The issues are far to serious to be bogged down


  7. In Lenny/GP We Trust11 July 2011 at 16:59

    I'm just wading through the filth of the rag on Friday, looking at the sensationalist cr** of the headline (coconuts again, yawn!).

    However, I would like the sensible answer to the issue of the 'wining and dining' of a NOTW journo in an expensive restaurant. I'm sure Lenny and the team had a good reason for it (I believe in the ongoing reviews of the time more than the attempted cover ups and smears that followed)

    - was it the strategy of 'all publicity is good publicity' - as in : make it quite clear that the investigation believes what the victims are saying - trying to encourage as many as possible to come forward while the force actually has a chance to finally bring some light to the abuse after all those years of cover up? I approved of that approach, for sure.

    What's the actual sensible answer to this latest smear attempt? How do we most easily shut up the cover-up supporters?

  8. I must confess I've not read the article in the JEP as, on moral grounds, I won't buy it. One shouldn't wonder it is yet another smear campaign they are running without even asking him any questions on the subject and he will be found guilty of everything the JEP print about him by their gullible readers.

    My guess is, if indeed Mr. Harper did court real "journalists" then it would be to encourage Abuse Victims to come forward and he knew the local State Controlled Media, and others, would do all in their power to brush it all under the carpet and cover it up.

    By talking to real "journalists" it would have made it that much more difficult for our churnalists to cover it up.

    But here we are again, talking about pricey restaurants etc. when the media should be asking how our children were able to be abused for decades, who covered up for the abusers and throwing their weight behind getting to the truth.

  9. it is outrageous for anyone to try and link Lenny Harper to a complex and global media scandal just for being interviewed a few years ago by a NOTW reporter in a public place. That was desperate ploy even for Jersey, a grasping at tiny straws. Shows you how very defensive some are getting as Lenny is finally allowed to officially have his say.

    Lenny and the reporter? SOUNDS LIKE A REAL CONSPIRACY THEORY!

  10. Interesting exchange (in the video recording) on the new major incident room. Previously during a major incident exercise, based on a civil emergency, it was assessed that the then existing major incident room facility was inadequate.

    Plans were being worked on before the abuse enquiry for a new incident room. When the abuse enquiry became major the need became uregent and the new room was built. The point being made here is that it was not a temporary facility to meet the needs of "Operation Rectangle" but a permenant facility to meet a previously identified need.

    It remains the Major incident room to this day. By putting it down as a "cost" of the abuse enquiry was the accountants way of funding a project which could not be met from existing budgets.

  11. The previous commenter who mentioned the JEP going on about the supposed coconut AGAIN has inspired me to publish some more video, hopefully tomorrow, which deals with this very subject.

    The JEP, or most of the other local "accredited" media are doing everything they can to make this coconut sketch stick, they're doing this despite all the evidence to show at the very least it was a piece of bone belonging to mammal.

    The video footage, from this Scrutiny Panel meeting, that I intend publishing tomorrow will suggest that it doesn't matter what Mr. Harper says, what evidence he has provided, they're (the "accredited" media) just not interested in the facts.

    On anther note.

    So it appears the SOJP needed a major incident room, before "Operation Rectangle" was in existence but didn't have the budget for it. The one they had was inadequate so one was bought with the Historic Abuse budget, that went through all the correct channels, was signed off and agreed by others and it forms part of an "overspend" of Lenny Harper's?

    Just where does Stephen Austin Vautier fit in to all this?

  12. Is S.A.V. up for to being interviewed by Scrutiny?

    And if not. Why not?

  13. SAV, as far as I know, hasn’t got a choice he has to attend. I believe he is still the Chief Officer of the Home Affairs Department so will be giving evidence this Friday, 15th July 2011 at 3pm in the “Blampied Room” of the States Building. And it’s a public hearing.

  14. The jersey establishment used the coconut sketch to bury the real story. Everyone must concentrate on the abuse nothing but the abuse.

  15. My guess is, if indeed Mr. Harper did court real "journalists" then it would be to encourage Abuse Victims to come forward and he knew the local State Controlled Media, and others, would do all in their power to brush it all under the carpet and cover it up.

    Real journalists? News of the World? Are you for real? THis was still at the time they were hacking victims phones - victims of child abuse.
    I cannot disagree with you more on this. Harper had absolutely no business in taking NOTW journalists to dinner in London. He was the senior investigating officer and should have been very seperete.

  16. OK, so the Rag have taken advantage of tnotw getting finally caught, and splashed yet more rubbish over the front of last Saturday's Rag about Lenny Harper entertaining a notw journalist.
    But its got to be remembered that The Sunday Times Magazine, dated 10/5/2009 put a damning 6 page report by a David James Smith, headed: "Its Official There Was No Child Abuse In Jersey".

    Why dont the Rag, or infact, anyone mention this well worth a read and damning artical?

  17. I have just been to the RTV website and they have changed it since the dodgy award scandal exposure. You now have to join it to access any of the information about who runs it ect. I dont reckon that is legal, they appear to be deliberatly hiding information that ought to be available to everyone. Also I noticed that they have a taster at the side about a contribution by a man called David Abraham, and I have been looking into David Abrahams, the man who gave Tony B Liar dodgy donationms, and I found out that Eagle Associates chairman was called David Abraham and he got the American paedophile Richard Gardner to the UK to lecture about child protection


  18. Oh, I was wrong, you can still access the info.

    I am sorry, I get so tired none of us ought to be having to do all this, its not fair. We are b eing reabused, because the police and government ought to be investigating and cracking down on corruption, not us abuse survivors.

  19. Remember the RTV award for that scandalous piece rubbish they had the cheek to calkl a documentary, that tried to rubbish Lenny and Graham?

    Well just have a look at this! Tom Watson MP seems to be well in with Peter Bazalgette and his bunch of phonies. These are the people who wont tell us who was responsible for nominating that docudrivel for an award.

    Tom Watson reckons he knows about the massive pile of hacking scandal yet to come out. I am sure he does. I am sure he mingles on a regular basis with pleanty of MI% hackers.

    We abuse survivors have been hacked. I'm not a politician, I am an abuse survivor, I have been hacked and I am damned sure it is not NOTW who are responsible for hacking me!

  20. Jamie McLachlan12 July 2011 at 18:02

    Deputy Trevor Pitman is doing a stunning job on this and I love him for his tenacity and grasp of the issues.

  21. Up date.

    We apologise to viewers that we will not be able to bring you any video footage of BDO/Alto, Mr. M. Kellett or Mr. Stephen Austin Vautier giving evidence to the Scrutiny Sub Panel as they have (unlike Mr. Harper) refused us permission to film.

  22. Well - there's a surprise.

    Are the 'dis'credited media being allowed to film and if so for those of us who are going to be present, it will be an interesting exercise to see how their filming/reporting is edited.

    The more members of the public who make the effort to attend, the harder they will find it to try and pull the wool over people's eyes. there.

  23. Is scrutiny open to the public, if it is , what time and where?

  24. Blampied Room States Building this Friday the 15th July 2010.

    Giving evidence.

    11am BDO Alto Limited and Mr. M. Kellett

    12.45 Mr. R. Sorda

    14.00 Minister for Home Affairs

    15.00 Chief Officer, Home Affairs

  25. Quite a star studded line up for Friday.
    Hope it will be well attended.
    Shame on them for not letting you film, said it all.

  26. Look forward to Friday. Shame on turncoat Le Claire for bootlicking the Chief Minister in Deputy Pitmans vote of censure. Never vote for him again under any circumstances. Let the victims down. Trevor Pitman was right - this really drew out who is worth a vote. Nice and simple because it appears there is only five! Remember their names!

  27. Yes it was a great shame how Deputy Le Claire conducted himself today and he certainly did himself no favours.

    Deputy Pitman, on the other hand, made a good account of himself and didn't bow to the intimidation he was subjected to and stood his ground.

    Philip Ozouf just couldn't help himself but to come out with the "good old Jersey boy" sketch. Terry Le Sueur has given 24 years of his life to Jersey, blah blah. etc. etc.

    This further demonstrates just how out of touch, with the public, that Philip Ozouf is. The public are sick and tired of the "good old Jersey boys." Under the good old Jersey boys the island has been raped and pillaged with corruption being able to thrive, we need change.

    Fair play to Big Trev by exhibiting his testicular fortitude and having the courage of his convictions. Le Sueur, in my opinion, should be locked up along with Le Marquand and others.......there's time yet.

  28. Voice

    There is no hope left if 'progressives' like Le Claire and Monty are going to colude with the Ozouf/Le Sueur Party on such important issues.

    Talk about letting Trevor Pitman and more imortantly the public down. Testicular Fortitude...I don't think Monty and Beer Gut have ever heard of it.

    We are doomed.

  29. The darkest hour is just before dawn.

    Keep the faith, and keep fighting. xx

  30. The Illuminati are behind NWO and so much else - they don't control parliament but there are politicians in the UK and Jersey who are involved in it. Not all Masons are Illuminati but a lot of them are. Without grasping the complex nasty realities of the Illuminati you haven't picked up on what they are doing and attempting to do. They infiltrate lots of establishments - they don't always control them and not everyone involved will be Illuminati. A lot of the stuff on Illuminati on the web etc is wrong. I was raised generational Illuminati so I know - I rejected it from the off which is why I am not their favourite individual! It seems in some ways like the 1930s with the Nazis - people don't want to deal with the reality of how bad the Illuminati really are.