Saturday, 29 October 2011

State Media, Awards and Blogs.

Yesterday (Friday 28th October 2011) saw the final Hearing of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel investigating issues surrounding the Review of financial management of "operation Rectangle." (Jersey's Child Abuse Investigation).

The final witness giving evidence was Former Health Minister, and Senator, Stuart Syvret who brought up, what has become, a recurring theme during this Review and that is The (State) Media.

Just how is that a Senior Investigating Police Officer (Mick Gradwell) can be accused by the Home Affairs Minister, and witness(es) to the Scrutiny Review of leaking confidential police information, during a LIVE Child Abuse investigation, to a "journalist" with a history of supporting convicted paedophiles and NONE of Jersey's State Media think this is newsworthy or in the public interest? It's just not conceivable.

How can CTV win AN AWARD for little more than a cut and paste job of somebody else's work and without interviewing Lenny Harper? We must also remember that the Chief Executive Officer for Home Affairs has described how he felt "sick to the pit of his stomach" after watching a CTV Report on this Scrutiny Review and further described the Report as "Gibberish."

As a result of the evidence given to this Scrutiny Review by a number of witnesses Jersey's State Media MUST come under the spotlight and be scrutinised for their role in the Reporting (or not) of Jersey's Child Abuse atrocities. The role of the State Media MUST also be included in the forming of the Terms Of Reference for the up-coming Committee of Enquiry.

The opinions shared in this interview are those of the witness and not necessarily shared by VFC.


  1. Mention of the award winning CTV programme had just about everyone in the room laughing.

  2. What is needed when this enquiry is complete is for someone to do a follow up report for ITV but this time with the full facts,and use it as an educational documentary for would be reporters as to how stories can be so badly reported for the lack of a few facts and truths.Even if ITV are not interested then I guess that BBC tv might take some pleasure out of exposing ITV's blunder.

  3. The reason this has all come out is because of 'Team Voice'. Rico has been covering the whole bdo report on his blog. If someone can do a link please put part 1 up so any new readers might now what this is all about.

    Citizen Media leading the way.

  4. Where is Mick Gradwell?

    He has been paid and paid off with our tax payers money.

    We demand he comes back or video links his side of the story.

    Because at the end of the day he surely is going to have to face the music. Along with the local state media?!

  5. Mick Gradwell, who said on the Award Winning CTV, that he would come back to Jersey and give evidence to any enquiry set up concerning the Child Abuse Investigation, has REFUSED to give evidence to this enquiry.

    Perhaps CTV should ask him why he won’t come back?

    That’s the same Channel Television who weren’t at the hearing themselves yesterday!

  6. Please keep up the good work. These videos are invaluable.

    I do not live in Jersey and they, along with the written blogs, enable me to follow this saga in a more satisfactory way.

    Stuart comes across very well in his oral presentations. Very refreshing.

  7. And yet, for once, CTV haven't covered up an interesting story - see their website catch-up-TV eposide from Friday 28th Oct, time 8.45-9.10

    Obviously isn't illegal to name the complainant in the media :)

  8. "If someone can do a link please put part 1 up so any new readers might now what this is all about."

    Rico posted his first Blog on this back in May this year and here is the LINK

  9. Don't forget at this time of year that white poppies for peace can also be obtained from the Peace Pledge Union

  10. Please can you publish Stuart's prison number so that all of his supporters can write to him? Thanks

  11. I just phoned La Moye up, and spoke to a man, and asked him for Stuart's number, and he told me that I don't need it, and to just put his name and the prison address on the letter.

    You can't put stamps in the letter, I asked him about that, some prisons let you but at La Moye they won't.

    I do hope other people will also write to him. I know he will be feeling very sad, he's a good man, and so brave, but he's not Superman, he's just a nice man who has put his head over the parapet to help us victims of institutional child abuse.

    I feel so guilty with him in prison, I feel almost like I wish I had never got in touch with him, contributed to his blog or anything, because it's for people like me that he has got into trouble. He's helped me so much, his strength and determination have given me courage. If it was not for people like Stuart the Haut de la Garenne scandal would have been covered up just like the Staffordshire Pindown scandal has been, The victims of the Staffordshire Pindown have been buried, they like to try to make out we are nutters and criminals. My solicitor Richard Wise was getting people who had been deliberatly criminalised out of jail, and Richard died very suddenly, supposedly from cancer of the liver, well I don't believe it, as he was not ill at all, it was a lie that he was ill for a long time, as the newspapers reported.

    Anyway, I hope other people will not forget Stuart while he is in jail, and write to him.

  12. Sorry, it sounds confusing what I wrote.

    Put a stamp on the letter itself, the envelope as you normally do, but don't enclose stamps, you are not allowed to at La Moye, I asked and was told no. We did that when we wrote to Norman Scarth when he was locked up in Leeds prison, you were allowed to there, but not at La Moye.

    Stuart will have to buy stamps out of his prison account, so don't expect him to reply personally, I expect he will reply via VFC when he does write, and I know that some of his Jersey supporters will be visiting him regularly.

    I am going to be busy writing to various people, as Stuart is a political prisoner we will need to write to Amnesty International, and perhaps people might put suggestions of other organisations we need to inform.