Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Stuart Syvret, BBC and Community Service

Today saw Senatorial Candidate, Former Senator Stuart Syvret, back in court for allegedly
failing to comply with his Community Service Order imposed on him by the Royal Court of
Jersey for contempt of court.

For those who only get their “news” from Jersey’s State Media it wouldn’t be un-reasonable
to believe that Mr. Syvret is being Non Compliant, however Mr. Syvret, in this exclusive
interview, claims that this is not the case.

Discussed in this interview is why, he believes, he had to take the drastic measure of not
Attending the Community Service. Also discussed is the fact that BBC Jersey have been in
Possession of what Mr. Syvret claims to be “damming evidence” against Jersey’s public
Administration, and the original court case against him which would/could prove Mr.
Syvret’s defence. Furthermore BBC Jersey has had this “evidence" FOR WEEKS.
They’ve not reported a single word of it. Neither have they, to the best of our knowledge
Reported a single word of Mr. Syvret’s 7 page Press Release. (We hope to publish it soon)

We must stress that we have not approached any of those accused by Mr. Syvret in this
Interview and have no doubt they will strongly contest what he has to say. That said we
would be more than happy to interview them should they wish.

In stark contrast to Jersey’s State Media we “Citizens Media” bring you that little more
than a sound bite and strive to have our readers/viewers informed of ALL the facts as we get


  1. Fantastic Stuart!

    The ordinary working class Jersey man and women have long needed a man of your stature, and the great majority support you all of the way!

    Thank you

  2. let me get this clear. You have passed a document to the BBC.You wish to use it in court as evidence,You seem reticent about publishing it on your blog. You state that there is a possibility that you may be prosecuted for passing it on to the BBC.
    You are not happy that the BBC has done nothing with it,but surely they cant use it for the same reason,that they also may be prosecuted,and lets face it,unlike yourself,they can be fined big money. I cannot understand knowing their track record why you bothered sending it to them.I suppose there is a possibility that they could send it to the police with a statement that you supplied it to them,but on the other hand they, to avoid being accused of receiving documents that were not entitled to,could deny ever having received them.There also is the small matter that you dont like each other. That bunch of sound editing experts are never going to want to give you any assistance.Bridges have been burnt.

  3. Excellent interview VFC and Stuart.

    If Bridget Shaw did not show bias and hostility towards you yesterday I am a monkey's uncle! Clearly she did not allow Stuart to put his case forward and became increasingly irritated, whilst Baker was jumping up and down like a jack-in-the-box.

    Please, members of the public, read Stuart's latest blog posting and then attemd his next hearing where you can see what a nonsense this all is.

  4. "Non Compliant ... Mr. Syvret ... claims that this is not the case."

    Except that is contradicted at just 20 seconds in! :)

  5. Did you not listen to anything after that where explains how he had no choice?
    Furthermore is that the most important thing you could find in this interview?

  6. Your defence deemed not relevant. community sentence given.

    Appeal not given till after elections = Safe bet for establishment.

    Failure to undertake community service = criminal thrice over. PR dream.

    local media play establishment PR game.

  7. Is the BBC for real?

    Notwithstanding the contents of this interview, they’re now asking people to phone up with requests for “Michael Jackson” songs!! Jersey is world renowned for the worst Child Abuse cover-up in history and they pick an artist/singer whose life was surrounded by allegations of paedophilia. Bl—dy priceless who is paid at the BBC to come up with these ideas?

  8. An example of transparancy at work in Jersey.

    "A Greek tv crew has asked "permission" to film the St. Helier hustings meeting.

    Whilst courteous of them, they don't actually need permission.

    Nevertheless, this has caused some e-mail debate amongst the candidates - with Philip Bailhache purporting to deny the tv crew filming permission - and a number of other candidates reaffirming the original decision that these democratic meetings should be open."

  9. Yes the last thing Philip Bailhache is going to want will be any kind of “Free Press” or as he sees them “the real criminals” over here. We have a state Media and that’s the way he likes it and that's what keeps this feudalism in place.

  10. If ever there was a case to prove we have a "State Media" over here then Senatorial Candidate, Philip Bailhache,has done it.

    He is objecting to a Greek "accredited" media outlet to filming the St. Helier Hustings. What kind of a message is this going to send to the outside world, when it's OK for the local (State) "accredited" media to record, a supposed DEMOCRATIC PUBLIC ELECTION Hustings but outside media aren't allowed?

    Furthermore just who does Philip Bailhache think he is? He is supposed to be running for office where he should be representing the views of the majority of the island not protecting the "secrecy" of it.

    No doubt Jersey's State Media will find nothing "news"worthy or of public interest in this latest attempt by Mr. Bailhache to hang on desperately to his feudalistic power.

    Time for the other 12 prospective "representatives" to make their voice heard on this AND THE VOTERS!!

  11. We can't have outside media filming or reporting, dont be silly momentum would be lost on all achieved State media wise.

  12. Is there any proof for the Greek TV story? It sounds a little odd that with all the political turmoil in their own country at present (with mass riots and protests etc) that they would send a TV crew to cover the St.Helier hustings.

  13. "Is there any proof for the Greek TV story?"

    It has now been confirmed to me by three Candidates, that should be "proof" enough.

  14. It's not odd to me why the greeks would want to film here. The greeks have made a complete mess of their economy and are looking for anyone to blame but themselves. That has been their governments attitude throughout the financial crisis'.

    Borrow borrow borrow and do not pay it back. The greeks have been protesting against their government for years on end, yet their government still shafts its citizens.

    So no surprise to me they want a media over here because it cant possibly be the fault of their media masters wrecking the economy, it must be someone else.

    I can sort of understand why there is a hoohah about the greek media coming and that is because they are exactly what you despise. A government mouthpiece.

  15. But the Greek TV station is "accredited" going by our establishment's interpretation of the word. If they broadcast/publish/print anything "out of order" then there is a set complaints procedure. Also (according to our masters) they are regulated and must follow strict guidelines of journalistic integrity.

    Seems the establishment's argument, yet again, is falling apart.

  16. I saw the Greek crew yesterday at the Nick Shaxon discussion. Excellent discussion. John Christensen was also there. He's a clever guy. Today there were protests world wide but shame on us for not joining in with the world. Nick noticed a lack of young people at St Saviour hustings? I think the Greeks were inquiring about the lack of young people too. Nick Shaxon thinks its very odd here- the political arrangements. But he sees / hears similar stuff from other tax havens so is not surprised. Like the stuff on how we are never heard by our gvt., living in fear and all that. Can't wait to read his book- I got it signed too, lucky me.

    VRC- change of subject but is it possible to put on a search on your blog? It would be handy. The reason is I'm looking for a post on Paul Le Claire when he came out about overhearing an oli conversation and how he lived in fear. It may not have been your blog. If yes, would you be able to do a link?
    Oh and thank you for providing such an excellent media service. I wrote to the BBC Complaints people. Topic was BBC Jersey Bias. I said I was increasingly aware of an absence of balanced reporting in Jersey. I got a standard reply back which said they have to show things from 2 sides! I will have to take it further.

  17. "is it possible to put on a search on your blog?"

    There is a search window at the top left of the main page.

    "The reason is I'm looking for a post on Paul Le Claire when he came out about overhearing an oli conversation and how he lived in fear."

    The interview with Deputy Le Claire is HERE

  18. I am sorry to advise you that Sir Phillip made no mention of the wider issues... he simply stated that he did not wish it to be broadcast because another candidate had been making defamatory statements about him.

  19. A day of infamy in the island planing history
    From John Horrell
    This letter appeared in the JEP on Tuesday 18th

    Take a good read, this was written from the developer ,ex accountant that developed the eye sore at Corbiere that takes over the whole cliff face.