Sunday, 29 April 2012

Good can come from Bad?

A little over a week ago VFC were the first to break the story of  "The Grouville Home For Girls" and of the horrendous abuse that was alleged to have taken place there.

Abuse Survivor Jean submitted a Guest Posting where she told us her experiences of being lashed with stinging nettles and put into ice cold baths with her head held under the water until she gasped for air. This treatment allegedly carried out by her "carers."

Jean, we are told, contacted Jersey's only "news"paper the Jersey Evening Post before coming over to Jersey for her book signing in order to relate her story and publicise her book. Our only "news"paper got back to her saying that they weren't interested in running a story but Jean could "pay for an advert." Shortly after VFC broke the story Jean was again contacted by the JEP telling her they have had "a change of heart" and they now  WILL run the story. Not sure if they have run the story because for moral and ethical reasons we refuse to buy it. But suspect if the Blogs (Jersey's only independent media) hadn't of run the story then NONE of the State Media would have.

BBC State Radio also run the story (after we broke it) and had Jean in as a live guest. Presenters of the show "Carrie and Sarah" asked listeners to contact the show with information about the little known Grouville Home For Girls. We did this by e-mailing a link to a wealth of information concerning the home, including photographs and public records, but the good old BBC wanted it kept a secret and refused to read the e-mail (below) out.

from: voiceforchildren voiceforchildren
to: bbc radio jersey
date: 26 April 2012 10:21
subject: Grouville girls home.


Your listeners might be interested to know there is plenty of information concerning the Grouville Home For Girls here. where we were the first to break the story.

Team Voice.(end)

One can only speculate as to why they refused to read out the e-mail containing a link to a wealth of information concerning the Home but one chain of thought is that the BBC view the Jersey Bloggers as a threat.......and so they should (some might say).

As a follow-up to Jean's Guest posting we were able to conduct a short interview with her (below) to briefly discuss her book "Chair Borne To Heaven Borne" her reasons for writing it and so forth.

Amazingly Jean is not bitter about her childhood experiences and has been able to come out the other end relatively unscarred due to, in part, writing this book, and sharing her experiences. She wants to convey a positive message that good can come from bad and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Although Jean believes the light at the end of the tunnel is Jesus there are those of us who believe a Committee Of Inquiry with a fit for purpose Terms Of Reference and outside intervention would suffice. 


  1. If it wasn't for bloggers the state media wouldn't be reporting anything to do with the child abuse cover up and that's how it managed to stay so quiet for so long.

  2. Resilience - its an important area of sociological study. I wish it could be purchased in tins.

  3. An excellent interview by both parties. Reminds me of Nietzsche - that which does not kill me makes me stronger

  4. It would be enlightening for the outside world to know more about the role of the clergy and religious groups in these accounts of child protection failures. Were they primarily abuse perpetrators? Or, did some offer refuge and protection? Did any of them speak out on behalf of children? Where were they?

  5. Great interview. Loved the part at the end when she winked at you and said to keep on with the blogs!

  6. I can only echo the comment above. Thanks VFC for the tone and sensitivity with the way you handled the video.

    Thanks and best wishes to Jean for sharing her truth.

  7. Kudos to Jean for coming forward and I wish her well.

    Becoming a Christian unfortunately may not be the answer. My spouse who was receiving parental abuse went to the church for help and was turned away. They just did not want to know.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  8. This author and abuse survivor's humble honesty and grace shine through in her every word. What a triumph for her humanity. Well done interview, your best yet.

  9. First class interview. I wish you all the best.

  10. rather than good comming from bad, Jeans' inherent goodness was not destroyed by the bad visited upon her

    this is completely different from say, ILM who is bad to the bone and only pays lip service to good


  11. hi VFC, Off Topic again but might be of interest.

    just been to the judicial greffier to talk about my appeal

    then popped round to the magistrates court to ask the court greffe for a copy of my trial tapes(recordings)

    greffe said that he was the custodian of the court recordings and would not let me have a copy, he said I could have a copy of the transcript (not the recording)
    when I lodged my appeal

    when asked for his reasons to deny me a copy of the recording, he said, you were there


  12. This short piece from Rico Sorda, on the State Media is CLASSIC

  13. Denver Gals.

    You were asking for reference numbers to BBC complaints a while ago. Here is one made by Zoompad.

    Reference CAS-1268916-73FVWM

    Taken from the comments section HERE


    Kid home monster’s road rage bust-up
    Published: 29th April 2012

    A BRUTAL former children’s home worker jailed for abusing two kids was collared by cops after being accused of hauling a woman from her car.
    Anthony Jordan — who spent six months in jail for a string of assaults at a care home in Jersey — got into a bust-up with the female driver after a minor crash.

    Last night a source claimed Jordan lost it following the collision in Kirriemuir, Angus. They said: “This man has anger issues.”

    Tayside Police confirmed they had warned the thug after the incident earlier this month.

    But last night Jordan, 64, said: “There was no physical assault.”

    Jordan and wife Morag, 64, who was also jailed for six months, were convicted in 2010 of acting like “intimidating bullies” at the Haut de la Garenne kid’s home.

  15. I like what Jean has said, and agree with her. But as another poster has pointed out, the Church is not always supportive, and, even worse, is part of the problem as some of the abusers are Church attending hypocrites. I am not knocking Jesus saying that, because I am also a Christian, but the Churches need to get their act together and stop allowing paedophiles and child abusers to make a mockery of Christianity.

    I agree with what Jean says about a light at the end of the tunnel and will be buying her book, thanks for doing this interview VFC.