Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blog TV (2)

In this next instalment of recorded live broadcasts from our Blog TV channel Rico Sorda discusses many issues concerning Jersey.

Subjects like, who really holds all the power in Jersey, the Judicial System, Jurats, Politicians, the State Media, Child Abuse and much more. Including that none of us should have to be Blogging, or live broadcasting, it's because of the failings, or complicity, of our State Media that we have no other choice.

We will be broadcasting live and interactive on Thursday 3rd May at 7pm where you can come and take part HERE.

We are pleased to report that our latest broadcast (below) attracted in excess of 400 viewers with many taking part in the debate. We hope to have a guest this coming Thursday and are awaiting confirmation so we will keep readers/viewers updated in the comment section.

Sunday Discussion- Broadcast your self LIVE


  1. Whole heartedly agree with every word Rico said and agree if Jersey had an independent media there would be no need for him to have to risk the wrath of the Jersey Establishment by putting his name and face out there.

  2. That is one very brave man.

  3. Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley has agreed to be our guest on Thursday night. Subjects will include, the illegal suspension of Former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM, honesty and openness in Jersey's government, cover-ups, spinning and deception, accountability and more.

  4. Whats brave about it?

    He is allowed to have an opinion but funny how you people call others who disagree with him a troll.

  5. Whats brave about it?

    He is allowed to have an opinion but funny how you people call others who disagree with him a troll.

    What I personally find comical about the above comment is that an Anon is saying 'whats brave' about a person in Jersey blogging under his own name, going on blog tv, exposing government ministers, exposing the conflicted judiciary, exposing a government cover-up of child abuse and doing so with hard documented evidence.

    The 'Troll' or 'Trolls' never back up their argument with evidence they don't have to. They are spoilers and nothing new. Look how the comment appeared on this blog posting and offered nothing. All it can offer is what I'm doing and thats a response. There is so much hard evidence in the public domain that even a madman couldn't help but notice it.

    In Jersey it takes a brave person to speak out.

  6. "In Jersey it takes a brave person to speak out."

    Now that's a bit harsh. ;) Lots of people speak out. You just have to be very very brave to tell the truth.

    That's why Rico's work is so important.

  7. Jersey's judiciary set up is really unusual, with the Jurats, a concentrated upperclass and/or conservative pool. The lack of checks and balances is really hard to believe, if what I'm gathering from the blogs is true. I'm surprised it is not a stand-out situation to the world, but more surprised it is not unacceptable to the ordinary Jersey person. If I lived there, I would be afraid of that judicial system even if I had no involvement in anything political, or related to child abuse. They can do whatever they want. That should terrify anyone in this day and age.

  8. 100% agree

    I just hope rico doesn't blow himself out. He is really putting himself out there. The thing that gets me is that you can't really disagree with what he's saying.

  9. So running a blog under your own name makes you brave does it?

    How does that work out then?

    Seeing as Syvret has been repeating a similar story for years and nobody in the States takes any notice of him I can't understand why Rico thinks the reception will be any different?

    Anyway if Rico seriously believes this stuff then he should say it at a Hustings.

  10. Just had to let that comment through although it is a thinly disguised attempt to have a go at Stuart Syvret.

    The commenter has just agreed with what Rico was saying in the video. “The States don’t listen, or take any notice.” Seeing as though Stuart Syvret, after having his place of residence turned over by a bunch of cops without a search warrant and dragged through the court system, the commenter further makes Rico’s point where he (Rico) said instead of using bullets the Jersey gang use the courts.

    After seeing what has been done to Stuart Syvret makes Rico that much more courageous for speaking out……….Thanks for making the argument……….priceless!

  11. Trolls nearly always get in the way of any thoughtful debate, comparison and analysis of facts, but in Jersey, this troll or these trolls, are enlightening us to a peculiar mindset of people who attack without knowing they only make their own case look suspicious. They make Jersey seem more heartless and pro-abuse than it could possibly be, by hurling mindless insults at anyone who cares about the humane protection of children. This can only harm Jersey in the eyes of the world, because these trolls seem to be the spokespeople for the protection of abusers and the politically powerful alike.

  12. "Anyway if Rico seriously believes this stuff then he should say it at a Hustings."

    I'm pretty sure Rico would speak out honestly in any forum conducive to getting the truth out. Why does Rico seriously believe this stuff? Evidence, he follows the evidence. Have you read the hard evidence, or do you simply accuse him of bias against opposing views for not giving equal credence to the now factually discredited spin which he has laid out so plainly for you?

  13. Indeed here we are attempting to show the world that not all Jersey people are abusers or their protectors, then we get the establishment Trolls coming on attempting to demonstrate the opposite!

  14. The Bailiwick Brotherhood destroy many with a ruthless inefficiency,
    their main weapon is fear..er or is that confusion anyway they have a dedication to the cause of ...well the cause.

    socially they enjoy cross dressing at grantez dolman, hide the sausage at five oaks and pin the blame on the donkey.

    their only hobbie is stealing our money and shutting us up

    they get lots of practice


  15. "Anonymous said...

    So running a blog under your own name makes you brave does it?"

    It's a sad reflection upon the state of this island that political bloggers in Jersey who dare comment against the establishment routinely experience personal abuse and threats, including harrassment of their place of work or threats made to their families.

    For a political blogger to operate under his or her own name in that climate does take courage.

    Would you be willing to put your name and photograph online faced with the same? I doubt it. You can't even manage to leave a comment without being completely anonymous.

  16. Two observations - The word Troll is being used far too much on all blogs. Critical comments is not trolling.

    Anon beng Anon? Everybody on here is Anon including the blog owner so come on be real.

  17. At the end of the day there are people who do nothing and there are those that try to do something.

    I just don't care what the troll says.

    How do you kill a troll?

    Dont publish his daft comments or comment on them unless they have merit and evidence.

    Now lets concentrate on the serious issues.


  18. Be sure to appoint a Moderator this time on BlogTV.

    Real time chat is easy for one annoying person to deliberately disrupt. Once the chatroom turns into a slanging match between a troll and the chatters it'll kill the broadcasters concentration and disrupt the show.

    You've also got to bear in kind BlogTV attracts trolls who have never even heard of Jersey and try and mess up chatrooms for the fun of it or spam it with links to sex sites.

    If you don't appoint a Moderator it won't be long before people stop bothering with the chat, and probably the show.

  19. Thanks for the feedback and this is something we have been in discussion with Blog TV. We know how to deal with the Trolls, more importantly, how to expose who they are.

  20. Last night's live interview with Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley can be viewed HERE

  21. I think the chat function distracts from the main feature. Essentially your being asked to view two screens at once and when the inevitable trolling starts it becomes as distraction.

    Plus it can be quite annoying when a good question gets asked and is relevant to the TV content but gets missed.

    Would it be possible to split the show into two parts?

    Part 1 is just the live TV element with the chat function turned off.

    Part 2 (with chat function turned on)could be used to answer questions from members of the public of the issues raised in the earlier programme.

    Would keep it tighter, more focused and troll free.

  22. Larry Rivers.

    Thank you for your feedback/suggestions which is something that we might adopt.

  23. Hi VFC,

    I spoke to a nurse on Ians'ward today, he is stable but groggy
    after the op

    hope to speak with him tomorrow


  24. Cyril.

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

  25. Could this be one of the reasons why the JEP plays ball, They are protecting there advertising?

    2.4. Deputy P.V.F. Le Claire of St. Helier of the Minister for Treasury and Resources regarding the cost of advertising with the J.E.P. and the Jersey Gazette to States departments:

    How much money was spent advertising with the J.E.P. over the last 12 months and the Jersey Gazette by States departments?

    Senator P.F.C. Ozouf (The Minister for Treasury and Resources):

    Can I ask Deputy Noel to be rapporteur please.

    Deputy E.J. Noel of St. Lawrence (Assistant Minister for Treasury and Resources - rapporteur):

    We can confirm that including design costs the total amount spent advertising with the Jersey Evening Post and placing notices in the Jersey Gazette over the period from 1st July 2009 through to 30th June 2010 was in the sum of £333,988. This can be broken down as follows: Jersey Gazette, £66,684; planning notifications, £51,364; recruitment advertising, £140,137; and run of paper and miscellaneous costs of £95,803.