Monday, 16 May 2011

Lenny Harper Interview Part 4 (of 4)

In this, Part Four and concluding, interview with former Jersey Deputy Chief Police Officer and Senior Investigating Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle) Lenny Harper tells us, among much more, who he believes is the real power and influence in Jersey. It will come as no surprise to those who get their news from, and follow, Citizen's Media, that the real power and influence comes from the Law Offices Department. The (establishment) politicians according to Mr Harper, and a growing number of people "do as they're told"

Mr. Harper also explains how, in his experience, an employee of the Law Offices Department made a complaint against Sexual Harassment, and for her troubles, had not only hers, but her husband's job threatened because of it. "Jersey" Justice, not to be confused with "justice."

We are also told of the "very strange bed fellows" our "accredited" media Mr. Harper believes jumped into bed with. How Mr. Harper had "no idea of the lengths that some in the Jersey Establishment would go to in order to prevent justice from being obtained."

Yet again there are many revelations in this interview that would have any self respecting "Journalist" getting straight on the phone to Mr. Harper and asking him to elaborate on any number of his allegations. Alas this is Jersey (North Korea) and for those local journalists who would like to won't be "allowed." Is this because of the "fear" allegedly wielded by the Law Offices?

"The courage and dignity of the Abuse Survivors stands in stark contrast to that of the Foot Stamping Lackey's." And the local "accredited" media..............

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  1. Well - here we have it, and who could honestly have any doubts that Mr Harper has told it as it is, and also as we probably already knew it.

    Good to have it confirmed though.

    Thank you also Mr Harper for the boost you gave to the most patient abuse survivors, a lot of whom I have got to know personally, and deserve a hell of a lot more than they have been afforded so far courtesy of the very people Mr Harper names, the Law Officers, the accredited media, Ian Le Marquand, Terry Le Sueur and of course the disgraceful FSL.

    Yes - the truth will out.

  2. Lenny has it spot on,
    the Law Officers are the corporate lawyers of the 'firm'

    they care not for justice,community
    or the law of the land

    they are legally bound, only, to care for the best interests of the shareholders

    shafting jersey since 1892

  3. Further to my first comment (sorry pressed Anonymous in error), I wonder when the full facts finally emerge that those very people I mentioned in that comment, and in particular the sycophantic FSL would have the decency and courage to come out and say they were wrong and apologise to the very people they have made out to nothing less than trouble making peasants.

    In truth, they are better than any of 'them' who are not fit to lick their boots.

  4. please tell me you are not turning into jep only showing what you like

  5. Thank you, Neil, and thanks to Lenny too. An important interview which deserves a far wider audience.

    BTW, I have a couple of pieces of ident music you may wish to use... I'll mail em on to you :)

  6. Martin.

    I am unable to allow your comment through. If you were to take out the reference to the person who "should be doing life" then it would be less likely to break any libel laws.

  7. vfc
    you are right its not as if it will ever get as far as a court i just get so fed up with the rubbish that comes out of our government one law for them all the crap for us

  8. Martin.

    I agree with you, the rule of law has broken down in Jersey; more (as if it’s needed) evidence of this will be coming to light soon. Don’t know if you watched part one of this series of interviews with Mr. Harper but he told us that there were up to four “priority” suspects still in positions of power/authority.

    Indeed in this interview he told us of an alleged victim of a sexual harassment campaign in the Law Offices Department that was threatened with not only hers but her husbands job if she pursued her complaint. ……..”Jersey justice” not to be confused with “justice.”

  9. vfc i have looked at all mr harper,s post,s that just makes it even worse when will jersey wake up no matter what comes out nothing is ever done what dose it take for people to see i wish i new

  10. Martin.

    We need an independent media. Unfortunately our media appear to be tasked with the job of covering it all up and as Mr. Harper says in the interview discrediting the Abuse victims/survivors by discrediting the investigation.

    For those of us seeking the truth, a non politicized Judicial System, the proper rule of law and an independent media it is going to be an uphill struggle there is no doubt.

  11. vfc
    i cant see an answer to this we have the facts we know what has been going on but still people do nothing i want to fight but doint know how any more were dose it all end a im afraid i only know one way to fight i doint have big words to use im no good at it why cant they just say the truth but unfortunately there is never any accountability

  12. I noticed the JEP are getting some stick on their own site.

    OK they have been for years but never published the comments.

    Have even the JEP realised the game is up and are desperately trying to give an apearance of trying to gain some credibility?

    Much to little to late of course.

    However some big heads could roll if they start to act like a newspaper and investigate and publish stories of public interest.

    Although the most likely explanation is that a newby was left in charge of the web site and did'nt know how things are done in JEP land.

  13. Steve.

    The JEP are getting less and less relevant, unless you're interested in man eating hornets and the likes of. I gave up taking the JEP seriously a long time ago.

  14. VFC, I apologise if any part of my post indicated that I was a fan or in any way surportive of the JEP and did nod hold them in contempt.
    That was not my intention.
    I was merely making an observation.

  15. Steve.

    Your comment didn't come across as you being a fan of the JEP and I agree with what you said.

    If/when we finally get this Committee of Inquiry I hope the role played by all local discredited media will be included in its Terms of Reference.

    It is implausible to believe that the abuse of children could go on for DECADES without the media being aware of it. Serious questions need to be asked.

  16. VFC.

    By the way do you know how the COMs meeting on setting up a COI went last week?

    Surely some kind of progress was make.

    Was the MSM present?

    Were minutes taken?

    There miust be some kind of feed back.

  17. No, I've not heard anything, perhaps the JCLA and others with an interest might have? here is the last I hear anything.

    3rd May 2011

    4.10 The Deputy of St. Martin:
    Will the Deputy Chief Minister inform Members whether the Chief Minister or indeed the Council of Ministers have explained why they have not yet consulted with States Members, the Care Leavers Association and those other bodies who have an interest in the Haut de la Garenne, or indeed the historic abuse inquiry with a view to discussing the terms of reference and a composition of the Committee of Inquiry.

    Senator P.F.C. Ozouf:
    The matter is before the Council of Ministers on Thursday and there will be an appropriate communication with those people that need to be properly consulted immediately after the Council’s meeting on Thursday, or shortly thereafter.

    4.10.1 The Deputy of St. Martin:
    At the moment I have not been informed, can I ask whether any other States Members are going to be invited to be consulted?

    Senator P.F.C. Ozouf:
    The Council of Ministers is meeting ... I have just received my papers this morning myself and the Chief Minister will no doubt ensure that there is appropriate communication with all those people that there needs to be.

  18. Well thats not looking to good then is it? Pipples Ozouf making a promise!

  19. Let's talk about the Abuse

  20. Surely The Council of Ministers are the last people to be meeting to organise a Committee of inquiry.

    Concidering the last time they met on this subject they tried and thought that they had succeeded in closing and conluding it as complete!?

  21. Indeed. And one would hope they are not getting any advice from the Law Offices as they could very well be CONFLICTED

  22. Hey VFC, Stuart, Rico & Co, "ALL" Lenny Harper's interviews in ONE GO care of a mutual friend who wishes (through his humbleness) to remain anonymous :)

  23. To put this into a little perspective. Lenny Harper and Graham Power have answered every question put to them. They have both agreed to and given Citizens Media some in-depth interviews on camera. In stark contrast to this we get our e-mails, or questions ignored by Ian Le Marquand and Wiltshire......don't they want the truth to be told? Below is some correspondence between Team Voice and Brian Moore from the Wiltshire Constabulary. He appears a little backward in coming forward.

    Will put the e-mails in another comment (too many characters)

  24. Chief Constable's Office

    from voiceforchildren voiceforchildren

    to "Hills, Michael"

    date Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 2:11 PM

    subject Re: 1761 Operation Haven.


    Dear Mr Hills/chief Constable Moore.

    We are sorry but we must strongly disagree with Chief Constable Moore's first paragraph (below). We would argue that the Wiltshire Police have spent in excess of £1million of Jersey Tax Payers money and are therefore accountable, in part, to the Jersey Tax Payer.

    We believe that the questions we have asked are, not only valid, but they are perfectly reasonable considering the amount of money that was spent on the "Haven" Investigation(s). We would strongly urge you to reconsider your position.

    Your silence only creates more questions, such as - why after being given the opportunity do you not support the actions of our Home Affairs Minister, are you trying to distance yourself from them? Chief Constable Moore has repeatedly been given the chance to endorse what has happened and he has repeatedly declined the opportunity.

    We humbly ask that Chief Constable Moore re-visits our "reasonable" and "valid" questions set out below and provides us with full and frank answers, or at the very least, a full, frank and legitimate reason why he shouldn't answer them.

    Kind Regards.

    Team Voice.

    from voiceforchildren voiceforchildren

    to "Hills, Michael"

    date Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    subject Re: 1761 Operation Haven.


    Dear Mr Hills/Chief Constable Moore.

    We understand you might be busy but thought we would just send you a gentle reminder that we, and the Jersey Tax Payer, are still waiting for the answers to our questions.

    Hope you are able to get back to us soon.

    Kind Regards.
    Team Voice.

    We have had no further reply and quite honestly don't expect one. Although it is interseting to learn from Chief Constable Moore "I appreciate the frustrations expressed"

    Taken from THIS BLOG

  25. At least Napier replied with a: In my agreement not aloud or dare to comment.

    Moore doesn't even dare reply.

    Both parties paid off and reassured, keep quite and no come backs.

    Not in their wildest moments of negotation and decision making did they think that they would have to break their silence and answer to.

    Citizens Media!?

  26. Well not “answer” to Citizens Media rather be exposed by them because we have no independent media over here IMO. Let us not forget that the Deputy Chief Minister, Phillip Ozouf, has told us that Brian Napier changed his own Terms Of reference!

  27. VFC.

    The only difference between exposed by and answers to is that exposed by, comes before answering to.

    Realistally they, (Napier, Moore and Le Marquand) have been exposed by Citizen Media and Citizen Media
    will not give up until answers are

    In fact no difference really.

  28. VFC

    You should read this old posting from rs blog. Just look at what the Chief Minister says...


  29. If there is still the "odd" person who doesn't smell a huge rat just have a look at this "EVIDENCE" and tell us that our powers that be are not bang at it!

  30. Hi VFC

    Just to confirm that I am very happy to give VFC an interview reference the Scrutiny process and the seriousness - or lack of to be more accurate - with which it is treated by most of the Council of Ministers. Contact me to sort out a convenient time around next weeks constituent commitments.



  31. Trevor.

    I should point out to readers that this is in response to the e-mail I have sent to the members of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel, yourself, Deputies Tadier, Macon, and Le Herissier re-produced below.

    Dear Scrutiny Panel.

    Could I ask you to read this and as the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel tell me if it raises any issues that you are either willing or "allowed" to "scrutinise"? If you are not allowed to scrutinise any of the many possibly un-lawful issues contained there in, could I ask as States Members ("representatives" of the public) if there are any issues that you believe should be brought to the attention of the House?

    Furthermore would any of you be willing to give me an interview, (tomorrow) as a representative of your Scrutiny Panel, on the subjects contained in the linked Blog Posting?

    VFC. (end)

    First of all let me thank you, not only for responding, but responding publically and engaging with your constituents in such an open manner. Thank you also for being willing to be interviewed as I have some pretty tough questions that need answering concerning the usefulness of Scrutiny.

    I await a reply from your chairman that I expect to say, “it’s not in our remit.” Once I have received that I shall contact you for the interview.

  32. Methinks Lenny and Graham will need to take this through EU appeals.

    Growing numbers of professionals are implicated in this and are no doubt, "lawyering up" this weekend.
    This story is what informed people in Jersey should be focused on today, especially after Rico's explosive evidence bolstered the impact of these interviews.

    Make no mistake. These are illegal activities of the kind to topple governments, and the law offices can only keep this under wraps with the UK press. They have no influence beyond that.

    The true story of the way this connects to the cover up of what happened in that orphanage will be globally explosive. Almost any paid journalist in the world could take the story from your local blogs and run with it to numerous press awards. Of that, I have no doubt.

    In the meantime, Lenny and Graham need to initiate legal action against Jersey through their own lawyers. With book deals, this should be easily affordable.

  33. Just wanted to add to my previous comment about book deals making legal fees affordable. There is no shame in earning money through honest words. Not only do Lenny and Graham deserve that, but it will provide a measure of justice to those who suffered child abuse or from retaliation from the many paedophile protecters.

  34. I agree Lenny and Graham should write a book but there is a problem and that’s getting people to believe what is written.

    The book would have to contain Tooth Fairy stories, disappearing baths, disappearing Collagen, performing puppets in the form of Foot Stamping Lackey’s, Child Skull turning into Coconut, a magical gap in a floorboard and such like.

    Lenny Harper has already commented in the past “this would not make for a credible FICTICIOUS story.” Perhaps he is waiting to read the books that are being written by the American Journalist, and others, before he decides?

  35. I do not live in Jersey or UK so I probably see this a little bit differently. In my view, as far as solid evidence is concerned, this is the most one-sided case I know of regarding politically motivated child abuse on a wide scale.

    I think you may be too close to the scene to know how big this story really will be internationally. Or, to see how much more publicity Jersey will endure than it did previously during the forensic excavations.

    It may be a shocking story and it is understandably hard for some in Jersey to believe the truth, but you bloggers have produced large chunks of it and the cover-up merchants do not produce anything but contradictions and spin.

    This is a far more compelling story - and a more solidly evidenced one at that - than most true crime bestsellers. As an avid true crime and history buff, this, I assure you, will be a bestseller.

  36. In response to this comment.

    "I do not live in Jersey or UK so I probably see this a little bit differently. In my view, as far as solid evidence is concerned, this is the most one-sided case I know of regarding politically motivated child abuse on a wide scale."

    Indeed this assertion is also backed up by the Former Jersey Chief Police Officer Mr. Graham Power QPM who told us “we could be dealing with State Sponsored Pedophilia"