Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Serious Complaint (1).

During question time in the States recently we had this exchange between the Deputy Chief Minister, Senator Phillip Ozouf, and the Deputy of St Martin, Bob Hill. Which surprisingly (or not) the "Discredited" media have not picked up on.

4.4     The Deputy of St. Martin:
The Senator has recently overseen a serious complaint made against a senior civil servant, will the Minister inform Members whether the investigator into the complaint interviewed the former Police Chief Office and the Q.C. (Queen’s Counsel) who investigated the circumstances into the Police Chief’s suspension?  If they were not interviewed, will he explain why?
Senator P.F.C. Ozouf:
I did discharge those functions because the Chief Minister asked me to and an independent investigator was appointed.  He carried out the review.  These are not matters which should be ventilated into the public domain.  The Deputy of St. Martin made a number of allegations and they were not upheld but unfortunately he continues on this line of questioning in relation to various matters in relation to this.  I looked at this issue and as far as I am concerned that matter, which I do not think it is appropriate that we talk about in the public domain, is now closed after a satisfactory independent review.
4.4.1  The Deputy of St. Martin:
I ask the question I asked be answered: were these 2 gentlemen interviewed?
Senator P.F.C. Ozouf:
No, and I do not believe it was relevant.  The independent review was made.  But they are not relevant, the Deputy continues to makes comments and casts aspersions on people and individuals and I hope that we have drawn a line under those issues in a way that we should have closure.  We need to move on and stop attacking individuals who are discharging public office and have done so properly.  [Approbation]  This issue was basically thrown out.
This exchange raises a number of questions, firstly how is it that allegations made against our Former Chief Police Officer, Mr. Graham Power QPM, can not only be made public, but spread all over our "discredited" media, but a "serious complaint" made against a Senior Civil Servant remains secret and the media aren't interested?
It turns out that just like the BDO/ALTO REPORT, the "independent" external company commissioned to review Deputy Bob Hill's serious complaint against the Deputy Chief Executive Officer to the SOJ didn't even interview possibly the two most crucial witnesses, Mr. Brian Napier QC and Mr. Graham Power QPM. It appears they have reached their conclusions, but guess what? Deputy Bob Hill, nor anyone else is allowed to see this Report to find out how they came to their conclusions......without interviewing key witnesses!
In this in-depth and insightful interview with Deputy Bob Hill, we learn just how these Reports commissioned by our "powers that be" just take on a life, and Terms of Reference, of their own. For instance Graham Power QPM believes he is being interviewed by Brian Napier under one Terms of Reference, Mr. Napier believes he is interviewing Mr. Power under another Terms of Reference, and is under the impression that Mr. Power believes he is being interviewed under these new Terms of Reference and all that the majority of our Government can do is stamp their feet in approval. A complaint made against the Deputy Chief Executive Officer to the States, for the subsatantial role he played in all this, goes un-reported, we're not allowed to see it and we are expected to believe that everything is all above board and we have an open and transparent government.
On top of all this, the Deputy Chief Minister, Senator Phillip Ozouf, has sent out a clear message, if/when he becomes Chief Minister we are going to have much the same as we've got now....................


  1. Just crazy but what will be done about it?

  2. Hi VFC

    So here we have another independent report that is a total farce.

    Graham Power & Brian Napier not interviewed

    Deputy Hill not allowed to see the report

    Ozouf makes his conclusions

    Do people get it yet? Do people see what is going on over here?

    It's bl**dy staggering


    MARCH 31ST


  3. What hope is there for an open, broad based, wide reaching Committee of Inquiry into the Historic Child Abuse then?

    With this track record, very little. However, there are those that will make doubly certain that this will not be yet another whitewash.

    Far too much at stake for the abuse victims and even more for the SoJ.

  4. How depressing soon we will be paying for the oxygen we breathe and these loons will vote it through. What can be done? One thing after another and nothing happens

  5. What really peeves me aside from the deception, taxpayers funding these reports when money could be used for genuine reasons.

    The States of Jersey use these reports as alibi's.

  6. Jill.

    As you will be aware the COM's are dragging their feet, as expected, with this COI.

    Going by their track record they are probably making up a list of crucial witnesses NOT to interview. They could save a bit of time by not bothering with any TOR's as they can just be made up as it goes along as demonstrated in the Napier Report, hence Deputy Hill's complaint.

  7. Rico.

    Your "March 31st" link doesn't work.

  8. VFC.

    Yet another brilliant interview.

    How does Deputy Hill find the strength to carry on when they (Le Sueur, Le Marquand and now Ozouf) keep on evaiding and rubbishing everything he says?

    Just remember Deputy you have a lot of good people on your side to help give you strength and support.

    So please carry on and lets get to the truth and their crumbling point, which surely now is not far away?!

  9. I think they still think it's all just going to go away.

    Pip never was terribly bright; there's a difference between arrogance and intelligence.

    If he weren't thick - he would never - ever - have pursued a course of action that's led him and his oligarchy allies to this pass.

    It's all coming to court.



  10. How much did this flawed report cost and how much did the flawed BDO report cost?

  11. The totally flawed and fast becoming discredited BDO/Alto Report cost the tax payer £64,000. Not sure how much was wasted on this latest debacle but will try and find out.

    Mind you, these are questions that should be asked by the Public Accounts Committee. I know Rico has sent them an e-mail (Senator Ben Shenton and Senator Alan Breckon) but he has had no reply.

  12. A comment left by Rico Sorda from his latest posting HERE gives a bit of an idea as to how much Senator Ian Le Marquand and Steven Austin Vautier have blown on these debacles.

    "So far the price for these reports are as follows. This is taken from Hansard on the 19th July from a question asked by Deputy Pitman

The total costs in relation to the first Wiltshire reports are £572,532. In relation to Operation Blast the figure has now gone up to £295,708. The cost of cover for the absence of the Chief Officer of Police are £234,854, up until tomorrow the final date. In addition to that there are the costs of the BDO Alto accountant’s report of £64,000.

And from that we have Senator ILM dropping all disciplinary proceedings leaving Operation Haven/Blast plus £868,240 redundant. Then we have the BDO report costing £64,000 that's not worth the paper it's written on.

People had better start taking notice at how incompetent thing have become


  13. Brilliant!
    Great sound, great video, great content.

    Another leap forward for Citizens Media!

    (Word verif. undog! - the underdogs may just win in the end)

  14. I'm afraid Rico will be waiting a long time indeed for a full and meaningful answer from Senator Ben Shenton or Senator Alan Breckon.

    Both have a proven track-record as being participants in the Culture of Concealment.

    I natively supported Shenton when he became H & SS Minister following the unlawful repression conducted against me.

    Notwithstanding very substantial quantities of hard evidence supplied to him of malfeasance and criminal activity on the part of H & SS senior civil servants - he - and his sidekick, Jimmy Perchard - refused to take any appropriate action.

    Indeed - they "went native" immediately - and protected the cover-up merchants.

    Alan Breckon, back then, chaired the Health, Education and Social Services Scrutiny Panel.

    Again - naively - I expected this panel to do its job - and scrutinise just what can have gone so wrong with the senior management of H & SS in respect of the many years of child protection failure.

    Breckon - with, as I later discovered, the pro-active support of his then panel members, Geoff Southern and Trevor Pitman - simply flatly refused to look at the real issue - the evidenced failures and malfeasances of the civil servants.

    Even now - there are many very obvious questions that should be asked in the States about the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster - but no States member puts them.


  15. Anonymous said:


    P.145 was the numerical designation given to a proposition brought in 2009, by the Health, Social Security and Housing Scrutiny Panel - which proposed a Committee of Inquiry into failures of the Health & Social Services department's management.

    If ever I were to give lectures on How Jersey Politics Works - that proposition and its genesis is one of the case-studies I would examine.

    The proposition was brought by that panel - as a cosmetic exercise - a stunt, a pose - to enable them to pretend that they had attempted to discharge their duty.

    Consider: this was late 2009 - by which stage there was a vast quantity of powerful evidence already in the public domain.

    More than sufficient to persuade any reasonable person that an inquiry was necessary.

    How much effort did the panel put into persuading the States to support the proposition?

    Their accompanying report constituted two pages.

    And none of the relevant, significant evidence was even cited - let alone quoted.

    Breckon, Southern, Pitman - et el - were simply faking it; pretending to the public that they wanted an inquiry into this monumental scandal - but all the while makings sure there wouldn't be one.

    There wouldn't be one - so as not to upset their union constituency.

    Because the very, very last thing the relevant States of Jersey public employees wanted - was an investigation in to their competency, skills, conduct and ethics.

    And even if that consideration were not already obvious - simply ask the question - 'why bring such a proposition to the States for approval - at all - when that Scrutiny Panel was already empowered - without the need for some fresh debate in the States - to inquire into those very matters?'

    Why didn't Breckon, Southern, Pitman etc - simply conduct the relevant investigation - when I was pressing them to - back in 2008?

    Be it the right-wing lobby - or the left-wing lobby - the ordinary, powerless people of Jersey need protecting from these vested interests.


  16. Back in March 2010 I interviewed Senator Breckon concerning P145/2009. You can view the interview HERE

  17. What Stuart said calls to mind when American high school pupils asked you whether or not the residents of Jersey had a true legal remedy for these things. Are there any clear solutions toe this much corruption?

  18. No we have no true legal remedy in Jersey. The legal/judicial system is politicised and in my opinion completely out of control.

    We've got a number of "high priority" Child Abuse suspects in positions of power/authority that have never been charged. The police officers that were investigating the Child Abuse were either suspended (illegally) from duty or had their reputations trashed by our local media after they retired.....or both.

  19. Jersey Needs Justice26 May 2011 at 10:23

    VFC, the #t=481s on the end of the link URL is the time in seconds.

    Alternatively, pause the video on YouTube at the required spot, then right-click and there's an option "Copy video URL at current time" - you can then use ctrl-V to paste that to somewhere else.

    All the best.

  20. Jersey needs Justice.

    The right clicking doesn't seem to be working, I must be doing something wrong. When I right click the video I click on the option "Copy video URL at current time" I then press ctrl V where I want it pasted and nothing happens. I then tried it by pressing cmd V and that doesn't work either.

  21. Jersey Needs Justice26 May 2011 at 13:48

    Sorry - it works for me! Ah the wonder of PCs :)

  22. Jersey Needs Justice.

    Web Guru had already given me a solution which works but the right clicking one would have been a touch simpler, not to worry and thanks for your help.

    My "trial one in an earlier comment was successful and really does deserve a REPEAT

  23. So Jon Richardson's former boss, Bill Ogley, gets £500,000 of Tax Payers money after being discredited and disgraced by the infamous Napier Report.

    The same Infamous Napier Report that Jon Richardson was able to do a disappearing act with part (d). Has Jon Richardson secured himself a half a million quid pay out for when he "retires?"

  24. After speaking with BBC Jersey, it appears, as far as they are concerned they run the story of the £800,000 pay off yesterday. They've had no response from Richardson or Ogley so that's an end to it as far as BBC "NEWS" is concerned?

    This proves further what a waste of time our "discredited" media are and how so much skullduggery can be indulged in by our ruling elite.

    Civil Servants and Ministers can do what the hell they like, the media will mention it for a day the guilty parties will say "no comment", the Jersey media will go back to talking about Jersey Royals.

    Great work BBC, you along with the rest of the discredited media share a huge responsibility for the mess that this island and government have become.

  25. Hi Voice

    Great investigation as usual. Maybe the JEP will even offer you a job? On the downside I am heartily sick of seing Stuart Syvret still attacking other good people as if they were the enemy. As far as I am concerned the likes of Bob Hill, Trevor Pitman and Daniel Wimberley have done far more in moving us nearer to the collapse of the cards than Stuart over the past couple of years. I hate to say it but he is like a scratched record now. So old misery guts Southern stood against him - get over it. No wonder the Ozoufs smirk. Southern attacks Vibert. Vibert attacks Southern. Stuart attacks everyone again and again and again blaming them for all his ills. Hell is it even worth fighting if this is how some of our most capable people behave?

  26. Correction to make.

    Where I wrote this "They've had no response from Richardson or Ogley so that's an end to it as far as BBC "NEWS" is concerned?" in an earlier comment, I meant to say "Pollard" rather than "Richardson"

  27. A reader says:

    “Great investigation as usual. Maybe the JEP will even offer you a job? On the downside I am heartily sick of seeing Stuart Syvret still attacking other good people as if they were the enemy. As far as I am concerned the likes of Bob Hill, Trevor Pitman and Daniel Wimberley have done far more in moving us nearer to the collapse of the cards than Stuart over the past couple of years. I hate to say it but he is like a scratched record now. So old misery guts Southern stood against him - get over it. No wonder the Ozoufs smirk. Southern attacks Vibert. Vibert attacks Southern. Stuart attacks everyone again and again and again blaming them for all his ills. Hell is it even worth fighting if this is how some of our most capable people behave?”

    God preserve us from such fake, plastic progressives.

    Just how much of that comment is factual – is compatible with the evidence?

    And how much of it is just left-wing version of the empty rhetoric of the kind to be observed in The Rag?

    Indeed – no wonder Ozouf smirks.

    Along with one or two of his special friends in the union.

    Some facts.

    I don’t attack everyone.

    I don’t attack good people.

    Which is why I've never attacked Bob Hill – contrary to the lie.

    As far as Southern, Pitman and Wimberley etc are concerned – their actions are not something that can just be brushed aside – and forgotten – in some kind of glib “get over it” manner.

    All of those three individuals did the unforgivable.

    What they were doing was not “moving is nearer to defeating the oligarchy” – on the contrary – they helped the oligarchy re-trench.

    They helped the oligarchy cover-up child abuse.

    We have a situation whereby the corrupt and criminal and anti-democratic conduct of Jersey’s oligarchy is plain and evidenced.

    Those three individuals have failed to take any of the obvious and necessary steps; steps that would be taken - regardless of the political spectrum – in any respectable legislature.

    And there really is – nothing worse than a traitor.

    If those three people were actually on the right side – where has been the scrutiny panel reports into political corruption by civil servants?

    Where have been the constitutional moves against a nakedly political prosecution system?

    Where has the proposition been to call-in independent judiciary?

    Where has been the proposition to investigate the number of current and former States employees who were subject to complaints of child abuse - or similar inappropriate conduct?

    Where is the proposition asking the States to forego any legal defence based on ‘prescription’ against the civil claims of the survivors?




    The fake plastic progressives have done nothing of any substance.

    Indeed – they’re put to shame by the contrast of the serious commitment and work of Bob Hill, who sets a great example.

    As for the fakes – they can be sure that they are going to be held accountable for their conduct – come the election.


  28. So Sarah Shoesmith was unfairly sacked following the death of "Baby P" and is likely to benefit by up to £1 million in compensation and restored pesnion rights.

    But not much comment on the Jersey blogs?

    Since Graham Power was suspended without a proper procedure being followed - as was Sarah Shoesmith -and both cases have political interference aspects, the silence is doubly puzzling.

    Other Jersey suspensions and sackings also need to be looked at in this context - perhaps even Ogley and Pollard were being compensated for lack of correct procedures?

    Other Jersey cases - currently 6 or 7 senior officers suspended or on "restricted duties" - might also result in substantial payments if the procedures are unfair.

    What do we know?

    TOM GRUCHY says

  29. Keep up the good work
    someone has to!

  30. Poor old Stuart at it again. Attacks anyone he can't bully. Fine to go on about others but where are the propositions that could change things from him? Nowhere because this little self-obsessed fake ran away and ended up being rejcted. All his own work in the end too. I suppose I must be another traitor too now rather than just finally sick of this bitter little hasbeen. How come Team Voice you pledge support for the few other progressives we have yet give a man who has become everything he says he despises carte blanche to attack these very same people? Will you print this on the same terms you allow him? I wonder?