Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lenny Harper interview Part 3 (of ?)

 In Part three of this in-depth and exclusive interview with former Deputy Chief Police Officer Lenny Harper we discuss his alleged "vendetta" against the Jersey establishment and his alleged £1m book deal.

We also discuss his alleged "lavish lifestyle" with his expenses of "Operation Rectangle" which brings an entertaining yet informative revelation from the former detective.

While conducting these in-depth interviews, not only with Mr. Harper and Mr. Graham Power QPM but with local politicians, I have often thought that every one of these interviews would/could create a dozen, or more, headlines for our local mainstream media and some real big "news" stories. In any functioning "Democracy" with an independent and objective media they would!

We've witnessed the shambolic mess that our government have created in their attempt to discredit the Child Abuse investigation. We've had (Tooth) fairy Tales, photo's of Coconuts, teeth falling through gaps in floor boards, disappearing baths, disappearing cellars, shredded hand-written notes from the suspension meeting of our most senior ranking Police Officer, Kangaroo Courts where only the prosecution case has been published by our Home Affairs Minister, evidence being destroyed......and so it goes on. It goes on because our media allow it to go on. They challenge nothing and spout the party line, or just churn out Establishment Press Releases, no matter how far fetched, they just churn them out.

Lenny Harper's and Graham Power's reputation's have been trashed by our local media, in favour of fairy tales and "disappearing" evidence (or Collagen). When have our "accredited" media ever asked these two former top policemen for an in-depth interview to put their story and "evidence" on record?............

We've all seen or heard about (from the MSM) Lenny Harper's alleged Lavish lifestyle, of eating out at "top class restaurants" in London etc. at the Jersey tax payer's expense. But did you know, according to Mr. Harper, despite all these headlines and stories and despite being interviewed by the Wiltshire Police for five days, not one single question about his expenses has ever been asked of him either by Wiltshire or any of the "Journalists" running these "stories"? Watch the video...............AND LEARN!

The "accredited" (discredited") media aren't interested in both sides of this story..........

Part one of this interview can be viewed HERE

Part Two can be viewed HERE


  1. Complete Shock10 May 2011 at 09:43

    The end of the interview is brilliant I nearly fell off my chair. Lenny Harper said that after 5 days of interviews with Wiltshire he was never asked about his expenses!!! That has got to be a mistake. There is no chance that Wiltshire or Bdo Alto never asked or interviewed him about his finances. If it's true then this is truly shocking, even by Jersey standards.

  2. It's a shame that interview couldn't have gone on for a few more hours!!!

    Oh what we would have learned....

  3. Why should this be headlines? Its old news and the HDLG investigation is closed. You are picking over old headlines in a desperate attempt to salvage something out of nothing. Lenny Harper is not relevant to the SOJP, the Government or the Courts anymore. You know it, he knows it and so does the mainstream media know it. So why even bother?

  4. Somebody’s cage has clearly been rattled!

  5. I doubt very much if Lenny Harper cares how relevant he is to the SOJP, the Jersey Government or their political courts. He and others like Graham Power, VFC, Stuart Syvret, Rico, and everyone else doing their bit to expose the cover up are still relevant to the Abuse Survivors and justice.

  6. "Why should this be headlines?"

    Well....because Cover-up TV have obviously won THEIR AWARD!!! for DOING NOTHING.

    Or did they purchase it???

  7. Not been rattled at all my friend.

    I just cannot see what good this will do.

    Face reality.

    If Lenny Harper's only avenue for having his say has dropped from World Wide Media down to blogspot then what does that tell you?

    Nobody of power is interested in him anymore period.

  8. “If Lenny Harper's only avenue for having his say has dropped from World Wide Media down to blogspot then what does that tell you?”

    It tells me that the accredited media, despite all the facts and evidence to the contrary, are going to run with the party line regardless and are state controlled.

    “Nobody of power is interested in him anymore period.”

    It’s not that “the people of power” are not interested in him. It’s more that they want him silenced and our accredited media are obliging this.

    Furthermore “my friend” you’re showing a fair bit of interest in him aren’t you?

  9. I said the 'World Wide Media' is not interested so what does that tell you?

    The Media that arrived here in 2008has never been back for a follow up since so what makes you think they care about this story still?

  10. What puzzles me more is why are you so interested, for somebody who’s not interested? I trust you appreciate that unlike the “discredited” media I am giving you the opportunity to express your views which is more than has been afforded, by the discredited media to Mr. Harper?


    Maybe the one who doesn't care about any of this and says its all over would like to read this.

    He probably wont though seeing as it's old news


  12. It’s probably not a wonder that Wiltshire didn’t mention anything about expenses to Mr. Harper. In nine months they managed to rack up more than half a million quid themselves!!

    I believe from Rico’s latest Posting that Mr. Harper’s hospitality expenses were a little over £6k. Just put that in comparison with Wiltshire’s £50k on “Other costs” and “Subsistence”……..whatever they are!

    January 2009 - October 2009

    Staff costs.............£200,700


    Hotel Accommodation ..£82,000

    Legal Fees...........£77,100


    Equipment Purchase..£15,200


    Other costs......£11,400


  13. Subsistence in police terms means meals. Nothing else.

  14. So that being the case then. Wiltshire Police managed to spend £39k in 9 months on meals.!! As opposed to Lenny Harper’s £6,900 in 7 months. So it works out that Wiltshire, in two months spent £32k more!!

  15. I still cannot understand why Lenny Harper does not sue the media. Instead he keeps appearing on this blog. When Syvret published all his evidence and no one sued it showed that he was telling the truth. That means if Lenny does not sue it must mean the media and government are telling the truth no? He can take the case to UK courts as he only has to prove his reputation has been damaged in England. Jersey need not come into it. Maybe a fighting fund is calling for!

  16. The World-wide media are not interested because this story is old news, and news from a small island that despite being well known in the tax avoidance world is about as well known as the Pitcairns is to the rest of the world(that place where the local abusers did not have the weight of specialist legal advice to aid them)

    However, one has only to look at the last eighteen months in the Arab world to see the power of the non-accredited media to influence, mobilise and effect change, particularly when the local accredited media has sat back and toed the party line.

    But one can understand why the accredited media has acted in this way in these countries. However, in Jersey,it would appear our media is too lame, too self-interested to question even when the evidence is laid before them.

    When I'm inclined to question the courage and integrity of our local journalists, I have to remind myself of that quote from the great Rob Shipley, 'you wouldn't ask a bus driver to be a surgeon, so how can a man with a cam be a journalist' (or words to that effect).

  17. Believe me Rob Shipley nor any of our local "discredited" "journalists" have any place in criticising ANYBODY'S journalism after what us Bloggers have exposed. Indeed to be criticised by the Deputy Editor of the JEP is a bl--dy compliment!

  18. All this 'has to be true if not sued' is stupid talk.

  19. Why should this be headlines?

    It should be headlines because it has never really been headlines Yet.

    There are hundreds of un-answered questions still to be answered! there is rampant hypocrisy, and skulduggery, double or ever triple standards, a legal system that's from 800 years ago and rich corrupt officials who have been involved in some of the most atrocious behaviors one could think of, a press that acts more like a press gang, manipulating stories and taking all the truth out of them before the public even see the stories.

    Many people would love to see these issues consigned to history however this will not happen and for those who wish it would need to look at themselves and think of what people will think of them when the truth eventually comes out in full.

  20. "It should be headlines because it has never really been headlines Yet."

    It was Worldwide headlines in March/April 2008 in all the major cities around the globe.

    Nowadays its only news to people who went to Haut de la Garenne and how many are there out of a populas of 100,000? probably not even 0.25%?

    So if this is the only story Team Voice will ever discuss then in an election year I hope we get some new fresher blogs.

  21. Is that the picture ILM used in the states chamber

  22. Yes it was the picture that our Home Affairs Minister placed on all States Members seats. In the face of scientific data and evidence showing that the piece of child’s skull contained 1.6% collagen (only found in Mammals). Ian Le Marquand thought by putting a photograph of a Coconut lampshade on States Members seats that would convince them that it’s Coconut. Do you know the sorry thing about it is, it did the trick for most of our States Members!

  23. We have to remember in the world of Ian Le Marquand 65 children’s teeth (some with root still attached) falling through the exact same gap in a floorboard is a plausible story. Publishing un-founded allegations of a prosecution case without publishing any of the defense case is justice. So putting a photograph of a Coconut lampshade on States Members seats, in the world of Ian Le Marquand would be “concrete evidence”

  24. Nowadays its only news to people who went to Haut de la Garenne and how many are there out of a populas of 100,000? probably not even 0.25%?

    This is the problem the percentages are irrelevant. If one child is abused then that case merits just as much importance as 1000 children, and brain dead cretins who attempt to minimize the problem and say things like its time to move on or its best left in the past are exactly that Brain Dead.

    Truth will be out one day and I for who is not from jersey and never went to went to Haut de la Garenne can not wait for all these paedo's and their protectors face justice.

  25. Is that what the picture is???

    Christ, he has lost the plot!

  26. The top part of the photograph shows the different layers of a Coconut. Now get this..........he even got that wrong!!

  27. When I was in his court stood in front of him, and all four of his policemen had committed perjury, I handed to Le Marquand a recording of the incident and an accompanying transcript of the recording, proving that the officers had lied.

    Now I know why my damning evidence was deemed "worthless" by Le Marquand!

  28. Yes. Just like our media, as is evident in the interview with Mr.Harper. One side of a story/case will suffice. No need for facts and evidence to get in the way.

  29. write the book Lenny,I will be first in the queue to buy it

    keep blogging VFC and Rico,I for one remain interested,I have been following the blogs since they started it is the only way to keep informed. We must remember all this started with an investigation into the abuse of children in the care of the States of Jersey,hundreds of victims came forward and there were many perpetrators,the day we forget those vulnerable children is the day we lose our moral integrity,and should hang our heads in shame.

  31. If you followed the Anonymous idiot's reasoning then we'd never bother trying to bring murderers to justice because most of them only murder one person so it's not worth bothering about.

    What a tool!

  32. Keep up the good work, this blog must be causing some in power to panic, as it gets closer and closer to election time.

    I always think it is odd when someone comes on a blog and says people are not interested, er wake up!! They are not only interested in reading what is being said, but even find it necessary to try and convince everybody else who visits, they are not interested, what strange logic, sounds like ILM.

  33. Indeed, it's the same stuff over and over again saying how "everybody" is bored of this, "it's old news" etc.etc. but they never offer any "evidence" to counter the huge amount of evidence published on here.

    It wouldn't surprise me if it was ILM because it does fit his "logic" and contains absolutely no evidence.

  34. What a tool!

    Ha Ha Ha murder is completely different from other crimes although many people would say child abuse is as bad, it makes no difference what the crime is people should be punished for it! all people! that means the rich and powerful people as well as the poor people, that is not the case on Jersey in fact I believe the world.

    after thought (most tools are useful.)

  35. This blog does seem to dwell on the idea of mass murder though and that’s contrary to what most people think now.

  36. There we have it again, somebody claiming to speak for “most people.” Not only that, to the best of my knowledge nobody has said that there was “mass murder” at HDLG but the commenter says this Blog dwells on it, just complete tosh. We have been told, by the Senior Investigating Officer and published evidence that shows at the very least children’s remains were disposed of up at HDLG. I challenge the commenter to show us where anybody has ever said, on this Blog that there was mass murder at HDLG, and then make your case that the Blog dwells on it.

    Again I’m only asking for the evidence to back up your claims and how you believe you are talking for “most people”

  37. I really think these people are too thick to understand when they are told for the five hundreth time that no one is saying that there was mass murder at HDLG. None of them seem to be able to understand anything whether it is that the cellars do exist, the tooth fairy does not, or the simple principle of keeping an audit trail for exhibits. Doh!!!

  38. No, they are not thick. They are doing what they can to discredit the Abuse Investigation and all the evidence that supports it. They are trying to discredit it with no evidence of their own and just make stories up about mass murder “most people” and “dwelling on it” but when asked for the “evidence” to back up their claims, it’s not forthcoming.

    As Mr. Harper mentioned in the interview there is at least one journalist writing a book about the HDLG investigation and related matters and attempting to put “a true perspective” on it. Should make for interesting reading if it only deals in “facts” and “evidence.” Although, one must hope, the author doesn’t believe in tooth fairies.

  39. You keep on talking about evidence but the only evdience you have is whats been written in the papers. If you know something new then tell the Police!

  40. I wasn’t going to let that comment through because it’s from the same commenter that still hasn’t produced ANY evidence that I’ve been asking for. I let it through in order to show how desperate they are and just how divorced from the “facts” they are.

    The commenter says “the only evdience you have is whats been written in the papers.”

    When the complete opposite is the truth! The vast majority of “evidence” published on this blog is the stuff that the “discredited” media are covering up!

  41. Nobody is desperate apart from you to keep the dead child story going. And evidence? The Police have all the evidence and there is no longer a murder inquiry.

  42. If you don’t mind me saying so, you are sounding increasingly desperate, as well as “ill informed.”

    You say “there is no longer a murder inquiry.”

    When in a previous interview Mr. Harper told us THERE NEVER WAS A MURDER INQUIRY!. So how there can “no longer” be one is somewhat pretty obvious as there never was one!

    And I wish you would stop dwelling on dead children and murders!

  43. Since you insist with dwelling on dead children and murders, here is as much “evidence” as anybody would need to back that assertion up. Although there is no “evidence” of any murders there is PLENTY of “evidence” showing children’s remains, some that were “fresh and fleshed” when burnt. You will also learn in the posting that our Home Affairs Minister doesn’t understand the meaning of “audit trail of e-mails.”


  44. The interview of Mr. Harper telling us there never was a murder Inquiry

  45. Look if this is all so clear like you say then why are the States of Jersey Police Files closed? And if Harper's statements are so weighted then why do they no longer take a bit of notice of him anymore?

  46. 'Keep up the good work, this blog must be causing some in power to panic, as it gets closer and closer to election time.'

    Yes - not only election time, but the long awaited Committee of Inquiry, which, if it follows the course it should, and give abuse survivors what they are looking for should be producing a rush on the sales of Andrex!

    If the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is allowed to be exposed there must be worried people out there. Failing that, as you say VFC and Lenny, an American journalist with a big interest in this story writing a book - bring it on.

    You see Terry, Ian and all other abuse deniers, it is still a story in all parts of the world, so how on earth do you expect to sweep it away in little ol' Jersey?

  47. There’s none so blind as those who refuse to see. I have given you “evidence” in abundance and then you ask me “why are the States of Jersey Police Files closed?”

    Isn’t that a question you ought to be asking yourself?

  48. “the only evdience you have is whats been written in the papers.”

    If one could rely upon what the papers publish as evidence, there would be less blogs like this.

    I note there are some visitors to this blog that seem to be concerned enough to keep coming back to ask questions, er no, I mean who make non factual statements, just like some of the MSM.

    The style of writing appears to be very similar to old TLM, surely not him!!!

  49. Look if this is all so clear like you say then why are the States of Jersey Police Files closed? And if Harper's statements are so weighted then why do they no longer take a bit of notice of him anymore?

    Tony Blair used this to great effect the word look at the beginning of trying to lie to the public.

    Its all in the words this commenter has placed in his post.

    "The States of Jersey Police."

    What is it about Corruption, cover up, and political spin does this person not get.

    the people of Jersey are being lead by the nose into damnation and I thought American's were dense.

  50. the people of Jersey are being lead by the nose into damnation and I thought American's were dense.


  51. Well since you put these interviws online nobody outside this blog is flaming talking about it.

  52. You’re showing your “flaming” desperation again. I mean what a pathetic, childish and desperate statement to make. Why are you so bothered with who’s talking about these interviews or not? If they don’t interest you don’t click on the Blog. Trawling through, god knows how many, other Blogs to see who’s talking about these interviews, is sad, so very, very sad………..And wrong.

  53. “nobody outside this blog is flaming talking about it.”

    I mean it’s just bl—dy priceless stuff. The commenter, earlier on, was speaking for “most people” now he/she’s talking for EVERYBODY outside this Blog! Well you’ve given me a good giggle if nothing else.

  54. BDO ALTO

    Coming soon Deputy Dawg and his 7 faces


  55. With regards to your emails/letters to Ian Le Marquand I think the Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant sums it up

    Theres no point in asking
    you'll get no reply,
    Just remember dont decide
    I got no reason,Its all too much
    You'll allways find us out to lunch

    I think that sums it up pretty well

  56. Well I've scanned the papers, the TV/Radio Stations and googled this story and nope, the case ain't been re-opened yet...... A lot in the news about Pakistan and the Maddie case has been re-opened though :-)

  57. Yes there’s no guarantee that Operation Rectangle won’t be re-opened either. Question is, has Ian Le Marquand achieved his objective and got the police back under “political control” with THE COSEN ONE. If so, how long can it last???????

  58. Further to “The Chosen One” We published a follow up that asks the very same questions often asked by a certain commenter on here and that is, why aren’t the media reporting THIS?

  59. The media no longer reports on this story because its no longer news, simples.

  60. I thought Lenny Harper had washed his hands of the media? I recall he attacked CTV and journalists at the JEP, but he obviously misses the attention or he wouldn't be on here ranting away in a strop as to 'how he's been hard done-by'.

    Yer, very professional Mr Harper and write a book, that should be interesting with the libel laws.

  61. Another factually incorrect crock of gibberish. “I thought Lenny Harper had washed his hands of the media?” Please show me where Lenny Harper has EVER said that he’s washed his hands of the media?”

    “I recall he attacked CTV and journalists at the JEP.” It depends on how you interpret the word “attacked.” Writing scathing stories in “news”papers that are factually questionable (to say the least) and not offering both sides of the story is what most would call an attack. Giving the other side of the story is what’s known as “balance.”

    “But he obviously misses the attention or he wouldn't be on here ranting away in a strop as to 'how he's been hard done-by.”

    Some would see it more like giving his side of events that has been denied him by the “discredited” media, answering questions in order to have both sides of a story told, again “balance”

    “Ranting away in a strop” Again, nothing could be further from the truth, indeed Mr. Harper spent a great deal of this interview “laughing”. He was laughing at the absurdities peddled by the “discredited” media not “ranting.”

    But do you know where you really blow your cover “my friend?” You just can’t help yourself leaving a threat of libel at the end of your comment.

  62. A threat of libel? I thought Mr Harper was taking action against all the accredited media; or was that just a suggestion by one of your readers? He should write a book.

    But be realistic if the accredited media thought he had anything new to say they would report on it but no they don't!

  63. Oh! So there’s nothing new in this interview? The fact that neither Wiltshire, nor any of the “discredited” media have ever asked Mr. Harper about his expenses despite it being headline “news” and Mr. Harper found guilty on all allegations without ever even being asked about them? You knew that already did you? The fact that the HMIC report before Graham Power took up his position was “damming.” The police force only became “independent” when GP took over. You knew that Mr. Harper had given FIVE DAYS of testimony to the Wiltshire Police? Perhaps you should have done the interview because you appear much more knowledgeable than the rest of us! And for somebody who’s not really interested, you’re showing a fair bit of interest.

    “But be realistic if the accredited media thought he had anything new to say they would report on it.”

    You haven’t watched these interviews have you?

    Please go to 3 mins, 16 secs into this interview to listen to Mr. Harper’s “rant.”

  64. If you go to 2 mins 34 secs of THIS interview you will get the views of former Chief Police Officer Graham Power QPM. Not only on the “discredited” media, but Bloggers also.

  65. You keep on going back, like Rico Soda, to the internal workings of the States of Jersey Police. Why you feel more strongly about this than even Power or Harper is confusing. What are you about? Getting justice for abuse victims or just re-gurgitation old news in the hope you can change history? ILM and others have made it pretty clear that the suspension was justified so how you think a couple of blogs will change anything is, sometimes, sad to even read. If you are serious about this all then why the hell isn't Power and Harper confronting the Met with their grievances head on?

  66. Ian Le Marquand has done little more than hold a couple of Kangaroo courts. He certainly hasn’t produced any proven facts that I am aware of. The Senator has made NOTHING “pretty clear” indeed yet again, the complete opposite is the truth.

    What these Blogs are attempting to do, when it comes to History, is make sure it is not clouded by the tripe churned out by our “discredited” media. We are adding some “balance” to their reporting.

    As far as the grievances with the MET goes. The last I heard an officer involved with the MET interim report (if it exists) is/was indeed under investigation because of a complaint made by MR. Harper.

    It’s interesting to learn that you know what Rico and myself “keep going back to”……….for somebody who’s not interested!

  67. Furthermore, you go on about Ian Le Marquand as if he’s some kind of respected figure, or an authority on all of this. That might well be the case as far as you are concerned.

    However to others he is nothing more than an “incompetent maverick” that has been allowed to spend millions of pounds of tax payers money chasing a personal vendetta and come up with nothing of any substance, and possibly believes in tooth Fairies!

  68. To “my friend”. I trust you agree and appreciate that I have allowed you to come on here and rant. Not only rant but try and discredited everything that has been published with absolutely no evidence of your own, despite on numerous occasions being asked for it.

    The time has come now, where I can “entertain” you no longer. It doesn’t matter how much “evidence” you have been provided with, you’ll just not accept it and will not/cannot produce any of your own. Your last comment won’t be getting published, unless of course you would like to provide “evidence” of the “Kangaroo Court” concerning the couple accused of Child Abuse.

    Forgot to mention earlier that part 4 (coming soon) of this interview deals with Mr. Harper’s opinion of the Jersey media. But you’re not interested so won’t watch it……….

  69. To the person asking why we keep going over old ground,read Rico Sordas latest posting and you might just understand why this story will be around for a long time yet.

  70. [Yer, very professional Mr Harper and write a book, that should be interesting with the libel laws.]

    Yes it will I guess be very interesting, to put the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth into a book for all to read, so no worries about libel laws, as it will no doubt be the truth.

    Interesting, yes, VERY!!

  71. VFC,

    On your blog list you have put up that Ex Senator Syvret has put up a new blog 5 hours ago.

    Has he?

  72. No. I believe he was just experimenting with something and intends on publishing a Blog tonight.