Monday, 20 June 2011

Deputy Trevor Pitman (Media)

Member of Jersey's Parliament (The States of Jersey) Deputy Trevor Pitman, a fellow BLOGGER speaks to Citizens Media about Jersey's mainstream media and Blogging.

The outspoken Deputy refuses to be intimidated by the Culture of Fear" that is felt by a growing number of the Jersey public and STATES MEMBERS.

In this interview he discusses the role played by our mainstream media, the lack of diversity, the lack of any "investigative" journalism, the need for Citizens Media and the power of the media in Jersey..............and much more!

Could, probably the worst Child Abuse cover up in History, have happened without the help of Jersey's mainstream media?


  1. Dear VFC,

    Please can you update your link to Stuarts Harper story? Usually you are on top with the latest, but that one is 8 months old.

  2. The links automatically up-date (or not in this case). It has not up-dated on anybody’s Blog for some reason

  3. Deputy Trevor Pitman in the States today, asked the Home Affairs Minister who in the police force leaked a confidential report to a Child Abuse denying journalist. The Home Affairs Minister appears to be hanging Mick Gradwell out to dry.

    So a Senior Police Officer leaks parts of a report to a “Journalist” which is used to trash a Child Abuse Investigation, it is revealed in the States. Let’s see if the mainstream media even mention it.

  4. VFC

    A very good interview with one of the decent honest politicians. I was unable to listen to todays broadcast so missed Trevors question. If ILM is referring to Gradwell then this is quite staggering


  5. There has to be more story behind the leak to Rose. What was the link between Gradwell and Rose before the leak? How did Gradwell know so quickly that Rose was willing and able to further a smear campaign against truth? Was that choice of David Rose by reputation alone, or was it through a more orchestrated and premeditated plan by higher level officials in Jersey and UK? When did someone connected with the Jersey abuse cover-up first begin to involve Rose?

    These are important questions because of the relationship between Rose and his own handlers and masters in UK. The only way to get answers might be for Lenny Harper or Graham Power to sue Rose. The resultant publicity alone would arouse press coverage and especially in the US, where Rose is despised by many other journalists.

  6. Excellent interview from a man who has to be one of the most articulate in the Assembly today. One of the bravest too.

  7. Audio of Home Affairs Minister hanging Mick Gradwell OUT TO DRY

  8. Hi VFC.

    For your reader's, the Audio of our Home Affair's Minister blaming Gradwell for leaking that report to a Journalist that used it to trash the Child Abuse Investigation.

    You can Listen to it HERE

  9. Personally I think you have to strike a balance with all media and be careful sometimes. If you fall out with the accredited media, compared to blogs, they can really smash you in front of a much bigger audience, especially if you are in the public eye. I wouldn't therefore write off all media but use it instead.

  10. Uh, how would you go about using the media if they are useless?

  11. I believe the mainstream media have gone way beyond useless. "Complicit" or "State Controlled" is probably a better description.

  12. Jersey is the same as North Korea. If anyone speaks out they are tortured and imprisoned, the general population are starving and a politician has his own sycophantic television channel named Voice for Pitman.

  13. Good interviw Team Voice. Weel spoken Deputy Pitman.

  14. Anybody wonder why Le Marquand never actually named Gradwell in his bumbling 'half' confession?

    "The most likely person who did this" and "The results of the inquiry conducted by my staff" Which staff Ian? Notice again how he avoids naming anyone? And finally "very clearly pointed in his direction".

    In truth, this is just the usual legal whitewashing with no accountability for anyone.

    What Trevor Pitman needs to ask Le Marquand is the following:

    "Could Mr Le Marquand confirm to the house, and on his 'full commercial liability' that

    1/ It was infact Mr M Gradwell who leaked the report?
    2/ That he name those investigators of said inquiry?
    3/ That he (Le Marquand) himself had no knowledge or participation in the leaking of the said document?

    Only when Le Marquand answers these three questions, and on his full commercial liability, will you have really found the truth!!!


  15. Ian.

    “What Trevor Pitman needs to ask Le Marquand is the following:”

    I disagree. There are 51 other members that should be screaming out for these and lots more answers. The mainstream media should be looking for answers. Trevor Pitman shouldn’t be expected to do it all. He was the only one of his Scrutiny Panel to ask a question of Le Marquand yesterday regarding the leaking of the BDO Report.

    When Le Marquand dropped “the bombshell” (Gradwell) thanks to Deputy Pitman, then Le Marquand should have been bombarded with questions from all over the chamber, not least from the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel Members. He wasn’t…………….The silence was deafening.

  16. VFC, I simply used trevor as an example being as, apart from Bob Hill, there was no-one else to use as an example!

  17. Ian.

    I take your point, but my point is that the light should be shone on those who keep their head down and allow the cover-up to continue. The fact is 52 States Members kept their mouths shut yesterday as a lot of them do for most of the time. That is shameful on our Government.

  18. Still not a single, solitary, word on the local mainstream media about Mick Gradwell allegedly leaking a Report to a Child Abuse denying Journalist.

    Let's, just for a minute, imagine it was Graham Power or Lenny Harper that leaked a Report would the MSM still be so quiet?

    Come to think of it I seem to remember Lenny Harper being trashed just for meeting with a journalist! Gradwell allegedly leaks a Report while the investigation is still live to a "journalist" our Home Affairs Minister has known about it for months and, just like the MSM, kept it under wraps...........................WHY????????

    Didn't the Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand bring the, so called, "Operation Blast" to the attention of the media? Why not the alleged leaking story of Mick Gradwell?

  19. You are so very right VFC - where are the other members when it comes to asking more important and pertinent questions.

    Trevor is a good upstanding politician for whom I have a lot of respect. He has gone through his 'initiation' very well and is now proving to be a man of honesty and honour.

    I well remember when he was starting his campaign to stand for election and the difficulties and negativity he received from one of our main 'accredited' media sources.

    I think we both know who I mean Trevor!

  20. Will there be anything - anything of size and depth - in tomorrow's Rag about the list of TLS calamities highlighted in the censure proposition? The answer to this will tell us a lot. The most spot on thing in the proposition is where it states that civil servants who aren't up to the job should be 'faced down and sacked'.Not paid off to go away with our money. The BDO bombshell won't feature at all I would almost bet on it.

  21. ILM was the person who wanted to bring the police under "political control" so he must have some system for controlling and investigating them, a system he can explain to everyone's satisfaction. If not, he has either failed to control the police in the manner he recommended or ILM has failed in even thinking a democracy could merge politics with policing, something no democratic system can ever accept.


  22. The local media might not be covering it but a UK paper is.

  23. Mac.

    Thanks for the link which further exposes the complicity of Jersey's mainstream media.

    No wonder they are saving BBC Jersey TV "NEWS" from the axe!!

  24. Looks like the comments have gone and it's not possible to leave a comment now either. TOO MUCH THRUTH COMING OUT?

  25. There had been some very good comments left on this article up unil earlier this morning.

    However it seems our infamous local troll Rico McMummy left a couple and probably spoilt it for those wishing to enter into constructive debate.

    Gets everywhere doesn't he?

  26. You'll like this one.

    I spoke with two "journalists" today both from CTV and asked them why CTV aren't Reporting ANYTHING about the revelation of our Home Affairs Minister that it appears Mick Gradwell leaked a confidential Report to a Child Abuse denying "journalist" during an ongoing investigation.

    Both "journalists" from CTV claimed to know nothing about it!!! They told me that they cannot be expected to know everything that is said in the States!!

    I don't know what's worse, the fact that they could be helping to cover up the Child Abuse scandal, or the fact that they might not know about Senator Le Marquand's revelation.

    Whichever it is it demonstrates the calibre of Jersey's "journalists."

  27. Well, they know now Neil, so let's see if anything transpires........!

  28. VFC.

    Therefore what is Christy Tucker's excuse for not reporting it for the BBC?

    When she has been sitting in The States Chamber reporting the most important exchanges and news, for the last three days, as a jounalist(?) for the Jersey BBC.

    Have you spoken to her yet?

    Was she also deaf and blind to that exchange?!

  29. I would have thought even if Christie Tucker wanted to Report it, it’s not her decision. But “Journalists” saying they don’t know about it shows just how stupid they think the public are

  30. Well CTV certainly will want to give it a wide berth given their award.

    Although, maybe if they want another award next year they might start to do some journalism and look into the latest revelations a bit further. they could then get an award for showing how duped they were and how great they are for figuring it all out eventually.

    I will go back to sleep now as I was obvioulsy dreaming!!

  31. Maybe the mainstream media is looking into the story and getting more than just a quote from the States with little information? Give it a week and then complain if nobody has reported it.

  32. It will hardly be "news" by then though will it? Le Marquand dropped the bombshell on Monday, Bloggers have been reporting on it ever since. Some of the mainstream media claim they don't even know about it!!!

    The mainstream media should have reported SOMETHING about it on Monday for it to be "news."

  33. The rumour is that Trevor Pitman has already burnt his own bridges with the accredited media big time. Like the press release today, be lucky to even get a little mention.

  34. Yes, you're probably right, that's just how professional our "journalists" are. They don't like a politician that doesn't toe the establishment line so will use that to suppress news.

  35. If the JEP don't cover the censure vote story tomorrow you have to ask if the privileges and proceedures panel should be looking at why the JEP are allowed to have a reporter with his own booth in the chamber.