Monday, 6 June 2011

A look back at 2009

While perusing some of the old video collection, the compilation video of 2009 came up.

The questions I asked myself are - is the government/Civil Service/Law Offices or island in a better state now than it was then?

What do you think? What's changed? Are things better, or worse now? How have things changed in two years? Is this government determined to destroy this island, or save it?

In Terry Le Sueur's last year as Chief Minister, how are the "discredited" media going to try and get the people of Jersey to remember his tenure? And what will be the truth of his tenure?


  1. Oh how good to see these old clips once again.

    Three things have not changed - Monty's expression, James Reed's ability to be an absolute plonker, and Carrie's determination and resolve in regard to the child abuse issues.

    Sadly, Bailhache seemed to have selectively lost his sense of hearing and speech. A pity it does not stay that way, and finally I feel there would be far more of the general public prepared to show their faces and protest in the Royal Square today.

    Citizens Media has come on in leaps and bounds, whilst the 'accredited' media lurch from bad to worse.

    This Government HAS destroyed this Island and all it held dear for its ordinary citizens. As for Mr Le Sueur's tenure, maybe it is just best forgotten as it has been nothing short of an embarrassing disaster.

  2. What really stands out in this clip is the utterly contempt the Attorney General displays for the questioning by citizens. He appears to be amused that islanders would deem themselves worthy of his comment when they should know he is so far above accountability he is untouchable. Except if he isn't. Thanks to some incredible journalism by bloggers, an unstopable former senator and the brave survivors of this corrupt regime.

  3. The Home Affairs Minister's position looks untenable

  4. Robert Green has the great news that MP's in England are turning against Government on the Hollie Grieg Case and are demanding an INQUIRY :)

  5. Not so long ago the jersey masses were ruled by the elite seigneurs, wealthily secure in the manors while the plebs got their hands dirty doing the real work.

    Nothing much has changed, the 'elite' are just plebs with more money - but they still lord it over us and believe they are superior!

  6. Thank you for reminding us of these clips again VFC. When time permits, I will go back and look at the full versions. It is always good to remind outselves of past events!

    I notice that Ozouf has not posted your comment on his blog from the lastest Voice for Protest posting concerning the "Golden Hand Shakes" which incidentally is not showing on your side bar! From what I can gather, there is all out war going on in the States at the moment! Lets hope these payouts tip the iceberg! Who will leave the sinking ship first? My guess would be TLS!

  7. Philip Ozouf has not published a number of my perfectly legitimate comments/questions on his Blog.

    Despite his rhetoric about openness and transparency, and engaging in Citizens Media etc. The fact is, in my opinion, he fully supports the culture of concealment that this government is world famous for. Not only does he not answer questions, he doesn't even allow the public to see the questions!

    You will note that you can only leave a comment on his Blog if you supply him with an e-mail address. You are not permitted to submit a comment to his Blog anonymously, in the culture of fear that exists on this island, and his apparent wish to "engage" this doesn't bode well.

    Senator Ozouf is Blogging on "his terms". I've never known him to join in any discussion on any other Blog than his own. It's probably a power thing with him.

    He is very likely to be our next Chief Minister, so the Walker/Le Sueur years rumble on.

  8. No politic blogger will allow all questions to appear on their blogs, its the norm in Jersey.

    These other blogs are single minded and only address one side of the story and thats the main reason they never get anywhere near national media interest by people.

    Looking backwards also seems to be the common theme as well.

  9. Oh how right you are VFC. Listening to our (almost) Chief Minister today I was singularly unimpressed.

    Like LeS and LeM his voice rises like a petulant schoolchild throwing a tantrum especially if pressed again and again.

    Some good strong questioning in the Chamber today, but if PO is to be our next CM I fear for us all.

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  11. Ozouf was up very late last night posting about his new mantra -the amazing, unprecedented, incredible record breaking transparency that is now Jersey's. Wonder what brought that on.

    He is much more dangerous than the other half-wits. ILM leaves himself exposed on every front, but Ozouf is more aware of the power of bloggers, more cautious, more devious and better spoken. He also keeps trolls.

  12. If you look up the definition of a Troll it classes it as anybody that posts to a blog or forum solely to start arguments. That just about covers every blog post on here and elsewhere then.

  13. hahaha, John Merrick was better spoken than Le Sewer!!!

  14. It was quite clear today that despite strong questioning Tel didn't give a damn about the money. He also clearly didn't have a clue about what Trevor was talking about with BDO. Why did nobody else pile in on this either?

  15. “Why did nobody else pile in on this either?”

    At a guess that when it comes to “testicular fortitude” Trevor is way out in front. It’s an election year so others will be busy submitting questions they hope will secure them votes.

  16. Trevor Pitman sounds like he's on his own most of the time I listen to him, is he breaking away from everybody?

  17. "Breaking away from everyone" a poster says about Deputy Trevor Pitman. I reckon Trevor is only two or three who actually know where they need to go! His mrs is probably one of the other two. What has happened to our dozen or so progressives? Maybe they are just sick of Stuart attacking them and deciding to change sides?

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