Thursday, 9 June 2011

Stuart Syvret Court Case (Civil).

This coming Monday the 13th of June 2011 will see the start of Former Senator and Health Minister Stuart Syvret's Civil action against the Jersey authorities. This will take place in the Royal Court of Jersey at approx.

For those not familiar with the background of this court case, in a nutshell, while Mr. Syvret was Health Minister, he spoke out against the child protection failures of our government, and just like anybody else who has attempted to expose the atrocities committed on children while in the "care" of the States of Jersey, he has suffered the consequences.


  1. Great interview Stuart and VFC, catering for the layman and the new recruits.

    Simple is efficient.

  2. Yaeh I concur with what Ian has said, Great interview VFC maybe a a collective interview with Power Harper and Stuart would be a good thing too

  3. This has to be one of Stuart Syvret's best interviews to date. It should be provided as a link to all media representatives who covered the original breaking story of the hdlg scandal so they can follow up on the cover-up of the cover-up of the cover-up.

    This is an articulate explanation of the very broken system. I especially like Stuart's mention of his obligation to intervene when he became aware of problems. People is his position might turn the law in their favor by arguing that it would have been a breach of (his own) contract with Jersey (for him) to not intervene to seek out and tell the truth.


  4. Oh dear - I listen to the eloquence and honesty of Stuart, and wonder how the hell people did not take on board what he was saying before it was too late.

    I think realisation has now set in, but as Stuart has so often said - the government you deserve.

    A great, great shame.

  5. Excellent interview VFC. The blogs are on fire someone call the station.

  6. Hi VFC.

    Not watched your vidio yet but will latter.

    Just to say I've but up the Audio of Question 3, 15 & Question's to the Chief Minister.

    You can listen HERE

  7. It certainly makes a change from his obsession with slating other politicians still trying to do their best in the Chamber of Doom, rather than running away and letting people down like he ended up doing.

  8. Stuart,have always and will always support you .Good luck on Monday.

  9. VFC

    One of stuarts best interviews. All explained in a very calm eloquent manner. This fight continues and it is a straight forward fight. Who will wilt first? Not us the bloggers thats for sure.

    This whole mess will be fully exposed


  10. Stuart will be appearing in the Royal Court this afternoon. I believe he will be asking the court to quash the case against him as a criminal enterprise. Perhaps Stuart could elaborate?

  11. I notice the fake plastic progressives carry on leaving their anonymous messages, thus:

    "It certainly makes a change from his obsession with slating other politicians still trying to do their best in the Chamber of Doom, rather than running away and letting people down like he ended up doing."

    What a contemptible 'joke'.

    Me letting people down?

    That's extraordinary from people who have still not even caused a meaningful public inquiry into the conduct of Jersey's senior civil service.

    These States members haven't even written to the Justice Secretary concerning the collapse in the rule of law in Jersey.

    These States members have not made the States surrender any use of 'prescription' in the legal claims being brought by survivors.

    To these States members "doing their best" - means tabling a few questions once-a-fortnight.

    With the exceptions of Bob Hill, Simon Crowcroft and Mike Higgins - each of who, in their own way, have been very serious about this - the 'actions' of the rest of the 'progressives' have been confined to safe, non-controversial poses.

    But - OK - these people want to pretend they have done the right things in this battle?

    Right - we'll be taking a very, very close look at them - during election-time.

    We'll have to take a look at the myth - vs the reality - the acts - vs the omissions - in their 'performance' in the fight against the child abuse disaster - and the overt criminality of Jersey's public authorities.


  12. Stuart.

    Could you let us know what, if anything, will happen in court today?

  13. How will Stuart be able to expose the truth on the so-called progressives if he is sent to prison ?

    Will they opress him even further by denying him internet access ?

    Perhaps this is something we should all hear now.

  14. Very best wishes to Stuart from Robert Green and the Hollie Greig team.

    You are a brave man.

  15. I'm still in a state of shock to learn that Stuart's case was heard by William Bailhache. How can that be legal anywhere?

  16. Stuat Syvret man of straw. Letting the enemy off the hook via his obsession whether attacking so many others. Lord I used to support this man even though he consistently wasted opportunities to turn Jersey into a democracy due to his obsession with having to be seen as 'the man'. If only him and Southern didn't have an ego each the size of a bus they might have really achieved something. He goes on rightly about the Ballaches yet in the words of the Who if Stuart was in power 'meet the new boss same as the old boss'. At least with Stuarts antics now a sideshow we have finally got a committe of inquiry and zero thanks to him too.

  17. Stuart knows any Committee of Inquiry could be about as honest and ethical as the BDO Alto Interim Report. The problem is not that politicians can or cannot vote for yet another inquiry into inquiries, but because there is no accountability for government inquiries in the first place.

    You will not see democracy and transparency achieved by politicians demanding inquiries or even answers to their questions. They can't even get accountability for terms of reference on their own inquiries. They can't even expect to read the complete record on reports like BDO Alto/Wiltshire because even politicians have no "Rights" to represent their constituents knowledgeably.

  18. Voters in Jersey will not have power until they can vote out those who usurp the power of those already there. Is that even possible? In a system so corrupt, how much can an honest politician accomplish unless the system is overhauled and cleaned up by an outside authority?

  19. You can tell the fake plastic progressives are just left-wing versions of the oligarchy.

    As in the comment above - their method is the same - to lazily peddle lies about their opponents - especially ad hominem attacks - when they've no argument of any substance.

    How ironic that Pitman - or whichever one of them it was left that comment - quotes The Who "meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

    That could be the final summation of the fake plastic progressives.

    A few of them have got into the States - and what have they done to seriously challenge “The System”?

    Hell - there isn't another legislature in the respectable democratic west that would have seen the corrupt, anti-democratic and criminal events of the last few years take place - without the most dramatic of fight-backs.

    And it wouldn't even be on party-political lines.

    Cross-party - respectable members of a legislature would have resisted and crushed such lawlessness.

    Here in Jersey - with about three honourable exceptions - even our so-called "opposition" think they're ‘doing the business’ - by tabling a couple of questions once a fortnight.

    So - I - the first and only States member to recognise the child protection disaster - and to speak out about it - and to remain seriously committed to fighting to expose the truth - and to fight against the self-protecting Culture of Concealment in Jersey's public administration - I am "a man of straw" - who "let the enemy off the hook" - and am "just an egomaniac"?

    No - I've made serious sacrifices to do what is right - unlike the fakes.

    By way of contrast – just what have people like Alan Beckon, Geoff Southern and Trevor Pitman done - who all - back 2008 - had the chance right then - via their Scrutiny Panel - to seriously inquire into what went wrong?

    Despite serious lobbying from me to conduct such an inquiry - they flatly refused.

    I still have the e-mails.

    And even when the shocking refusal of the 'progressives' and scrutiny to examine the obvious questions became just too embarrassing, so they had to pretend to want to investigate it - rather than just doing so, as they were empowered to - they brought an obviously make-believe proposition to the States in late 2009 - knowing perfectly well it would be defeated - but just to be on the safe side - made sure, by including none of the evidence in the report - which was a whole two pages.

    Thus the fakes could pretend to have "done their bit" - but all the while very safely making sure that they didn't.

    And the reasons they didn’t - and never will - is precisely because it is a case of "meet the new boss - same as the old boss".

    People like Southern and the Pitmans and Judy Martin and Alan Beckon - work to serve and protect the interests of their particular constituency - who are public sector employees and the union.

    Just as the traditional oligarchs didn’t look after the broad public good, but rather the interests of the business elites - those who would be the new oligarchs don’t want to protect the broad public good either - but rather carry on making sure that the spotlight of scrutiny and accountability is not shone upon their expensive - and often unemployable - and occasionally dangerous - friends in the union.

    If these ‘progressive’ States members were worthy of respect – or were doing anything ‘new’ - they’d be fighting for the broad public good – against an obviously stagnant, corrupted, self-protecting system.

    Instead, the only difference between them and the old bosses, is that the ‘progressives’ want to protect a different part of broken system. Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.