Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Smelling a Rat.

On Wednesday the 17 of August 2011 Deputy Trevor Pitman was interviewed live in the studio of the AWARD WINNING CTV. The subject of the interview was supposed to be about the Deputy's Scrutiny Sub Panel Review into the BDO/Alto audit Report of the expenditure during the "Historic" Child Abuse Enquiry.

However the reporting by CTV has not only infuriated survivors of the Child Abuse in Jersey, and others, but has "sickened" none other than the Chief Executive Officer of Home Affairs Mr. Steven Austin Vautier. He told the Scrutiny Panel that after watching the particular broadcast on Wednesday the 17th he was "sick to the pit of his stomach" he said that parts of what CTV reported was "Tosh" and "Dribble". This is a view shared by many people concerning, not only CTV's reporting of anything to do with the Historic Child Abuse but by the entire "accredited" media in Jersey.

The interview with Deputy Trevor Pitman below will give viewers an idea of what has been said "under oath" by witnesses at some of these hearings. Just as importantly it will give viewers an idea on what the "accredited" media HAVEN'T been reporting.

Here are a few headlines that, in any functioning Democracy with a free press, could have reported.

"Former SIO accused of leaking confidential information to journalist during live Child Abuse investigation". 

"Former Assistant Health Minister accused of leaking confidential police e-mails to journalist during live Child Abuse Investigation".

"Former Acting Chief Police Officer denies preventing BDO/Alto from interviewing Lenny Harper".

"More than half the money spent on Child Abuse Enquiry was spent during Warcup and Gradwell's watch". (who didn't have a major crime scene on their hands).

Interestingly Mr. Austin Vautier claimed that CTV offered him a "right of reply", he told CTV that he would use that right of reply when he next gave evidence to the Scrutiny Panel, and guess what? CTV, nor any of the "accredited" media turned up to that particular hearing.............Coincidence?

Is there any wonder that people smell a Rat?

Part two coming soon..............


  1. Great interview, will repost it onto my blog.

  2. Another Headline that could have been used, if we had an impartial, objective and independent media.

    "Gradwell would have faced disciplinary action claims Home Affairs Minister".

  3. Now there is a man who would get my vote. Brilliant interview by both participants, well done

  4. Certainly devalues the body who gave the award to Channel television for their programme on the expenses scandal as well as the investigation into Haut De La Garenne.

    Are they aware? They really should be informed on Scrutiny findings although more serious would be the broadcasting of evidence during the live investigation.

  5. Not so sure about a rat - more like a ruddy great skunk!

    Having sat in on every hearing that Scrutiny has held on the BDO Alto matter, I am amazed that the MSM have been so very dire in their reporting (well maybe not!). The facts that have emerged from this, and lack of the availability of this information to the public is actually rather concerning. An awful lot of people rely solely on the three media outlets to find out what is going on here, and they are NOT being provided with it.

    The hearings have been excellent and very informative and newsworthy. Personally, I think you and your team Trevor have done an excellent job, and still maintain that Gradwell's sole purpose for being brought here was to trash the abuse investigation.

    IMHO only of course!

  6. Jill.

    Indeed the Scrutiny Review has been very revealing and informative. Not least because Mike Kellett claims he resigned after being prevented from interviewing Lenny Harper by David Warcup. David Warcup denies he prevented Kellett from interviewing Lenny Harper. But the all time classic has got to be the “journalist” for the Award Winning CTV who is supposed to be following this review asks “who’s Mike Kellett!!!”

  7. But what will come of (what will be, without doubt), Scrutiny's brilliant final concluding report?

    The MSM are burying it before its conclusions are even released!

    Because they know, and are hoping and praying that Scrutiny still have no back bone and therefore no accountability will be had.

    Lets hope that the MSM and all who need to be worried....

    Are wrong!?

  8. Excellent Interview VFC

    Make no mistake the spotlight must now be shone on the Jersey MSM and the reasons it is quite happy to go along with the cover-up of child abuse plus any information that would go against the ruling elite.

    This done at a senior level. I have no doubt that the foot sloggers would like to research, investigate and report the real news but they cant simple as that.

    The Jersey MSM are up there with the 'tripoli express' the 'china weekly' etc etc they don't tell the public anything - opinion management is the name of the game.




    Thats why the jersey Media is dead

    If someone else has a different opinion lets hear it


  9. Rico.

    The Jersey MSM should be called to give evidence at this Scrutiny Review, and in particular, the Award Winning CTV. Their reporter, if memory serves correct, quoted verbatim from the BDO/Alto Report BEFORE it was published. They won an award for copying and pasting it, would want to hang on to that award, so shouldn’t even be allowed to report on the Scrutiny Review because of possible conflict of interest.

  10. Hi VFC.

    Now that is the kind of interview we need, with facts not Bull Sh*t.

    They need to give back that award.

  11. Why was Graham Power suspended?

  12. “Why was Graham Power suspended?”

    Simple he was a good honest cop.

  13. Great interview Voice. Trevor Pitman, the Great Hope for the decent people out of all of those who came in with so much promise in 2008. This bloke has guts and no mistake. How I wish some of the other fake plastic progressives would give him a hand instead of attacking our own,sqaubling like children or chickening out and running away. 'Tom Gruchy'Dun the worst culprit of all. Red Nick, Southern, Monty, I'm talking to you lot. Sort it out. Bob, Roy, Shona, Mike H and the Jolly Green Giant you are the only ones who would get my vote from those in there now. Dislike each other they might but I still hope Stuart and Ted get back in too. A couple more real fighters.

  14. Have just posted this on my facebook wall.

    People need to know the real news, both sides of any coin, great job with this one!

    Give me a ring in the morning around ten, I have some news of my own for you.

    Let's just say I have had enough and I am taking action personally :-)

  15. You won't read any of this in the Rag or hear it on Channel, BBC, or even 103. Which says it all.

    Well done Trevor. You have my vote in No. 1. You will be the only one too because I don't see or hear any of our other so called people's politicians or the wannabees supporting you one iota.

    Judy, Paul Le Claire (do you do anything apart from talk about your self?), Nick Le Cornu where are you?

    Or more to the point where have you been prior to election time?

  16. It would be good if the progressives could agree to co-operate for the common good and be polite to each other, regardless of their differences.
    IMHO the big error of the progressives was not to get behind Stuart on day 1.
    Also the appalling decision by the JDA to stand at the senatorial by-election. Also Ted's behaviour at the hustings last year was worse than awful.
    I'm sure there are other progressive blunders but at the end of the day, bar the first 2, all are small compared with the blunders of the establishment (and MSM) that covers up bad news, spins fairy tales, hangs whistle-blowers and prevents the public from knowing the truth.

  17. How refreshing to see someone not just going with the flow, taking the easy option to accept the cover-up merchants' bull****. The truth will out in the end and those who fought for it will be able to stand tall.

  18. The truth is out! And judgement day is getting ever closer.

  19. Check out Deputy Trevor Pitman's blog. Explosive like your interview. Hooray for some real politician sticking up for what is right. Not just that but sticking up two fingers to the bully boys who would try and rubbish any dissent.

  20. Deputy Pitman's latest Blog posting is indeed well worth a read.

    It can be read HERE

  21. A great interview for what? So he has an axe to grind with the accredited media, who hasn't? This will not change anything and comes across as just sour grapes. No doubt I will be called a 'troll' for writing this because your a biased blog.

  22. This Blog is not so much bias but adds balance to the one-sided tripe peddled by Jersey’s state controlled media. The accredited media put out one side of a story and we put out the other. It’s called “balance” not “bias”

  23. Is it appropriate for the Chairman of a Panel of Enquiry to be commenting publicly about that enquiry before it is completed, and the official findings are published ?

    I understand TP's frustration about the media coverage, however this seems to be giving his critics ammunition to shoot down the enquiries findings because of previous biases.

  24. Deputy Pitman, as Chairman of this Panel, has a “duty” to insure the “facts” are being reported fairly and accurately. The MSM also have that duty but are failing miserably and in response the Chairman has been forced to try and put right all the mis-reporting of the MSM.

  25. Deputy Trevor Pitman together with the close people associate with this blog made all their minds up before the enquiry was even started, the comments are over whelming especially on that Rico blog. But that’s common knowledge and also the reason its outcome has no relevance to most people because it’s predictable, and this unhealthy obsession with the accredited media makes no sense either from the Deputy. They report the news and if you cannot stand it ignore it, no point getting into a fluster about how the JEP or CTV report things, who really gives a damn? So you have your blogs to give your versions of whats going on, great.

  26. All this huffing and puffing about the inadequacies of the local media is jolly sport but the real question is what is our government going to do about it? Three out of four of the local news media are private for profit organisations - they are not part of government and have only a peripheral obligation to "report" political and governmental matters at all. We might wish for better but only the BBC really has a public duty.

    It is government's own responsibility to publish details of its own activities and that is where the questions should start.

    In any case, the control of the Jersey press is only effected through UK organisations and the investigations related to the NOTW saga have revealed the substantial defects that exist there. Questions are still being asked in the UK Government and heads have already been removed and any changes will affect press control in Jersey. But OUR own representatives are mere onlookers in that process.

    Ironically, these issues have been tested in Scrutiny by bloggers and although Deputy Pitman has permitted video recording of the recent BDO hearings - this is challenging the policies of Senator Sarah Ferguson and her Chairmen's Committee, the PPC and the States.
    According to Scrutiny this week "only the press" or "nobody - not even the press" are allowed to film/record the Lime Grove hearings yet Sarah's policy for her panel says " the press would be welcome because they had a Code of Practice to follow and complaints relating to abuse had a mechanism for resolution. Members of the public had no such restraints placed upon them which would have allowed disruption during the meeting and misuse of the footage."

    If Deputy Pitman or anyone else has complaints against the local media they had better ask Sarah where to take them. Or raise the matter in the States. Moaning about it on the blogs is just whistling in the wind I fear.

  27. Anonymous - this Scrutiny enquiry has been open to any member of the public to attend, the submissions and transcripts are all available on the Scrutiny website.

    Therefore, there will be nothing that is unknown or hidden in the report that Scrutiny produce. Just do a bit of homework and you will see it all there.

    Neither Trevor Pitman or any of his panel have shown any bias at any of the hearings, but quite rightly the MSM have to take a lot of blame for THEIR biased reporting or lack of reporting as the case may be.

    Word verification - l(u)eaker!

  28. Anonymous - you (deliberately?) miss the point. The JEP, CTV etc. are NOT reporting the news.

  29. What is this pathological hatred of Deputy Trevor Pitman by Tom Gruchy based upon? Time and time again we hear this carping from him against the one newcomer from the last intake who stands head and shoulders above the rest.

    What is your problem Tom? This Deputy is representing me. He is raising issues that I care about. Important issues. For heaven's sake he clearly works hard too. Yet you just slate him again and again. Why?

    One of the very few States members who also lays out his political views on his website as well. I just don't get it? Stands up for what is right. Has policies. Never takes a backward step even when the wrecking crew are laying in to him.

    My only conclusion is you have some kind of jealousy or personal issue. Whatever it is please stick a sock in it. If you did half as much you might even be worth listening to.

  30. Andrew Lewis

    Is the coast clear yet?

    The Jersey Way